Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What Really Matters To The Ruling Fascists/ Or Why Nazi America is Floundering

We were both upset, but I felt a little better knowing that for at least a moment, Anita was willing to stand by my side in the difficult situation we were in.

By mid March the anger over what had happened had become extreme, and I could not longer take talking to Dr. Cohen and having him tell me how sick I was. Now he spent his time talking about hobbies and unimportant topics while I was interested in talking about how I could deal with my anger and resultant depression. But, since according to Dr. Cohen's version of things there was no rational reason for my anger, there was nothing to talk about. Since my sessions with Dr. Cohen were just costing me money and getting me no where, I decided to stop seeing him.

I also decided to stop taking the Stelazine because of all of the "side effects" it was producing without helping with the anger. One side effect was extreme nervousness which made it almost impossible for me to function at work. I could barely sit still for a minute and that made it extremely difficult to write memos and reports. I felt that the Stelazine was causing more harm than good and I discontinued using it. What I really needed and wanted was someone I could talk to who would help me deal with what was happening to me. Of course, I knew my tormentors would never allow that because that would be an admission that I was not mentally ill. So for a while, I decided to go it alone.

Most Americans are unaware that they only ever hear one version of events and stories in the news. In mind control, it is imperative that only one version of events be allowed. No other possibility is allowed to exit. In my case, the only thought that I was allowed to hear was that I was mentally ill. Nothing else was allowed. And my insane, stupid captors believed that by totally controlling my environment and by allowing me to hear only one version of things, they could actually convice me that I was insane!!!! There is no way I can express the frustration this created and the contempt I had and still have to this day for my Nazi captors.

Another interesting thing is that at work, I had mananged to solve a major problem that RAM was having with a material used in manufacturing. When I first arrived, I was given about a three foot high pile of reports on research which had been done to solve this problem. Despite all of this effort, the problem had persisted. I was told at one point that if the problem could not be solved soon, RAM would have to shut down the production line at a cost of $100,000 A DAY. Despite all my other problems I was able to solve the problem and keep the production line running. My work was even praised by a Nobel prize winning scientist who had been brought in as a consultant on the problem. Subsequently, my peers told me that I should have been given a award for the work I had done. Still, to my Nazi captors the only thing they were interested in was destroying me and my life. Nothing else mattered to the ruling fascist driven by their insane, obsessive hatred.

Friday, December 18, 2009


On January 29, 1979 I returned to work with great apprehension. My whole approach to the situation was to maintain the position that I had been mentally ill and that my only goal was to get back to work and a normal life. I would not make any mention of someone trying to destroy my life, nor would I make any reference to all the events that had transpired over the previous months at RAM. My managers had informed me that my coworkers had been told I had been out for "personal reasons" and that no further discussion about the situation was necessary. Since I automatically assumed that everyone had a good idea where I had been, it made no difference to me what the official explanation was. I was just happy to be out of Daniels House.

The weeks after my release from Daniels House seemed fairly normal, and I was beginning to think that signing my deposition had solved the problems. When I saw the company doctor, I denied having any suspicions that people were plotting against me, and I maintained a healthy attitude. Everyone seemed pleased. I continued to see Dr. Cohen and NOW even he would talk about things that were occurring in my daily life. Still, despite all of the improvement, there were things happening at work that seemed to be orchestrated and intended to make things which had occurred in the past seem normal. It was what Cruz Little had termed "instant replay".

As I continued to get more confident, the anger grew. While I was able to maintain the front at work that I believed I had been mentally ill, at home I would have fits of rage and anger over what had been done to me. I would yell at Anita, "How could they be so stupid and insane? They are sick. They really believe they can convince me I'm mentally ill. It is so stupid."

"Don't you think they will go to hell for this?" Anita hopefully asked.

"I don't believe in hell. It's just a concept to comfort people who find themselves in a position like I'm in. Besides, if "they" believed in hell, they wouldn't do what they are doing." I snapped back.

Anita was being sympathetic and she was probably feeling a lot of guilt for her role in my torment.

I continued, "I mean they tried to kill me under the guise of an accident or suicide. Then they stick me in a hospital and said I was mentally ill. And they have me sign my deposition of testamony that they had programmed."

"They" are totally above the law; they change documents, they sign my name to things without my knowledge and they try to kill me and everyone just stands around and watches." I turned to Anita. "How could you do what you did?! You know you helped them try to kill me, don't you?"

Anita just looked at me and then walked over to the sofa and sat down with her hands between her knees and her head hung low. "What do you want me to do?" Do you want me to go to the FBI and tell them what happened?"

"That won't do any good." I replied. "I signed the deposition, and there is no proof that any of this has occurred. They'd still destroy us economically. We're better off just letting things be."


