Tuesday, October 29, 2013

You believe what you are told to believe.

Is there anyway you can go a few minutes now days without hearing or reading about something else that is wrong with the Affordable Health Care Act.  If you can't see how the media tells you what to think and believe, then you really must be out of touch with reality.  The media even use the hate term "ObamaCare" to evoke a strong reactions rather than use the actual title.

Now compare that with the new military jet fiasco.  So far, the US government has given 400 Billion dollars to military/industrial complex corporations which after 12 years in development, still can't fly.  But do you read and about that boondoggle every moment of every day like you do the affordable health care?  Of course not.  However, a website which is probably being attacked by hackers, and may take a  month to get fully functional at a cost of a few million dollars is what monopolizes the news.

Interestingly, the reason for not killing(pardon the pun) the fighter jet is that it is "too big to fail".  The reason is not  because the military needs the jet.  Some military higher-ups have even said that they don't need the plane.  But the waste goes on because the billions of dollars spent so far have infiltrated throughout the fascist state.  It is too big to fail.

Interestingly, the fanatical effort to stop the Affordable Health Care is because the neonazis know that if the system is implemented and starts functioning over the next two years(before the 2016 elections)  the health care law will become too ingrained and integrated into the fabric of the amerikan society.  At that point it will be too big to fail.  The neonazi probably won't be able to stop it although they will still make feeble attempts to end programs like they still try to end Social Security.

Is the amerikan fascist system great or what?!

I moved into my apartment in Tampa and quickly made some new friends.  I started going to the sports pub at Tampa Bay Downs where a lot of wealthy and famous people use to congregate.  I met a small group of older, professionally successful, well-to-do retired men.  Even though I was younger, I had no trouble fitting in with the group.  And at first, I socially interacted without any problems, but over time a small group of mainly younger, not as successful, what I considered crude men started hassling me.  This latter group was sort of typical of the bozos the neonazis still use to harass me.   I'll get into that latter.

I continued to win things in Tampa. Since the car I had was keeping me poor with the constant repairs and services, I decided to get another car with the ten thousand dollars that I had just won.  I sold the car I had for a few hundred dollars and then bought a newer model Toyota Corolla which was much less expensive to operate.  That made it much easier and cheaper for me to get around.  But I still wanted a new car.

Monday, October 21, 2013

There is a GOD!

In the news:  Representative CW Bill Young died.  Why is that of interest to me?  I have told several people that I had been invited to a small, formal dinner at the White House with the President.  That is true, but no one that I told this to ever asked how the invitation was delivered.  If someone had told me that they had been invited to have dinner with the President at the White House, I think I would have been curious enough to ask how that person was invited.  In my case, the invitation came from the office of Representative Bill Young.

I could never tell anyone that until now, because if I had mentioned Bill Young's name, The Crazies or some of their NeoNazi followers might have started a campaign to "get" Bill Young.  That is how sick, sick, sick that his nation has become.  I can't even mention the name of anyone who tried to help me or tried to improve my situation.  As I said earlier, that is why I had to stay away from my family.  Damn this nation!

BACK TO MY STORY:   After living about five years in Orlando, I decided to move to the West Coast of Florida.  I loaded my furniture and belongings in a UHaul, put my car on a trailer hitch and headed west.  My first stop was in Tampa.  Unfortunately, for the reasons mentioned above, it is difficult to continue my story in any detail because many of the people and events involved in my life in Tampa to the present are still alive, active and some are still involved in my life.  As a result of the sick state of this country,  in order to protect certain people I can only relate selected events and happenings.

But before I go on, I want to relate details of my winning the ten thousand dollars of furniture which I mentioned earlier.  While I had won several items prior to the furniture,  I still didn't have any money and really need some, As  a result, I had one of my conversations with God.  Shortly after my conversation with God, I had one of my visions(getting really freaky, huh?).   In the vision, I was at a contest site with a lot of people standing around.  There were 3 or 4 people directly in front of me standing around a locked treasure chest.  I walked up to the treasure chest and inserted the key which I had in my hand  into the lock(I don't know where it came from).  Instantly the lock fell open and the people started congratulating me for winning!  End of vision.

