Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Dissolution of the last remaining items in my life.

I now openly expressed my bitterness at work, and I frequently made some comments about some harassing act of the past. The annoying phone calls had greatly reduced in frequency and one day I made a sarcastic comment to my office partner about how I missed those annoying calls. The next day I received three calls at work. In each case, the calling party hung up on me.

Anita and I started to work on the main items of a separation agreement and after a few weeks we had finally agreed on most things. We agreed that my attorney would draw up the official agreement. I retained my attorney and Anita found a new attorney to represent her. We scheduled a meeting with our attorneys on Friday, March 5, 2002.

On the morning of the 5th, my manager Stu called me into his office to inform me that I would be receiving an eight percent pay increase effective immediately. I told Stu that I didn't want the raise and that I would contribute the money to psychiatric fees if "they" would get the help that "they" needed. He informed me that I had no choice, and that the raise was now in effect.

That afternoon I met with my attorney first and he went over a list of questions. When he got to my salary, I gave him my "old" rate of pay. He looked at me and refused to put it down. Then he said, "Well, you'll probably be getting a raise soon so why don't we put down you expected salary."

"It really doesn't matter." I said. "I'll be losing my job soon anyway."

"Why, are you going to be fired?" he asked.

"NO, I'll probably be forced to resign, like the last time."

"Well, why don't we put down you new salary anyway."

His figure was a couple of hundred dollars from my new salary, and from his insistence on raising my stipend on the final agreement sheet, coupled with the totally unexpected pay raise at work made me suspect that "they" were responsible for the whole affair. And I wondered why my attorney was so willing to raise my stipend in the agreement which would raise the amount of alimony I had to pay to Anita. Finally, I gave him a list of items that Anita and I had agreed on and then left his office.

The next major problem was selling our house. Interest rates on mortgages were at an all time high and the sales of homes were at a stand still. We decided to try to sell the house ourselves rather than depend on a realtor in the hope of attracting some customers through the lower price. We listed the house at $69,000 which was several thousand dollars below a real estate agent's appraisal. To our surprise, we received an offer at our asking price the first week after putting the house on the market. Real estate agents had told us it was taking nine to twelve months on the average to sell a house like ours.

The offer caused us both joy and sadness. We were happy to be able to sell the house in a very depressed market, but at the same time, the sale meant the permanent dissolution of our marriage. The sale of the house was contingent on the buyer obtaining a mortgage, but the conditions for obtaining a mortgage were so generously defined that we were sure there would be no problems even in a mortgage market were the prevailing interest rates were 17-19 percent. I was also sure "they: would not interfere with the sale. After all, the sale of the house was a loss and a destructive action which fit into their overall plan.

This is an added note to show you how the Nazi state works. This sale took place in the summer of 1982 when RONALD REAGAN was president, not Jimmy Carter. I point this out because I recently heard Glen(I wouldn't know the truth if it hit him between the eyes) Beck stated the interest rates and inflation reached the 19-20 percent under Carter. Most people have been so indoctrinated that they forget that interest rates and inflation soared under Reagan in the early eighties. I always remember because that is when I sold my house and I know the unbelievable mortgage interest rate the buyers had to pay.

Monday, November 22, 2010

A momentary reprieve

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the psychopath/sociopath as pointed out in the interviews on "Headhunter" is that they lead double lives. Take the BTK serial killer for example. He was president of his church, a Boy Scout troop leader and a working family man. Of course, in his spare time he kidnapped people, tortured them and then killed them. And it is perfectly "reasonable" that he had to get rid of his victims because he had tortured them. I am a victim of people with that mentality. Darth Korey repeated pointed out how he was an Elder at his local church, how he gone to a psychologist to prove he was normal, and remember he invited Buzz, myself and other people to share Christmas with his family. In his spare time he and his buddies tortured people and then got rid of them. And this is acceptable in Nazi land as long as you do it for money and pleasure.

Back to my story:

In early February, Anita and I went to St. Martens for a vacation. In St. Martens my life returned to normal just as it had done when I had gone to Aruba two years earlier. There was no harassment, no roadblocks, or strange incidences. But this time there was one difference. The rage inside me was so great that I couldn't enjoy myself. Frequently I found myself yelling at and belittling Anita for almost no reason. The frustration of having my life destroyed coupled with the total lack of control of my emotions caused fits of rage and anger. I had been tortured for so long, I couldn't get my mind off of it. The fact that Anita and I fought constantly even under normal conditions meant that we had to separate. My rage was becoming so great that I couldn't control it. And as I would find out, the sicko Nazis would later try to use the rage they had created to get rid of me.

