Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Living? In a Gun Loving World.

After a couple of days of searching the "For Rent" section of the newspaper, I found a small one bedroom apartment one block off of the beach.  The apartment came with basic furniture and appliances, but I did have to buy a TV which I was able to purchase from a local hotel surplus that was replacing all of its room TVs.   The close proximity of the unit to the Atlantic Ocean provided natural AC  in the summer which resulted in a small monthly electric bill.   And since I didn't have a car, the apartments location a few steps away the main A1A strip, meant I had easy access to trolley and bus service up and down the beach drive.  For someone in my economic situation, the apartment I found was perfect for my needs.

Despite my attempts to keep a low profile, it didn't take long for lovers of the Nazi state to find me.  My first antagonist was a young messed up man who lived in a adjacent building.  It wasn't long after I moved in, that this person began sitting outside his back porch with an amerikan flag above his head and a high powered hunting rifle by his side.  This man never missed an opportunity to tell me how much he loved the military and hated me.  It was just like being back in Rolla, MO.

On some mornings, I would go out my front door, go across the street to a Seven-Eleven store and purchase a newspaper.  As soon as my gun loving neighbor found out that I would go out in the morning for a paper, he would position himself on his front porch with his hunting rifle and wait for me to go walking by on my way to the store.  And every morning as I walked by, I would wonder if that was the morning the nut would get up enough courage to shot me in the back.  Is amerika a great place to live, or what?!

My neighbor in the adjacent apartment was a little more direct with his death threats.  One of the two young men living next door would stand outside my back door at night a fire several rounds from a handgun into the air. I remember one evening a had a guest in my place when the nightly fireworks started.  The person just sat there frozen with fright and then was afraid to leave out of fear of mistakenly being shot.  After about a half and hour of silence, the person got up and left my apartment.  For some reason, they never came back. So between my freedom loving neighbor on my right and my fascist loving neighbor on my left,  I had an interesting time in my new apartment.

My adjacent neighbor exhibited the type of thinking that the current crop of concealed weapon carriers exhibit.  Since shooting me outright wouldn't look good for the fascist state, my neighbors tried to create a scenario to justify shooting me.   It was about one AM on a Saturday morning when I was abruptly awoken by a blaring TV.  The loud noise continued so I banged on the adjoining wall with no success.  Finally, I put on some clothes and went out my front door to the front door of the adjacent apartment.  Through the apartment window I could see the TV, but I couldn't see any people.  I pounded on the door, shouted out a few times, but there was no response.  Finally, I decided to go around to the back door which was poorly lit.
I approached the door and was about to knock on it when I noticed the door was ajar and open by about two inches.  I called out several times and was met by silence.  Not a sound came from the apartment other than the loud TV. The obvious conclusion was that no one was home and it was tempting to want to walk in and turn the TV off.  However, I decided against that action and started to turn to leave when out of the darkness in the apartment, I heard a voice address me.  Someone was in there waiting for me!  I responded to the darkness that I was trying to sleep and would appreciate it if they would turn the TV down.  I then went back to my apartment.  A couple of minutes later the TV was turned off.  How convenient - a blaring TV in the middle of the night, no one home, an open door and a known gun toting neighbor!   Smelled like a trap to me.  Who says gunning toting people wouldn't create an incident to justify shooting someone.  Why it must be the fascist state version of "Stand Your Ground!"

Tuesday, February 12, 2013



Meanwhile, more on one of the many victims of the fascist state.  I went to a travel agency and purchased a ticket to Miami which had the best flights out of Mexico City.   Two days later I boarded a plane and was heading back to the one country I didn't want to be in, fascist amerika.

When I got off the plane at the airport, my first I thought was that the plane had turned around and landed back in Mexico City.  Of course, everyone around me and all the custom workers were of Hispanic decent and when I looked for signs for directions, they were ALL in Spanish.  Finally, after clearing customs, I walked about a half of a mile before I finally saw a sign in English that said I was in Miami.  I did feel a sense of relief that the plane hadn't gotten lost.

I didn't feel paranoid as if I was being followed yet because my entering the country so unexpectedly probably hadn't set of any alarms yet.  I made arrangements for the next leg of my journey and by late afternoon, I was at my final destination of Daytona Beach, FL.  Upon arrival there, I took a taxi to the beach side of Daytona and found an inexpensive hotel room for a couple of days.  The next day, I purchased a paper and started looking for a small apartment which I could rent.

