Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fascism and the Fascist State in the News.

Here are two examples from the recent news which are confirmations of my recent posts.

1) Everyone has heard about the Sean Penn interviews with "El Chapo" and his subsequent arrest.  Let me first say that everyone talks about his three escapes, but how dumb can you be to be captured four times!   While everyone is talking about his capture,  nobody has noticed that Sean Penn said in a TV interview that his purpose in doing the "El Chapo" story was TO SHOW WHAT A FAILURE THE AMERIKAN WAR ON DRUGS HAS BEEN.  That is what I said in my last post!  At least one other person in amerika can see the truth.

2) Disney, that all-amerikan company has hired immigrant TECH workers(not manual laborers) to replace amerikan born and presumably amerikan educated tech workers.  To rub salt into their wounds, Disney had the employed amerikan workers train the immigrants how to do their job before Disney fired them and replaced them with the immigrants.  The immigrants came to the US on government visas.  Can anyone say Fascism?!  Can anyone say Greed?!  Make bad investment decisions(ESPN) and then bring in cheap, immigrant labor to help your bottom line.

If you read my past blogs you will see how amerikan businesses embraced immigrants Fuzzy Yazdoni and Garo Agopian while destroying my life - I am sad to say I am amerikan born and educated.  But of course no one would listen to me 30+ years ago when I warned workers.

And finally, to all those fascist, Nazi loving sickos who think it is patriotic and fun to harass me and use Nazi conditioning techniques to promote the Nazi lies about events and to make my life hell, I have one thing to say to all of you - GO TO HELL - literally.  Do you think the Fascist State can save you - good luck on that one!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

THE WAR MENTALITY - WAR ON ......fill in the blank.

After the President's speech last night, which I didn't watch, it is time to publish my War blog which I wrote over a month ago.  First he said we shouldn't live in fear of ISIS, and second, we now have a War On Cancer.

Notice how good programs are now always labeled as a "war", except actual wars involving the military.  War on Cancer and War on this and that helps make actual, real war seem innocuous.  I mean who can object to a War on Cancer - a noble cause.  In fact, most real wars are labeled something else.  For example, the Department of War is now called The Department of Defense and real wars are given labels like Operation Desert Storm or "mission" to do something.   This subtle but effective word play makes "war" seem like a good thing to most amerikans.  That is how propaganda and indoctrination works.

If you remember, in a recent blog post, I said I do not worry about ISIS ever having a direct effect on me and I do not live in fear(more on that later) of ISIS.  And my position is not based on the fact that US troops are battling the current enemy.  For the moment, I lost my statics to show you why I don't fear ISIS, but I do remember the last item on the list and the lowest probability was that a person is 8 time more likely to be killed by a policeman in amerika than by ISIS!  If I can find the list, I will publish it later.

Over ten years ago, the fascist state started a "WAR ON TERRORISM" and destroyed a country base on "Weapons of Mass Destruction".  Remember that lie which was a very effective tool for creating FEAR(that word again). At the time of creating the "War On Terrorism",  I thought, this is every rightwing Nazi lover's dream - a never ending war.  A recently published book on terrorists supports my belief.  I haven't read the book, but according to reviews, the author concludes that there will always be terrorists.  It is part of human make-up nature;  it is part of our DNA.   And remember that the terrorists can be either internal or external.  But they will always be with us resulting in a NEVER ENDING WAR ON TERRORISM.

Of course, the war lovers will tell you that terrorism can be eliminated with enough fascist state control and a US world wide military police force.  All you have to do for the war on terrorism to succeed they say, is give up all your freedoms and allow total surveillance of everything you do.  In other words live in a totally oppressive totalitarian state.

And what can you expect this never ending war on terrorism to bring us?  Well let's look at another never ending war, the WAR ON DRUGS.  That war has been going on for 40 to 50 years and what do the American people have to show for it?  We have bloated police forces and police agencies(FBI, etc.) with bloated budgets with confiscation of private property which allows them to buy military style hardware that seems to mostly be used to play games(exercises) and to intimidate civilians.  The result of course is a I am God mentality among police which has resulted in increased police brutality and the use of excessive force.  AND OF COURSE, DRUG USE HAS ALL BUT CEASED TO EXIST!  Hah, Hah, my joke! It has probably lead to an increase in legal drugs(prescription drugs) which is capitalism in action.  Another result has been that many people who have committed minor drug use offenses are serving prison terms longer than those given to murderers.

