Friday, December 13, 2013

AFFLUENZA - the freedom and immunity from all responsibility.


The word of the day is AFFLUENZA which is immunity from all responsibility because you were brought up rich.

"A Texas teen hit and killed four people on June 15 while driving drunk, but after the teen's defense argued that his rich upbringing led him to believe he could get away with anything, the judge opted for a punishment of probation and therapy."   Now you know why the elite Nazis knew they could totally destroy my life for fun and profit without any repercussions. That is the amerikan system!

 In case you haven't read about it, a young man stole alcohol from a WalMart, got drunk, and then killed 4 or people by crashing his speeding vehicle.   The judge gave the perpetrator probation with no jail time by reasoning that the young man had been so spoiled by his rich parents that he couldn't be held responsible for his actions.   The mother of the young man always told him that, "If it feels good, just do it!"   Of course, the court ruling will reaffirm to the young man that he can get away with anything. The teen will undergo treatment at a rehab center that charges $450,000 a year.  I wonder if Universal Health Care will cover that?

I don't have to look for these things - they are out there on the internet everyday.   My last post I reported that "white males are not a protected class" and then pointed out that wealth was a trump card to protect those with money regardless of their gender, race or religion.  The teen in the above story is a white male from a wealthy family.

ALSO IN THE NEWS:  An American who vanished nearly seven years ago in Iran was working for the CIA.  "....  produced one of the most serious scandals in the recent history of the CIA — but all in secret, an Associated Press investigation found.  The CIA paid Robert Levinson's family $2.5 million to head off a revealing lawsuit.  THE CRAZIES GONE CRAZY.

Is amerika a great country or what?!

Back to my story:  The unanticipated death of four of my major antagonists at the race track is part of a series of people who perished believing that harassing and terrorizing me for the fascist state(their god) was important.  I didn't mention most of them because at the time those zealots for fascism were just another in an never ending series of people who felt obligated to deny me my life.  I did mention the former congressman from Missouri who while pretending to be helping me, was actually doing all he could to get rid of me.   When writing about those events, I mentioned that he is no longer terrorizing the amerikan people as a congressman and in fact died at a relatively young age.  I did mention events regarding my antagonist and terrorist neighbor in Daytona Beach, but  I failed to mention that the last time I saw him, he was being carted off in an ambulance.   Then there was the young, wealthy newspaper owner/editor who died unexpectedly after he basically told me to get lost after I approached him about publishing some things.  I could go on, but there does seem to be a connection between people who believe that I don't have a right to (a decent) life and the early termination to theirs.  Maybe its just a coincidence or maybe it's my imagination, but ever time some misguided individual decides to harass me, I can't help thinking of the saying "FOOLS RUSH IN WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD".

And as I have repeatedly said, I don't have to make these things up.  Just look at the new articles above; it is there every day for the amerikan people to see reality.  And if anyone asks "what's wrong with amerika?", they have to have their head you know where not to know the answer.

And what does the Bible say?  Everyone knows "The love of money is the root of all evil".  And money equals power whether it is individual wealth or organizational money(gov., business).  The Bible also says that "money is important" and "money is for protection".   I was chosen by The Crazies because I was poor and could not protect myself.

Friday, December 6, 2013

"Vengance shall be mine saith the Lord" - The Bible

In the News:  A female CEO has claimed immunity from her male employee's lawsuit because "white males are not a protected class".  It's open hunting season on white males!   Remember what I said the ACLU told me?  They said they couldn't help me because I was a "white male".  I was not a member of a protected class.   This is a fascist state that has created laws, made judicial rulings and created propaganda to create an atmosphere where white male and males in general have no protection - unless you have money!  Money is always a trump card for any situation.  I don't make these things up about the fascist state - they happened to me and they are very real.  That female CEO didn't come to her conclusions about white males out of thin error.

Back to my story:   I had read about the death of Macho Man in the summer and didn't go back to the track until it opened for live racing in December.   Once there, I ran into a person I had known for years.  I said hi to him and then said, "I saw where Macho Man died this summer." 

My acquaintance replied, "Yeah and Lawyer Barry died too a couple of months ago."

"Really" I blurted.   I was beginning to see a pattern here.  Three major antagonists - three dead men.  I then asked with great anticipation,  "What about BS Phil?!"

"As far as I know he is OK,"  came the reply.

"Oh:, I said disappointedly.

The way to appreciated BS Phil was that he was a "self-made man who worshiped his maker".  If you truly understand that sentence, you understand BS Phil.  He was loud, obnoxious, and knew everything and if you tried to point out that he didn't know everything, he would shout you down.  And of course he was a staunch defender of the fascist state and felt it was his duty to let me know what an inferior being I was for being just being alive.  That was BS Phil.

After that weekend, I didn't go back to the track for a couple of weeks.  That particular day at the track, I was walking through a walkway when I saw BS Phil coming towards me.   The first thing I noticed was his appearance.  He was unshaven, unkempt and very haggard looking.   He saw me, but when he walked by me, he kept his head down and looked away from me just like Snowbird had done the last time I saw him.  He did not make any snide remarks or put-downs like he usually would do.  He was silent.

As I went back to my seat, I passed an old friend.  After exchanging greetings, I said "I just saw BS Phil and he looked like he had been on a week long drinking binge."

"Maybe he had been", my friend replied.

I never knew BS Phil to be a drinker and no one ever said anything to me that would have caused me to believe that he had a drinking problem.  Regardless of his situation, just the fact that he was still at the track put a damper on my day.

I didn't go back to Tampa Bay Downs for about three weeks.  Finally I decided to go back for a Saturday racing card.  I picked up a program at the entrance and then headed for a seat.  I sat there leafing through the program when I saw something that just made me stop cold.  Horse races at a track are frequently sponsored or dedicated to an organization like the Holiday Inn, or some local group like the "Red Hats".  What stopped me cold was I turned to the 5th race and there was a dedication from the surviving members of the BS Phil family.  They had dedicated the race to his memory!  Apparently BS Phil had died.

I hurried off to find my friend.  "BS Phil died?"  I asked as I approached him.

"Yeah, he died about two weeks ago" was all my friend said.

Four major antagonists and four dead fascist state worshipers.   I'll explain to you in the next post why it seems a lot more to me than just a coincidence.  Just for starters, all four men were economically well off and all four were well below the age of the average life expectancy for an amerikan male.  I mention that they were well off because they should have had the best medical care that money can buy.

And I never wished ill of any of them.  And I never asked for harm to come to any of them.  Macho Man would really tick me off at times, but in general I just tried to avoid my enemies and make the best of the situation.  But now I can go to the track without being harassed and you cannot begin imagine what that feels like to me.  And I don't kid myself, I know there will be other fascist state worshipers and terrorists.

Now I know I could drop over dead tomorrow.  Because of the extreme abuse I have endured for so many years,  I never even expected to live this long.  But I'm still here annoying The Crazies!   I figure that is the least I can do.  I always remember the line from the Blues Brothers, "We're on a mission from God".  Half joking, but sometimes it seems that way.  I'll tell you more in the next post.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Fate for those who terrorize for the fascist state.

When the winter racing season began at Tampa Bay Downs, I began sitting outside in the grandstand area.  Many of the people I knew from the Sports Club sat in the box seats which they had purchased.  Whenever I went down to the box seats to talk to some of the people that I knew there, I would get heavy opposition from lovers of the fascist state.

First there was Snowbird who came to Tampa from the Northeast to spend the winter and race some of his horse.  He and his wife owned a small stable of horses and they would ship some of them south from their home track to race during the winter.  They had been making their journey south regularly for several years.  Whenever I went down to the box seating area to talk to some of my friends, Snowbird would jump up, act crazy and say, here comes the Unabomber!  He would then make statements like I was crazy and a terrorist.  And if I tried to talk to anyone about nutritional products, he would start making threats about stopping my business.

His antics went on the entire racing season and then he left to return back north.  The next year, Snowbird was conspicuously missing and the word from people in the box seats was that he was deathly ill.  I sure didn't miss his presence.

The year after that Snowbird did return, but he had moved to box seating far removed from the box seats where I visited.  Also, he didn't look good and when he would walk past me, he kept his head down and didn't say a word.  His behavior towards me had changed dramatically.  Maybe worshiping the fascist state doesn't seem so valuable and important when you are facing death.  Just my opinion.

After that racing season, I never saw Snowbird again and I noticed his racing stable had disappeared from the scene at tracks where he normally raced horse.  He may still be alive, I can't say but I do know he is no longer around to bother me for the Crazies and the Nazis.

Nazi terrorist number two is a man I will call Macho Man.  Macho Man had been a local business man and sat down in the box seating.  I'm not sure how I originally knew him, but he loved putting me down and making veiled references to my political prisoner situation.  He always treated me as a vastly inferior person to him and would make derogatory comments about me to others whenever he had a chance.

