Thursday, January 8, 2015

Proof of "Immediately get out of the country or it is kill or be killed".

Murat Kurnaz was "fortunate" that he was a legal German resident.  Although he was born and raised in Germany, due to idiosyncrasies in German law, he was technically a Turkish citizen. Nevertheless, once he escaped from prison, he had a  country to which he could flee.  Not only that, since there were people interested in his story and he was free from the fascist state, he was able to publish a book about his ordeal.  I am also sure that the fact that he couldn't identify or name his torturers facilitated the release of the book.  Most important was the fact that he was able to flee the fascist torturers and was able to attempt to live a decent life. 

Gary Webb was a member of the written news media and actually got his story initially published, but eventually his superiors and the ruling fascists demanded that he retract his story.  Mr. Webb stayed in the US and of course ended up dead.  Kill or be killed!

Karen Silkwood uncovered serious problems in processing material used for nuclear reactors and bombs.  She was on her way to meet with reporter(s) from the NY times with a stack of documents(proof) to support her allegations.  She never made it to her rendezvous.  She was found dead and the documents were missing.  She didn't leave the country first and get international support before she presented her evidence.  Thus she was killed.  For your info:  The CIA has been linked to her death because of the organization was selling "stolen" nuclear bomb grade Plutonium on the black market.

The ruling fascists tried to stop Philip Agee(deceased from natural causes) from leaving the US by taking his passport, but he still managed to escape and publish a book.  I met and talked with Mr. Agee a couple of times.  I mention this because the Nazi element always tries to paint innocent victims as some sort of horrible villain by saying he was a known associate of whoever or that he met with some notorious terrorist.  Usually there is absolutely nothing nefarious going on, but it gives it gives the morally bankrupt amerikans an excuse and or justification to attack the victim.

Now let's look at how to do it right.  Remember Edward Snowden?  On May 20, 2013, Snowden flew from Hawaii to Hong Kong, where in early June he revealed numerous classified NSA documents to journalists.   He got out of the country and then exposed the egregious crimes by NSA against the amerikan people.  The other thing Snowden did right was that he became well-known on the world stage.  In other words, if anything did happen to Edward Snowden, the world would know who did it.

I do not write these things to anger or rile you, but rather to warn you.  Warn you of what?  Warn you of the evil that you worship.