Monday, April 30, 2012

The stealing of all of my documents which would have supported how I was brutally tortured and terrorized had two purposes. First, without the documents I had nothing to support what I claimed. But more nefariously, with no documents I could not file any lawsuits and collect restitution for having had my career destroyed. I know that because after I left Estron Chemical, I ran an add in the local Paducah newspaper for a law firm to file a multi-million dollar lawsuit. And I did get one reply. I went into the law offices and talked to a couple of lawyers there and they agreed that I had a basis for a lawsuit against RAM.

Now this was not your run-of-the-mill law firm. This firm had been part of the successful Karen Silkwood lawsuit against Kerr-McGee. Karen Silkwood had been killed while trying to turn over documents to a reporter. The media approved story is that Karen Silkwood was killed because she had found numerous safety violations at the Kerr-McGee Uranium enrichment plant(radioactive). A better explanation that I have seen is that most likely Karen Silkwood had discovered large amounts of nuclear grade Plutonium missing. The very same nuclear grade Plutonium that the scumbags in the CIA had reportedly sold to Israel for their nuclear weapons program which was against stated US policy. Whatever the reason, Karen Silkwood was killed, the documents disappeared but a lawsuit resulted.

Now here is how the fascist system really works. The Silkwood case took 15 years to reach the final verdict that her three children would split 1.5 million dollars. Corporation have in theory an infinite life while a human being in a battle with the fascist empire probably lives less that 50 years. Are you getting the picture. It is standard corporate practice to drag lawsuits out and wear down the plaintiff(s) or hope they die. After "winning" the Silkwood lawsuit, the lawyers admitted that after 15 years in court it really wasn't a victory.

Even faced with the prospect of a 20 year legal battle, no documents to support my case, the law firm said I would have a good case if I could produce a collaborating witness. Well my parents had already demonstrated that they would not stand up for me and my ex-wife was so scared of The Crazies that she had helped they try to kill me. As The Crazies had planned, I had no hope of filing a lawsuit against RAM or any other entity.

More on lawsuits in my next post.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Between harassing situation created by Joan, the poor working conditions at Estron, and the ridiculous, conflicting demands by Stanley, my life was hell and extremely stressful. One project Stanley assigned to me was to duplicate a Rohm and Haas product which was being purchased by a company in Pittsburgh. Standley had convinced the owner of the Pittsburgh company that Estron could make the product Rohm & Haas selling them, but we could do it at a much lower price. My job was to duplicate the Rohm & Haas product - first in the lab and then in the plant . Confusion resulted when Stanley gave me two different samples of Rohm & Haas products, along with the specifications. When I tried to determine which product I was to duplicate and which specifications went with which product sample, I was given one story. Then several days later, I would be given an exact opposite story. Whenever I tried to pin Stanley down with direct, specific questions. I would be put on the defensive by being criticized for not having done the correct experiments and for being stupid. I was never given clear precise answers to my questions. Finally, I was so confused about which product the Pittsburgh company wanted that I called the owner of the company. When I talked to him, I got a third entirely different story! I spent almost two months had passed by and I still wasn’t sure what product I was suppose to be making. The whole situation was one of total chaos and all efforts to clarify the situation was futile. A short time later, I resigned from Estron Chemical. When I went into my office to get my personal items, everything had been removed. The most important thing was a large desk calendar on which I kept notes of most of the harassing incidences. As usual, The Crazies made sure that I didn’t have any written documents to support what I was saying about the fascist state terrorism. It is interesting that some six years earlier when I was with Gamma Supplies, I gave Jordan Kopac a copy of the book “Inside The Third Reich” by Albert Speers. The reason I did that was that very early in my ordeal, I could sense the same mentality, the same arrogance and the same contempt that Hitler’s inner circle exuded. The subsequent sequence of events in my life did nothing to change my opinion that the rulers of amerika are creating a “Fourth Reich”. Of course the architects of this “Fourth Reich” have made every attempt to stop me from warning real americans and the rest of the world of this evil empire. The Crazies have absolutely no respect for human life or God. I recently saw John Stewart from the Daily Show. During the show he was talking about the amerikan war machine and then asked how many people in the audience knew that the US had bombed Somolia. There was no response because the media keep people in the dark in regards to what the government is doing in third world countries. NAIROBI, KENYA— When thundering explosions rattled a small Somali town during a meeting of Islamist insurgent leaders, it sent them scurrying for safety. An international military appears to have launched the powerful, well-timed attack, but no one will admit it. The two top possibilities - the U.S. and French militaries - both deny responsibility. Officials from the two countries even suggested it might be the other. Army spokesman Maj. Emmanuel Chirchir, said that the United States or France, or possibly both, had stepped up airstrikes in the past few days, killing a number of Shabab militants. The news also indicated, citing Kenyan officials, the French Navy has also shelled rebel positions from the sea.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Male/Female Relationships

Recently I read a newspaper article about how white, upper-class amerikans are marriage oriented people. About 75% of that class of people are in a stable marriage. In other words, if you have money, you can have a marriage, in fact you can a lot of marriages. Just ask Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh! If a marriage "doesn't work out" and you have money, you can afford to get a divorce and remarry. Middle and lower class people don't have that luxury so the marriage rate is much lower.

But the fascist state promotes divorce in the working class in many ways. Several books I have read on the "intelligence community" state that these male dominated subcultures generally regard women as nothing more that prostitutes to be used to control male victims. Thus as amerika becomes more and more controlled by fewer and fewer, the male/female relationship becomes more and more a convenient device to manipulate and control people. The net result is a total degradation of a once sacred intimate relationship - marriage.