I called the man Macho Man because he was always bragging about some physical feat he had recently done and he would always tell me about he had competed against people twenty to thirty years younger than him.  He would constantly bragged about how he could hold his own against those younger people.  There was more than once that I wanted to deck him, but my situation prevented me from doing that.  I cautioned him that he wasn't that young and he should practice moderation - but what did I know.  Macho Man also show up at the track with a significantly younger woman by his side. 

You can imagine my surprise one summer day when I was leafing through the newspaper and for some reason I stopped and looked at the Obituaries.  I NEVER LOOK AT THE OBITUARY PAGE!
But for some reason, that particular day I did.  There in the middle of the obituary page was an announcement of the death of Macho Man.  According to the article, one day he just dropped over dead.

Two Nazi state worshipers and terrorists dead.  Two more to go; lawyer Barry and BS Phil.  I'll tell you more about them in my next post.

Just an added note.  The Crazies and the fascist elite don't care if Nazi worshipers die.  They EXPECT lesser people to die for them(the fascist state).  You hear it all the time in reference to the military, but you usually don't think about the fact that The Crazies and the fascist elitists believe that only reason for "lesser people" is to die for them.  I could give you some proof of that, but I don't feel obligated to do that.  But it is true.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Success not allowed for "politically incorrect" prisoners.

One of the things I did was I bought and moved into a house in a nice suburb with a partner and co-owner.   I also started an online business selling nutritional products.  In a very short period of time, the business was generating a nice monthly income.  Unfortunately, I didn't get the money because the business was established under my partner's parent corporation which meant all the income went to the corporation.  I had to do things that way because of the ever present Nazi lovers and The Crazies.  The Crazies failed to get rid of me, but they continued to make sure I did not succeed in any endeavor.  Keeping me poor and dependent was critical to plans to keep me a prisoner.

The Nazi terrorism and constant threats greatly limited my ability to be successful in the business.  First, I (our company) was an independent contractor in a network marketing company.   This meant that to sell, you need to do a lot of one on one and small group interactions and presentations.  I couldn't do that because of the constant presence/threat of the Nazi lovers which meant I had to totally rely on web site sales.  Second, I had the opportunity to do a local radio talk show about nutrition and illnesses in which I could promote the company products.  I would have been a star in the company, but I couldn't do the radio show because  I had to keep a low profile.   Can you imagine the type of phone calls I would have gotten once the Nazi lovers learned I was on the radio.  Had I been able to do those two above activities, I would have done extremely well and probably would have developed a nice residual income which could have been maintained with very little effort.  And the company for which my partner and I had picked to be a distributor has grown exponentially since its conception in 1997. 

In fact, initially I naively started to talk to people at the race track about their physical problems and how I had products that might be able to help them.  Immediately I began to experience opposition and threats from certain people at the track.  I can't get into my entire situation as to how they were able to threaten me, but the threats and opposition was there and resulted in ending my efforts to sell product on a person to person level.  Only through an anonymous website could I sell product and generate money.  And that is very limiting in network marketing.

I will in the next post tell you the fate of the Nazi lovers that continued to deny me the right to life.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Despite Nazi efforts to bury me alive, I survived.

If you want to know what other people believe is the cause of the decline of the amerikan empire, you should watch the documentary available on DVD titled "KOCH BROTHERS EXPOSED".  It will show you how the amerikan system really works.

As I stated earlier, when I moved to Tampa, there were two very distinct groups of people in regards as to how they viewed me and treated me.  Today I will talk about the group that treated as just another person.  I was a friend who interacted with me in a normal day to day basis.  The other group, the neo-Nazi lovers, will be described in the next couple of posts and I will leave the latter post up until after the holiday so that current neo-Nazi lovers can get a glimpse of their future or lack thereof.

I would go into the Sports Club at Tampa Bay Downs and join a group of three to five people at one of the tables.  There we would spend the afternoon discussing various topics and watch the horse races that were simulcast from different tracks around the country.  Most of the people at the table were probably fifteen to twenty or more years older than me.   One was a successful business man from a northern city, one had been a lawyer for the government, one had been an executive with a large corporation and another had been a college professor.  I fit in comfortably with the group and I experienced NO Nazi type harassment or threats.  One day I did a favor for George Steinbrenner who had once been an owner of the track, and after that, I  would have occasional conversations with that local legend.  I was never a pariah there as The Crazies so desperately wanted.

One of the men I became friends with was Ray, a former corporate executive.  In addition to a successful career, Ray had played football at a then Big 10 college and was a starting fullback until a knee injury ended that endeavor.  He was also a Bridge Grand Master and had played in competitive Bridge tournaments around the country.  He had recently retired, moved to Tampa and was looking for something where he could devote his energies.

Ray decided that he wanted to own and race thoroughbred horses.  His first venture into that area of horse ownership was to join a partnership with BS Phil whom I will discuss in more detail in the Neo-Nazi group section.  From my knowledge of BS Phil, I knew Ray wouldn't stay in his relationship long with Phil and after one racing season, Ray decided to go on his own and purchase and own horses outright.  That is where I entered the picture. 

Ray knew I had a good eye for horse confirmation and what characteristics to look for in a race horse.  I would accompany him on trips to Ocala and out-of-state breeding farms in search of horses for purchase.  The horses he purchased were kept at farms in Ocala and we would make trips there to watch the work-outs and care of the horses.   An added benefit of the trips was that Ray would always take his classic Cadillac Allante convertible on the trips.

Among the other friends I made, was an elderly man who was learning how to use the computer.  Usually, he would mess it up and then call me to come over to his place to fix all the problems he had created.   The former government attorney tried to get me to go fishing and I did make several trips on "party" boats to go grouper fishing.  I even won the cash pool for catching the largest grouper on the boat on one day trip. 

I had a decent life, but I still didn't have any money.  After all, at that point in time I had been existing over 15 years with no real income.  So although I was doing well, I had a lot of catching up to do just to get my head above water.

I continued to win lots of things and I finally won a new vehicle - a truck, and then about three months later I won a $28,000 Toyota Van which I sold for the cash to pay the taxes on the vehicles and other items I had won.  Fortunately for tax purposes, I won the two "cars" in separate years by about fifteen days. Things were going great, but times change and The Crazies and the Neo-Nazis were getting restless and growing opposition to my successes and improved life began to appear.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bullying in the workplace in the news.

In The News:  The media is all abuzz about a NFL football player who quit his job because he was being harassed and bullied in the workplace.   What an amerikan concept!  The Crazies and Jack Kopac believe they are geniuses for doing that to me.  In regards to the latter, most people would claim that a manager who hires two thugs to beat up an employee is practice bullying!  Of course, The Crazies added a twist of having many people harass and bully me.  That allowed them to claim I was paranoid.  But finally someone has made harassing and bullying in the workplace a household topic.

It has always been politically incorrect if the harassment is sexual harassment and bullying.  You have to protect women in the workplace.  Still even sexual harassment is still condoned in certain work environments and no doubt some women exploit this.

I once stopped in the ACLU office in St. Louis to discuss my situation about not being allowed to work.  The lawyer there told me that he occasionally saw cases like mine; I told you I'm not unique.  Harassment and bullying are as amerikan as apple pie.  What he did say was that if I were a minority like a women, black or gay, they might be able to help me because there would be some group to support my effort.  But as a poor, white male, I was insignificant in the fascist state scheme of things.  Therefore, nothing could be done.  It really makes you want to admire a system that says you are insignificant because you are a Caucasian male born into a poor family.  I already knew that because I knew being a poor, white male was one of the main reasons The Crazies picked me.  I always knew that, but being told by a knowledgeable person that I was insignificant in the fascist state scheme of things was confirmation.

Also, cyber-bullying to drive people to suicide has become more prevalent in the fascist state.  Harassing me and bullying me in order to drive me to suicide was another stroke of genius of The Crazies.  Now The Crazies spend millions of dollars to develop their sophisticated mental torture techniques. But kids are smart enough to know how to do it without any special training or huge budget support.  The ease with which kids do it seems to put the neo-Nazis in the proper perspective.
There is not much there to cause respect.  Might is Right seems to sum it up.

In my next post, I'll get back to my life in Tampa.  I will contrast the people who treated me with respect and the neoNazi lovers who constantly attacked me.  When you learn the fate of the latter group, you will know why I just laugh at the present day neoNazi bullies and why I consider them so stupid.   To The Crazies, a working class person is just a slave to be exploited and used and The Crazies never tell the whole story to the people they use,  But I will.

