Monday, April 27, 2009

You Will Stand Alone!

One incident which was meant to raise fear and anxiety involved the taking of my
picture. One day two workers were talking about a light meter they were holding when they walked over to a couple of feet of me sitting at my desk. They pointed the meter in my direction, made a couple of remarks about the meter reading and then walked off. Later that day I was sitting at my desk working when I happened to look up. There across the room, standing at about the same place the two workers had been with the light meter, was one of the workers pointing a 35 mm camera at me. I quickly put my hand in front of my face and got up and walked away.

The next day there was a birthday party at lunch for one of the employees and a similar type of incident involving picture taking occurred. My first reaction was fear and the thought that “they” wanted a picture of me. If I had thought about it, “they” had all my photo albums in storage plus, they could have taken my picture many times before without my knowledge. But the visibility of the incidences was meant to raise my defense mechanisms and make the adrenalin flow without actually physically or verbally threatening me.

In addition to all of the psychological stress I was under, my physical health was rapidly failing. I was running a fever and my throat was constantly sore. In addition to my sore throat, my throat felt constricted and I was having difficulty swallowing. My condition continued to worsen until one day I back to the motel from work, laid down and started to experience severe chills and fever. At that point I knew I had to see a doctor.

Since I did not know anyone in the Louisville area, I had to find a doctor through the people at work. The next day a coworker recommended a doctor whom I called immediately for an appointment. The following day I saw the doctor who diagnosed me with a severe throat infection. He prescribed some antibiotics and told me to come back in two weeks. I felt my illness was a lot more serious that the doctor indicated, but I accepted his judgment that the antibiotics would clear up the infection.

I took the medication, but for some insane reason I continued to go to work everyday. I tried to get as much rest as possible, but getting rest at the motel suddenly became difficult. First, the temperature in the motel room became noticeably colder. It was the middle of January and we had no heat in our room. My wife complained to the motel manager, but it did not do any good. On one occasion I decided to go to bed early but the blaring of a radio kept me awake. After trying unsuccessfully to locate the radio, we called the front office and the manager admitted that he had “accidentally” left the radio on in the laundry room. He said he would turn it off. An hour later and two phone calls later the radio was still blasting away. Out of complete frustration, I got out of bed, got dressed and went looking for the laundry room. I finally found the radio in an empty laundry room blaring at full volume. I turned it off and returned to bed wondering if the whole incident hadn't been planned to deny me precious sleep. I finally got to sleep around 1:00 AM!

My physical condition continued to deteriorate and now my throat was visibly swollen to the point that I could hardly eat anything. Finally I returned to see the doctor. This time the doctor expressed serious concern and decided I should take a different, more powerful antibiotic. He also made an appointment for me to see a throat specialist, but that appointment was not for another two weeks.

By the time I saw the throat specialist, the infection was “under control”, but he warned me that if I didn't get some rest, the problem would probably reoccur. With that diagnosis, I decided I had to leave Clopay and get my physical health back.

The people at Closteal seemed to be aware of the fact that I did not intend to stay there very long. I did not try to keep my plans a secret and used the company phones to talk to employment agencies.

The closer I came to leaving, the more direct the threats became. At one point during dinner on a business trip to Chicago with another Closteal employee, the subject turned to how companies treated employees. The discussion became quite heated. The co-worker finally turned to me and said, “Trust us or you will trust no one. You will stand alone.”

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. How could he make a threat like that? “I still have friends and I will trust them and not you or big business.” After my comment, neither of us said much the rest of the evening.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back to the Original story of the terrorist state.

I started work at Costeal with great apprehension. Not only was I afraid of more harassment and terrorism would occur there, but I also had caught the same virus that had caused Jeff Teller to be so ill. At least the symptoms were the same as the ones that he had described. I was not feeling well when I began work on the first day, but I couldn't call in sick. Since I did not know anyone in the area I had no easy way to find a good doctor. Since in the past I had always been able to fight off illnesses quickly, I decided to let the illness run its course.

