Monday, September 24, 2012

Getting to the root of my problems??

I will skip over some of the events in Rolla such as my hunger strike that lasted 21 days.  I sincerely doubt if some of my demented enemies in the past and present could go twenty on days without eating.  They are too weak and amerikan.  I had to end the hunger strike because my body started to dehydrate and if I tried to drink water, I would get very nauseated.  Later, I learned that some people go into dehydration when they fast.  This condition usually occurs around the 20th day of the fast.  And if you don't eat at that point, you will die within one or two days.   I was right on schedule.

I was fourteen pounds lighter after my fast, and no one in the fascist state responded to the approximately 100 letters I had sent out.  The Rolla Ministerial Alliance had told me that they would not assist as an organization but that they would let each individual member decide what they wanted to do.  So much for taking a stand against torture.  Finally, I decided that I would go to Jefferson City, MO and go the the two Senator's offices there.

The first office I went to was receptive and friendly and said they would get back to me.  The person there indicated that he thought my problems were CIA based and that the senator would make some inquires.  The end result was that the senator (through his office) seemed to affirm that the root of my problems was CIA based but they couldn't prove it.  Now I didn't know if that was true, because as John Marks points out in his book, anyone blaming their problems on the CIA gets labeled a nut case and is ignored.

Since the mental torture techniques used on my were the type that the CIA had experimented with in their demented experiments in Canada, I always considered that the CIA could be part of my problems.  To test that theory, I went to the second senator's office.  The late Senator Thomas Eagleton was very helpful.  Through his MO office we set up a test.  He agreed to write to the CIA for any files they might have on me and I would do the same from my home.  He would then send me his copy of the letter he received to compare it with the information that I got.  I thanked him for his help and headed back to Rolla.

I returned home and drafted a letter to the CIA asking for any files they held on me.  I sent it off and about two weeks later I received a one paragraph letter stating that the CIA had no files on me and that federal law prohibited the CIA from carrying out domestic operations.  The denial did not surprise me because earlier I had written the FBI and they said they had no files on me despite the fact that I had filed a formal complaint to the FBI when I was with RAM as I noted earlier in this blog.

First, it is common for the fascist government to deny any actions against a citizen and then deny that there are any files about any actions they may have taken.  I know that because there have been case where files turned up accidentally long after the events.  Usually the files about how a government agency destroyed a citizen's life turns up under some search not related to the victim.  One such case was the case of Bill Albertson whom the FBI destroyed.  His name turned up when a NBC News correspondent sued the FBI to obtain 50,000 pages of documents on a secret counterintelligence program.  Somehow the FBI failed to black out Bill Alberstson's name and as a result, the truth came out.

Second, the excuse that the CIA is forbidden by law to carry out domestic spying and operations is a joke.  It is probably ranks as one of the three big lies about fascist amerika.  You have the world's largest spy/terrorist organization in the world that funds it operations through drug and gun deals so it doesn't have to depend on congress for funding and people are suppose to believe they respect and obey the law.  Give me a break!!!  In addition, numerous people have come forth and said and verified that they had been recruited to spy domestically for the CIA.  So as I looked at the nonsense the CIA had sent me, I wondered what kind of response Senator Eagleton had received.

Friday, September 21, 2012

More car damage with no proof it was deliberate.

I waited at the garage for about twenty minutes while the mechanic and service manager were driving my car around.  When the two men finally returned, they opened up the hood, carefully took off the radiator cap and stuck a thermometer into the radiator.  I observed as the thermometer reached 220 degrees!  The normal operating temperature was around 180 degrees.  These two men had been driving around for at least fifteen minutes with my car seriously overheated.  I was furious and I couldn't help but believe that there actions had been deliberate.  NOBODY could be that stupid.

Finally I asked the men, "Have you checked the thermostat?  Why don't you replace that?"

The two men agreed to my suggestion and said they would replace the thermostat as soon as the engine had cooled down enough to allow them to work on it.  About an hour later the service manager informed me that my car was repaired and working properly.  When I finally got into my car I wondered how much damage damage had been done to the engine under the guise of repairing it.

I only had driven a few miles before I noticed the engine not running smoothly.  I had no idea what was causing the rough running of the engine (which had been running fine before I took in for repair), but I didn't have too long to think about it before I discovered the cruise control on the car no longer worked.  It too had worked fine before taking it to the repair shop.  I had to conclude that the car had been sabotaged while in the garage.  Everything was being done to infuriated me and make my emotions run out of control.  And of course, and further repairs would cost more money and help keep me poor.

Damaging personal property is a very common technique used by The Crazies in fascist amerika.  Remember all the damage that was done to my appliances and other furniture when I moved to work at RAM?  Interestingly, two months after I had the above car troubles,  the now defunct St. Louis Globe publication ran conservative William F. Buckley, Jr's editorial titled "Things to deep in mind during Reykjavik".  The editorial described how the dastardly KGB damaged the car of political prisoner Andre Sakharov when he declared a hunger strike.  Need I say more.

The men at the garage most likely were not agents for the CIA or any other fascist state gestapo type agency.  They probably acted out of some sort of demented concept of patriotism.  In the book "Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust", author Daniel Goldhagen describes how ordinary every day Germans carried out acts of terrorism and murder against Jews because the government gave them the "green light" to do so and they had been told that the Jews were their enemy.  Amerikans are no different.  I know there were some sick people out there saying all sorts of crazy things about me in order to generate hatred.  I was once even described as a "spy'!  More about that much later.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Parallels between the US and Russian Systems

What is interesting about the time period when I became an amerikan political prisoner and was brutally tortured is that it is the same time period that Andre Sakharov was a famous political prisoner in the former Soviet Union.  Because Sakharov became the darling of the fascist media, I was able to follow his trials and tribulations at the same time I was experiencing mine.   Between 1980 to 1986, Sakharov was kept under tight Soviet police surveillance. In his memoirs he mentions that their apartment in Gorky was repeatedly subjected to searches and heists. He had his car stolen and then it was returned to him badly damaged.  And of course, he was repeatedly forcibly confined to hospitals for "treatment."  Does that sound familiar if you have been following my blog?!