Friday, November 8, 2013


I forgot to say why I could never be absolutely certain that I was going to win the furniture that was being given away.  I did talk to God about needing help, followed by a vision of my winning the furniture and then did subsequently win the items exactly as I had seen it in the vision.  What is interesting is that I had the vision about two to four weeks before the actual event and in that interim time if I ever thought about winning the furniture I would be "attacked" by pain.  Sometimes my whole body would be racked with pain, but most of the time, I would get a sharp, stabbing pain in the back of my head.  It was if some force didn't want me to believe the truth..  And the vision was the truth because it happened.

The attack by the pain was similar to the extreme rage someone or something had when I was suppose to die and didn't some years earlier.  At that time I could feel their unbelievable rage because I was still alive  In both of the above situations, there was some invisible force that was opposing me and God's will.  Dumb psychiatrists would say I was "crazy" and many religious people would want to believe that I was possessed by some demonic force.  But the fact is that there is a good and evil on this earth and you knowingly or unknowingly follow one or the other.  I was told many times by ministers and priests that my life was and is a classic battle of good versus evil.

In the case of the vision, God created a witness who, although could not confirm the vision, did KNOW that I would win the contest and hence the furniture.  And in the case of the sharp pain in the back of the head, there were other people who experienced the same thing.  It is a kind of mind control.  A sharp pain in the back of the head was to influence what you were thinking or believed.  People generally avoid pain, so if received a sharp pain every time you thought about something, you would stop thinking about it or stop believing it.  And while I knew I was going to win the furniture, I always had this fleeting doubt because of the painful opposition.  Crazy, huh?  Not if you believe Christ's words that SATAN is the god of this world.

The interesting thing is that there are other people who experienced the same sharp pain to the head and approached me about it.  I never said anything to them to lead them on.  They asked me about the pain they would experience in the back of their head when they had certain thoughts about what to believe or not to believe.  There was even an instance when a twelve year old boy said something that was politically incorrect and he immediately shouted "ouch" and grabbed the back of his head - seriously.

So why me?  I don't know but I do know that whoever originally set me up as a witness and viciously attacked me is so evil that the matter of which is good and which is evil is a no-brainer.

In my next post I'll discuss the two types of people who I met in Tampa and the interesting fates of the fascist state worshipers.

Points to Ponder:
I have often wondered why there is such an obsession in this society with zombies and the walking dead.  Maybe its an allegory.  So many amerikans seem dead inside to the point that the only thing that gives them life is attacking and destroying people who are alive.  Just a thought.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

You believe what you are told to believe.

Is there anyway you can go a few minutes now days without hearing or reading about something else that is wrong with the Affordable Health Care Act.  If you can't see how the media tells you what to think and believe, then you really must be out of touch with reality.  The media even use the hate term "ObamaCare" to evoke a strong reactions rather than use the actual title.

Now compare that with the new military jet fiasco.  So far, the US government has given 400 Billion dollars to military/industrial complex corporations which after 12 years in development, still can't fly.  But do you read and about that boondoggle every moment of every day like you do the affordable health care?  Of course not.  However, a website which is probably being attacked by hackers, and may take a  month to get fully functional at a cost of a few million dollars is what monopolizes the news.

Interestingly, the reason for not killing(pardon the pun) the fighter jet is that it is "too big to fail".  The reason is not  because the military needs the jet.  Some military higher-ups have even said that they don't need the plane.  But the waste goes on because the billions of dollars spent so far have infiltrated throughout the fascist state.  It is too big to fail.

Interestingly, the fanatical effort to stop the Affordable Health Care is because the neonazis know that if the system is implemented and starts functioning over the next two years(before the 2016 elections)  the health care law will become too ingrained and integrated into the fabric of the amerikan society.  At that point it will be too big to fail.  The neonazi probably won't be able to stop it although they will still make feeble attempts to end programs like they still try to end Social Security.

Is the amerikan fascist system great or what?!

I moved into my apartment in Tampa and quickly made some new friends.  I started going to the sports pub at Tampa Bay Downs where a lot of wealthy and famous people use to congregate.  I met a small group of older, professionally successful, well-to-do retired men.  Even though I was younger, I had no trouble fitting in with the group.  And at first, I socially interacted without any problems, but over time a small group of mainly younger, not as successful, what I considered crude men started hassling me.  This latter group was sort of typical of the bozos the neonazis still use to harass me.   I'll get into that latter.

I continued to win things in Tampa. Since the car I had was keeping me poor with the constant repairs and services, I decided to get another car with the ten thousand dollars that I had just won.  I sold the car I had for a few hundred dollars and then bought a newer model Toyota Corolla which was much less expensive to operate.  That made it much easier and cheaper for me to get around.  But I still wanted a new car.

Monday, October 21, 2013

There is a GOD!

In the news:  Representative CW Bill Young died.  Why is that of interest to me?  I have told several people that I had been invited to a small, formal dinner at the White House with the President.  That is true, but no one that I told this to ever asked how the invitation was delivered.  If someone had told me that they had been invited to have dinner with the President at the White House, I think I would have been curious enough to ask how that person was invited.  In my case, the invitation came from the office of Representative Bill Young.

I could never tell anyone that until now, because if I had mentioned Bill Young's name, The Crazies or some of their NeoNazi followers might have started a campaign to "get" Bill Young.  That is how sick, sick, sick that his nation has become.  I can't even mention the name of anyone who tried to help me or tried to improve my situation.  As I said earlier, that is why I had to stay away from my family.  Damn this nation!

BACK TO MY STORY:   After living about five years in Orlando, I decided to move to the West Coast of Florida.  I loaded my furniture and belongings in a UHaul, put my car on a trailer hitch and headed west.  My first stop was in Tampa.  Unfortunately, for the reasons mentioned above, it is difficult to continue my story in any detail because many of the people and events involved in my life in Tampa to the present are still alive, active and some are still involved in my life.  As a result of the sick state of this country,  in order to protect certain people I can only relate selected events and happenings.

But before I go on, I want to relate details of my winning the ten thousand dollars of furniture which I mentioned earlier.  While I had won several items prior to the furniture,  I still didn't have any money and really need some, As  a result, I had one of my conversations with God.  Shortly after my conversation with God, I had one of my visions(getting really freaky, huh?).   In the vision, I was at a contest site with a lot of people standing around.  There were 3 or 4 people directly in front of me standing around a locked treasure chest.  I walked up to the treasure chest and inserted the key which I had in my hand  into the lock(I don't know where it came from).  Instantly the lock fell open and the people started congratulating me for winning!  End of vision.

The actual giveaway was about a week away, but I told my friend who was going to the contest site with me that I was going to win the furniture.  She didn't doubt me because she knew me fairly well.  And the reason I'm telling this story is because there is a witness.  Otherwise, all the God hating, neonazie loving, crazies would do all sorts of things to discredit me.

The following week, we drove to the contest site, signed in with about 100 other contestants, drew a number out of a drum and then selected a key.  I drew a number in the sixties(62 or 64 I believe) and my friend drew a number in the eighties so she was behind me in the line.  Then, one by one, contestants tried to unlock the lock on the treasure chest with the key they had drawn.

I stood there in line anxiously waiting my turn while my friend in line behind me was pointing at me and telling all of the people around her how I was going to win.  She knew too.   As I stood in line, I knew I was going to win, but at the same time there was always a lingering thought that I couldn't believe this was happening.
In the next post I will tell you what contributed to that doubt.

Finally I reached the head of the line.  I walked up to the treasure chest on the table and inserted my key.  I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER TURNING THE KEY, BECAUSE AS I INSERTED THE KEY, THE LOCK JUST SEEMED TO FALL OPEN!  Exactly as it had happened in the vision. That is how I won the furniture.  And if anyone doesn't believe it, they need to get some faith.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


A recent article in the local paper discusses how a former military intelligence officer who is charged with fund raising fraud, claims he was still working for the CIA as a "nonofficial cover" (NOC).  The reason this article caught my eye is that from my experience, the above explanation in this case seems very plausible.  And, the person making the claim was a big Republican donor. Ill-gotten gains funding right wing politics - what a concept!

It is well documented that the CIA interferes in foreign elections routinely in both friendly and unfriendly countries.  Usually the influencing of elections is done with the old amerikan standby, money.  So it wouldn't be unreasonable for a NOC  to be a political contributor to the right wing elements of this system's political process.

The CIA, BY LAW, is forbidden from carrying out domestic operations, and as soon as someone claims the CIA is doing something wrong domestically, The Crazies quickly point out that the law prohibits them from taking any such action.  I even had a letter(by way of a US Senator) from the CIA that related all sorts of knowledge about me, but that they didn't know anything because the law prohibited them from spying on/terrorizing a citizen living in this country.  And even if they did do something like that, they weren't responsible.  So to avoid conflict with the law, the CIA has "nonofficial" domestic operations.  It is sort of like that statement that is always made at the beginning of all MI shows about disavowing any knowledge of an operation.  That's real life in a fascist state.