My worst fears were realized at Costeal when the strange events involving the workers there began to happen. I was beginning to understand what Darth meant when he said no one would believe me. I was now in a fight to preserve my veracity and my sanity. I started keeping a daily diary in which I documented events and the people involved. A rational person would have a hard time explaining the events that I was describing in the diary unless they accepted the fact that peoples actions were being orchestrated to make me sound and look paranoid and schizophrenic.

One incident which involved almost all of the personnel at Costeal technical center occurred in late January. There had been a severe ice storm in the area and most roads were virtually impassable. As a result, I was about twenty minutes late arriving at work. When I walked in the door, all the lights were off and no one was present. I walk into the coat room to hang up my coat and found about a dozen coats hanging on the hooks and I recognized the coat of my boss. Yet, when I walked into the office area, no one including my boss, was there and there were no lights on. I walked back to the lunch room and an adjoining room and they were empty and dark. Finally, I walked into a small laboratory and there I found three workers standing there.

“Where is everyone”? I inquired.

“I guess they are late because of the storm,” was the reply. I was suspicious. Something was going on. I counted at least a dozen coats and yet I could only find three people. I exchanged pleasantries and then left and walked back out to the main office. The scene I saw left me stunned. All the lights were on and everyone was busy working as though they had been there all along! I just couldn't believe someone had gone to all that effort to shock my nervous system and to make me look crazy. It remind me of something out of a grade B horror movie. It was like the scene where the rich old aunt walks into a room and finds a body hanging from the ceiling. She runs out to find help and when she returns, the body is gone! She must be crazy. Whatever the purpose was for the orchestrated event, the
result was an increase in my anxiety and an increase in the flow of adrenaline.

Events like that became a daily occurrence at Costeal as did the continuing harassing phone calls. The incidences would always involve a couple or almost all of the workers there. On one occasion I went into the lunch room and found several men eating, but no women were present.

“Where are the girls today?” I asked.

“They all went out for lunch today.” One of the workers replied. No one else said anything else.

I sat down and started to eat lunch when another male worker came in and asked the same question I had asked. This time the same worker responded, but I noticed his response was loud, deliberate and seemed artificial. I thought no more of it and continued to eat my lunch. A few minutes later, I got up to get something from my desk in the office area. When I returned to the lunch room a minute later, there sitting at the tables were all of the office girls eating lunch. No one said anything and by now I didn't question such actions. I had been conditioned at Gamma Supplies that when I questioned such things I was either given a ridiculous rational or I was ignored.

These events were meant to create fear, anxiety, worry and paranoia. I was slowly beginning to loose my ability to rationally analyze a situation and my mind was beginning to conjure up all sorts of irrational scenarios. The absured orchestrated actions created stress and triggered my defense mechanisms which meant the actions generated the flow of adrenaline.

As an added note, I called the company Costeal here because this company produced nothing original. They merely copied successful existing products and then copied them and sold the product through a large retail outlet like Sears. My orginal assignment there was to retroengineer an adhesive on a press and stick shelf paper.
Once the adhsive was copied, Costeal could then produce an identical product and sell it through some retail chain. Costeal had no direct sales to the customer through their own stores or outlets.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How the fascist destruction is for your entire life.

The destruction of my life by this fascist government left me in a poor economic state. That is why I had to sell tickets at Universal Orlando. The government destruction left me alone, with no or little assests and no good way to generate an income. I only survive through the help of friends. This is what the Bible says says last great evil empire will do - anyone refusing to bow down and worship the fascist state will be "excluded from commerce". That is they will be denied a good economic life. When applied to other countries, fascist america calls it an embargo. When applied to an individual they just destroy everything in their life. This is the real america.

It would be interesting to have the IRS look at Universal's accounting books. I'll bet those comp tickets don't have a zero value for their accounting purposes.

Also, I was able to sneak two camera photos of the security agents. If anyone is interested in posting them on the web, I can upload them. The photos are of the muscular black man, and the 22 year old bearded white man who is from Orlando.

Thanks in advance for any help.

