Friday, October 30, 2009

Heading towards doomsday.

The haraqssment level at work was increasing. The annoying phone calls at work were routine and numbered four to five a day. Of course if I mentioned this to Dr. Cohen, he would tell me everyone gets calls because people dial the wrong number and then hang up. The fact that I was getting four or five a day at my office or in the laboratory seemed to escape his attention.

I was also receiveing increased harassment from my co-workers and Osama Ikill was becoming a major villan. On one morning he came in the office and said "Hello". Sinec I was feeling depressed, I just nodded my head in acknowledgement. Osama went into a tirade.

"Don't you have enough decency to say good morning?" He said.

"I nodded my head in response in case you didn't notice."

"You don't even know how to be a human being." He snapped back.

"I don't know how to be a human being because I don't say good morning?" I asked increduously. "I think you have a lot to learn about being a human being."

We were both getting very angry so I got up and left. But I couldn't help seeing the irony in his statement. Osama was a principal antagonist in the plan to torture me, and he was telling me I did not know how to be a human being. The thing I found most disturbing about Osama was that unlike most of the people at RAM, he seemed to have no remorse about his actions. He acted like his terrorism of me was just another aspect of his job. This made my dislike towards him even greater.

I later found out that Osama had a lot of pent-up hatred. He was Armenian and had a lot of hostility that is so common today in the middle east. It really made him a scary person and I wouldn't be at all surprised that today he funnels some of his Nazi made riches to terrorist organiaztions in the Middle East.

But, the Nazi american government loved him because he was helping destroy a working class american. He was a loyal Nazi.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Insane Psychopath's Solution - Be More Insane!

For the people reading this, let me say that deliberate "coincidences" don't seem like a big deal at first. After all, today Big Brother watches you and researches information on you all the time. Your medical, library and other records are routinely checked by those in authority, video cameras are everywhere in stores, work places and on the highways and everyone is encouraged to report anything "suspicious" that a neighbor or coworker might do. It is a real Orwellian society. So a few arranged coincidences to let the victim know he is being watched seems like no big deal.

But the arranged coincidences that were being orchestrated in my environment had a much more sinister, and scientifically based purposes. They were meant to drive me insane and cause a nervous breakdown. At the time these events were taking place, I was unaware of the psychological studies supporting the purpose, just as I was unaware that the psychological double binds (no-win situations) could cause schzophenia. The original experiments were carried out on dogs, but I'm sure there are human experiments such as those carried out by Dr. Cameron for the CIA which have never been reported to the public.

The basic scenario is this. A caged dog is shown a wite circle at the far end of his cage. When the dog goes over to check it out, he is fed or given some sort of treat(positive reinforcement). Eventually the dog becomes conditioned to run over to get the treat as soon as the white circle is inserted in the cage. Then a white elipse(football shaped) object is inserted in the cage. As soon as the dog runs over to inspect the object expecting food, he is given an electric shock. In time, the dog becomes conditioned so that a white circle causes him to run over and get food, and a white elipse inserted in the cage causes the dog to stay away and cower in fear.

Now the object inserted in the cage becomes less of an elipse, but not a true circle. The white object inserted in the cage becomes indistinguishable to the dog. Will he be shocked or will he receive food? Eventually when the inserted white object becomes indistinguishable to the dog, he will become agitated, pace or tremble in the corner. In other words the dog will no longer be able to function normally and will have a nervous breakdown.

In my case, the insane psychopaths(redundant)created obvious coincidences and there are of course natural coincidences occurring in ones environment. If you create enough coincidences like the snow tires, and the victim knows the malicious, sick perpetrators are behing the actions, the victim becomes conditioned and fear is created. Eventually, the victim can no longer tell a true coincident from an orchestrated one. The result - a nervous breakdown, the victim can no longer function normally. And remember, the coincidences followed by the electric shock started almost from the day I joined Gamma Supplies. A example - I mentioned that it annoyed me when the phone rang and when you answered, the calling party hung up. The very next day, I started receiveing harrassing phone calls(coincidence followed by electric shock). And these sick bastards still some 30 years later are trying to convince people that my being tortured is my fault. IT WAS PREMEDITATED!

Now the dog had to be caged or else he would run away. The victim of the fascist sickos had to be poor so he didn't have the economic resourse to escape. Now the whole plan to use and destroy the victim is looking more and more premeditated from day one. And one last major factor that keeps the victim from fleeing is that I was born and raised in america and as a result I had been throughly conditioned to believe in the american system - The Big Lie(Hitler's famous statement)that all of you are conditioned to believe in. I guess the good new is americans today are becoming less and less gullible and more and more angry.

Now really folks, how many average americans know the techniques to drive a person insane? But the sickos in Nazi government and business do and they use it to destroy people who they exploit. And they do it WITH YOUR TAX DOLLARS. They use your tax dollars to destroy decent, law bidding, hard working citizen victims who want to warn the rest of the world about Fascist America. Oh, and at the nonskilled working position, it appears Fascist America plans to replace decent, law-bidding, hard working natural citizens with illegal immigrants!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Malicious Fascist Big Brother is watching YOU!

