Friday, December 13, 2013

AFFLUENZA - the freedom and immunity from all responsibility.


The word of the day is AFFLUENZA which is immunity from all responsibility because you were brought up rich.

"A Texas teen hit and killed four people on June 15 while driving drunk, but after the teen's defense argued that his rich upbringing led him to believe he could get away with anything, the judge opted for a punishment of probation and therapy."   Now you know why the elite Nazis knew they could totally destroy my life for fun and profit without any repercussions. That is the amerikan system!

 In case you haven't read about it, a young man stole alcohol from a WalMart, got drunk, and then killed 4 or people by crashing his speeding vehicle.   The judge gave the perpetrator probation with no jail time by reasoning that the young man had been so spoiled by his rich parents that he couldn't be held responsible for his actions.   The mother of the young man always told him that, "If it feels good, just do it!"   Of course, the court ruling will reaffirm to the young man that he can get away with anything. The teen will undergo treatment at a rehab center that charges $450,000 a year.  I wonder if Universal Health Care will cover that?

I don't have to look for these things - they are out there on the internet everyday.   My last post I reported that "white males are not a protected class" and then pointed out that wealth was a trump card to protect those with money regardless of their gender, race or religion.  The teen in the above story is a white male from a wealthy family.

ALSO IN THE NEWS:  An American who vanished nearly seven years ago in Iran was working for the CIA.  "....  produced one of the most serious scandals in the recent history of the CIA — but all in secret, an Associated Press investigation found.  The CIA paid Robert Levinson's family $2.5 million to head off a revealing lawsuit.  THE CRAZIES GONE CRAZY.

Is amerika a great country or what?!

Back to my story:  The unanticipated death of four of my major antagonists at the race track is part of a series of people who perished believing that harassing and terrorizing me for the fascist state(their god) was important.  I didn't mention most of them because at the time those zealots for fascism were just another in an never ending series of people who felt obligated to deny me my life.  I did mention the former congressman from Missouri who while pretending to be helping me, was actually doing all he could to get rid of me.   When writing about those events, I mentioned that he is no longer terrorizing the amerikan people as a congressman and in fact died at a relatively young age.  I did mention events regarding my antagonist and terrorist neighbor in Daytona Beach, but  I failed to mention that the last time I saw him, he was being carted off in an ambulance.   Then there was the young, wealthy newspaper owner/editor who died unexpectedly after he basically told me to get lost after I approached him about publishing some things.  I could go on, but there does seem to be a connection between people who believe that I don't have a right to (a decent) life and the early termination to theirs.  Maybe its just a coincidence or maybe it's my imagination, but ever time some misguided individual decides to harass me, I can't help thinking of the saying "FOOLS RUSH IN WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD".

And as I have repeatedly said, I don't have to make these things up.  Just look at the new articles above; it is there every day for the amerikan people to see reality.  And if anyone asks "what's wrong with amerika?", they have to have their head you know where not to know the answer.

And what does the Bible say?  Everyone knows "The love of money is the root of all evil".  And money equals power whether it is individual wealth or organizational money(gov., business).  The Bible also says that "money is important" and "money is for protection".   I was chosen by The Crazies because I was poor and could not protect myself.

Friday, December 6, 2013

"Vengance shall be mine saith the Lord" - The Bible

In the News:  A female CEO has claimed immunity from her male employee's lawsuit because "white males are not a protected class".  It's open hunting season on white males!   Remember what I said the ACLU told me?  They said they couldn't help me because I was a "white male".  I was not a member of a protected class.   This is a fascist state that has created laws, made judicial rulings and created propaganda to create an atmosphere where white male and males in general have no protection - unless you have money!  Money is always a trump card for any situation.  I don't make these things up about the fascist state - they happened to me and they are very real.  That female CEO didn't come to her conclusions about white males out of thin error.

Back to my story:   I had read about the death of Macho Man in the summer and didn't go back to the track until it opened for live racing in December.   Once there, I ran into a person I had known for years.  I said hi to him and then said, "I saw where Macho Man died this summer." 

My acquaintance replied, "Yeah and Lawyer Barry died too a couple of months ago."

"Really" I blurted.   I was beginning to see a pattern here.  Three major antagonists - three dead men.  I then asked with great anticipation,  "What about BS Phil?!"

"As far as I know he is OK,"  came the reply.

"Oh:, I said disappointedly.

The way to appreciated BS Phil was that he was a "self-made man who worshiped his maker".  If you truly understand that sentence, you understand BS Phil.  He was loud, obnoxious, and knew everything and if you tried to point out that he didn't know everything, he would shout you down.  And of course he was a staunch defender of the fascist state and felt it was his duty to let me know what an inferior being I was for being just being alive.  That was BS Phil.

After that weekend, I didn't go back to the track for a couple of weeks.  That particular day at the track, I was walking through a walkway when I saw BS Phil coming towards me.   The first thing I noticed was his appearance.  He was unshaven, unkempt and very haggard looking.   He saw me, but when he walked by me, he kept his head down and looked away from me just like Snowbird had done the last time I saw him.  He did not make any snide remarks or put-downs like he usually would do.  He was silent.

