Monday, November 26, 2012

In A Prison With No Bars

"COWARDICE asks the question 'Is it safe?'.  EXPEDIENCY asks the question 'Is it politic?'.  VANITY asks the question 'Is it popular?'.   But CONSCIENCE asks the question 'Is it right?'.  And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but must take it because one's conscience tells one that it is right."   -  Martin Luther King

With my Cuban Visa in my hand, I got in my car and started back to Rolla, MO.  To save money, I drove straight through and only stopped once to rest for about an hour before continuing on my journey.  When I reached Paducah, KY I stopped briefly to see an old friend before I continued on my was back to Rolla.  I was exhausted when I got back to my apartment, so I called it a day and decided to go see the agent at the travel agency the following day.

The next I went to the travel agency, walked in and handed the Cuban Visa to the woman who had previously helped me.  As I handed her the Visa, I told her I wanted a one-way ticket to Havana.  She looked at the Visa, then looked at me and quipped, "You can't have a one-way ticket.  The US law requires you must have a return ticket when you leave the country."

Now I had no way of knowing if she was telling me the truth, but I wasn't planning on returning to amerika, so I restated that I wanted a one-way ticket.  Again the woman at the desk reiterated that she could only sell me a round-trip ticket.  Finally out of exasperation, I said, "Fine, I take a round-trip ticket if that is all I can get."  With that I paid for the tickets and left.  The agent said I could come back in a couple of days and get the tickets.

A couple of days went by and I headed back to the travel agency.  Remember, I had no phone for obvious reasons, and thus the agency could not call me when the tickets came in.  This time I walked into the office and approached the same woman sitting at the desk.  She looked up me and immediately exclaimed "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!"

 Having heard that question numerous times in the past, I smiled and replied "Why?"

The woman reached into her desk drawer, pulled out an envelop, and handed it to me.  "HERE IS YOUR ONE-WAY TICKET TO HAVANA!"

I relate this incident because it shows how completely The Crazies controlled every aspect of my life.  I was a prisoner who had avoided the bars of a prison, but I was still very much a prisoner.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My journey to gain my sanity begins.

After learning that there was no protection from the lawless police, and knowing that The Crazies were going to continue to terrorize and harass me until they had gotten rid of me one way or another, I decided the best option for me was to follow the psychiatrist's advice and leave the country.  Every time since my problems began, whenever I left the country for any period of time, my life and the events in it became normal.  As a result, I started making plans to permanently leave the country.

First, I needed a country where I would be safe.  I couldn't go to Mexico because eventually The Crazies would track me down and in a country as corrupt as Mexico, I would never be safe there for a long period of time.   Besides, Spiritual Adviser Bishop Jordan did tell me that The Crazies would follow me and track me down.  That meant I had to go to a adversarial country like Russia or Cuba.  I had already ruled out Russia because of the cold, harsh weather, and  their difficult language.  That left me with Cuba which had a tropical climate and Spanish as their predominate language.  While my Spanish was not great, I could get by speaking and reading that language.  Thus I decided to go to Cuba.

I made a trip to a small, local travel agency (this was before the age of the internet).  When the woman at the desk asked me to where I wanted to travel, I replied that I wanted to go to Havana, Cuba.  The woman smiled at me and then politely told me that I needed a Visa to travel there and that travel there was restricted.  I said "OK, I'll get a Visa and be back."  She laughed as I left as though she thought I was some sort of a nut.

The next day, I packed a few items, hopped in my car and started driving to Washington, D.C. which was about 1,200 miles away.  I drove about two thirds of the way there the first day before I stopped to rest for that night.  The next morning I started out early and drove the rest of the way to Washington, D.C.  Once I reached the "downtown" area, I made my way to 16th Ave. NW(as best I can remember, that is the correct street) where many of the foreign consulates are located.  I was familiar with that area from my previous visits to the Russian Consulate when I was talking with them and they had offered me political asylum.  I found the Cuban Consulate easily, parked my car and walked in.  The lobby was a small, unimpressive area with an enclosed desk area where a man was seated.  I walked over to the bank teller like structure and said, "I'd like a Visa to go to Cuba."

The man looked at me intently and then asked me a series of questions.