I returned to work and was immediately given a review by my new manager, Stu Miller. Stu concluded that my work was satisfactory, but he was still going to monitor my work closely. Almost as an after thought, I pointed out that I had no received a raise in eighteen months. Stu commented that I was not scheduled for a raise in the near future. I left the meeting feeling the crisis about my job was over for the moment, but I knew it would become a factor again and I was still under stress with the constant monitoring. I correctly assumed that "they" would keep my job in jeopardy for as long as possible in order to generate the maximum stress and then "they" would finally get rid of me.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

For some reason I can't publish from my home computer. So I thought I'd try another to see if I got better results.

Apparently I can publish from another computer which makes me wonder if publishing from my computer is being blocked. And I added this sentence by editing which I also can't do from my home computer.

For some reason I can't publish from my home computer. So I thought I'd try another to see if I got better results.

What does the amerikan system have in common with serial killers?

For some reason, I'm am no longer able to edit my posts. Therefore there are

errors, spelling, grammar and others in the posts. I

recently saw two items that support what I am saying about the amerikan

empire. First, a news report stated that certain agencies within the government

help bring German Nazi war criminals into this country after WWII and then hid

these people and protected them from being brought to justice for their crimes

against humanity. That news is hardly startling if you are aware of project

"Paper Clip" where Nazi war criminal papers were marked with a paper clip so

that they could be given special treatment and allowed to come into this

country. No why would the government do this? Because the people they allowed in

could teach the amerikan ruling elite how they created the original Nazi empire

which then could be used to create a new Nazi empire. Don't think so? Where did

the amerikan space and rocket program come from. A program that allowed amerika

to achieve military superiority. Remember Walter Von Braun?

The second item was a TV show on MSNBC titled "Mindhunter". In this program,

the host interviewed 3 serial killers in prison. One of them had killed at least

sixty people! What was interesting was the personality/mental makeup of these

psychopaths/sociopaths. First, they were very narcissistic and they only saw the

world from their perspective. Remember how I have continually pointed out what

an ego maniac Darth Corey was and how he saw himself as some sort of superman. I

remember playing a company basketball in which just about everyone was ready to

walk off the floor because as soon as Darth got the ball, no one else ever got

to see the ball. According to Darth, he was the only one who could play

basketball. It was a pathetic display of self-centeredness.

Another characteristic of these psychopaths/sociopaths is that none of them

felt any remorse or any FEELING that they had done anything wrong. The man who

killed some sixty people saw himself as a "mercy killer" and when it was pointed

out to him that he had killed some of his victims(neighbors) methodically over a

period of time(slow poisoning through gifts of food), and did it out of anger

for trivial reasons, he just rationalized it away. The psychopaths responsible

for the destruction of my life always had some trivial excuse that they would

tell people to justify torturing me to death. Of course the serial killers got

caught and brought to justice because they acted alone and for non-monetary

reasons. The psychopaths who set me up and then tried to get rid of me never got

caught or brought to trial because THEY HAD THE PROTECTION OF THE US GOVERNMENT

AND BIG BUSINESS. In other words, the US system supported this type of

sociopathic behavior as long as it was done for money and the enjoyment of

torture. And that is why the US system is fundamentally evil.

You see it all the time and don't even think about it because psychopathic

behavior has become so prevalent in business and government. At Enron(remember

them?), Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling use to laugh at the dumb amerikans they had

conned in the California energy crisis(they are on video tape) in order to make

more profit. And a lot of people died as a result of that scheme, yet it was

consider just a bad business practice because the whole scheme collapsed and it

couldn't be hidden from the public. There are hundreds of examples you read or

hear about. And how many schemes like the one I was involved in, never become

public knowledge?

Of course, the last characteristic of the psychopaths is that their view of

the world and events is the only true explanation. Every single one of the

serial killers believed that they hadn't really done anything wrong and that

they were just like everyone else. I will point out latter how hard the sickos

that destroyed my life tried to get me to do despicable things in what I believe

was their attempt to prove to themselves that I was any different from them!

That is how twisted their minds are. That deep down, everyone is a serial

killers in the psychopathic mind. This is the most base view of human life you

can have and the amerikan system supports it. And of course, people like Darth

are rewarded with money to prove that this perverted view of human beings is

indeed correct. It is a sick system.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Man does not live by the principles of humanity, but rather the most brutal of struggles....we have no scrupples. "Nazi America"

Strange, but for some reason I can't change "distruction" to "destruction" on the previous post. So I'll go on to a new post.