I won't get into any discussions on religion other than to say American Christianity has evolved into a "you can have your cake and eat it to" religion. In other words, these neo-Nazis can go out an commit autrocious acts against humanity and then go to church and be forgiven. It just seems to me that there is something is wrong with that kind of religion. Remember, about 50% of "Christians" supported and voted for Hitler.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Psychiatric Terrorism

I mentioned that Anita and I both believed that by signing the deposition, my captors would be appeased. However, deep down I knew that my captors were driven by an insane obsessive hatred that could not be satisfied. It is the same insane obsessive hatred that caused Hitler to want to exterminate the Jews. And by blaming me for the failure of their stupid plans to rig a trial, my captors could rationalize their insanity because my Nazi captors had a perfect scapegoat - a defenseless slave. Remember that Hitler rationalized that the Jews were the source of all of Germany's problems. And just as Hitler tried to destroy the Jews, I knew my Nazi captors would not be happy until they had destroyed me.

Another unusual thing about my time at Daniels House was that none of the doctors or staff ever even bothered to ask me what had happened to me; they automatically treated me as though I was paranoid. A one point one of the resident psychiatrists, Dr. Luther said, "You know, you are much to trusting to be paranoid." I wanted to ask him why he thought I was like that, but any attempt to have a rational conversation about my situation was futile. I sat there quietly and kept my mouth shut.

One nurse did ask me why I slept so much. I told her that I was so heavily drugged, that I couldn't stay awake. She said she would check on my "medications". The next day I was informed that my "medications" would be reduced. The reduction in the dosages came after I had signed my deposition.

The day of my release hearing was approaching and I decided my best chance for release and a peaceful life was to go in and say how sick I had been, and that now I recognized how badly I needed help and to acknowledge all the fine help I had received at Daniels House. Several years later I saw the movie "Francis" and my role at the release hearing and the doctor's responses were almost identical to the release hearing portrayed in that movie. In the movie, Jessica Lange who portrays Francis Farmer, rehearses a humble, contrite speech where she confesses that she had been sick and thanks the doctors for their help in order to gain her release. Sitting there at the release hearing and admitting I had been mentally ill when there was rational evidence that I had been terrorized was very difficult to do, but I wanted to be released so desperately that I would have said anything. The whole process is nothing more that forcing a prisoner to be obsequious to those in power. Finally, on January 22nd, some thirty four days after I had been "voluntarily" admitted to the institution, I was released.

It is interesting to note, that the release hearing was recorded and the whole charade amounted to little more than the people in power covering their asses against any future lawsuit. After all, the victim, I mean patient did confess to his illness. As I said in an earlier post, most psychiatists should be tried for crimes against humanity and then executed.

Monday, December 7, 2009

How US Nazi Government Obtains Court Testamony.

A week later, I was transferred to another building where I had a little more freedom. That's when my old problems resurfaced. On evening Anita showed up with an official copy of my Gamma Supplies deposition which had been mailed to my home. The deposition was accompanied by a letter which instructed me to edit and sign the deposition, have the signature notarized and then returned within fifteen days of the date of the letter. It did not take long to figure out that I had to sign the deposition at least a week before my scheduled release from Daniels House. Ther was no doube in my mind the sudden appearance of my deposition, which I swore I would never sign, was more than a coincidence. It had been almost two years since I gave the deposition and now it shows up for me to sign while I'm heavily drugged and locked up. Who could possibly have the power to influence the handling of court documents?!!

My first impulse was not to sign it, but I had been tortured so badly that I couldn't stand the thought of being abused anymore. In addition, I was under the influence of powerful drugs(major tranquilizers) which inhibited any desire to fight. I decided to sign the deposition and hoped that "they" would be appeased.
Anita also believed that "they" might be appeased if I signed the deposition and she urged me to do so.

At my next regular meeting with Dr. Cohen, I told him about the sudden unexpected appearance of the deposition. H asked what I had done with it, and I told him I had signed it without even looking at it. Dr. Cohen became visibly annoyed and demanded that I should edit it like the instructions said and then return it. At that point I would have done whatever anyone told me to do. I said I would follow his advice.

I now know understand why some fifty years after WWII, people still hunt down former German Nazi followers and bring them to trial. If the US government ever crumbles and the current ruling fascists are removed from power, I would be first in line to hunt down people like Dr. Cohen. They should be forced to face their crimes against humanity.

More on my deposition in my next post.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Results of Nazi Terrorism.

My captors are experts in the field of mental torture and psychological warfare. That is what they do. They knew that with prolonged mental torture I would either try to kill myself or try to kill someone else. They didn't care. Either way, if I or someone else died, "they" would be rid of me and then "they" could use legally use my unsigned sworn testamony in a court of law. The object was to make it all LOOK legal.