In regards to the current political fiasco in the US, everyone should read "Political Terrorism" by Grant Wardlaw.  He discusses both terrorism form outside a system and political terrorism from within a country.  Most people never even consider that there is a much greater threat to the amerikan people from within than from external terrorism.

Back to my story:

I spent about five years in Orlando.  During that time my economic quality of life greatly improved as a result of winning contests of all kinds.  As I pointed out, I was able to have nice furniture and clothes, I ate well and I was able to have a car again and I had no debt.  Not bad for a person who had returned from Cuba several years earlier, physically unable to work, forbidden from working by The Crazies, alone and with nothing but two suitcases of person possessions

Of course, I was still being constantly harassed and I was kept isolated.  In addition to getting tired of a couple of neighbors constantly bothering me, I really didn't like the oppressive heat in Orlando.  During the summer, there was just no breeze and the hot air stagnat air was stifling.  It didn't help that my apartment only had one small wall air conditioner which just couldn't cool the entire place even though the apartment was small.  The above elements plus that fact that I had gone to Tampa several times(I had a car!) and had made some friends there resulted in my decision to move to Tampa.  More on that the next time.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Stanford Prison Experiment

Did you ever hear of the famous "Stanford Prison Experiment"?  It was a psychology experiment that went out of control and was stopped only after an outsider saw how distorted things had gotten.  It helps explain the evil that allowed The Crazies to take an innocent person and turn them into a torture victim and an enemy of the Nazi state.

 Phil Zimbardo who carried out the original Stanford experiment commented in a recent book that aberrant, illegal or immoral behavior by individuals are typically labeled as misdeeds of a few bad apples.  The implication is that the illegal, insane acts are a rare exception that the "good apples" don't approve.  The elite rulers want to single out an event as being an isolated incident that takes away any blame from the rulers at the top.  Rather that blaming a few bad apples, a system analysis focuses on the apple barrel makers or the power structure that allowed the misdeeds to happen and continue unabated.  That is to say, there are no outsiders as there was in the Stanford Prison Experiment to say the events taking place are out of control and should be stopped.  The barrel makers are rotten, not just the apples.

Seven social processes grease the slippery slope of evil:

     1) Mindlessly taking the first step - like taking a innocent victim and setting him up as a witness.
     2) Dehumanization of others - that was obvious in my case.
     3)  De-individualization of self (anonymity)
     4) Diffusion of personal responsibility  (The Crazies kept their identity hidden(anonymity) and deny any responsibility)
     5) Blind obedience to authority (This is a well studied phenomenon - see Stanley Milgram)
     6) Uncritical conformity to the group's norm (nationalism)
     7) Passive tolerance of EVIL, through inaction or indifference.

There you have how an innocent good worker could end up being a torture victim and political prisoner.  The apple barrel maker, the amerikan system, is corrupt and broken.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Destruction followed by Profit

In The News:   The CIA is now gun running/providing arms for the "rebels" in Syria.  Now you can bet your last dollar that the CIA helped instigate the uprising/civil war in Syria which follows the standard fascist state script of destruction(fun) followed by profit.  Of course, those guns are being manufactured and sold by some gun companies for profit in addition to the CIA skimming off money.

This continual state of war in the Middle East should not surprise anyone.  As I tried to inform amerikans about 12 years ago, the fascist state had a plan, a Pentagon Paper that I believe was called "Big Bang" which called for the US to militarily take over control of the Middle East.  A TV station actually aired a Pentagon documentary on the plan.  Now if Syria falls and creates a puppet government, the US will have taken over, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and some smaller countries.  The only major state left standing will be Iran which is the continued target of war chants by the right wing elements of the fascist state.  The public campaign against Iran has subsided while Syria has taken center stage.  Not that all of this Middle East turmoil is planned.  Of course not.

Back to my story:  I continued to win things, but I was not always able to take advantage of everything I had won. For example, I won a trip for two to London.  Since The Crazies kept me isolated through threats and harassment, I didn't know of anyone that I could take with me.  Fortunately, the people running the contest made a small technical error which allowed me to take a cash settlement in lieu of the trip.  The result was that I didn't go to London, but eventually I did get fifteen hundred dollars in cash.

As a result of all of my winnings which included several cash prizes, I was able to buy a old, used(previously owned to by politically correct), car.  I had won enough money to buy a car for some time, but I kept putting the purchase off until I felt that I could pay for all of the repairs that would be a  result of the sabotage that The Crazies would do.   I point this out because it demonstrates how I had to always take into account all of the different scenarios that The Crazies might carry out against me whenever I did something.  I could never take anything for granted and I always had to prepare for the unexpected.

With the purchase of the car, I had to buy insurance.  Even though I hadn't owned a car for several years, I still had a spotless driving record and I didn't expect any problems getting insurance.  WRONG - read the last sentence of the proceeding paragraph.  I went to State Farm and submitted an application.  A few days went by and I didn't hear from them so I gave them a call.  The requested some additional information and then said they would get back to me in a day or two.  Several more days went by and I called their office again.  This time I was told they need more information about my health.  I gave them the information and went back to waiting.  After waiting a total of about two weeks, I went to an All-State office, gave them my information and the next day I had car insurance from All-State.

I had my car insurance, but I had to see what State Farm was going to tell me as to why they were still waiting on my application.  Finally, when I called them and asked them what the delay was, they asked me if I had any "mental illness" problems.  A couple of days after that call, I got a letter telling me that I had been refused insurance by State Farm.  State Farm could have just denied my insurance right away, but instead they drug it out and kept leading me on and kept demanding useless additional information.  The interesting thing here is that if I had waited any longer to get insurance from another company, I would have had to put on any subsequent application that I had been refused insurance by another company.  And, State Farm is the only company to refuse me car insurance in  over 50 years of driving.

Hitler had support from many fascist loving corporations.  Any ruler has to have corporate support because money is needed to win elections.  Look at the amerikan system.  And if you look carefully a what corporations say and do, you can identify neo-Nazi loving businesses.  State Farm is just one of them and I'm not saying that just based on the one above incident.  Based on what I have observed, I could name at least a half-a-dozen other major corporation with extreme right-wing politics.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Living as a prisoner in the fascist state.

I was living with constant harassment and trying to live on about $700.00 A MONTH which was less than what I made in A WEEK when I left RAM.  I also had no assets as compared to the assets of two cars, a house, stocks and savings that I had when I was driven out of RAM.

 Total destruction is the SOP of the fascist state whether it is the destruction of an individual or a country.  On a large scale you can see this policy as it was carried out in Iraq.  The total destruction of the infrastructure of the country which was followed by control and continued pumping of the oil from that country.  In my case, the total destruction of my life was followed by the us of my technical documents in a court of law which helped enable Gamma Supplies win their lawsuit. The procedure is the same: destruction followed by exploitation of the destroyed victims.

All of the destruction is done in the name of some greater good such as "national security" or some other BS excuse.  The rest of the world is finally seeing through the fascist state desire to be world ruler/dictator which I believe is why the fascist state is encounter so little support in its desire to level another country(Syria),  The rest of the world is wising up.

Internally, the problem with Syria is that the fascists destroy for fun and profit.  First, from what I've seen on TV the infrastructure in Syria is in pretty bad shape.  That means there is little fun to be gained gained from bombing a country already in ruin.  What's the fun in it? And second, as far as I know, Syria doesn't have a lot of oil or any other asset that the fascist state really wants so where is the profit?  War in Syria is a hard sell - no fun or profit in it!  Setting up another puppet government, a democracy of course, seems to be the only thing to be gained.

Back to my story:

The good thing about my life in Orlando is that I began to supplement my meager income by winning things.  I won cash, trips, dinners, tickets to concerts and furniture.  It was rather hilarious when I won a complete dining room, living room and bedroom set.  Each set of furniture was very nice, of excellent quality and was worth about $3,500 for each room.  Since my apartment only had a small cooking area with a room dividing bar, it was obvious that the dining room set with a large table, 4 regular chairs, two captain chairs and a large china cabinet was not going to fit in my apartment.  Thus I ended up selling the dining room set in one day.

The bedroom set which included a large four poster king sized bed likewise was not going to fit in my small two room apartment.  That item a gave to a friend who had partnered with me in participation in the contest.

The living room set by Broyhill I kept because it would fit in my one large room.  It went will with my new TV/entertainment center which I had also won.

The critical thing about winning items was that it was something that The Crazies could not really control in a negative way.  I didn't have to be in a work environment, I didn't have to interact with other people that could harass me and I could do it pretty much anonymously. It was the ideal way for me to create income without having to interact with other people in the fascist state.

While winning items may have made me appear a bit as a loner, it did not allow The Crazies the opportunity to continue to harass and terrorize me if I tried to earn an income in a work environment.  In other words, by earning an income free from Nazi state control, The Crazies could not terrorize me and say I was insane.  Or the way I like to put it, the truly insane(The Crazies) could not say a sane victim was crazy.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Big Brother is Watching and it is not your friend.