As I went back to my seat, I passed an old friend.  After exchanging greetings, I said "I just saw BS Phil and he looked like he had been on a week long drinking binge."

"Maybe he had been", my friend replied.

I never knew BS Phil to be a drinker and no one ever said anything to me that would have caused me to believe that he had a drinking problem.  Regardless of his situation, just the fact that he was still at the track put a damper on my day.

I didn't go back to Tampa Bay Downs for about three weeks.  Finally I decided to go back for a Saturday racing card.  I picked up a program at the entrance and then headed for a seat.  I sat there leafing through the program when I saw something that just made me stop cold.  Horse races at a track are frequently sponsored or dedicated to an organization like the Holiday Inn, or some local group like the "Red Hats".  What stopped me cold was I turned to the 5th race and there was a dedication from the surviving members of the BS Phil family.  They had dedicated the race to his memory!  Apparently BS Phil had died.

I hurried off to find my friend.  "BS Phil died?"  I asked as I approached him.

"Yeah, he died about two weeks ago" was all my friend said.

Four major antagonists and four dead fascist state worshipers.   I'll explain to you in the next post why it seems a lot more to me than just a coincidence.  Just for starters, all four men were economically well off and all four were well below the age of the average life expectancy for an amerikan male.  I mention that they were well off because they should have had the best medical care that money can buy.

And I never wished ill of any of them.  And I never asked for harm to come to any of them.  Macho Man would really tick me off at times, but in general I just tried to avoid my enemies and make the best of the situation.  But now I can go to the track without being harassed and you cannot begin imagine what that feels like to me.  And I don't kid myself, I know there will be other fascist state worshipers and terrorists.

Now I know I could drop over dead tomorrow.  Because of the extreme abuse I have endured for so many years,  I never even expected to live this long.  But I'm still here annoying The Crazies!   I figure that is the least I can do.  I always remember the line from the Blues Brothers, "We're on a mission from God".  Half joking, but sometimes it seems that way.  I'll tell you more in the next post.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Fate for those who terrorize for the fascist state.

When the winter racing season began at Tampa Bay Downs, I began sitting outside in the grandstand area.  Many of the people I knew from the Sports Club sat in the box seats which they had purchased.  Whenever I went down to the box seats to talk to some of the people that I knew there, I would get heavy opposition from lovers of the fascist state.

First there was Snowbird who came to Tampa from the Northeast to spend the winter and race some of his horse.  He and his wife owned a small stable of horses and they would ship some of them south from their home track to race during the winter.  They had been making their journey south regularly for several years.  Whenever I went down to the box seating area to talk to some of my friends, Snowbird would jump up, act crazy and say, here comes the Unabomber!  He would then make statements like I was crazy and a terrorist.  And if I tried to talk to anyone about nutritional products, he would start making threats about stopping my business.

His antics went on the entire racing season and then he left to return back north.  The next year, Snowbird was conspicuously missing and the word from people in the box seats was that he was deathly ill.  I sure didn't miss his presence.

The year after that Snowbird did return, but he had moved to box seating far removed from the box seats where I visited.  Also, he didn't look good and when he would walk past me, he kept his head down and didn't say a word.  His behavior towards me had changed dramatically.  Maybe worshiping the fascist state doesn't seem so valuable and important when you are facing death.  Just my opinion.

After that racing season, I never saw Snowbird again and I noticed his racing stable had disappeared from the scene at tracks where he normally raced horse.  He may still be alive, I can't say but I do know he is no longer around to bother me for the Crazies and the Nazis.

Nazi terrorist number two is a man I will call Macho Man.  Macho Man had been a local business man and sat down in the box seating.  I'm not sure how I originally knew him, but he loved putting me down and making veiled references to my political prisoner situation.  He always treated me as a vastly inferior person to him and would make derogatory comments about me to others whenever he had a chance.

I called the man Macho Man because he was always bragging about some physical feat he had recently done and he would always tell me about he had competed against people twenty to thirty years younger than him.  He would constantly bragged about how he could hold his own against those younger people.  There was more than once that I wanted to deck him, but my situation prevented me from doing that.  I cautioned him that he wasn't that young and he should practice moderation - but what did I know.  Macho Man also show up at the track with a significantly younger woman by his side. 

You can imagine my surprise one summer day when I was leafing through the newspaper and for some reason I stopped and looked at the Obituaries.  I NEVER LOOK AT THE OBITUARY PAGE!
But for some reason, that particular day I did.  There in the middle of the obituary page was an announcement of the death of Macho Man.  According to the article, one day he just dropped over dead.

Two Nazi state worshipers and terrorists dead.  Two more to go; lawyer Barry and BS Phil.  I'll tell you more about them in my next post.

Just an added note.  The Crazies and the fascist elite don't care if Nazi worshipers die.  They EXPECT lesser people to die for them(the fascist state).  You hear it all the time in reference to the military, but you usually don't think about the fact that The Crazies and the fascist elitists believe that only reason for "lesser people" is to die for them.  I could give you some proof of that, but I don't feel obligated to do that.  But it is true.