The first day back to work in the new year, I had a scheduled meeting with Jim. He started the meeting by telling me I would be transferred(again) to a process engineering group headed by Steven Peroir. I was pleased with the change and had a glimmer of hope. Then Jeff informed me that he was leaving the area and he was therefore going to give me a performance review based on the four months I had worked for him. This was unusual to get a review so soon after the last one, but I wasn't worried because Jim had approved my previous performance rating and , despite all the problems, I felt I had done an adequate job for him. Then Jim started byberating my performance with little to support his judgement. He concluded by saying he was giveing me an over all rating of "unsatisfactory". I just sat there in stunned disbelief. In hindsight and now being free from that torture prison, I should have killed him on the spot. Really. The Nazis were using him to create an excuse to get rid of me now that they had what they wanted and now they were going to transfer him to another site where he would be safe. All nice and convenient. And I now know that the only thing the satan scum that runs this country understands and fears is there own death. Otherwise, they don't care about anyone or anything else.

I knew my previous ratings had been equally phony, but now a case was being made for firing me. In four months my performance rating went from "consistently exceeded the requirements of the job" to "results achieved did not meet the requirements of the job." An not once during the four month period did Jim mention to me that my performance was not satisfactory. In fact he had told me on a couple of occasions that I had been doing a good job. Now suddenly when he was leaving the area, my performance was "unsatisfactory". And, as far as I could find out, I was the only person in the department that he had reviewed. And I would love to see RAM employee records to see how often they gave other employees a four month review. Oh hell, this managers name was not Jim, it was Jeff Kristoff, and I hope he rots in hell.

My job was about the only thing I had left in my life and now the Nazi sickos were using it to threaten my well being and to create additional stress. With the necessity to get a divorce, threatening my job was a major stess inducer. Those to items alone, divorce and loss of job, are know to cause enough stress to lead to suicide and now the Nazi scum were trying to push me over the edge.

Remember I said that when I didn't die in my suicide attempt some four months earlier, I could feel an unbelievable rage by someone or something because I hadn't died. It appeared that someone was going to try again to kill me.

That evening when I went home, I told Anita about my job review. I pointed out that as usual, the promise that I would always have a job if I had a history of mental illness documented meant nothing. I say as usual because everything the Nazis ever told me from the very beginning were all lies. They did not keep there word about one thing. Every time they got what they wanted, they forgot what they had said and promised. Which brings me to my warning for today's post and explains why the world is in the state it is in.

Here it is: "NEVER BELIEVE ANYTHING THAT THE NAZI US GOVERMENT OR BIG BUSINESS SAYS!" They have absolutely no integrity and no respect for human life. I learned that the hard way - I paid with my life for believing in the amerikan system.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


NOTE: Shortly after I failed to kill myself I called Chow Ming, a relatively new employee into my office. I went into a detailed step by step process of what I had done in my effort to kill myself. Then I asked Chow what he thought the result would be. He immediately blurtedf out "Well the person would be dead!"

"Well, I'm not!" I responded. Chow stood there stunned for a moment and then he darted out door.

A few minutes later I got a call from my manager telling me he wanted to talk to me.
I immediately went to his office where I was told he had just talked to Chow. He then gave me a short lecture which ended with the words I will never forget, because it is the motto the american Nazi rulers.
"WE DO NOT WANT PEOPLE TO THINK AROUND HERE." In other words just do what you're told no matter what, kill for the Nazi empire and then go back to making the corporation money. And if you don't think those words are the motto of this Nazi empire just look at the recent elections!

In early November, I did a totally irrational act. I purchased a new car. I had avoided buying a new car for over five years because of my precarious position, and now suddenly for no real reason I went out and purchased an expensive new automobile. I secured a loan in my name so that I would be responsible for the payments when our divorce became final. Suddenly, in one irrational moment, I had created more problems for myself.

Shortly thereafter, more changes at work occurred which affected me. First Pat Clover told me he had changed his mind completely and that he was hiring a new person to do the work he had discussed with me. Since my help was no longer needed, there was no reason for me to take a trip to San Jose. Thus in a period of three months I had gone from directing and coordinating a major project to having nothing to do with the work.

The management position under Jim was still vacant and the suggestions(a key element of mental torture) that I was being considered kept flowing in. I received an unsolicited book in the mail on management practice and theory and Anita bought me a book on the Japanese practice of management. The mere thought and/or implication that I was being considered for a managment position made me so angry I burned both books. It was a totally irrational act, but then I had existed in an irrational world for over five years in an effort to get me act irrationally. Finally, in mid December Jim announced that Chow Ming, a "Deep UV" task force member and a Ram employee for less than a year, would become the new manager of the "Deep UV" area. I was so angered by the announcement that I got up and stormed out of the meeting.

In 1981 I made it to the Christmas holidays without ending up in the hospital. Anita and I did not buy each other gifts because we had made plans to make a trip to St. Martens in February as one last fling before we got divorced. The trip was another irrational act, but I had reached the point where I just didn't care anymore. I was suffering from severe depression and I hurt deep down inside. I kept wondering why a God would keep me alive to suffer so much. And I still don't have a good answer other than I got the opportunity to watch this country and the people in it slide down a slow slope towards distruction.