The object of the change in the day of my weekly meeting with Dr. Cohen seemed to be to isolate Anita from the rest of the world with which I had contact. One of the initial unusual things about my RAM job was that no one from RAM had made any contact with my wife. In addition to the fact we had been give no assistance in finding a home, no one had made any attempt to welcome Anita to the area. Now it appeared an attempt was being made to isolate her from my therapist. Initially I could not understand the reason for the separation of my life from my wife, but when I later became knowledgeable in terrorist techniques, the reason became obvious.

It was now early November and I decided to get snow tires for the Datsun sports car. Normally I would have just called some local shop and made an appointment to have the tires changed, but now because of the past tampering with the car, I was afraid something would go wrong. I decided to have Anita call my parents from her work place and have my parents make an appointment at the Datsun dealer in Scranton. That way I thought that "they" might not know and would not mess things up. The next day I went into work and Don immediately came up to me and said "Do you have your snow tires on your car yet?" I was a little stunned at first, but I just took it as a coincident. Later in the day I was working in the laboratory when Don walked in and started a conversation. Somewhere in the middle of the conversation Don again asked the same question about snow tires. "Do you have your snow tires on your car yet?"

At that point I knew it was no longer a coincidence and "they" were letting me know that "they" knew I was going to have snow tires put on my car. Immediately the fear of something going wrong ran through my mind, and I imagined all sorts of ways "they" could have found out about my plans. Just to make sure that I did't think the reference to snow tires was a coincidence, Don ran into me in the men's room, walked up to me and again said, "Do you have your snow tires on your car yet?" He paused, "Oh, I already asked you that." Then he looked directly at me and half smiled.

What could I do? If I asked him why he kept asking me that question, he could have given me any answer and then tell me I should see the doctor about my "problem". In fact, when I did question anything, I was immediately sent to medical. It was a classic "no win" situation.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Can you trust your THE RAPIST (therapist)?

That evening I decided to change the locks again. However, the burglar-proof locks I had installed were impossible to remove and I spent over an hour trying to figure out a way to change them without damageing the doors. Finally Anita became irritated with me and yelled out, "Russell, get up here! You have an obsession with locks." Anita said it in a tone that implied that changeing the locks was not going to do any good. I knew she was right and reluctantly gave up and decided to live with the fact that "they" could come and go in my house as they pleased.

I did consider getting a couple of big fierce dogs, but I wasn't happy about that solution to the problem and I was concerned for the safety of our small maltese/poodle if I had two large dogs around.

I continued to see Dr. Cohen, but I was becoming increasingly frustrated at his unwillingness to discuss the things which were happening in my life. Instead of talking about the issues, he continued to take detailed notes of the events which had happened at Gamma Supplies as I related them to him. Finally, one evening Anita was going to be late for my appointment. Dr. Cohen said that was good because he wanted to talk to me alone anyway. Then he pulled his chair forward, leaned toward me and out of the blue said, "Tell me Russell, do you have an obsession with locks?" I sat there stunned and before I could say anything he continued and related another coincidence to me. I sat there shocked and felt I could no longer trust him. Nothing had been done except a coincidence, but it was enough to make me paranoid after all of the conditioning I had been subjected to. And of course, I was suppose to be paranoid.

As soon as Anita showed up, everything became normal except that at the end of the session, Dr. Cohen informed me that he would have to change the day of our weekly meeting. Any day was acceptable to me, but it just happened to turn out that the only day acceptable to him was Mondays which was the only evening Anita could not attend. Now that was some coincidence! From then on, I went alone on Mondays to my weekly sessions without a corroborating witness.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

American Nazi terrorist technique.

Since I had changed the locks, nothing in the house had been disturbed until one day I came home from work and found some books in the bedroom. When Anita came home, I asked her if she had moved any of my books. She replied "no".

"Well then someone was in the house andy moved things just to let me know they were here because I've kept all of my books in the other rooms.

Anita again took the other side. "Are you sure?"

Again anger rose in me. "Of course I'm sure damn it. I haven't moved any of my books in here. These books were in the other room when I left this morning. "They" are just doing this to cover up the switched sworn statements. They'll say I hallucinated or something. I'm going to check to see if anything else is missing."

I was furious that "they" could just invade my privacy at will. Again, as was the case at Gamma Supplies, I was to have no privacy - a key element of mental torture.
As I searched the house, I realized my brown winter coat was missing.

"Where's my coat?" I screamed.

"How should I know?" Anita replied.

Well, it's not in the closet. I suppose you're going to tell me that's my imagination too."

"Did you check the other closets?" Anita asked.

I checked the rest of the house, but my coat was gone. The anger and frustration were intense, but I had no idea what to do. My immediate concern became replacing my winter coat.

Let me skip ahead. For years the above type of incidences would occur regularly, but I could never prove anything. And of course, it sounded crazy. Especially frustrating were incidents when something would disappear and would then reappear maybe a month later at a different location. That was a real mind game. And I could never prove it and anyone I complained to would quickly dismiss missing items by saying "did you ever see them?". That is "Can you prove it?"

