Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Success not allowed for "politically incorrect" prisoners.

One of the things I did was I bought and moved into a house in a nice suburb with a partner and co-owner.   I also started an online business selling nutritional products.  In a very short period of time, the business was generating a nice monthly income.  Unfortunately, I didn't get the money because the business was established under my partner's parent corporation which meant all the income went to the corporation.  I had to do things that way because of the ever present Nazi lovers and The Crazies.  The Crazies failed to get rid of me, but they continued to make sure I did not succeed in any endeavor.  Keeping me poor and dependent was critical to plans to keep me a prisoner.

The Nazi terrorism and constant threats greatly limited my ability to be successful in the business.  First, I (our company) was an independent contractor in a network marketing company.   This meant that to sell, you need to do a lot of one on one and small group interactions and presentations.  I couldn't do that because of the constant presence/threat of the Nazi lovers which meant I had to totally rely on web site sales.  Second, I had the opportunity to do a local radio talk show about nutrition and illnesses in which I could promote the company products.  I would have been a star in the company, but I couldn't do the radio show because  I had to keep a low profile.   Can you imagine the type of phone calls I would have gotten once the Nazi lovers learned I was on the radio.  Had I been able to do those two above activities, I would have done extremely well and probably would have developed a nice residual income which could have been maintained with very little effort.  And the company for which my partner and I had picked to be a distributor has grown exponentially since its conception in 1997. 

In fact, initially I naively started to talk to people at the race track about their physical problems and how I had products that might be able to help them.  Immediately I began to experience opposition and threats from certain people at the track.  I can't get into my entire situation as to how they were able to threaten me, but the threats and opposition was there and resulted in ending my efforts to sell product on a person to person level.  Only through an anonymous website could I sell product and generate money.  And that is very limiting in network marketing.

I will in the next post tell you the fate of the Nazi lovers that continued to deny me the right to life.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Despite Nazi efforts to bury me alive, I survived.

If you want to know what other people believe is the cause of the decline of the amerikan empire, you should watch the documentary available on DVD titled "KOCH BROTHERS EXPOSED".  It will show you how the amerikan system really works.

As I stated earlier, when I moved to Tampa, there were two very distinct groups of people in regards as to how they viewed me and treated me.  Today I will talk about the group that treated as just another person.  I was a friend who interacted with me in a normal day to day basis.  The other group, the neo-Nazi lovers, will be described in the next couple of posts and I will leave the latter post up until after the holiday so that current neo-Nazi lovers can get a glimpse of their future or lack thereof.

I would go into the Sports Club at Tampa Bay Downs and join a group of three to five people at one of the tables.  There we would spend the afternoon discussing various topics and watch the horse races that were simulcast from different tracks around the country.  Most of the people at the table were probably fifteen to twenty or more years older than me.   One was a successful business man from a northern city, one had been a lawyer for the government, one had been an executive with a large corporation and another had been a college professor.  I fit in comfortably with the group and I experienced NO Nazi type harassment or threats.  One day I did a favor for George Steinbrenner who had once been an owner of the track, and after that, I  would have occasional conversations with that local legend.  I was never a pariah there as The Crazies so desperately wanted.

One of the men I became friends with was Ray, a former corporate executive.  In addition to a successful career, Ray had played football at a then Big 10 college and was a starting fullback until a knee injury ended that endeavor.  He was also a Bridge Grand Master and had played in competitive Bridge tournaments around the country.  He had recently retired, moved to Tampa and was looking for something where he could devote his energies.

Ray decided that he wanted to own and race thoroughbred horses.  His first venture into that area of horse ownership was to join a partnership with BS Phil whom I will discuss in more detail in the Neo-Nazi group section.  From my knowledge of BS Phil, I knew Ray wouldn't stay in his relationship long with Phil and after one racing season, Ray decided to go on his own and purchase and own horses outright.  That is where I entered the picture. 

Ray knew I had a good eye for horse confirmation and what characteristics to look for in a race horse.  I would accompany him on trips to Ocala and out-of-state breeding farms in search of horses for purchase.  The horses he purchased were kept at farms in Ocala and we would make trips there to watch the work-outs and care of the horses.   An added benefit of the trips was that Ray would always take his classic Cadillac Allante convertible on the trips.

Among the other friends I made, was an elderly man who was learning how to use the computer.  Usually, he would mess it up and then call me to come over to his place to fix all the problems he had created.   The former government attorney tried to get me to go fishing and I did make several trips on "party" boats to go grouper fishing.  I even won the cash pool for catching the largest grouper on the boat on one day trip. 