While I faced some harassment at my new apartment, one of the most annoying things was the incessant, annoying phone calls.  Even though I had an answering machine and caller ID, I kept getting numerous calls where the calling party would let the answering machine run for a while in silence and then hang up.  And coincidentally, the calling party always called from "Out Of Area" on my caller ID.  This was the early days of caller ID.

Finally, I got the phone company to put a tap on my phone.  They said it would be for 15 days and that it would start beginning about an hour after the call was completed.  For the next 15 days, my phone was almost completely silent.  Remember, I lived in isolation which meant very few people would be calling me and I believe I received one call during that period from "Out of Area".  On the 15th day, the phone company called me to tell me that they found nothing unusual and they would be terminating the phone tap.  Within 2 hours of the phone company calling me, the "Out of Area" phone calls commenced again with the same regularity that had occurred before the phone tap.

The sudden cessation and then the sudden restart of the harassing calls was just The Crazies way of saying that they watched and listened to everything I said and did. This didn't surprise me and I was expecting the result I obtained, but it did demonstrate how completely The Crazies controlled everything in my life.

I tried in vain to warn people what was happening and how the fascist state wanted to totally control and imprison all amerikans, but to indoctrinated people, I was the enemy.  Now I read and see documentaries about how people are detained at airports, arrested and/or interrogated by police at their homes or schools because of some email they sent, some item they posted on Facebook or something they tweeted.  A seventh grader was called out of class and interrogated by the FBI and NSA because of an innocuous statement he made on Facebook.  In some ways I'm so glad to see it because it drives me up the wall every time I hear someone say, "I don't care what they do, I don't have anything to hide."  I just want to grab people like that and shake some sense into them.  THE FASCIST RULERS DON'T CARE!  If you are not wealthy, you are insignificant and The Crazies can destroy you and your life just for the fun of wielding power.  THEY DON'T CARE if you have something to hide or if something you did was "wrong".

There are software and programs out there now that can scan randomly emails, tweets and social network postings almost instantaneously.  That is what Edward Snowden was trying to tell people.  Big Brother is watching.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Art Imitates Life


1)James "Whitey Bulger, Jr. is a former organized crime figure from south Boston.  Often depicted as a Robin Hood style social criminal dedicated to protecting the neighborhood and its residents, Bulger was convicted on numerous criminal and murder charges last week.  Of course Bulger's real fame stems from the fact that he was an informant for the FBI which allowed him to murder at least 19 people as the bureau ignored his criminal activities.  One reporter reported that at least 100 peoples' lives were shattered as the FBI sat around and did nothing.  Actually, Bulger's reported love of murder probably endeared him to the FBI agents.

 If you saw the movie "The Departed", then you probably recognize that Jack Nicholson's role as an informant/crime boss was based on Whitey Bulger.  In the movie, Nicholson's character gets killed but in real life the FBI allowed Bulger to live the good life ($800,000 found at his residence) free for some 20 years after he was first indicted.

2) Currently their is a movie out titled "2 Guns".  The premise of this movie is that two federal agents from different agencies team up to rob a bank.  A major problem occurs when the robbers learn that 43.125 million dollars stolen from the bank belongs to the CIA, which got the money from a protection racket where the CIA skimmed off drug dealers money in return for safe passage of the drugs.  Now I along with many other knowledgeable people know that the CIA raises money with gun running and drug smuggling activities and it has been reported in the Congressional records!  I always look at the CIA as the fascist states' organized crime department.  They commit crimes in the name of "National Security" and being in the CIA is like having a "get of jail free" card.

A side note:  Currently, there are three main sources for illegal opium: Burma, Afghanistan, and Colombia. Opium and heroin are ideal trade products–they are in great demand and are very profitable to produce.  In 2010 groups in Afghanistan produced 90 percent of the world's illicit opium.  The interesting thing here is that before the US along with the CIA invaded Afghanistan, the country produced about 20 percent of the world's illegal opium (read heroin).  Think there is any correlation there?! But the US is suppose to be the good guys. RIGHT?!

3) Of course, the only movie which you are told is based on real events is "ARGO".  Even in that movie at the beginning, it is pointed out that the events depicted were the result of an amerikan imposition and support of a vicious dictator - The Shah of Iran.

IN THE NEWS:  The Republican National Committee, responding to plans by two television programs about Hillary Rodham Clinton, approved a resolution Friday to block CNN and NBC from hosting GOP presidential primary debates.

The unanimous vote affirmed RNC Chairman Reince Priebus's threat against the networks if they went ahead with programs about Clinton, a possible Democratic presidential contender. Priebus said CNN has "an obvious bias."

Now if the Democratic National Committee blocks all Fox networks from Democratic Presidential primary debates, between the two parties the people of amerika will be spared exposure to a lot of political poison. The above could be really good news.

Can anyone say censorship!


Friday, August 9, 2013

We will destroy anyone to hide the truth!

After I returned to Orlando, my new friend in south Florida suddenly was contacted by another company in her area that said they were interested in hiring her.  She was already in a good paying position, but the position the new company was offering paid considerably more so she decided to go interview for the job.  Every thing went well in her interview and the company expressed interest in hiring her.  As best as I can remember, the new company invited her back for a second interview to discuss the specifics of the position.  The second interview was held on a Friday and the hiring company said they wanted to hire her and made a specific offer.  They said they would give her the offer in writing the following Monday, but encouraged her to hand in a letter of resignation immediately so that she could start her new position with them as soon as possible.  My friend left the meeting believing she had a better job and would be leaving her present company soon.  What she didn't do was hand in a letter of resignation as she had been told to do.

The following Monday or Tuesday, my friend got a phone call from the hiring company saying that on further consideration, the had decided not to give her the job!  She told me that the reason the company gave for not hiring her involved something that they had discussed during her interview and the company had said that everything was fine.  In other words, the company had pulled the rug out from under her.

Now consider:  the company had contacted her unsolicited; she had two interviews with all the people who were making the hiring decision, they gave her a verbal offer to be followed with a written offer, and they encouraged her to resign from her present job immediately.  If that wasn't a Crazies' set up, then the Pope isn't Catholic!

If she had followed the above advice, the woman at best would have been in a very tenuous, difficult position and at worst, unemployed.  The fascist state does understand that working class people are slaves and destroying the lives of working class people is just another useful tool in furthering the cause of fascism. And in this case, the message was clear - don't help a fascist state victim.

After that incident and others at her work place, things became very strained between us and eventually we lost contact with each other.

So that is why I never saw my parents again.  The Crazies would destroy anyone who tried to help me and I had already seen the extreme strain and pain The Crazies had caused my parents when I last saw them.  In addition to The Crazies becoming involved everywhere I went, there is an extremely evil force that gives power to The Crazies.  I don't care what your religious beliefs are, life is a battle between good and evil and The Crazies and people like them represent the dark side of life - and no one needs that in their life.  But I can't live in a total vacuum, so I have to have some people around me.  I stayed away from my family to protect them from the God Damn evil that this fascist state and The Crazies represent.  That was the best I could do.

Monday, August 5, 2013

"The Creation of Conditions" ...... the basis of Fascist evil.

One on the interesting things that I learned about my fascist loving Hispanic immigrant was that he was also a stalker.  Sometimes when he was yelling at me, belittling me, he would tell me things about myself such as where I went and what I did.  He would make comments about my sissy bag (my gym bag) and where I went with it and what I did.  When I asked him how he knew that I went to the local 'Y' to workout at the gym when I was carrying my gym bag, he did not respond.  There were other incidences like that and every time I asked him how he knew what I did or was doing, he would not answer me.  Obviously, he or someone else was stalking me.  I knew The Crazies were stalking me, but I is discomforting to learn some insignificant neighbor is stalking you.  But in fascist america, it is patridiotic(sic) to harassing a victim.  And of course in today's fascist police state of spying on everyone, the above seems rather trite and routine.

I have been asked many times why I never went back to see my parents.  The last time I ever saw them was in the spring of 1983.  When I left then, my relationship with them was very strained.  But an incident which occurred when I was living in Orlando demonstrates how the fascist state Crazies operate and why I never went back.

While I was living in my new apartment complex, some evenings I would walk about a mile and a half to central Orlando and go to a large country lounge.  There I would listen to the music and dance and then walk home.  As a side note, one night on the way home I had to walk through a "bad" area of town and was attacked by three youths who wanted my money.  I successfully fought off the three large youths AND I DIDN'T HAVE TO SHOOT ANYONE IN THE PROCESS.  Moral of the story - if you're young and know what you are doing, you don't need a gun and you don't need to kill anyone.