Psychiatric diagnoses such as the diagnosis of "schizophrenia" in political dissidents in the USSR were used for political purposes. It was the diagnosis of "sluggish schizophrenia" that was most prominently used in cases of dissidents. The leading critics implied that the Soviet model of schizophrenia and the diagnosis was to make political dissent into a mental disease. The political abuse of psychiatry in the USSR arose from the conception that people who opposed the Soviet regime were mentally sick since there was no other logical rationale why one would oppose the sociopolitical system considered the best in the world (sound familiar?).  Maybe you are beginning to see why I tell people that the Bible's view that all governments are under the control of Satan is true and that amerika is no exception.

I should point out that when I was taking classes to become certified to teach in PA, that the Russian couple I befriended told me that inside the Soviet Union, most people were totally unaware of Andre Sakharov's plight and that he was virtually unknown in his own country.  It was only in the western world where his situation could be politically exploited was his plight publicized on an almost daily basis.  As you will learn later in a future blog, people outside the US knew of my plight.

Back to my story:
While my car was not stolen, my car was repeatedly subject of sabotage.  My car was in a repair shop the day I was fired.  I waited until that Friday to go pick up my car at the garage.  The service manager informed me that they were just completing the work and I could have it as soon as the mechanic took it for a test drive.  About five minutes later, the service manager told me that there was still a problem with the car over heating.  We walked out the the garage area where the service manager and the mechanic got in my car and took off.  I stood there a little amazed that after two days my car was not repaired.

To Be Continued:

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Just read an editorial about students at Harvard.  It is reasonable to assume that these students are bright and come from financially well-off families.  What these students believe is that if the act ethically in their careers, they would be bested by their peers who would cut corners to succeed.  The only thing these students are concerned about is success and any means to achieve success is acceptable.  The ends justify the means.

If you couple that attitude with the only law in amerika, "Might is Right" it is easy to understand how I ended up in my predicament.  Rigging a trial and torturing a peon for financial gain when you have power is completely acceptable in the amerikan system.   As it has often been stated, the only crime in amerika is getting caught.  And if you have enough power, you can't get caught!  Therefore, anything is justified.

Jack Kopac told me early on in my stay at Gamma Supplies, "the best form of management/government is the benevolent dictator".  Of course if I had audaciously pointed out that "benevolent dictator" is an oxymoron and reflects a view that working class people are slaves, I would have given him another reason to hate me.  But as I was to learn, the benevolent dictator paradigm is the reality of amerika.  To the ruling fascist elite, working people are slaves and fascist elite collectively as a class, are a "benevolent dictator".

That is how is 1987 I ended up unemployed, brutally tortured for 10 years, in poor physical health, financially poor and isolated. To the ruling fascist elite(benevolent dictator), I was "mentally ill".  What other explanation could there be for the above view of amerika?

So what was I to do.  In my future blogs, I will describe my efforts to once again use the amerikan system to find an answer to my problems.  The answer I got was not encouraging which left me with one last alternative, get a second opinion!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Isolated with no job - a bleak future

Since I did not have my car which was again at the garage for repair, Dr. Jon offered to drive me back to my apartment after I had finished packing.  A short time later as I was finishing my packing, Dr. Jon came in to tell me that he had called a taxi and that it was waiting outside for me.  The conflict between what I had been told and what was transpiring did not surprise me, since I was sure it was meant to create more anger and a strong emotional response.  Any outburst by me would only provide "proof" of how crazy I was.   I went out to the cab and for the last time, I left the company and work..

In creating the scenario to fire me, The Crazies had used every trick in their book to evoke an emotional outburst.  If I had displayed a strong emotional reaction there would have been plenty of  people to witness it.  What wouldn't be obvious is that I had been subjected to constant, continual stimulus to provoke a response to the psychological Pavlovian conditioning I had subjected to for the previous eight years.  As I reflected on how events had been orchestrated, I knew then that my purpose was to expose The Crazies for the sick, vile, pernicious evil that they are.

Once back at my apartment, I realized that I was now in solitary confinement.  I had no car at my disposal, no neighbors or friends and the nearest commercial business was about three miles away.  Not only had the maximum effort been made to evoke a strong emotional response,  but I was now left to "stew" in all of the negative emotions that I was now experiencing.

Hatred would have been a natural reaction and any hostile action on my part would have been taken as irrational.  Hatred had been the corner stone of The Crazies plan from day one at Gamma Supplies.  And they  continued attempts to evoke hatred at every opportunity.  The constant, incessant attempts to use hatred in their sick plans shows how evil these people are.  While individually, The Crazies probably regularly attended their local church in their private everyday life, they served evil and their true god, Satan.  And that is not surprising either, because Christ who presented God as love said that the god of this earth is Satan.

With no job again, the fascist state had designed at a condition to keep me imprisoned without the bars.  The fascists had created a situation where I was in "internal exile" and they were perfectly happy to keep me in that state until I died.  I didn't have enough money to flee the country and my physical health was too poor to allow me to work even if I could escape.  And, in my current state, my economic condition would deteriorate to the point that I would become just another rambling, crazy bum.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

You can see how far to the right conservatives, elitists and lunatic groups have pushed this country by reading the following quote by a past Republican and General:

  Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron. 

  Dwight D. Eisenhower, From a speech before the American Society of Newspaper Editors, April 16, 1953
  34th president of US 1953-1961 (1890 - 1969)  
 Five Star General