I had often wondered how the people who knew my wife was being used to terrorize me felt about their relationship with their spouse knowing that the same thing could happen to them. I can't help believe it had to modify their view of marriage.

And speaking of how "intelligence agencies" regard women as nothing more that prostitutes, have you heard anything in the media in the past week that might support that???

Monday, April 16, 2012

Who owns amerika and what do they really believe???

The comment by Joan that "they would destroy me too" tells the true nature of The Crazies and their supporting fascists. All along The Crazies maintained that I was a deserving victim that should be tortured to death because I supposedly had committed some sort of crime. Beside the fact that the constitution prohibits "cruel and unusual punishment", which I believe would include torturing someone to death or to a permanent state of insanity, which ever came first, The Crazies were displaying a cavalier attitude toward destroying the lives of working class people. What The Crazies are saying is be a good, obedient slave and we will let you live! I also had two other people express the "do what we say or we will destroy you" sentiment.

This fascist contempt of working class people and the US Constitution means these people are as UN-AMERICAN as you can get. They make Al Qaeda look patriotic. Their fascist belief is that they own amerika and the working class people who reside in their country. Do what they say or be destroyed. There are no laws, no justice, no human rights; only their tyranny and oppression. Welcome to amerika the fascist state. The alacrity with which they are willing to destroy citizens tells you that they are motivated by HATRED or Satan's way. As I knew all along, I had done nothing wrong other than know what these sick bastards believe and practice.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Role of Women In the New Nazi State

My social life was virtually nonexistent as a result of my poor health and long work hours. However, beginning in May, my health began to improve enough to where I was able frequent local clubs about once a week. I quickly befriended some employees of a local food supply company who frequented the club I went to. After I became accepted by the group, I began dating a computer programmer who worked for the company.

Joan was originally from the Paducah area, but she had grown up and attended college in Michigan. Since she was a college graduate and had not grown up in Paducah, she had a outlook and attitude that was different from the narrow provincial perspective that most of the local women had. In fact, we were compatible in many areas and I felt a long term relationship with her might be possible. However, not long after I started dating her, the ubiquitous presence of The Crazies For Fascism began to raise its ugly head.

At first there were just casual references by Joan to thing of which she should not have had any knowledge. Because of past experienced with what I called "crossover" events with my ex-wife, I carefully avoided discussing any work related problems with her. Nevertheless, Joan would make reference to the fact that I "had serious problems at work" and then she would go off and talk on some other subject as if she had not said anything. At first, I couldn't be sure if I was just being overly sensitive or if I was being harassed. But with time, as our relationship solidified, the fact that she was being used to terrorize me became evident.

Interestingly as I am writing about this part of The Crazies campaign to terrorize me, I am finding key pages are "missing" that describing in detail specific acts of
terrorism carried out against me by Joan. So let me just say that at one point Joan and I were having a heated discussion about something she had said or done when out of frustration I asked why she was terrorizing me. She calmly looked at me and said, "Look, they told me that if I didn't do what they told me to do they would destroy me too!" That ended the discussion. It was the same as when my ex-wife said to me "Look what they made me do to you!" I will pontificate in my next post on how the fascist state uses women to destroy men. It is actually quit common which is why some radio talk show people refer to these women as "Feminazis".

Monday, April 9, 2012

Confusion Reigns

Since publishing my story did not seem very promising, I continued to pursue the course of leaving the country. I filed papers with Canadian Immigration with the hope that I would be admitted under the special category of "human rights" considerations. I had been in Canada on numerous occasions and felt I would have no trouble adjusting to living there. My only concern was how I would do in the cold northern climate, but it had to be better than living in the fascist state as a torture victim. I completed the necessary forms and sent them off to Canadian Immigration in early April.

While I was busy trying to get my manuscript published and find another country to live in, The Crazies' efforts were directed at keeping me in a state of confusion and keeping me emotionally unstable. The former was accomplished by having people at work, and Stanley in particular, give me contradictory information and unclear instructions regarding laboratory work I was suppose to accomplish. Keeping emotionally unstable was accomplished by harassment, creating frustration and creating stimuli(like harassing phone calls at work) to trigger conditioned responses of anger, fear, hostility and other negative emotions.

One project Stanley assigned me was to duplicate a Rohm & Haas product for a company in Pittsburgh. Apparently Stanley believed that because I had worked for Rohm & Haas, that I could easily turn out the product in the lab and then transfer the procedure to the plant. Stanley had convinced the Pittsburgh company that we could make the same product that they were currently buying from Rohm & Haas for a much lower price. Thus my job was to duplicate the product and have the plant manufacture it cheaply.

Confusion resulted when Stanley gave me two different samples of Rohm & Haas products, along with product specifications. When I tried to determine which product I was suppose to duplicate and which specification went with which product sample, I was given one story. Then, at a latter time I would be given the exact opposite story. Whenever I tried to pin Stanley down with direct, specific questions, I would be put on the defensive by being criticized for not having the done the correct experiments and for being stupid. But, I was never given clear, precise answers to my questions. I was going to fail no matter what I did.

Finally, I was so confused about which product or products the Pittsburgh company wanted, I called the owner of the company. When I talked to him, I got a third and entirely different story! About two months had gone by and I was still not sure what product I was trying to duplicate and which product the Pittsburgh company was using and /or wanted. The whole situation was one of chaos and all efforts to clarify the situation were futile.