Anyway, one evening while at the Sullivan's Trailway Lounge, I met a business woman who was in town on business with some of her friends.  I spent the evening with the group and then went home.  Subsequently when she had to come to Orlando on business, she would call me (I had a phone!) and I would meet her for dining and dancing.  Finally, she invited me down to south Florida for a week.  While I was there, I attended a professional meeting and a couple of business meetings with her.

 Since  she was the chief financial officer for a company in south Florida, I got to attend a professional meeting for business financial accountants managers and thus I was able to mix and talk with professional accountants at the social hour.  During that time I was able to talk to an account who did the finances for several health care companies.  I took the opportunity to ask this man, "Who has the best health insurance in terms of coverage and cost."  The guy said that was an easy question.  He responded,  "The health plan that Congress has is by far the best" and of course, we pay for it.  Now this is the same Congress that doesn't want amerikan workers to have health care.  Can anyone say FASCISM!!!

The important thing is that this woman gave me the opportunity to interact and be with other professional people.  Since I was suppose to be the typical crazy loner who lived in isolation, this was not acceptable to The Crazies and they would put a stop to it.  In the next post I will tell you what they did to stop the relationship and that will explain why I never saw her or my parents again.

NOTE:  I saw a documentary the other night on the five mafia mobs in New York City.  They described the head of one of the families as having "an IQ of a moth but brutal".  Immediately I thought "That's The Crazies".  They succeed because they are barbaric and brutal, but they like to  think it is because they are smart.  Their whole plan to get my testimony was done by brute force and extortion and a person with the IQ of a moth could have seen through their schemes.  If you understand that you comprehend why the world is so screwed up,

PS - Bet you didn't see on amerikan TV or internet where Russia and China are holding joint military maneuvers.  DID YOU?  And since the military operations include naval maneuvers,  I don't think they are doing it because they are concerned about Al Qaeda.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Another start in a new apartment complex.

I had narrowed my search for a new apartment complex when I happened upon a "For Rent" sign in front of a small apartment complex behind a large shopping mall.  I called the number on the sign and arranged to see the apartment.  It turned out that the place was a small one bedroom apartment with a living room and a small kitchen.  The complex consisted of two parallel buildings each with two stories which housed about a total of twenty apartments.  The complex was on a small back road behind the mall and had no other adjacent buildings.  It was also more centrally located that the apartment from hell and it was two blocks from a grocery store and one block from a mall.  For a person with no car, it was ideal and it was affordable.  What I found interesting about the apartment complex is that I found it purely by chance.

I stayed at the apartment complex from hell for two more weeks until my lease expired and then I moved to my new abode.  My new neighbors were nice and generally quiet.  One guy across the way occasionally would blast some rock music from his upstairs window, but other than that it was quiet.  The woman on my left was elderly an kept to herself since she was hiding from debt collectors and the neighbor on my right I seldom saw.

At first, my stay at my new apartment was rather peaceful, but as usual, the Nazi lovers didn't take long to find me.  Soon, two of my new biggest antagonists were hispanic immigrants that spoke broken english.  One lived in the house behind the apartment complex and loved to brag how he had friends in the CIA.  The other Nazi lover moved into the upstairs apartment above an adjacent apartment.  The latter man made constant threats against me almost from the day he moved in.  I would publish his name, but I never cared enough to bother to find out who he was.

The man who lived upstairs would call me names every chance he could and he would make all sorts of derogatory comments any time he saw.  One of the more interesting things he would do was he would park his car in the parking space that was directly in front of my bedroom window.  My bedroom faced the parking lot and it had one tall window which was so low that you could almost drive a car directly into my bedroom from the parking lot.  Every time he parked, he would pull all the way into the parking space in front of my widow to the point that I could have opened my window and touched his car.  He did this in spite of the fact that there were other parking spaces much closer to the stairs he had to us to reach his apartment.

What is ironic is that one day he started yelling at me claiming I had scratched his car.  I just ignored him as always, but had to laugh a couple of days latter when I saw his car parked across the lot closer to the stairs he used.  Apparently he had been in an accident and the whole front end of his car was badly damaged.  He now had more that a little scratch on his car to worry about!  After that, he no longer parked in front of my window.

The fascist state loves immigrants because many of them are poor and they will do whatever people like The Crazies want done.  Remember, the best way for the people to succeed in a fascist state is to act like or be a fascist.  Read the history of John Walker if you want to see how being a right wing extremest benefits those serving the fascist state.  The fastest route to success in amerika is to say Sieg Heil.

Note added:  The Nazi salute  was a gesture of greeting in Nazi Germany. Usually, the person offering the salute would say "Heil Hitler!" (Hail Hitler!), "Heil, mein F├╝hrer!" (Hail, my leader!), or "Sieg Heil!" (Hail victory!). It was adopted in the 1930s by the Nazi Party to signal obedience......

"The essence of evil is the destruction of human beings.  This includes not only the killing, but the creation of conditions  that materially, emotionally and psychologically diminish people's dignity, happiness and capacity to fulfill basic material needs."   From The Roots of Evil.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Good things even in the apartment complex from hell.

Being told that I was not suitable to live at the apartment complex on Oak Ridge Avenue in Orlando had to be one of the low points in my life.  Here was place that welcomed murders, drug users/dealers, prostitutes and bank robbers and the owners of the complex were saying that I was not good enough to live there!  There is no way to overstate what that says about the amerikan system.

There were a couple of good things that happened during the year that I lived there.  First, I finally got a telephone for the first time in about seven years.  The reason that I got a phone at that point was not because I thought the harassing phone calls would stop, but rather I was able to afford a phone with a good built in answering system and a caller ID.  Since I could let the answering system screen all incoming calls, that meant my enemies could harass the answering machine all they wanted and I would also have a record of where the calls were coming from.

The second positive thing that occurred while I was living in the apartment complex from hell was that I found out that I could win things.  During the one year at that location I won mostly small items like a free dinner at some restaurant or a small gift certificate at some department store.  While that doesn't seem like much to most, to me it meant I could buy some much need clothes(which by the way, The Crazies were still removing items from my apartment) or that I could go out and have a meal at a decent restaurant.  These were big improvements in my life and eventually my winning things would lead to even bigger improvements in my life style.

Of course, I still faced constant harassment in my daily life which was mostly based on the conditioning that I had been subjected to by The Crazies.  While that type of harassment was more subtle than direct confrontation, sometimes the events were very clearly more hostile.  On a couple of occasions when I would be walking through the apartment complex parking lot streets to get to the main street, I would see a car coming in my direction.  As the car got closer, it would accelerate and head directly towards me!  I would have to quickly get off of the street to avoid being hit.  Of course, I didn't know who the driver was, but it was apparent that they knew who I was.

It is hard to explain to people, but when you are a political prisoner and an enemy of The Crazies, people just know who you are - you don't have to tell them.  I expected to have enemies.  Worshiping the fascist state is the predominant religion in amerika.  And I represented an attack on their god for those who worshiped the state.  What really surprised me was that occasionally I would be somewhere and a complete stranger would come up to me and extend their hand to me.  I would shake their hand and then say "Do I know you?"

"No"  would be the answer and they would continue, "But everyone knows who you are and I just wanted to shake your hand."

Those positive occasions helped me to truly understand one of the slogans of Amnesty International which is "You are never alone."

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What the fascist state truly values.

The apartment complex I was living at is a large complex of multiple units and had by my guess about 1,000 units.  It had the usual requisite swimming pool and laundry facilities.  A pass through the parking lots showed that most cars there were compacts to mid-sized cars and were on the average about 3-10 years old.  By all external appearances this was a lower to middle class complex.

My first clue that all was not well in paradise was when I went up to the pool and noticed that all the pay phones (yes this is still the late 1980s) had been removed from the adjacent locker room facility.  I learned that the phones had been removed because prostitutes had been using them to conduct business! My second surprise occurred one morning when I went out to get the morning paper and saw that the passenger side windows had been broken on all of the cars parked in front of my apartment building.  For once, I was thankful that I did not have a car.

During the one year I lived at that complex, there were two murders, one by stabbing and one by drug overdose, drug sales and two residents were arrested for robbing a bank.  And this was at an apartment complex that was about two blocks from the high school.  Obviously I started looking for a new residence to move to when my one year lease expired.

I also learned that the business which owned the apartment complex(wish I could remember the name), had some sort of arrangement with the government that allowed bus loads of young people to reside in some of the apartments during the summer.  I don't know anything about the program, but I am sure the business owners made money off of that deal.

With all of the above going on, you can imagine my surprise when I received in the mail a notice that the apartment complex would not renew my lease for the coming year!  No specific reason was given for not renewing my lease, but the letter stated that management thought I should find another place to live.   This complex welcomed murders, drug dealers, prostitutes, and bank robbers, but I, a person who was not politically correct, was not welcomed!!!  That is a true reflection of what the fascist state values.