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Title XLVI
CRIMES Chapter 817
817.36 Resale of tickets.--Whoever shall offer for resale or resell any ticket may only charge $1 above the admission price charged therefor by the original ticket seller of said ticket for the following transactions:

While Universal will argue that they give away the tickets - they receive a good compensation in advertising time. On the radio in my area, cost for 1 minute of advertising time can run around $200.00 or better. That is hardly an original price of zero. This also means that an individual could give the tickets away and then charge the customer an information sheet or for some personal service such as tour guide for one hour. Give the tickets away so there is no scalping and then charge for some service to get the free tickets.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Current Account of Corporate Terrorism

Yesterday I was at Universal Studios in Orlando. While I was there, just outside the park entrance, I sold a pair of comp passes to a couple from NJ. The selling price was obviously below the gate price. Immediately upon the couple entering the park, a young, muscular black man came rushing up to me, shoved a badge in my face and identified himself as "Universal Security". He blocked my exit and then forced me to enter the park. Once in the park, I was surrounded by at least two other security agents and then the black agent demanded that I give him MY MONEY that I had received for the tickets. With little choice, I gave him the money. Then he and another man "escorted" me to a stark small room where I was told to empty my pockets on the table and sit down. The first thing I asked when I walked into the room is "Am I under arrest"? The answer was an emphatic "NO". This is important because at that point I had no legal rights! I was being confined and held captive by intimidation. The only things the agents were interested in on the table were MY MONEY and my Universal Power Pass.

Then the other agent shoved a piece of paper in front of me and told me to fill it out. He then reiterated the intimidating threat that "If you cooperate with us, we will let you go." Sort of sounds like kidnappers doesn't it? Anyway that implied threat was repeated at least a half a dozen times while I was there. I filled out the sheet; name, address, and physical description. I refused to give them my social security number or driver's license number. They did nothing about that. And they never asked me where my car keys were since I truly did forget to put them on the table. Which to me, said everything was a threat to get me to give them information.

They asked me for a photo ID which I did not have on me, but I pointed out that my
Power Pass had my name on it. They then said that I would have to wait until they checked my information.

A few minutes later, the second man came back with a copy of the sheet I had filled out slid in front of me and said that I was trespassing and they were giving me a warning. Listed as the reason for trespassing was TICKET SCALPING, but I didn't notice this until one agent escorted out to the large entrance to the park and told me to leave. As the agent left, I started to read the "TRESPASS WARNING" I had been given. Two things struck me, first I couldn't read the scribled signature on the document and two, at no time did either agent identify themselves by name. They security agents had no visible name tags and the badge they briefly waved in front of me would have taken several minutes at close range to decipher any useful information. And of course, had I done that, I probably would not have been cooperating. Remember, I was a kidnap victim who only wanted to be released and now that I was free from the confinement, I started thinking about what had taken place.

Since the warning clearly stated that if I RETURNED ONTO SAID PROPERTY, I would be in violation of the trespass warning. Therefore, I decided I should get some information now, before I left. I had a greeter, summon the security agent. When he came out, he immediately started threatening me with arrest for trespassing and started escorting out of the area. He then started talking on a communication device loudly about getting a warrant. As we walked toward the parking lot, I asked him about the charge of "TICKET SCALPING", since 1) I was aware the at least some ticket scalping was legal in Florida and 2) I had sold the tickets below their value. He replied that the "face value" of the tickets I sold was zero (0) and therefore any price greater than $1.00 was scalping. He then reiterated the arrest threat like he knew I was getting into a grey area. I thought how convenient for Universal to define the face value that way. I knew the IRS doesn't consider those tickets to have a zero face value, but I didn't want to go any further until I was off the property.

As I was driving down I4, I called Universal and asked for security. I asked the unidentified security agent on the phone about ticket scalping. He then read me a couple of lines from a Florida statute he identified as #817.36. I asked him to repeat the statute number and wrote it down. He then said "we do this all the time"(threaten people selling tickets) as if in his mind, repeatedly doing something makes it legal. He then went on to say that they patrol "the whole I-92 corridor" which means they use the same tactics off of their property.