"Were you born in Cuba?"  "No", I replied.
"Do you have family or relatives in Cuba?"  "No"
"Do you do have or do business in Cuba?"  "No"
"Do you know anyone in Cuba?"  "No"

The man sat there expressionless and then said,  "What is your name?".   I gave him my name.  He looked up at me and told me to have a seat in the lobby waiting area.  As I sat down, I saw the man get up and rush hurriedly through a door off to the side.

I sat there for about 5 minutes when the man suddenly reappeared.   He sat down and then called out my name.  I didn't know what to expect and was totally surprised when the man handed a sheet of paper and said, "Here is your Visa."  I graciously thanked him and headed for the door.

Monday, November 12, 2012


David Betraeus - another fallen amerikan hero.  Whatever one does in their personal life is their business.  But when the head of the world's largest spy/terrorist organization does something that even the dumbest of americans know would leave him vulnerable to blackmail, that is unbelievable.  Why even The Crazies after about a month at Gamma Supplies knew enough to try to set me up with another women when I was still married.  Even they knew that later they could terrorize me(psychological blackmail) and destroy my marriage after they had my testimony.  That is one of the reasons I knew that terrorizing me was part of the plan from the beginning.  That is called premeditated.  Premeditated crimes are considered the worst, sickest of crimes.  William Casey a former CIA director who loved mental torture, died from a painful brain tumor and now Betraeus resigns because of adultery from an agency that loves to destroy marriages.  That is called POETIC JUSTICE.

Back to my story.

Now that I had official documents, I knew the names of the parties who filed the phony charges.  My first step was to go in and talk to the head of campus security - the campus police chief.    As soon as I entered his office, he called in his right hand kid(probably about 20 yrs old) who was the person who had followed me around and filed all those fabulous statements like "he talked funny".   EDUCATIONAL POINT:  remember, two lying fascists always outweigh the testimony of one honest victim.  As soon as the police chief had closed the door to his office, we all sat down and the police chief began pontificating on his views of the law and his belief that he was God - well almost.  He repeatedly stated that he "didn't care about the law" or what the law said.  He was God on campus and no one was going to disrupt at speaker while he police chief.  I wasn't surprised by his typical fascist view, but even with the two lying fascists present, I was surprised at how proud he was of his position on the law.    Apparently he and former congressman Emerson were from  the same school.  Of course, he had no proof or really any reason to suspect that I was going to disrupt Statsfield Turner's talk.  He ASSUMED that and just wanted an excuse to cause me problems.

I left the office satisfied knowing that my detainment had been totally a result of phony charges and a system that has no respect for the law.  I also learned that indoctrination leads people to the conclusion that all people protesting injustice must be some sort of wild-eyed, disruptive, drug using hippie(they talk funny!) and not a conscientious, ethical, moral, hard working citizen.  If the latter were the case, then the fascist system would not have a strangle hold on justice, ethical/moral behavior and righteousness.

What did Jerry Spence say:  "What is law?  Even the law is not designed to deliver justice.  The law is not ethical.  Instead law becomes the means by which those in power, justly or unjustly, retain power.  Law preserves power - money power."

Monday, November 5, 2012

After 35 years, more terrorism!!!

It seems The Crazies have started harassing and terrorizing me again. Why?   I've learned you don't try to rationalize a motive for irrational behavior.  Look at Cuba.  For over 50 years the amerikan government has pursued an oppressive, tyrannical policy toward that country of about 12 million people in an effort to create pain and suffering among the people to force them to worship amerikan ways.  And after 50 years of a failed policy what does was does the newest GOP neo-Nazi darling Marco Rubio propose?  More severe economic oppression and tyranny.  Don't even try to figure out policies based on irrational HATRED and FEAR.

And what do the amerikan people say about Cuba?  Every recent poll of Americans, including surveys from independent pollsters, shows a majority of Americans favors lifting the U.S. embargo -- with even bigger majorities favoring an end to other embargo-era policies. Americans want to lift the embargo by a margin of 52-to-32 percent, according to a Cuba Policy Foundation poll conducted in 2001 by a nonpartisan independent polling firm. By a 63-to-33 percent margin, Americans believe lifting the embargo would be the most effective way to bring democracy to Cuba. And by a 63-to-24 percent margin, Americans want the U.S. to start a formal dialogue with Cuba now.

