Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Take a Break

I'll return later this week or after the holidays.  Enjoy the time off.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

How conditioning works. THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE

The other revealing conversation occurred when I was being interviewed by two representatives from the Interior Ministry.  For about twenty minutes, there was nothing unusual in their questions.  Then the man sitting across from me to my left, started to ask another question in English.  Suddenly the man started rambling and in general was talking nonsense as the american fascists had done many times.  I couldn't figure out what he was trying to ask and at the same time I could feel the FASCIST CONDITIONED RESPONSE taking place.  Suddenly I was fearful, my pulse rate rapidly increased and I could feel myself become defensive.  As fast as my physiological response was to the that man's question, my fear completely disappeared when the other man sitting across from me interrupted and addressed his coworker by saying, "What you just said is total nonsense.  You didn't even ask a clear question."

What made my fear response disappear was the fact that I knew I had a friend and harassment either by accident or deliberate, would not be tolerated.  I felt safe!  No one was allowed to attack me.  How non-american.  And that was the only time during my stay in Cuba, did anyone trigger a conditioned response.  To this day, I do not know what made the man from the  Interior Ministry trigger my conditioned response.  Was he an amerikan agent?  Was he testing me or did he just get confused for a moment?  I don't know, but it was the only incident and the conditioned response had been quickly extinguished.

That is how conditioning works.  For example, if someone had seen my response to a phone ringing back when there was the clapper/bell ring, their opinion would have been that I was being totally irrational.  What they would not have seen was that for seven years  I had been had harassed 24/7/365 by terrorizing phone calls.  Behavioral conditioning is how The Crazies try to drive a person to a "permanent state of insanity".  And there are still today sick bastards who serve the fascist's by trying to trigger the conditioning I've been subjected to.  And I have zero, compassion for those people and if they dropped over dead tomorrow, I wouldn't shed a tear for those scumbags.

Perhaps even worse, the are therapists who are spreading the concept that tortured people like myself should be able to overcome the terrorism and just pretend that nothing has happened when someone attacks me.  For those people I believe they should be taken to the town center, executed and hung there for everyone to see what happens to people who spread such evil and sickness.  Maybe that's a little rash, but at times I feel that way.  I no longer have any tolerance for people who spread Nazi evil.

My anger surfaces when I think about how normal my life was in Cuba and how distorted it is at times while in amerika.  It is like day and night.  But only victims of The Crazies sickness can understand and appreciate my comments.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My flight to Havana left Mexico City and had a short stop in Merida on the Yucatan peninsula.  The next stop was the Jose Marti airport in Havana.  We landed with no incidents, I departed the plane and headed to customs.

I will skip the details of the events as they occurred, but I will point out that I became a guest of the Cuban government and fortunately did not have to spend any money.  All of my accommodations, meals and any other expenses were provided for me which was a good thing since I later learned the amerikan fascist state had made it illegal to spend US dollars in Cuba.

Two things stood out as I observed the events that occurred while I was in Cuba.  First, the people there, on the average appear to be much happier that the average amerikan.   The people seemed to have a sense of what was important and they were not obsessed with having and possessing "things".  Second, I was amazed at how similarly the control and everyday running of the country was to that in the US.

My first week in Cuba was spent being interviewed and interrogated by different government departments and people.  I was interviewed by military/intelligent officers, representatives from the Interior Ministry(equivalent to US State Department), and psychiatrists.  It was an interesting and stressful experience out of which two conversation vividly remain with me today because they related directly to my situation in amerika.

The first occurred when I was being interview by two psychiatrists.  They were asking the usual questions psychiatrists ask when I abruptly stopped them.  (All interviews were held in English)

I asked them straights out, "Am I Crazy?"

The response was instantaneous.  "ABSOLUTELY NOT!  YOU HAVE BEEN BRUTALLY TORTURED!"

At this point, you have a clear picture of how mind control and indoctrination really works.  I had been told by everyone for 10 years that I was crazy.  And after hearing only the fascist government allowed opinion for that long, I was beginning to doubt my own sanity and I started to argue with the two Cuban psychiatrists.

"But there are things I can't even talk about without breaking down and crying (family for example)", I argued.

"Well for a person in a normal environment that would not be an acceptable response, but for a person in your situation and environment that is a perfectly NORMAL reaction," was the psychiatrist's response.

Now I KNEW that I wasn't crazy, but after ten years of hearing nothing but the opposite, I was beginning to doubt my own sanity.

What this incident demonstrated was that if you only hear one thing with no opposing view, and you hear it often enough, you will begin to believe it whether what you believe is true or not.  Now look at how most amerikans from the day they are born, only hear that amerika stands for freedom, liberty and justice.  Seldom if never a contrary word is heard by the average amerikan.  So what is an amerikan going to believe?  Whether it is true or NOT, they are going to believe amerika represents freedom, liberty and justice.  That is how mind control, indoctrination and propaganda works.  And once the person is indoctrinated, any opposition to their view will be met with a strong EMOTIONAL response by the indoctrinated person.  I don't suppose you have ever seen an emotional amerikan was the flag both literally and figuratively.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The day to leave the fascist state finally arrives.

I had my visa and my airline tickets, but I still had a lot to do.  First, I could only take two suitcases with me which meant I had to get rid of all of my remaining possessions.  Many of my small things like kitchen utensils, stereo and records (yes, vinyl records), I gave to John Potts' handyman.  That is the same person who was always walking around with a shotgun threatening to shot me.  But he didn't know any better and was so poor that he and his family could use any help they could get.  The larger items I just left in the apartment for John Potts.

I tried to sell my car in the local paper, but the response was poor and I didn't have a lot of time to waste so I finally went to a local car dealer who bought it for about a third of its actual value.  With the sale of my car, I needed to rent a car for my last couple of days in Rolla and for the drive to the St. Louis airport.  Unfortunately, none of the rental agencies would rent a car and allow me to drop it off at the airport.  Probably there wasn't a big demand for cars going to Rolla and therefore all rental agencies required that I return the car to Rolla.

When the day of my flight to Mexico finally arrived, I drove to the St. Louis airport, parked the car and dropped the keys in an envelope and mailed them along with the car's location to the Rolla rental agency.  I figured there was nothing they could do except bill my credit card for their recovery cost and since I was not planning on coming back to amerika, I really didn't care what they did.  It didn't seem likely that the rental company would find me in Cuba and pursue trying to collect the cost of recovering their car.  I dropped the envelope in an airport drop box and proceeded to my scheduled air flight.

Since this was pre-9/11, I had no problems with my luggage nor with boarding my flight.  Once on board the plane, I sat back in my seat, relaxed and then began my first leg of my flight to Havana via Mexico City.  Several hours later, we landed in Mexico City without incident.  I took a cab to the nearest hotel I could find to spend the night and prepare for my next day flight to Havana.