The legal points as I see it and hope to find out if attorney's see it the same way are as follows:
I haven't cheked Floridea law #817.36, but as it was read to me, it appears the amusement parks got themselves exempted from the law which allows scalping in Florida. I stll need to check that point. If that is true, then Universal's whole basis for intimidating ticket sellers is based on "FACE VALUE". Now when I get the tickets, I have to sign a release form which states that the distributing company considers them to have a significant face value and the IRS demands that you report the cash face value of the tickets as INCOME and that the IRS considers the "FACE VALUE" to be the Universal gate price at the time of receiving the tickets. Obviously there are at least two different definitions of "FACE VALUE". Perhaps even more interesting is that when Universal uses the ticket giveaways for promotion, they get significant monetary breaks in advertising costs. If the tickets didn't have any cash face value, Universal would have to promote the parks at FULL ADVERTISING COSTS. From my connections to people in the broadcasting business, significant value is given to the tickets. The courts should decide what the face value really is and not let Universal define face value one way one time and another was another time.

More importantly, if the courts ruled that the tickets do have a face value, that would mean that Universal's Security would be legally guilty of "strong-armed robbery" and potentially kidnapping. There actions were very much like a mugging and I know because three men lead by a large black man tried to mug me on the streets of Orlando on night. But the actual mugging was less intimidating because 1) I could fight back, which I did and 2) I felt that eventually someone would come by and help me in some form. In fact, that is exactly what happened. And interestingly, the only thing the non-Universal employed muggers said was: "We want your MONEY". In relating the two mugging incidences, the Universal "mugging" was much more threatening and intimidating.

This is the same Universal that about in 2001, sold me and others a "2 year/2park" pass and then took all documents which stated it was a "2 yr" pass. After one year had expired, they economy was down(remember 9/11?), and the "2 yr" pass was suddenly no good and Universal denied ever having such a promotion. May as well screw your customers for a few bucks.

Unfortunately, Universal knows that most people selling tickets don't have the resource to pursue legal action against them. Since they "do this all the time", there should be ground for a good class action lawsuit. But remember, corporations screw people and break laws all the time because they know that the american injustice system protects them, the wealthy and powerful. Thank someone for the internet, it is the last bastion of freedom in America.

I published this because it fits in with the overall theme of this blog. That is, government and corporations run over people in the name of money and in most cases they keep it hidden from the general public. The current economic and financial crises has placed these heinous actions in front of the public. And a lot of people are pissed at the american corporate/government(ie. fascist) system.

PS - I am banned for life from Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, City Walk, Parking structures, Resort Hotels, Wet 'n Wild and all of "Universal Orlando" whatever that is. Maybe they think they own Orlando?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Nazis Hunt Down the Runaway Slave.

Christmas day was pleasant, but my mind just was not on what was going on around me.
Despite the gift giving and festive mood, there was always that underlying feeling that things were not good. Also, at the Christmas I could sense that my parents were concerned about my well-being.

The following day in the afternoon of December 26th I received a call from Cruz Little. I informed him that I had some information relevant to the ongoing litigation between Gamma Supplies and Better Supplies and that I would like to speak to him in some detail concerning that information. He said he was interested but was not sure what was the best route to take. I said I would think about it and would get back in touch with him.

Since I needed some legal advise, I contacted an old high school friend who was now a practicing attorney in Scranton and sought his advise. We talked business over dinner with our wives present. My friend Chet told me the best thing to do was to make a formal statement and to have my attorney present. Then Chet, whom I consider a good friend, gave me some advise.

“Russ, you know revenge can be costly.”

I replied, “You don't understand Chet. Maybe part of this is revenge, but they won't leave me alone. To them I'm a RUNAWAY SLAVE and they won't be happy until I'm not any kind of threat to them.”

I left that evening feeling for once that I had received sound advise and that I knew the best course of action to take.