I read in the book Democracy For The Few that inmates in prison could get in fights, be involved in prison killings and could use drugs and they would not be put in solitary confinement, but if the got caught reading a book on Karl Marx or socialism, it meant instant isolation in solitary.  Again, a reflection on what the system really values.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fascist terrorism more important than drug dealers

during my first year in my new apartment complex in Orlando, a lot of events happened which demonstrate what is really important to amerikans.  The first thing I will address is drug use.

I still didn't have a car which meant I had to walk to get most places or ride the bus.  I use to grocery shop at a nearby Winn Dixie.  To get there, I had to cut through an adjoining apartment complex, walk by a local high school, and then turn down a street for about another block.  It was probably less that a half mile one way.

One afternoon while walking past the high school I looked down at the ground, and there lying on the grass was a small clear plastic baggie with a small, round white hard crystalline object in it.  I picked it up, and quickly went back to my apartment to examine the object.  While I had never used drugs, from what I had heard from people who I knew used drugs, from what I had seen in TV documentaries on drugs and from what I had read about the drug wars, I recognized that the baggie I had found contained crack cocaine!  My first thought was to call the police, show them the evidence and show them where I had found it and let them know that drugs were probably being sold/used at the local high school.

Then I began to think about The Crazies.  If I did what any responsible citizen would have done and reported it to the police, The Crazies would have gotten involved,would tell the local police how crazy I was and then have them charge me with drug possession.  The Crazies would not have cared if the local high school students were using hard drugs.  Since the students attended a public high school, they were most likely the sons and daughters of working and lower class parents.  The Crazies wouldn't have given a damn about them, but they would have loved to find any phony excuse to lock me up again and for an extended period.  In other words, to The Crazies, silencing a person who speaks the truth about the fascist system was far more important than stopping drug use at a high school.  That is the way it is.  Being poor and politically incorrect is the most serious of crimes in america.

So what did I do with the drug evidence?  I flushed the crack cocaine down the toilet and forgot about the whole incident.

And if you think The Crazies wouldn't do what I just said, I can tell you that they did alter police reports about an accident where I was hit from behind while I was driving in Daytona. They altered police reports, created  confusion about what had happened and generated a lot of stress for me.  I didn't relate that incident because I had been driving a borrowed car and how I got to use the car is a long story.  Fortunately the owner of the car had good insurance and after the accident initially caused me a lot of problems and a failed lawsuit against me, the problem eventually disappeared.

Silencing the truth is more important to the Crazies than anything else. More evidence of that in my next post.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Answers from heaven? and the NeoNazis response to them.

"There are two ways to be fooled.  One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true."   I believe this quote relates to a lot of amerikans who worship the fascist state.

The quote from Second Timothy, chapter 3 came about as a result of a conversation with a person a while back.  The person was talking about how someone close to them had committed a heinous act and crime against them.  The result was that the person was 1) angry about what had been done and 2)they no longer wanted to have anything to do with the perpetrator of the crime.  As I listened, I couldn't help but think about how I had responded to the heinous crimes committed against me at Gamma Supplies.  My initial reaction was extreme anger and then I just didn't want anything to do with the people behind the trial rigging scheme in which they had involved me.  I wanted The Crazies out of my life for good.  Unfortunately for me, that was not possible because I was a slave and a prisoner (and still am since I still face constant harassment) and The Crazies would follow me everywhere and anywhere I went.  Well almost anywhere.  Remember, I was safe from the fascist state when I was in Cuba.  No wonder the NeoNazis hate Cuba.

After listening to the conversation about betrayal, I wondered if my and the other person's reaction was "normal" to what had been done and if there was any basis for my reaction to The Crazies.  My answer came the next day, when out of the blue I stumbled on Second Timothy - and no I was leafing through or reading the Bible.  The passage just fell in my lap(figuratively) like so many other answers had during my war with the NeoNazis.  Way back in my blog, you can read how I came upon the word "oligarchy" when I was searching for a more politically acceptable word for the term fascist.  The answers appear in ways that cannot be explained by normal, rational reasoning.  Statistically, the events that produce the answers have zero probability of happening.  I don't know how else to explain it.  And that is the manner in which I stumbled on to Second Timothy 3 and which explain my normal reaction to the insanity of The Crazies.

In my next blog, I will continue my story about my time in Orlando.  This period really will show how some business people put money and serving the state above ALL else.  Being politically incorrect is the only crime to true fascist state worshipers.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Second Timothy 3 -  For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, blasphemers ....... Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, lacking self control, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors heady, highminded .....Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof;  FROM SUCH TURN AWAY.  Another translation states it as "AVOID SUCH MEN AS THESE".

In my next blog, I tell you how God presented this above chapter and verses to me recently and why it appeared to me.

I have frequently pointed out in my blogs about the arrogance of the NeoNazis and the Crazies(lovers of their own selves and having no natural affection), the number of times they betrayed me after agreeing to something, and the way they despise what I represent and the problems they always had trying to paint me as a deserving recipient of torture.  And interestingly, I have always considered The Crazies as traitors to the amerikan people and the constitution of this country.  And I don't use the word traitors in the way the NeoNazis frequently use it to demonize anyone they oppose. To the NeoNazis, traitor is a generic, all encompassing term they throw around like mud with the hope that it will stick to someone.

I'm also reading the book "Proof of Heaven".  In that tome, the author describes God in one word - "LOVE".  I mention that because from day one when I joined Gamma Supplies, the whole plan to use me and destroy me was based on HATE and everything The Crazies did from day one was to attack and destroy all love in my life.  Family, marriage, friends and even my love of my career were targets.  So it is really not hard to see which side of the fence the NeoNazis and crazies are on.

FROM SUCH TURN AWAY - which brings me back to how and why I stumbled on the Bible verses from Second Timothy.  I'll explain that in my next blog.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Freedom and Spying

FREEDOM for workers!  WHAT A CONCEPT!  Why it is almost un-amerikan.

For any of you who were surprised to learn that US gestapo agencies are spying on citizens, I have this advice.  Get counselling!  You are delusional and not in touch with reality.  The Crazies have been spying on citizens since the creation of the Nazi state in 1948 - it is called the National Security Act.  The FBI which already existed before the NSA,  had fifteen hundred pages of documents on Albert Einstein when he died in 1955.  Now Einstein was well known and important, but with the advent of modern technology, spying on anyone and everyone has become commonplace.   The Crazies whose numbers have exploded in the last decade need victims.  And those who become victims are frequently people who just got trapped in The Crazies insanity; just like Hitler's victims who had done no wrong.  It is power gone wild.

Note:  It was Einstein who wisely said in his later years that he feared amerika was rapidly becoming the state that he had fled (Nazi Germany).

And now you can see why The Crazies like to create victims.   When they create victims as they did with me, they have the victim trapped and they can discredit them and prevent the media from telling the truth.  Now with Edward Snowden, they are dealing with a credible witness and The Crazies actually are going to have to do intelligence work to find him.  And The Crazies get paid the same for torturing someone they created as they do for torturing someone they have to find.  It makes no difference to them.  Is amerika great or what?

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." Thomas Jefferson.   Which do you support - tyranny or liberty?!

So you "think" there is no mind control.  When was the last time you thought about or heard anything about the federal deficit?!  It has probably been at least three months.  And six months to a year ago, the federal deficit was the most important issue in the world.  And after hearing about it every day for months, it has disappeared; poof it is gone like magic.  Of course, the problem is still there and just as important, but you are not told to think or care about it by the media.  Thus in your mind, it is not there. That is the power of mind control!!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Civilized vs Barbaric Societies

I recently was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel outside of the US.  The NeoNazi harassed and terrorized excessively me a couple of weeks before I left.  This included creating a bogus charge on my bank debit card a couple of days before I left the country.  This fraudulent charge caused me to freeze all transactions on that account which meant I would not have access to money in that account while out of the country.  And of course, the two major sources of money while traveling are credit cards and debit card cash withdrawals.  As usual, I can't prove The Crazies did it, but since the charge was made in Norfolk, VA it would seem highly probable.

At first I thought that The Crazies just couldn't stand the thought of my being free from them for even a day.  But as I traveled a second reason became clear.  Although I am well aware of it, when you travel in civilized foreign countries you can see first hand that there are alternative and better ways to structure and run a society.  For example, I learned that in France, the laws there would have made it extremely difficult for The Crazies to carry out the demented plan that was used to exploit and then destroy me.  Had I been working in a civilized society like France, I would have been allowed by law to walk off a job and been able to collect a large percentage of my pay for up to two years.  That would have meant that the first time Jack Kopac set me up in one of his psychological double binds and then dumped on my desk a lawsuit against the company Gamma Supplies, I could have left the job.  I would have had still an income, my health and a sound mind with which to evaluate my situation.  And The Crazies would have had nothing from me.  Because they are demented, The Crazies probably still would have tried to terrorize me, but they would have not had much success because I would not have been conditioned to their terrorizing techniques at that point.  And, I would have had full medical coverage since medical insurance in civilized countries would not depend on my being employed. If you remember, I had large medical bilsl right after I left Gamma Supplies which I had to pay out of my own pocket.   That is the difference between working in a civilized society where even workers have some freedom and working in a barbaric society where workers are regarded as slaves.  In the US, freedom and liberty to the ruling fascists means that they are "free from restrictions to exploit and enslave those less fortunate".