Finally, after years of mental terrorism like the above, when I was living alone in Kentucky, some neighbors finally told me they saw people leaving my apartment when I wasn't there. And, these were not maintainance people or some one working for the apartment complex. These were well dressed men(gestapo agents) in suits who drove off in a late model sedan. And after I started tell people that yes, I could prove people were coming in my home when I wasn't there because there were witnesses, the Nazi government left me proof as if to mock me and to laugh at me by demonstrating that there was nothing I could do about. But up until the time I had proof, anything I said made me sound "crazy".

Sunday, October 11, 2009

To Be Paranoid, EVERYONE must be against you!

Due to Anita's apparent growing skepticism, I decided Anita should attend my weekly visits to the psychologist with me. We would comfirm my beliefs. My visits to Howard Cohen, psycholoogist, were arranged for a mid-week evening. Ursula initially attended with me. The first couple of sessions were perfectly normal and I was glad to have someone to talk to.

Howard Cohen had been professionaly successful and was on the state evaluation board.
He was a small balding man in his late forties who held his practice in an office located in his attractive home. He was easy to talk to, but at times I felt he was more interested in telling me how important he was rather than listening to my problems. Initially I had hoped he would discuss the strange things that were happening in my life, but instead he wanted to talk about Gamma Supplies. I said fine. Then he took out a paper and pen and wrote down everything I told him. This made the process painfully slow and laborious, and of course it used up valuable time that I was paying for without giving me any real benefit. Anita sat through these sessions quietly and seldom said anything. The sessions with Dr. Cohen benefitted me very little, but by attending these sessions I felt I was fulfilling my part of "the deal".

Anita now completely changed he position about the whole affair. Now instead of being supportive about things, she was an oppenent. When I would tell her about the annoying phone calls at work, she would defend them by saying people sometimes get the wrong number. When someone would give me double talk or directly lie to me, I would ask her if she noticed anything wrong and she would reply that everything was normal. I was perplexed by her change in her position.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Isolation - A key element of mental torture!

That weekend at our garage sale, Barry showed up. He was his usual happy, friendly self and demanded a tour of our new house. I was thrilled to have a normal relationship with an old friend and we must have talked for over an hour. Finally, on his insistance, I agreed to call him the following evening so we could make some concrete plans for getting together in the near future.

The next evening I went to the neighbor's house to use their phone to call Barry. I still didn't have a phone because of the incessant harassing phone calls. Immediately when we started to talk, I could tell something was wrong. Barry was no longer enthusiastic and he seemed somewhat distant instead of his warm friendly self. We started talking about getting together, but every weekend I mentioned, Barry had some excuse. After trying about four different dates, I mentioned that maybe we should just wait for the holidays. Barry quickly agreed with that suggestion and said he would give me a call around Christmas. I hung up feeling depressed and knowing that "they" had somehow intervened and were determined to keep me isolated. Barry's sudden reversal in his interest to get together just did not seem right. But of course, I couldn't prove anything.

Shortly after we moved into our house and received our furniture, my relationship with Anita began to change. Somewhat to my surprise, Anita was now beginning to question things I said. In particular I became angry when she questioned my belief that I was being isolated. We were taking a walk around the block one evening and I was discussing my predicament as usual.

"I can accept never having the opportunity to be a manager, and I can learn to accept that I was used as a witness, but I can't live with having all of my friends taken away. I don't have a single friend at RAM(as was the case at Gamma Supplies).

Anita interrupted me. "You never did have any friends before. No one is trying to isolate you."

Anger raged in me. "What do you mean I never had any friends! When we lived in Philadelphia(prior to Gamma Supplies), I played tennis, we had people over for dinner and we went to company functions with other people. Of course I had friends! But now no matter what I do, I'm rejected.

Anita did not argue with me anymore.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Decided to address "my problem"

The next day at work, I went into John's office and told him I had decided to see a Ph.D. psychologist about my problem. John offered to make an appointment to see the company doctor again, but I declined and said I would see my own doctor. John said he was glad I was taking care of my serious problem.

The events at work continued to occur and involved more and more people. On day while I was out of the office an old friend from graduate school who lived in the area called me. Usually no one took my calls or told me anything, but this was different. When I returned to my office, there was a note on my desk that Barry Grinie from Exxon had called. I threw the note away because I knew "they" would not allow me to have any social interactions because "they" had always made every effort to isolate me. Soon Osama came in and told me Barry Grinie had called. Then the secretary told me the same thing as did two people from an adjacent office. For weeks no one had take a single call for me even though I had received some and now suddenly everyone was telling me about one call. The whole incident seemed orchestrated.

After a lot of internal conflict, I decided to give Barry a call. Barry had been in the same entering class at graduated school and had worked for the same research advisor. While at graduate school we had paried and dined together, and after we went our separate ways we had kept in touch. I had known Barry was in the area, but under the circumstances I had decided not to contact him. Now he had initiated the contact. I returned Barry's call and he was glad to hear from me and was very aggressive about getting together with our wives as soon as possible. I told him I was having a garage sale the next weekend, but anytime after that would be fine. I was relieved that the situation was normal and the whole thing had not been a set-up the way "they" usually did things. My relief however, would be short lived.