Support for important incremental changes in U.S. policy is even stronger. Overwhelming majorities want to lift the U.S. ban on travel to Cuba (67-to-24 percent); to allow American companies to sell food to Cuba (71-to-22 percent); and to allow American companies to sell medicine to Cuba (76-to-17 percent).  It sure doesn't sound like the ruling elitists listen to the amerikan people.

And what does the Bible say?  It says that Satan's last great empire will have three major characteristics.  1) It will persecute and and spill the blood of MANY innocent victims.  Several countries might fit that description, but the other two criteria are almost exclusively amerikan.  2)  It will reign fire from the sky on its enemies.  If you've ever been bombed by a drone, or had Napalm dropped on you or were at Hiroshima when the A-bomb was dropped, I'll bet you thought fire was reigning down from the sky.  And finally, 3) those that will not worship the empires ways will be excluded from commerce.  Look at Cuba and look at me.  The Crazies impose economic poverty and hardship on people and countries that will not worship amerikan ways.  Economic embargoes are the first and most common punitive measure used by this empire.  So don't be surprised by fascist state actions - it's there in black and white for all to read.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Names of my accusers are finally revealed - - 3rd party statements.

This time my confinement in the hospital did not result in my being stuffed full of drugs administered by the psychiatrists.  Instead, I had hardly any interaction with the staff there and my only purpose there seemed to be to keep me confined until Stansfield Turner left Rolla.  In fact I hardly talked to any of the staff and no one called me paranoid or schizo.  The only advice I got was the day prior to my release when a psychiatrist told me I "should leave the country".  In other words The Crazies were not going to stop terrorizing me until they had gotten rid of me by one of the three paths a political prisoner has:  death, prison or exile.  Since I had survived the death and prison options, exile was my only remaining option.

The next day I was released from the hospital and had to find my own transportation back to Rolla.  Fortunately I did have some friends and one of them picked me up and took me back to my home.  One of the first first things I did was try to find out how I could get a copy of the court documents that had been used to lock me up.  Finally I decided to go to the court house and find someone who could and would help me.  I don't remember how I did it, but a found a judge who I confronted with the fact that by law I was entitled to a copy of the complaint that had been filed against me.  Finally the judge relented and went and got a copy of the complaint.  Before giving it to me, the judge told me that I could not show the file to anyone else!!!!  This was a court record - supposedly open to anyone.  But to get a copy of it, I agreed not to show the file to anyone.  Of course the real problem for The Crazies was that the file gave names of the fascist who participated in making a mockery of the law.  I left the courthouse knowing I would finally find out who my scumbag accusers were.

When I read the file (which I still had until the recent theft from my apartment) I couldn't believe what I was reading.  The charges that I was going to assassinate Stansfield Turner was based on such evidence like I went to the campus office THREE times to get tickets to the event - obviously a demented act!  One on campus kiosk worker told my stalking police officer that "he talked funny".  What I think this young uneducated woman meant was that I used a vocabulary that was over her head which apparently translated into talking funny.  And then there was the copy of congressman emerson's letter to the city Chief of Police saying I was a "dangerous person" which was based on the letter I had sent to the CIA which was also included in the file.  Finally, the signers and investigators in the complaint were the Head of the Campus Police and his trusty sidekick officer.  All in all, the complaint read like a comedy skit from Saturday Night Live, but it was enough to get me locked up while Stansfield Turner came to town to spread his fascist lies.

One of the interesting things about the complaint was that no one had ever talked directly with me.  The charges were all third party based.  A state mental health office was suppose to interview me as required by law prior to sending me to Farmington,  but that never happened either.  If someone had interviewed me they would have learned that I had no weapons and no access to weapons other than a kitchen knife in my apartment.  But no one was looking for the truth; What did that editorial say? "the truth is the bane of a totalitarian society".  Every thing was third party based which in a court of law means the statements are pretty worthless.  You can see more and more why the fascist state uses the mental health route to terrorize its victims.

In my next post I finally get to confront my accusers.