This increase in the prison population has also benefitted capitalists on two fronts.  First, the prison system has been more and more privatized and two, prisoners can now do work(forced to work?) for major corporation at very low wages.  While this does help the prisoner get useful job skills, it also encourages filling the prisons with more and more prisoners.  And overloading of the prison system is a problem in amerika.   Privatization of social functions and services is a common tool used in creating a fascist state.  Turn these societal functions over to corporations which funnel money to the elite ruling class who then spend more money on getting patsies elected who then vote to privatize more government functions.  And the viscous cycle goes on and on.

So what can you seriously expect from the War On Terrorism??  More war.  More spending of your tax dollars and "privatization of war" called security forces and of course, less terrorism, right?  I mean the war on terrorism has been going on for at least 10 years and there is way less terrorism now days.  Right?  I mean you hardly hear terrorism and terrorists mentioned in the media.  Ha, Ha, another one of my jokes.

These are just some thoughts on where the world is heading and who is leading the charge - and again I ask "why do people love war?!"

Probably FEAR will be my next blog.   I'll demonstrate how fear is created and exploited to create fascism.  And I'll give you some personal examples and also nationally inspired examples, and how fear is exploited to control the ignorant, and I truly mean ignorant masses.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Battlefield America and Psychopaths

During the holiday season I didn't publish any blogs because the Nazis taught me early that people are preoccupied during that time period and they don't pay any attention to things like reading blogs.

In the interim, I have read two books which have given me plenty to write about.  One is "Battlefield America" by constitutional lawyer  John W. Whitehead which discusses the amerikan fascist state and how amerikans have been controlled and manipulated into accepting Fascism and the resultant totalitarian state.  As is frequently the case, I was way ahead of people who are just now beginning to recognize fascist amerika for what is.

The other book is one which address a problem I have long struggled with.  That is what is the difference between true biological Psychopaths and people who have what I call a "Psychopathic Personality"?  In the work environment everyone has run into people who act and behave in a manner that mimics a psychopath(lack of empathy, manipulative, grandiose, unwilling to take responsibility for one's actions, and lacking in remorse), but they do appear to have some recognition of right and wrong buried in their psychic.  Psychiatrist and lawyer Ronald Schouten and lawyer James Silver examine this conundrum in the tome "Almost A Psychopath".  It is a problem I have struggled with for years after dealing with a true psychopath in Jack Kopac and then frequently and currently having to deal with "almost a psychopath" because of my situation as a political prisoner.  The Nazis usually use people with a psychopathic personality to create problems since these people do not see a problem with destroying another person's life.  Destroying people's life fit their personality.

Of course, I have experienced all the common problems of a whistleblower as described by expert Donald R. Soeken.  And that term whistleblower is allowed to be used in the fascist state media.  However, I am also a political prisoner which is not an acceptable term in fascist U.S.  One time I did see an editorial about an amerikan Indian who is considered a political prisoner because he spoke out about the fascist state treatment of his people and was incarcerated.  But, because of amerika's great wealth, the fascist state has learned how to make people prisoners even if they cannot create a "legal" reason for incarcerating them.  They simply destroy all support - marriage, family, friends and colleagues - and then they destroy the persons ability to earn a living through constant harassment, terrorism and threats.  It helps if the person comes from a poor background as I did.  Several other countries with which I have conversed were impressed and somewhat surprised that the fascist state would go to all that expense and effort to make a person a political prisoner.  A minister summed it up best when he said,  "Your life must be hell. You are in a prison, but there are no bars".  Political prisoner amerikan style.

Remember, I only reached this stage only because I escaped(survived) death, imprisonment and exile which is the usual path for most political prisoners.  I'm just really lucky!!!!!

Well, this is enough for one blog and I haven't even started discussing pertinent issues which directly effect me.  And then there's the blog on the "War on Terrorism" which I have written, but I just haven't published.  That blog which was written before I read "Battlefield America" reflects the same sentiment expressed by author John Whitehead.  I just have to start publishing more to get everything covered.