The reason I mentioned the unusual way I had picked Daytona Beach is because about two months after I had moved there, there was an article in the newspaper which stated that a recent study had found the Daytona Beach, FL was the most inexpensive city in the US in which to live.  For somebody who had very little money and all of his belongings in two suitcases, that is a very important fact.  And this was not the first time something like this had happened in my fight against the Nazis. Every time a "guiding hand" would lead me to safety and security, The Crazies would turn up to defeat my efforts.  It seemed like they were so insanely driven to destroy me that they would show contempt for anything and everything.  I can understand how The Crazies, with all of the power of the US and the wealthy behind them, would be driven insane by their inability to silence on insignificant person.  It has to be maddening!

Regardless, I was back in the US and that was a bit maddening to me, because I didn't want to be here!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How US view differs from the rest of the world & where to go.

Another discovery I made while walking the streets of Mexico City was startling and surprising.  Since I had been indoctrinated to believe Fidel Castro was a cruel tyrant dictator that everyone in the world hated, I was surprised to find numerous book shops and small "junk" shops that displayed books, pictures and and other items which praised Fidel and elevated him to hero status in Hispanic speaking countries.  The people in Mexico and  neighboring countries(not the US) viewed Fidel with reverence and they idolized him for what he had done for the Cuban people.

This support for Fidel Castro was reaffirmed on my cab ride back to the Mexico City airport.  I shared the cab with a young upper class white female college student who got in the cab and started telling the cab driver how horrible Fidel Castro was.  She repeated all the same tired phrases that you repeatedly hear and read in the US fascist media.  A heated discussion between the cab driver and the young woman followed to the point I thought the cab driver was going to stop the cab, throw our luggage on the road and let us walk to the airport.  Fortunately I was able to intervene and direct the conversation to another less contentious topic.  But there was no mistaking about how the cab driver felt about Fidel Castro and Cuba and how the Ugly American college student knew nothing about what she was arguing.  It was a real eye opener.

I stayed a week in Mexico City and tried to figure out a way to stay there for an extended period.  The economics just didn't work out and I was really becoming mentally fatigued having to live in a Spanish speaking country.  In Cuba there would be periods where I could speak English and converse in a language with which I was comfortable.  But in Mexico, everything was in Spanish and I never got a break from it.  I concluded that I couldn't live permanently in that environment and that I would have to return to the US.

The problem then became where would I go?  Because of my fragile health, I knew I had to be in a warm climate.  My first choice was California, but the cost of living there was prohibitive for me.  My other choice was Florida.  Since I had lived in Gainesville, FL some fifteen years earlier,  I had some familiarity with the state and knew that at that time, the cost of living was lower that in most other states.  Once I decided to return to Florida, the question was where?  That decision was easy to make.  I got a map of Florida, spread it out on a table spun around and blindly put my finger on the map.  Honest! That is what I really did.  I let fate decided my destination.

In the next post I will tell where I was heading after Mexico City.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Why create a society based on evil?

In the News:  A recent study showed that babies, who are free of cultural influence, preferred good over bad and preferred "good people" over "evil people".  Without going into the experiments, the scientists concluded that humans are born with a sense of good and bad/right and wrong.  It makes you wonder why fascists like The Crazies are trying to do social biological engineering by creating a society where evil is preferred over good.  A former president publicly declared the infamous Orwellian double speak of "WAR IS PEACE" and of course, the famous quote "GREED IS GOOD" are examples of the evil is preferred over good empire.  The Crazies and their fascist buddies are creating a society that is contrary to human nature or at the least a society where negative human behavior is encouraged.  What I don't understand is why amerikans always ask "what is going on?" when another mass murder or some other evil event occurs.  As Pogo says, "We have met the enemy and he is us".

I also recently read that there are different ways to get a person's cooperation and that if the choice to gain one's cooperation is force, the victim will often go to great personal sacrifice to defeat the efforts of the terrorists.  Since this is well known, one can conclude that The Crazies knew the above was true and that they are either extremely stupid or evil sociopaths.  I believe The Crazies are well educated which means the logical conclusion is they are evil sociopaths who just wanted a victim to destroy since destroying other human beings is what sociopaths do.

Meanwhile, I was stuck in Mexico City. After landing at the airport, I took a taxi to the downtown area and rented a hotel room for a week.  The room was nice, but based on the rate, I knew I couldn't stay there for an extended period of time.  I spent my days, walking along the narrow streets of small shed like structures from which various vendors would hawk their specific wares.  One booth might sell leather goods such as  belts and wallets, while another would sell small electric appliances.  The area where I was living did not have any type of department stores.  Of course Mexico has a population around eight million people so I had a micro view of what the city was like.  At night I did travel to the "amerikan" section of the city which was more modern and catered to tourists looking for a night life.

At the time I was in Mexico City a major world event that involved amerika was taking place.  I found it interesting to watch the small black and white TV report the news event taking place from a Central American (hispanic) viewpoint.  I mention this because it is very interesting to compare the Mexican version of events with those reported by the amerikan fascist controlled media.