Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Swift response to my visits to UN Missions.

Curiously several days after I had visited the U.N. missions, I received an inquiry from a small company in Newark. I quickly responded by sending my resume and a standard cover letter. Within a short period of time, I received a follow-up letter stating that Dr. Stanley Skora, the owner and president of BSB Chemicals would like to interview me at his Newark, NJ office. The rapidity with which Dr. Skora had responded indicated a high degree of interest.

I was always suspicious of any unsolicited job interview, but this opportunity did not seem to fit into the government pattern. I thought the job was located in Newark, NJ which I abhored, but it was very close to New York City and the U.N. I was positive that my going to the U.N. was a problem for the government and that The Crazies would want me far removed from the U.N. and major east coast metropolitan areas. For a moment I had hope that the job opportunity was legitimate and that the government was not going to interfer.

The interview on December 20th was held in Dr. Skora's plant and office located in a warehouse on the waterfront. Upon my arrival, he quickly wisked me into his modest office and commenced the interview. He spent about an hour describing his company, his background and his ideas. All the while he talked he acted as if he had already offered me the position and I had accepted. His presumption of my working for him bothered me greatly. It was if he was saying, "You have no choice but to work for me."

Eventually he got around to asking me the standard interview questions. Then he asked me the question I dreaded; "Why did you leave RAM?" I answered the question as if he had no knowledge of my situation and explained that I didn't like the highyly structured large corporation atmosphere. He sat back in his chair as if he were annoyed and said, "Oh, I thought maybe you had emotional problems or something like that."

I quickly denied his accusation and replied in a firm voice that I just didn't like the beuracracy in RAM and that I had decided to change my career course and try something new. After all, high school teaching was a new career course.

Dr. Skora now became insistent. "Well, I can understand if you had emotional problems. That could happen to anyone. Are you sure you weren't mentally ill?"

When I persisted with my story, Dr. Skora became visibly annoyed and said, "Never mind."

The interesting thing is that he never said he had talked to anyone at RAM and that they said I was mentally ill. And my denying his allegations did not effect his decision to hire me. It was if he was saying that the job was mine and I was suppose to say I suffered from mental illness in order to meet some supposed obligation the government.

I was now fairly certain that my ubiquitous Crazies/Tormentors were involved. But I was still amazed that they would allow me to work and thus get money and to be so near the United Nations. Thus it was only mildly surprising when Dr. Skora informed me that the job was located in a small town in western KENTUCKY. The actual plant location was in a town so small that he referred to the plants location as being in nearby Paducah, KY. It became clear that if the government was going to let me work, it was going to be in some remote location away from the major east coast metropolitan area. And Paducah as I was to learn, is definitly remote.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Search For A Future Continues.

My situation at my parent's house was not much better than my situation at college. Whenever the government would do something to irritate me, such as tampering with my mail, my parents would refuse to discuss it with me. They would only reply that I should take my medication to help with my "mental illness". The situation became so tense that I avoided my parents as much as possible. I just couldn't understand how my parents could sacrifice my life out of fear of the government. To me, there is a point where you say enough is enought no matter who or what the evil is.

My attempts to find another research position was not producing any positive results. I had an interview with B&T Chemicals in September and the interview had gone extremely well. My experience at RAM was exactlly what B&T wanted, my chemical background fit their needs very well and one of the people who was to make the final decision was a University of Florida graduate which meant we had some common acquantences. I couldn't have asked for a better situation. I had left the interview with positive feelings and I was sure I would have received an offer if my situation were normal. Of Course, my situation was anything but normal.

About four weeks passed before I finally received a call from B&T secretary who asked if I was still interested in the position. She said a decision was going to be made the next day and that I was "high on the list". I said I was definitely interested and that I would need a response in quickly. I was then told I would be informed by phone of their decision within a day or two. I hung up the phone thinking that I had been through the same "we'll call you" scenario with RAM about six months earlier. As I expected, I never received a phone call and when I called back several days later, I could not get any kind of definitive answer in regards to the position available.

I never did receice any kind of response from B&T Chemicals. The whole experience had been used to create a lot of anxiety and in the end I was left with no job.

The episode with B&T Chemicals convincedf me that I should look elsewhere for some hope for survival. With the United Nations being only about 100 miles away, I decided to look to foreign countries for help. I drew up a form letter explaining my situation and in late November, I went to New York City to visit the United Nations Missions. Within a few city blocks, there are over a hundred different countries represented.

I concentrated by efforts on smaller, third-world countries which might be able to use my technical and teaching skills in some capacity. I avoided countries which I considered close allies of the U.S. I merely walked into a mission, handed the letter to the representative present and then answered any questions I was asked.

