Friday, June 29, 2012

Psst - They are watching you!

Before I get into my experiences in Rolla, I want to relate an incident that happened not long before I left Paducah.  It illustrates to stress that was maintained by constant surveillance by various elements.

It was the middle of the week and I decided to stop in the Executive Inn Lounge to have a drink and talk with my guitar playing friend Stanley.  The place was pretty empty, but I did spot a woman I knew and she motioned for me to come over to her table and have a seat.  As soon as I sat down, I looked up to see two young men in suits come hustling in and take a table about 30 feet from where I was.  These two men stood out like a black man at a KKK rally!  First they both had suits on; second they were fifteen to twenty years younger than the average Executive lounge patron and third one of the men was a black man.  In all the times I had been in that lounge I had probably seen a man wearing a suit about ten times and  I had seen maybe two or three black men or women in the place.  These two men were very noticeable.

I motioned to the woman sitting with me and said, "See those two men over there?  They are federal agents following me, probably FBI."

"Really" she replied.

"I'll prove that they are following me.  When I get up and leave in a little while, I'll bet withing a minute of my leaving, they will get up and follow me out of the door."

She said, "OK, I'll watch when you leave.  Then stop by my store tomorrow and I'll let you know what happened.  I should be at the store by ten."

I sat at the table about another twenty minutes and then decided to leave.  As I got up to go, I reminded my friend to watch and told her I would stop by her store in the morning.  With that I walked past the two men in suits and exited the lounge unescorted.

The next morning, I drove to downtown Paducah and located my friend's store.  As I entered, my friend was at the other end of the store behind the counter.  When she saw me, she came running towards me.

"You wouldn't believe it!  About thirty seconds after you walked out of the lounge, those two men got up and rushed towards the exit.  They definitely were following you."

"Yeah, I know.  They were probably FBI."  I replied.  "They watch everything I do."

Now if I try and be nice - but I had learned that you never give fascist scumbags the benefit of the doubt - it is possible that these men were making their presence so visible to discourage the drug dealers who had been following me.  It really didn't matter to me, because all their presence did was create and maintain a high level of stress.  An remember I had never committed any crime - unless you consider knowing the truth about the fascist state a crime.

Monday, June 25, 2012

I had to accept the job offer in Rolla, MO just to get out of Paducah and to get some money.  I had no hope for a long term job and wondered how long I would be employed.  My last job in Paducah had lasted less than 9 months and my physical and mental condition was much worse now that when I took the Paducah area job.  Also, The Crazies had increased the level of harassment and terrorism as though they were making one last big push to get rid of me.

While I was still living in Paducah, I took a couple of days to drive to Rolla to find an apartment that was near the laboratory where I would be working and that I could afford.  On the second day, I found a small apartment in a rural area outside of Rolla and only a few miles from the laboratory.  I had refused the company offer to help me find an affordable place, because I wanted to keep my movement as random as possible.  I didn't want to give The Crazies any opportunity to set me up in some place where I would be confronted with more harassment at home.  At least in Paducah I had been fortunate enough to find places to live where the landlords and tenants tended to be sympathetic toward my situation.  I wouldn't be as lucky in Rolla.

Overall, it is hard for me to find anything good to say about Rolla, MO.  Even though Rolla is a University town, most of the people in the area tend to be uneducated and extreme in their right-wing political views.  A major influence in the area is the Army military base, Ft. Leonard Wood which militant locals refer to as their gun supplier.  Hate groups are aboundant and they all claim to hate the government which they describe as a  pawn for some nefarious, ill-defined Zionist plot.  And you don't find many afro-americans living in Rolla(1986).  More on that later.

While I'm on hate groups, The Crazies did allow literature from these various organization to reach me.  For some reason a letter from a girlfriend is intercepted by the fascist state, but hate literature from wacko groups made it to me with no problems.  You can see what the priorities and values are of The Crazies.  For a normal person, the hate literature of these groups would literally make you feel sick.  There is no way to describe it and I got rid of it as fast as I could.

