Monday, July 14, 2014

Torture and hard times

I'm sure most people have figured out that the torture taking place in my last blog occurred in amerika.  Probably most concluded that the torture happened in Alabama or Mississippi.  Wrong!  The police in Chicago, IL were the culprits.

But how could such sadistic torture take place over a period of 20 years without someone doing something about it?  And why did the media not mention it when the practice became known?  Because the fascist state protects those in power (Orwell's "Inner Circle") regardless of what these people do. It is what I call the fascist state "tough s...." policy.  There are no innocent victims; just deserving recipients - slaves and if you by chance become a victim, it is just "tough s....".  That is fascist amerika.

Coming to your local neighborhood, war machines and weapons of mass destruction.  Local law enforcement are now getting 33-ton, 10 ft tall massive vehicles to use against civilians.  These war machines cost $733,000 each, but your local police can get one for only $2,000.  What a deal!

"These vehicles are awesome" said a local police chief acting like a little boy with a brand new toy.  But what can they be used for.  You can claim that these weapons can be useful in a time of natural disaster, but the military(National Guard) has always  been there for that.  So exactly why does your local police department need something like that?  

Honestly, how many people over the age of 40 ever though they would see the police coming down your local streets in mammoth war machines?   Someone must be anticipating war in the streets.  Maybe its the ruling elitist making plans to keep control of and generate fear in the working class when the hard times come.

I'm just saying....................

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Tell a lie often enough and people will accept it as the truth.

In the news was an article about the statement "70 percent of the people living in abject poverty are women".  It is a statistic the elite ruling fascist women love to quote in order to gain more political power.  The only problem is that the statement isn't even close to being true and never has been true since it first appeared in a UN report on Human Development.  The director and writer of that quote is Inge Kaul, a female bureaucrat from Berlin Germany. A recent World Bank study found that "the poor are equally divided by gender" and statistical studies of the original UN study reveal no basis for the 70 percent conclusion.   So why is that 20 years later, the ruling elite fascists keep stating this "Zombie stat"(it won't die)?

I'm using the above egregious statement to show how fascism works politically.  The ruling elite have a goal; they create a lie to make a situation look bad and then the fascists propose a solution which the people readily accept.  Interestingly Wardlaw labeled this as "TERRORISM FROM ABOVE".   It is also called Social Engineering.  Unfortunately, most of the changes that the elite want are not in the interest of the working people of the nation.  An example of a lie, treated as a fact and promoted by the media that went wrong is of course the infamous "weapons of mass destruction".  The elitists wanted military rule over the oil fields in the Middle East and they created a scenario to sucker the people into supporting a massacre for oil.  The Big Bang Project - I wrote about that pentagon project in one of my blogs.  That project started as best as I can determine, prior to 2000.  The mess in the Middle East today is at least partially the fault of the Big Bang Project.  Big Bang naturally refers to the end result if something goes wrong and the military take over doesn't go as planned.

What might be of interest is how I heard of the Big Bang Project many years ago.  At the time, I was not looking for, nor had any interest in finding something political.  In fact, I was on a vacation at the time and far removed from my day to day environment.  But somehow, I stumbled on the Big Bang Project - just fate.

Finally, some people think I oppose business.  Not true, I oppose capitalism run amuck. 
From today's editorial:  "Don't forget that most men with nothing would rather protect the possibility of becoming rich than face the reality of being poor.  And that is why they will follow us(the rich)...To the right, ever to the right.."

Question of the day:  In what country did the following events take place????

 a contingent of police officers burst into my family’s apartment and arrested me for murder.
On the way to........... headquarters, they warned me that they had “a scientific way of interrogating niggers.”
They later drove me to a secluded location, where they forced a shotgun in my mouth and pulled the trigger over and over again, making me believe it was loaded each time. They pulled my pants down and shocked me with a cattle prod on my genitals.
I confessed.
Police detectives under the direction of former Commander ....... tortured over 100 men and women like this from 1972-1991.