The actual giveaway was about a week away, but I told my friend who was going to the contest site with me that I was going to win the furniture.  She didn't doubt me because she knew me fairly well.  And the reason I'm telling this story is because there is a witness.  Otherwise, all the God hating, neonazie loving, crazies would do all sorts of things to discredit me.

The following week, we drove to the contest site, signed in with about 100 other contestants, drew a number out of a drum and then selected a key.  I drew a number in the sixties(62 or 64 I believe) and my friend drew a number in the eighties so she was behind me in the line.  Then, one by one, contestants tried to unlock the lock on the treasure chest with the key they had drawn.

I stood there in line anxiously waiting my turn while my friend in line behind me was pointing at me and telling all of the people around her how I was going to win.  She knew too.   As I stood in line, I knew I was going to win, but at the same time there was always a lingering thought that I couldn't believe this was happening.
In the next post I will tell you what contributed to that doubt.

Finally I reached the head of the line.  I walked up to the treasure chest on the table and inserted my key.  I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER TURNING THE KEY, BECAUSE AS I INSERTED THE KEY, THE LOCK JUST SEEMED TO FALL OPEN!  Exactly as it had happened in the vision. That is how I won the furniture.  And if anyone doesn't believe it, they need to get some faith.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


A recent article in the local paper discusses how a former military intelligence officer who is charged with fund raising fraud, claims he was still working for the CIA as a "nonofficial cover" (NOC).  The reason this article caught my eye is that from my experience, the above explanation in this case seems very plausible.  And, the person making the claim was a big Republican donor. Ill-gotten gains funding right wing politics - what a concept!

It is well documented that the CIA interferes in foreign elections routinely in both friendly and unfriendly countries.  Usually the influencing of elections is done with the old amerikan standby, money.  So it wouldn't be unreasonable for a NOC  to be a political contributor to the right wing elements of this system's political process.

The CIA, BY LAW, is forbidden from carrying out domestic operations, and as soon as someone claims the CIA is doing something wrong domestically, The Crazies quickly point out that the law prohibits them from taking any such action.  I even had a letter(by way of a US Senator) from the CIA that related all sorts of knowledge about me, but that they didn't know anything because the law prohibited them from spying on/terrorizing a citizen living in this country.  And even if they did do something like that, they weren't responsible.  So to avoid conflict with the law, the CIA has "nonofficial" domestic operations.  It is sort of like that statement that is always made at the beginning of all MI shows about disavowing any knowledge of an operation.  That's real life in a fascist state.

In regards to the current political fiasco in the US, everyone should read "Political Terrorism" by Grant Wardlaw.  He discusses both terrorism form outside a system and political terrorism from within a country.  Most people never even consider that there is a much greater threat to the amerikan people from within than from external terrorism.

Back to my story:

I spent about five years in Orlando.  During that time my economic quality of life greatly improved as a result of winning contests of all kinds.  As I pointed out, I was able to have nice furniture and clothes, I ate well and I was able to have a car again and I had no debt.  Not bad for a person who had returned from Cuba several years earlier, physically unable to work, forbidden from working by The Crazies, alone and with nothing but two suitcases of person possessions

Of course, I was still being constantly harassed and I was kept isolated.  In addition to getting tired of a couple of neighbors constantly bothering me, I really didn't like the oppressive heat in Orlando.  During the summer, there was just no breeze and the hot air stagnat air was stifling.  It didn't help that my apartment only had one small wall air conditioner which just couldn't cool the entire place even though the apartment was small.  The above elements plus that fact that I had gone to Tampa several times(I had a car!) and had made some friends there resulted in my decision to move to Tampa.  More on that the next time.