These hate groups are usually headed by some retired military officer - Colonel or Major so and so, or the head of a group will identify himself as a former FBI agent.  The all claim ties to the fascist state.  And they all  use the Bible to justify their hatred.  I had never seen the Bible used so much to justify hatred and it was disturbing even to someone who had a very good reason to hate the fascist state.  If you go back in US history you will find that the Klu Klux Klan was a very powerful political influence at the turn of the 20th century and it was based on hatred and violence.  This is amerika folks.  And the fascist rulers at best ignore these groups and at worse, encourage them.

As I get more into my day to day experiences in Rolla, I will give specific events that show how prevalent this hate mentality is.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Fascist State - Get Rid of the Truth!

In an earlier post I said "people are crazy".  This is especially true when you consider some amerikans and their so called patriotism.  Shortly after the space shuttle incident I told several people that I knew well in advance about what had happened.  Of course, the word spread and in a short period of time, I started getting hostile reactions from some people.  It seems some idiots began to believe that I had caused or somehow was responsible for the space shuttle explosion!  If only I had such power.  People are crazy, but it convinced me that I should be even more guarded in what I told people.

Over the years I have had several instances where I had knowledge of events that were about to happen.  Most of the premonitions involved my personal life but sometimes they would involve events related to the fascist state or to the world.  One of the recent important premonitions was that I knew about six months before it happened that Bin Laden would be killed.  Not die or be captured, but killed!  If I had wanted to I probably could have found out more details as to exactly how, when and where Bin Laden would be killed.  I have often wonder if I had written to Al Jazeera if events could have been altered and history changed - that would have really driven The Crazies mad.

My life obviously was very stress filled.  I still had the crazies coming and going in my apartment and playing mind games to cause confusion.  They continued to censor my mail and play mind games with that, and I had drug dealers following me and making threats.  And of course, I couldn't have a phone in my apartment or I would have had harassing phone calls 24/7.  All of this was just a continuation of the plan to keep under extreme stress which had begun in June of 1976 some seven years earlier.  The Crazies only know how to do one thing - destroy human life.

I finally decided that I had to get out of Paducah so I let certain parties know that I had to move and soon.  Besides, I was running out of money.   Within a week, I received a letter from a high tech firm in Rolla, MO inquiring if I would be interested in a position there in their laboratory.  I updated my resume and sent it off.   I then waited, for a reply which came back positive.  I called the owner of the small company and he invited me to his company for an interview.  All of this happened within a couple of weeks.

The interview went well and I was given a job offer on the spot.  Within less than a month from my initial contact with a person who could help me, I had a job.  I was now going to live in the most central spot in the US - Rolla, MO.  Rolla is almost equal distance from the north and south borders of the US and equal distance from the east and west coast.  It is central USA.

As I have pointed out many times, The Crazies' only goal from the beginning was to get rid of me via death, prison or exile(the three options political prisoners have in the US). All efforts by The Crazies were directed toward getting rid of me.  For example, separating me all the people in my past, my family, my ex-wife, and anyone who might want to help me or care for me was to make sure that I did not have any reason to stay in the US. And of course, if I did commit an act of violence, The Crazies could always point out that I was the typical "loner"  and the media could have a field day with that.

For example, One Christmas when I was dating Joan in Paducah, I asked her if I could call Donna whom I had befriended when I was in Ft. Lauderdale. FL in late 1982.  When I called Donna, she was pleased to hear from me and then asked me why I hadn't responded to her letters.  I asked where she had sent them and she gave me my parents address precisely as I had given it to her.  Of course, I never received those letters because The Crazies had intercepted them. At least that is the best and most plausible explanation.  But again, you can't prove it which is why The Crazies always think they are so much smarter than everybody else. I still remember the famous Nazi words at Gamma Supplies, "You can't prove anything".  The Crazies may be more insane, but definitely not smarter.  Their objective of course was to take away any reason I might have for wanting to stay in this country and/or to live.