I spent the first week in January organizing documents concerning Gamma Supplies and preparing for my new job at Costeal. Unexpectedly on Wednesday, January 4, I got a phone call from Dan Gane. My mother answered the phone and at first I was reluctant to take the call, but then in a moment of optimism I decided to talk to Dan. He said Darth had asked him to call me and tell me Arnold Cline and Darth wanted me to come back to Gamma Supplies and that Darth wanted to come to Scratnon to talk to me. I didn't know what to say, but I assumed Dan called because they knew I would not talk to Darth. I had not told anyone at Gamma Supplies about the Costeal job, but I was sure they knew. I asked Dan for some details. He said Darth would fly into the local airport and then drive to to meet me. Since I was still confused as to why Darth would come to Scranton, I continued and went along with the plan. “You know the only reason Darth wants to talk to me is because I'm a threat to them”.

Dan totally ignored my comment and then continued by saying “Darth wanted to fly in on Monday, January 9th”! Suddenly I knew the real purpose of the call. “They” were still harassing me. “They” knew I was to begin work in Louisville on that date and they were creating an impossible “no-win” situation. I decided to call their bluff. I said Monday would be fine and that I would be waiting on Monday to talk to Darth about returning to work at Gamma Supplies. That concluded the conversation.

Of course, Darth Korey nor anyone else from Gamma Supplies ever showed up at my parents house to talk to me on that Monday or on any other date, but the conversation did serve the purpose of letting me know that my every move was being monitored.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Powerful LOVE WAR - They believe they can't lose.

Anita sat there with a blank look on her face and said nothing. The pieces all fit into place. I had been set up as a witness. They had my sworn testimony in my deposition and the cover-up on how my testimony was obtained was to say I was crazy. It all seemed so neat except for one minor technical difficulty. I had not signed my deposition and I had not given the power of attorney to anyone. That meant my testimony was of questionable value as it was. Since Gamma Supplies had signed my name to other documents without my knowledge, it was important that I make it know to Cruz Little as soon as possible that I had not signed my deposition. It was important that I get everything in writing while I still could remember details. After all, part of their plan was that I would not be able to remember facts and details about what had been done. And of course, as Darth said “they” wanted war! And this was war.

I did not want war. No sane person wants to take on what I thought were corporations over anything. There is no way an individual can win that war. In the Karen Silkwood case, she lost her life and it took fifteen years before her heirs won a lawsuit in which the compensation was so small that the attorneys said that it wasn't worth the effort. And in the battle with the tobacco industry, tobacco executive Jeffrey Wigand lost his wife, family, health and retirement compensation. The American system is designed to make sure corporations do not lose. And I was smart enough to know that and I did not want war with big corporations. I also didn't know at this point that big corporations ultimately were not the real source of my problems. Things were actually worse than I realized!

Chapter III

The voice of the intellect is a soft one, but it does not rest until it has gained a hearing. Ultimately, after endlessly repeated rebuffs, it succeeds. This is one of the few points in which one may be optimistic about the future of mankind, but in itself it signifies not a little. Sigmund Freud

The week before Christmas, the movers picked up our furniture and took it to Louisville. We made arrangements with our attorney to close on the house on December 27, and gave him the power of attorney in our absence. Anita and I then began our trek to Scranton, Pennsylvania to spend the holidays with my parents. I was scheduled to begin work at Costeal on January 9. I could use the two weeks of rest, but I really needed longer. But since I wanted to get something in writing before I forgot the details, I wanted to get to Louisville and start work as soon as possible.

The weather for the trip to Scranton was atrocious and we had to stop in Indiana the first night because of icy roads. There was a strong wind and near blizzard conditions which made driving impossible.

The next day we continued our trip and stopped in Louisville for a brief visit at Costeal. I took the opportunity there to call Cruz Little again since I was now no longer a Gamma Supplies employee. Mr. Little was not in so I left a number with the secretary where I could be reached in Scranton.

We arrived in Scranton late on December 23rd. We had not even given Christmas
gifts a thought since things had been so hectic. That evening Anita and I sat down and made a shopping list for the next day. Early in the morning, we began a full day of Christmas shopping for my relatives and Anita's family.