I have always maintained that one on the major reasons that I was picked as a victim was because first, I had the skills and education that The Crazies needed and equally important, I was poor and could not escape from trap The Crazies had planned.  As Mr. Stevenson once said, "a hungry (poor) person is not a free person."

Lack of freedom is the basis of the fascist society.  Keep workers at the lowest level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.  That is keep the masses struggling for the basics of food, clothing and shelter and never let them proceed to the next level which is security in knowing that what you have will not be taken from you as was done to me.  That is never let the worker feel secure that he or she can continue to provide the basics.  Never let them have security.  Why do think the NeoNazis continue to attack Social SECURITY for retired workers.  Secure people are more difficult to control and manipulate - they have freedom.  Unfortunately, most older people have what psychologists call "crystallized intelligent" which means their thoughts and beliefs are limited to the thoughts and beliefs in which they have been indoctrinated.  As a result, although some elderly people are economically secure, they still cling to the NeoNazi indoctrinated beliefs.

More in my next post about the powerful myths perpetuated by the fascist society.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Another attempt to start over.

After the horrors of Daytona Beach, I was glad to leave the place.  I packed my two suitcases and with the aid of a friend and a car, I moved to Orlando.  Orlando in general was a more mature, family friendly city compared to Daytona Beach.  The Disney influence on the city was evident in many ways.  One thing in particular that I learned to appreciate was the planning that went into the expansion and development of the area.  Most new developments in the city were well thought out and designed with the people in mind.  The rapid growth which was evident everywhere was well controlled and designed.

Housing was more expensive compared to what I had been paying, and as a result I had to move into an much larger apartment complex in the south part of Orlando.  The location gave me access to a major east west highway and two north/south streets.  This meant I could get around the city fairly easily on the bus system which ran frequently and regularly through my area.  While not ideal, the apartment complex I choose seemed to be well situated.

As usual, my first week in my new apartment was quit normal, but it didn't take long for The Crazies and their Nazi supporters to find ways to harass me and try to make my life miserable.  Still, the overall move to Orlando was a positive one.

More on life in Orlando in a couple of weeks.

Friday, May 17, 2013

There were other negatives besides Nazi terrorism.

After about one year in Daytona Beach, I got the opportunity to move to Orlando with the help of a friend.
Beside the constant harassment and terrorism that I experienced in Dayton Beach, there were some real negatives about living there.  In the spring, there was an influx of tourists for events like the Dayton 500.  Although the race track was about 10 miles inland, almost all of the accommodations were on the beach side where I was living.  That meant that traffic became horrendous.

That event was followed by Bike Week and thousands of Harley Davidson's.  The event was centered around Main St. on the beach side and that was about four blocks from where I lived. You can't imagine what fun it is to have the streets packed every day with rowdy, drunk bikers.  And it literally gets tiring waking up at three AM to the roar of a parade of Harleys.   Also every morning I had to clean up the beer cans strewn all over the area around my apartment.

Interestingly, one day while walking along Main St. during bike week,  I spotted a man who I knew was an undercover cop.  Don't ask how I knew that.  Anyway, when he saw me, he looked like he had seen a ghost, and took off as fast as he could.  I could only surmise that he was afraid that I would rat him out and his life wouldn't have been worth a nickle among those bikers if they knew.  He was just like The Crazies; The Crazies are only brave when no one knows what they are doing.  And of course, the undercover cop was paranoid just like The Crazies.

And a couple of weeks after the roar of motorbikes abated, there was Spring Break!  Every evening during Spring Break, the main road on the beach side was impassable due to marauding college aged students that filled the streets.  Even though I knew my way around the back-roads,  getting around for those couple of weeks became a real chore.  But college students did graduate from liter the front yard with beer cans, to littering with whiskey bottles.  And there was the occasional drunk sleeping in the front yard in the morning.

And then there were the drugs!  One club to the north that I visited a couple of times was a haven for drug dealing.  I knew several people who would sit in the place looking all down, tired and barely moved or talked.  Then after being there for about an hour, the would go out to the parking lot and when they came back in about fifteen minutes later, they couldn't stop dancing and talking. They were full of energy! You had to be blind not to see the behavioral change which made me wonder what the two local cops were doing who  frequented the place.  I even stumbled on a money drop one evening.  The owner of the club eventually closed the place and I heard he closed it because he couldn't keep the drugs out of his club.

All of the above made moving to Orlando seem like a good idea and I jumped at the opportunity.

Next: from little beach town to the big tourist city.

Monday, May 6, 2013

"If they persecuted Me they will persecute you"

From a secular perspective, it is easy to see what drives The Crazies.  Just recently in the news, it was reported that the CIA gave ten million dollars a month to Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan to buy political support in that country.  That should raise a multitude of questions: a) where does the money come from (drug and gun running?) b) who authorized the payments c) is this official US policy or d) is this an "Invisible Government" policy, and so on - but the media ignores the obvious.  The point is that if people can do this to countries, imagine what they do to individuals.

Also in the news was an article that William Koch, one of the infamous and extremely wealthy Koch brothers, paid over thirteen thousand dollars for a bottle of wine.  And he just didn't buy one bottle at that price, but rather he bought 24 bottles of the wine.  Now he can waste his money however he likes, but do you think a man like that would tolerate anyone who didn't do exactly as he wanted.  I'm sure he would crush any poor person who interfered with his power trips.  Hence just from these two news stories, you can see that if you are unfortunate enough to run into some nefarious scheme by people like the above and you have any moral convictions, you can kiss your life good-bye.

It also amazed me how little The Crazies cared about a force opposing them, but if you turn to the Bible, it was the powerbrokers of Christ's day(The Roman Empire) that killed Christ and He said “If they persecute me, they will persecute you.”  It is also written in the Bible that when God reveals himself, the powerbrokers and worshipers of the state will curse and blasphemy God because they don’t want to hear the truth.  So why should I be surprised at the actions of The Crazies who follow a dark force.
I haven’t talked much about religion in my experiences and I don’t intend to.  I believe religion and politics should be separate since they are of two different worlds.  Christ said my world is not of this world.  But I have reached a few conclusions that are based on my experiences.

My experiences are much like those in the movie Star Wars.  The is a "force" which continually aided me and prevented The Crazies from having success.  At the same their is also a very "dark force"  which serves the interest of the empire or state just as it did in Star Wars.  Christianity labels it these forces God and Satan.   I could give pretty conclusive proof of this dark force and as Darth Vader constantly warned Luke Skywalker, "don't underestimate the power of the dark side."  There is no doubt in my mind that The Crazies serve the interest of the dark side. 

What The Crazies really wanted was to force me to bow down and worship them and their fascist state.  And in the Bible, what did Satan want?  He wanted Christ to bow down and worship him.  Although most people are never put in a position as I was put in where the choice becomes so clear, life is a battle between good and evil and you need to learn how to tell the difference - and that is not always easy. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Another potential altercation.

A couple of weeks after the attack in the bar, I was standing on my porch/deck and enjoying the afternoon sun.  My enjoyment was quickly interrupted by my rifle loving neighbor who came out of his apartment and started yelling obscenities at me.  I made a couple of comments back at him and he became even more agitated.  He suddenly started making a mad dash toward me, yelling and waving his fists all the way.  I stood there and decided I had endured enough threats and harassment.  I decide I was going to hurt him badly – enough was enough.

As he approached the stairs, I could see the rage in his face.  The porch was very small and it was only a couple of steps up.  I stood planning what I was going to do to him as he started to charge up the steps.  Before I could do anything, a total and complete calm and peace came over me.  There is no way to describe it.  I didn’t feel and anger or any fear even though this guy was charging at me.  There was just an indescribable complete peace.  Suddenly my hostile neighbor was in my face yelling at me like a drill sergeant in the face of a new recruit.  It was then that I could smell the overwhelming stench of alcohol.  I calmly turned away and walked inside and closed the door beside me.

Again some force stopped an altercation in which I would have been charged with some crime or crimes, and The Crazies would have had their proof that I was a violent, dangerous person that needed to be locked me up.  And again there was a force greater than man saying The Crazies are the violent, crazy people.

In my next post coming soon, I’ll give further insight on previously described events and what it means to all people.  By the way, my antagonistic neighbor was permanently removed from life about a week later.   I won’t describe how that happened other than to say that he was gone and I had nothing to do with it.