I have mentioned several times the book "By Way Of Deception" by Victor Ostrovsky a former Mossad agent.  In the Author's Note of his follow up book, "The Other Side Of Deception", Ostrovsky states that "given my capacity for recall was one of the main reasons I was originally sought by the Mossad".  He later states that  "I was now under the aegis of the Mossad, a member of the elite team, a protector of the state.  MY LIFE WOULD NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN".  How insane was it for The Crazies to recruit a person with a proven exceptional capacity to recall(me) as a slave for one of their schemes?  And I surely can attest that my life was never the same again.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Hell With Them

I had been prescient my entire life, but my ability to know future events to a new twist in 1985 and early 1986.  One evening I had flicked on the TV and there was President Ronald Reagan giving one of his ubiquitous speeches.  The topic that particular night was about the greatness of amerikan technology.  As I stood there listening to his rant, I thought to myself, “God you should do something to show amerikans that technology is not going to save them.  You should blow up a space shuttle or something like that.”  Then it hit me, there was going to be a space shuttle explosion.  The thing is, I didn’t know when or which space shuttle. 

When the next space shuttle launch was to take place (I believe it was around Oct. 1985), I just asked “is this the one?” and got a resounding NO.  I was a little disappointed and began to think maybe there wasn’t going to be a space shuttle explosion.  However, in January, 1986 there was a scheduled launch.  I was standing in the middle of my living room with the news on when they began talking about the next space launch.  So I asked myself, “is this the one?”  In an instant I had this vision – it was like I was watching a huge TV screen.  I could see a large blue background and suddenly there was this puff of smoke and the smoke split into two streams to form a Y shape with a curl on the top of the right side of the Y.  Then I was back standing in my living room.  I knew this space shuttle was going to blow up.  I bet a lot of you are now saying, “Boy this guy is nuts”.  But hang around folks, it gets better.

Several days later, I was standing outside of my place when my neighbor came running out of his house and exclaimed, “The shuttle just blew up!”  I didn’t even know that the launch was that morning because I knew what was going to happen, but on hearing the news I rushed into my home and turned on the TV.  I couldn’t believe what a saw!  There was a blue sky and suddenly a puff of smoke and then the billowing smoke split into a Y and the right side of the Y curled.  It was like watching instant replay.  The explosion being replayed on the TV was to the smallest detail exactly what I had seen in my vision about a week earlier.  I was impressed!

Let me back up for a moment.  If you wonder if I really believed that particular space shuttle would really blow up, my first thoughts on seeing the vision was to warn someone.  But as I thought about it, who would I tell, and even if I did find a person who might be able to do something about it, why would they believe me.  After all, The Crazies had spent years documenting that I was insane.  The only people who might believe me would be The Crazies themselves and as far as I knew, they could be the cause of the explosion for some political gain or even worse, they would use the information for their political gain.  After all, I was a slave to them and they loved to exploit me and then laugh at me.  So my conclusion was the hell with them – and I told no one.  And that is a practice I maintain to this day.  I could know the state of CA was going to break off and fall into the ocean tomorrow and I would not tell anyone.  The hell with them – why should I try to help people bent on destroying me.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


As the work spread about my exceptional ability to know things about people, the group that would gather where I sat increased in number.  Several people had mentioned to me a well known “Spiritual Advisor” who was famous in the Kentucky/Tennessee area and a couple of people suggested that I go talk to him.  At that point, I was beginning to question if I was fooling myself about the information I would give to people.  Could it be that I just be making it all up or was I really telling people the truth when I gave them information that came from out of the blue?  In science, something is not considered scientifically sound unless an independent person can reproduce your results.  So I decided to go see Spiritual Advisor, Bishop Jordan and see what he could tell me.

Bishop Jordan was located in Martin, TN which was good drive from Paducah.  I obtained his phone number, called him and set up an appointment to see him in a couple of days.  When the appointment day came, I hopped into my car and drove to Martin, TN.  When I arrived at his modest home, I rang the doorbell not knowing what to expect.  An elderly gentleman greeted me and invited me.  He led me into a small office like room where I sat in a chair and he sat down behind a table/desk.  I wasn’t sure what to say so started by asking him how much he charged for a consultation.  He replied that he didn’t charge anything, but donations were appreciated.

As we chatted, the phone rang and he took the call.  When he hung up he apologized for the interruption and explained that he had many clients around the country and that many of them would not make any major decision about their businesses, travel and other matters before first consulting with him.  Then we continued with our conversation.