The festivities of the holidays helped take my mind off Gamma Supplies. Still, now that I was in a non-hostile environment I was surprised at how much anger and anxiety I had. Some nights I would wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. It was becoming obvious to me that my experience at Gamma Supplies had taken a greater toll on me that I had initially realized.

Christmas day was pleasant, but my mind just was not on what was going on around me. Despite the gift giving and festive mood, there was always that underlying feeling that things were not good. Also, during that Christmas I could sense that my parents were concerned about my well-being.

Friday, April 3, 2009

How the Criminally Insane Mind Works

I was also looking for anyone associated with Delta Oil who would support me and my
story in the future. George Hammond seemed like the best candidate. George had been Vice President of Sales at Gamma Supplies and been give the G. T. Cline award for outstanding service the previous February. Then under the direction of Darth, George had been driven from the company in the fall. I thought if anyone was bitter about their treatment at Gamma Supplies, it would be George.

I left work early one afternoon in order to call George from my home. Mrs. Hammond answered the phone and I asked to speak to George. She informed me that he was visiting his brother and would not be back until Christmas. By then I would have have left the area which would make it very difficult to get together with him. I still had not identified myself to Mrs. Hammond, but I continued to ask more and more probing questions which she answered with candor.

Finally I said. “Look, my name is ***** ***** and I worked with your husband at Gamma Supplies. You don't know me , but it is important that I talk to your husband.”

Mrs. Hammond calmly replied, “Oh, I knew who this was.”

When I asked how she knew me, she just ignored me. I don't know how she knew me or how she knew it was me on the phone since I had never met her, but it seemed as if she had been expecting my phone call. At that point I decided it would not do any good to talk to George, so I thanked Mrs. Hammond for her time and hung up. This would not be the last time someone knew of me before I ever met and/or talked to them.

The last few days at work were spent getting my personal item from the office. A computer print-out catalog of all of the Gamma Supplies formulas which I kept in my office disappeared, but that didn't bother me since I had another copy at home. One evening I was going over a list of things with Anita that needed to be done before I left Gamma Supplies. I told her there were two things that I really wanted to take with me from my Gamma Supplies office, but I didn't know if I could get them out before I left. One item was an antique rider-beam balance that was no longer used and was in the office closet. The other item was a set of books on chemistry which I felt I could use in the future. I told her that I would try to get the items the next day.

The next morning I was sitting in my office when Darth walked in. He didn't even look at me. Instead he walked right over to my closet and stared at the rider-beam balance sitting on the upper shelf as if he were checking to make sure it was still there. After peering in the closet for thirty seconds, Darth finally faced me, looked at my books and then knelt down at my bookcase and started going through my books.

Finally I said. “Can I help you with something?”

“I just looking for the book on urethanes.” He said.

I reached down, picked out the book and handed it to him. He flipped through it and thengot up and walked out of the office with the book. It was the only time in the year and a half that I had been at Gamma Supplies that Darth had asked me for a book. The coincidence was too much and his actions had been exaggerated. The implication was obvious.“They” knew what I was planning to do and “they” were creating anxiety and fear by letting me know through the use of suggestion. The actions seemed so absurd, and I kept wondering why things were being done in such a manner.

That evening I was using Anita as a sounding board and thinking out loud.

I said, “OK, they set me up as a witness, got my testimony and then dumped me. But that is stupid because I can always come back and testify against them if the Judge's ruling doesn't hold up and the case goes back to trial. Unless they plan to kill me.”

Then I realized that there was a second possibility. “They are going to say I'm insane; that I don't know what I'm talking about! That's what Darth meant when he said no one will ever believe me. That is why all the effort is being made to create fear and anxiety. That is stupid! I have documents to support what I say. But then this whole thing has been stupid.”

There is an old saying which goes “What is the difference between ignorance
and arrogance?” The answer is “I don't know” and “I don't care”. In the following years I debated with myself about whether my captors were just stupid or insanely arrogant.