Saturday, April 2, 2016


It was interesting talking to my sister the last time the Nazi terrorist were attacking me not too long ago.  Because my sister was dying from cancer she didn't have to fear retaliation from the Nazi terrorists if she didn't support their fabricated story of what destroyed my life.  She knew, as a lot of people know, that the amerikan Nazi terrorists had destroyed my life.  So at one point in our conversation, I said "maybe I should have gone to the White House for that small formal dinner with the President when I was invited.(Yes I was actually given an invitation which is pretty amazing given the Nazi terrorists version of my life and my life in near poverty.)  But my sister immediately responded. "No, you did the right thing!"  She responded with such alacrity that you could hear the anger and bitterness in her voice.

See, when the Nazi terrorists destroy a life, they also cause hardship, pain, suffering and death to those around you.  In their jargon these other people are just "collateral damage."   So some poor honest working class people suffer pain and destruction.  It's just too bad; collateral damage.  Amerika has no conscience and has lost its moral moorings.

My sister knew the destruction the Nazi terrorists did to her family too.   Of course, being from the working class there was nothing she could do about.   But, since she was dying from cancer, she could speak the truth even if the Nazi terrorist were listening in to the conversation.  What could they do?  She was dying, so terrorizing and threatening her would have no meaning.  She was FREE(as in freedom - you know that word the fascists throw around).

In the beginning of being a political prisoner, I use to wonder why the amerikan people would tolerate such evil, criminal activity.  Eventually I concluded that most amerikans just don't care and those that do seem to belong to the Nazi camp.

I just watched the movie "The Big Short" which is about how amerikan financial institutions commited fraud and in essence a glorified Ponzi scheme that caused the economic collapse in 2008.  Their crimes just about caused a worldwide depression.  The people involved in the corruption profited greatly and they were have a good time and saw nothing wrong in what they were doing.  They were just being elitist capitalist amerikans.  When  rational people who could see the criminal acitivity in the financial markets  confronted these criminals about the obvious impending doom, they just responded with the phrase I had heard so many times, "you don't know what your talking about."  In my case the response was and is, "There was no rigged federal trial and no one terrorized and tortured you."   And the happy, profiteering fascist elitists go on their merry way, leaving in their wake, pain, suffering, destruction and death of working class people.   The collateral damage in this case: 8 million jobs, 6 million homes and a 5 year recession.   Is amerika great or what?

And, as in my case, no one was ever convicted or even arrested for any criminal activity.  The fascist elite just went on their merry elitist ways and found new ways to commit fraud, crime, corruption and the destruction of new victims.

So who are these Nazi terrorists?  I'll explain in an upcoming post.  But they are everywhere -  they may be your neighbor, your local insurance salesmen, the clerk who waits on you at the store, at the bank or at the library.   As a fellow political prisoner put it, "They hide in the woodwork just waiting to come out and attack another victim."   These amerikan Nazi terrorist serve the fascist state for personal gain and they have little or no conscience. 

And, as in the movie The Big Short, the people who know what these scum-of-the-earth elitists fascists really stand for, just shake our heads in disgust and want no part of them and their fascist state.  Maybe in my next post I'll tell you how I really feel about the amerikan Nazi terrorist!