I weas pleasantly surprised at how well I was received at most missions. Many missions expressed regret over my problems with amerikan government, and then they would discuss possible positions that I might fill in their country. Unfortunately, most of the countries I approached had little or no chemical or computer industries, but some still expressed interest in my teaching skills. Several countries promised to reply by mail in a couple of weeks.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Big Nazi amerikan government afraid of one poor individual!!!!

During my classes and during my visit to a local high shcool there were subtle harassing incidences that would have been difficult to prove. However there was one incidence that demonstrated how The Crazies constantly kept track of everything I was doing and how the people around me knew I was a political prisoner and torture victim.

In early November was scheduled for an interview by a faculty member of the education department. The interview was a routine requirement for gaining teacher certification. My interviewer was Dr. Mulika, whom I had never before. For about ten minutes he asked routine questions and everything was going smoothly. Suddenly, in response to an answer I had just given, Dr. Mulika looked directly at me and asked, "I that when you went to work for the government in Washington, DC?" I sat there momentarily stunned. There was no mention of the government or Washington in any of the papers I had given him or the education department. And I never mentioned anything to any of my classmates about the government or Washington. The one exception of course was my Russian friend and I'm sure she wasn't the source. I concluded the comment was designed to trigger off on a tirade which could then be used to disqualify me from teacher certification.

I quickly regained my composure after a period of silence and replied, "I never worked for the government." Mr. Mulika didn't try to explain his commemt. Then the interview went on without further incident. The whole conversation served to let me know that Big Nazi Brother was watching me.

Immediately upon leaving the interview, I realized that I had no proof that I had been terrorized in the middle of a routine but important interview. I decided to confront Dr. Mulika and find out why he had asked the question about the government. I found him and Dr. Bagford, an instructor in one of my classes in a narrow corridor of offices. I stood in the middle of the corridor so that I could not be ignored and then calmly asked Dr. Mulika why he thought I had worked for the government in Washington, DC. Both men immediately became hostile and Dr. Bagford quickly made reforence to some sort of disability. When I restated my question to Dr. Mulika, he asked me in a threatening voice if there was any moral, physical or mental reason why I shouldn't be certified to teach. He had no intention of answering my question and his sole response was to threaten me. I didn't need any further proof that his comment during the interview had been planned.

I did find it interesting that Dr. Mulika did include "moral" in his question. By using moral as a qualification, he was not qualified for the position he held!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Going Back to School

The first couple of weeks taking classes was truly revitalizing since it was the first time in a year I had normal social activity. But after a couple of weeks the fear of the fascist government was not going to let me recover began to surface. I had learned that whenever I made changes, the fascist seemed to take a couple of weeks to get organized and start their harassment. Apparently the fact that I was becoming a normal functioning member of society again caused the ruling fascists concern because after a few weeks, strange events began occurring.

At first the harassment was subtle such as indication that my mail was being tampered with. I would later get proof and learn of other people who experience mail tampering at the hands of the Nazi amerikan government. Also, coincidences started to occur that would trigger memories of past terrorism. The coincidences also served to raise my level of alertness for future occurrences. Or as psychologists put it, it lowered my level of perception to stimuli. The net result was an increased sensitivity to any government terrorism.

My return to school was enjoyable at first. After a couple of hours in each class, I decided I could pass all of my course if I never went to another class the rest of the semester. In order to make school more challenging, I decided to see if I could the high grade in each class. That would keep me interested in going to classes and it would provide an incentive for learning the material. I was certain that I would have no problems with the classes even when the government terrorism became more severe during the upcoming holidays.

In a strange twist of fate, I discovered that one of my classmates was a language instructor and an immigrant from Russia! I quickly befriended her and she readily agreed to give me Russian lessons for a minimal fee. Since the government terrorism had terrorism had started up again, taking Russian seemed like the prudent thing to do.

My new Russian friend and I held several lengthy conversations in private. She made a couple of comments which I was glad to hear. First, she said she found amerikans amazingly politically niave. To her, it appeared that the amerikan people had no idea what the government was doing. I knew that to be true, but it is less true today, thanks to the internet, than it was in 1983. Second, she said that amerikans were obsessed with money and that they did not know how to enjoy themselves and have fun. I had heard that comment before from other foreign acquaintances . Her third observation did not thrill me. She stated frankly that my only reasonable option was to leave the country as soon as possible. I knew she was right, but I didn’t want to believe her.

The thought of being run out of the country that I was born and raised in by a bunch of sick powerbrokers just did not sit well with me. After all that they had done to me I saw no reason why I should make life easy for them by running. They feared me and the TRUTH. If I ran, they had nothing to fear as I was concerned. Running seemed more of a benefit to the fascist psychopaths that it was to me. I would take precaution and prepare to run, but I would not accept running as my only possible solution! Psychopaths do not want people to know the truth about them and the amerikan government does not want the truth about it known.