Studies conducted at UCLA confirmed that mental torture is just as painful to the victim as is physical torture. Except that with physical torture, if the pain becomes too great, the victim losses consciousness. With mental torture, the victime expresses rage and frequently commits acts of violence either against himself(suicide) or against others(murder). In the latter case, the Nazi government can then use the murder(s)as a reason to imprison the torture victim. Just another criminal locked away and no mention is ever made of mental torture or of the existence of a Political Prisoner. This is how the system works and the Nazi american government can do this because of its great wealth. I costs millions of dollars to trap, socially confine and torture a victim for several years. But you the tax payer pays for it and the torturers get to have fun. Even the Cuban government was somewhat surprised that a government would go to such an expense just to hide their hideous acts. I'll tell you about that later.

One of the first examples of "going postal" happened an Oklahoma Post Office. I'm not sure what happened to the shooter in that case, but subsequent investigations by the postal workers union uncovered management memos directing acts of hararssment against the man that finally snapped. Frequently the victim shoots coworker(other slaves)in an act of rage, but the Nazi gestapo agents make sure that no one from the ruling fascist class is ever harmed. They take great care to protect the ruling elite.

Back to my story about how the Nazi government gets testamony from "hostile" witnesses.

The Thorazine dosage was so strong that an hour after I took it all I wanted to do was sleep. I fact, the first week I spent in the hospital my biggest problem was just trying to stay awake. All I could think about was that I didn't belong in the hospital and that if my external environment were normal, there would not be anything wrong with me. But all of that was irrelevant because all of the staff and doctors treated me as a patient with serious mental problems. I was amazed at how irrelevant the outside world became once you were confined in a mental institution, and I could readily see how a person could be kept confined indefinitely with little recourse.

I finally got an appointment to see the doctor and was informed that I had signed "voluntary" committment papers. I asked to see the papers that I had been to drunk to read when I signed them, but my request was denied!!! Then I was informed that I was to be "treated" for five to six weeks and then I would be released. The fact that I couldn't even see the papers I had signed told me that my confinement was not voluntary. I wonder what my "treatment" would be and why was the six week time period imposed. The five to six weeks meant the earliest I would get out would be late January.

I was also informed that Dr. Cohen would by my analyst while I was confined and that none of the hospital staff doctors would treat me! I found that very peculiar, and it also increased my financial burden since Dr. Cohen charged me twice his usual rate to visit me at Daniel's House. What was peculiar too, was that I was not invited to participate in any of the group therapy sessions where people discussed their problems in front of other patients. The other patients found this very strange too since everyone else I talked to had group therapy. What it amounted to was that I was kept drugged and confined and my treatment besides the drugs would be talking with Dr. Cohen who I felt helped put there in the first place. This scenario served the purpose of keeping the events in my life confined to a closed group. Ahhh, isn't Nazi america wonderful!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another attempt to kill me without making it look like murder.

Events at work had become bad that on December 19th,I decidedI could no longer go into work. I just could not take any more harassment. That morning I called into work and told the secretary that was sick. On the first call in, the connection was so poor that I had to hang up and redial. The second call was not much better because of static and scratching noises, but I was able to get the message across. When I hung up I couldn't help but wonder if "they" had been responsible for the poor phone connection. I remained in bed the entire morning while Anita went off to work. Finally I got up around noon. All I could think about was all of the harassment and terrorism I had been subjected to since I had joined RAM and that there was really no way for me to make things different. "They" were determined to destroy me and there was nothing I could do about it. I was a slave in Nazi america.

As I sat there I kept thinking I had to do something to stop the mental anguish. I decided to have a drink of scotch. I gulped down one drink and then quickly poured another. Within about twenty minutes I had consumed three quarters of a liter of scotch and was feeling no pain. I staggered into the kitchen to get Nuisance some dog bones when I collapsed on the kitchen floor. The next thing I remember some five hours later, I was being rushed to a hospital in an ambulance. Anita had come home and found me on the floor and when she could not get any response, she called 911. Once at the hospital, I was given fluids intravenously until I fully regained consciousness.

Anita had called Dr. Cohenand he suggested that I be taken to Daniel's House, a psychiatric hospital for admittance. I was driven there and asked to sign some papers which I readily signed without reading them. I still was not aware of what was going on around me and I just did what I was told. I spoke briefly with a resident doctor, but that conversation was quickly terminated when I got sick and threw-up in the office waste basket.

The next morning I found myself in a maximum security buildig for suicidal patients. Immediately that morning a nurse informed that I was not allowed any personal possessions and that I was to take medications which had been prescribed for me. The medication consisted of the same level of Stelazine I had been taking plus the strong tranquilizer Thorazine.
Michael Parenti in his book "Democracy For The Few" refers to Thorazine and Stelazine a "chemical straitjackets".