At first, he told me a few minor things about myself until all at once “it hit him” just like it would with me when I was talking with people.  He stopped abruptly and said, “THEY BETRAYED YOU! THEY ALL BETRAYED YOU.  YOUR FAMILY BETRAYED YOU!  EVEN YOUR MOTHER AND FATHER BETRAYED YOU.”  I looked up at him and there were tears running down his face.  At that point I knew what I had told other people was truth and not my imagination.  He knew what had happened to me and he could feel my pain from all of the losses in my life.

We continued to talk about what had happened to me and then I mentioned that I was considering moving to Mexico to get away from all of the harassment.  Then he told me what I already knew.  It wouldn’t do any good; they (The Crazies) would follow me.  We continued to talk for a few more minutes and then I got up, left a small donation and left.

It is interesting that he never once told me or implied that I had done anything wrong or that I was crazy.  “THEY BETRAYED YOU.”  They had set me up as a witness and then betrayed me. Period.  And this was from a man who had never met me and who didn’t know me from Adam, to us an expression.  And this was before the internet so he didn’t Google me.

I left knowing that going to Mexico would not solve anything and that the only place I would be safe from The Crazies would be in a country like Cuba where The Crazies would have to risk exposing a spy or a fascist sympathizer in order to harass me.  In The Crazies’ insane world there are only two choices - Communist or Fascist.  A choice between two evils where you must make the fascist state your god or the communist state your god.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Fascist Contempt for the working people.

The Crazies must have been furiously mad when they learned that common insignificant american workers were forming a human shield to protect the life of a slave/torture victim.  It sure didn't fit there mantra that I was a paranoid schizo.  But support from fellow americans was not unusual.  I frequently heard comments like "kick them in the balls for us"(my personal favorite).  "People want to help you but the government won't let them."  "They (the crazies) have to know what they are doing is wrong."   Or someone would walk up to me, pat me on the back and say "Way to go." It really reflected what I had known all along.  When The Crazies picked me as a victim, they were waging war on all amerikan workers - and they, The Crazies and the workers, knew it.

I was always amazed that when I was out somewhere, it was not that uncommon for a complete stranger to approach me.  They would walk up to me with there hand extended and say, "I just want to shake your hand".

I would look at them and say, "Do I know you??"

"No, " they would reply.  "But everyone knows who you are and I just want to shake your hand."

The fact that The Crazies continued there unrelenting efforts to get rid of me only verified the contempt that these ruling fascist have for the amerikan people.

One evening after I had gone through the usual routine of being walked to my car, I began my drive home.  I lived about five miles from the Executive Inn and the part of town I lived in was a residential area with an intertwining maze of streets.   Since I knew I was frequently under surveillance,  it had become a habit to frequently check my rear view mirror.  On this particular night I quickly identified a lone pair of headlights that made every turn that I made.  It soon became obvious that I was being followed.  I led the person behind me to an area near where I lived and began making a series of right hand turns.  The streets were not that well lit and as I speed up at each turn, the car behind me fell further behind.   After a series of such maneuvers, I was able to get behind the car that had been following me.  When the driver of the other car realized what had happened, he sped off.  I followed until we reached a stop light. There I was able to get the license plate number, wrote it down, and then headed off towards my home.  The other car took off in the other direction.

At that time, Kentucky had a very nice, useful law.  If you had a license plate number, you could go to a State Police office and find out who was the registered owner of that license plate, and hence the owner of the car.  The officer at the desk was very cooperative and quickly ran the license number I gave him.  When he told me the name of the owner of the car, I was not surprised.  The owner was a man whom I knew had a reputation of being a local drug dealer!  One of the reasons I knew that is because I had on occasions had conversations with his ex-wife and on one occasion she related a story about how one day she was home alone when she went into the garage to look for something.  She opened a tool box, and there hidden under some tools was ten thousand dollars in cash and a hand gun.  Subsequently her husband admitted to her that he had sold some drugs.  Other people later confirmed that this man in question had a reputation as being a drug dealer.  There was no doubt that the local drug dealers were interested in me.