I had a decent life, but I still didn't have any money.  After all, at that point in time I had been existing over 15 years with no real income.  So although I was doing well, I had a lot of catching up to do just to get my head above water.

I continued to win lots of things and I finally won a new vehicle - a truck, and then about three months later I won a $28,000 Toyota Van which I sold for the cash to pay the taxes on the vehicles and other items I had won.  Fortunately for tax purposes, I won the two "cars" in separate years by about fifteen days. Things were going great, but times change and The Crazies and the Neo-Nazis were getting restless and growing opposition to my successes and improved life began to appear.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bullying in the workplace in the news.

In The News:  The media is all abuzz about a NFL football player who quit his job because he was being harassed and bullied in the workplace.   What an amerikan concept!  The Crazies and Jack Kopac believe they are geniuses for doing that to me.  In regards to the latter, most people would claim that a manager who hires two thugs to beat up an employee is practice bullying!  Of course, The Crazies added a twist of having many people harass and bully me.  That allowed them to claim I was paranoid.  But finally someone has made harassing and bullying in the workplace a household topic.

It has always been politically incorrect if the harassment is sexual harassment and bullying.  You have to protect women in the workplace.  Still even sexual harassment is still condoned in certain work environments and no doubt some women exploit this.

I once stopped in the ACLU office in St. Louis to discuss my situation about not being allowed to work.  The lawyer there told me that he occasionally saw cases like mine; I told you I'm not unique.  Harassment and bullying are as amerikan as apple pie.  What he did say was that if I were a minority like a women, black or gay, they might be able to help me because there would be some group to support my effort.  But as a poor, white male, I was insignificant in the fascist state scheme of things.  Therefore, nothing could be done.  It really makes you want to admire a system that says you are insignificant because you are a Caucasian male born into a poor family.  I already knew that because I knew being a poor, white male was one of the main reasons The Crazies picked me.  I always knew that, but being told by a knowledgeable person that I was insignificant in the fascist state scheme of things was confirmation.

Also, cyber-bullying to drive people to suicide has become more prevalent in the fascist state.  Harassing me and bullying me in order to drive me to suicide was another stroke of genius of The Crazies.  Now The Crazies spend millions of dollars to develop their sophisticated mental torture techniques. But kids are smart enough to know how to do it without any special training or huge budget support.  The ease with which kids do it seems to put the neo-Nazis in the proper perspective.
There is not much there to cause respect.  Might is Right seems to sum it up.

In my next post, I'll get back to my life in Tampa.  I will contrast the people who treated me with respect and the neoNazi lovers who constantly attacked me.  When you learn the fate of the latter group, you will know why I just laugh at the present day neoNazi bullies and why I consider them so stupid.   To The Crazies, a working class person is just a slave to be exploited and used and The Crazies never tell the whole story to the people they use,  But I will.

Friday, November 8, 2013


I forgot to say why I could never be absolutely certain that I was going to win the furniture that was being given away.  I did talk to God about needing help, followed by a vision of my winning the furniture and then did subsequently win the items exactly as I had seen it in the vision.  What is interesting is that I had the vision about two to four weeks before the actual event and in that interim time if I ever thought about winning the furniture I would be "attacked" by pain.  Sometimes my whole body would be racked with pain, but most of the time, I would get a sharp, stabbing pain in the back of my head.  It was if some force didn't want me to believe the truth..  And the vision was the truth because it happened.

The attack by the pain was similar to the extreme rage someone or something had when I was suppose to die and didn't some years earlier.  At that time I could feel their unbelievable rage because I was still alive  In both of the above situations, there was some invisible force that was opposing me and God's will.  Dumb psychiatrists would say I was "crazy" and many religious people would want to believe that I was possessed by some demonic force.  But the fact is that there is a good and evil on this earth and you knowingly or unknowingly follow one or the other.  I was told many times by ministers and priests that my life was and is a classic battle of good versus evil.

In the case of the vision, God created a witness who, although could not confirm the vision, did KNOW that I would win the contest and hence the furniture.  And in the case of the sharp pain in the back of the head, there were other people who experienced the same thing.  It is a kind of mind control.  A sharp pain in the back of the head was to influence what you were thinking or believed.  People generally avoid pain, so if received a sharp pain every time you thought about something, you would stop thinking about it or stop believing it.  And while I knew I was going to win the furniture, I always had this fleeting doubt because of the painful opposition.  Crazy, huh?  Not if you believe Christ's words that SATAN is the god of this world.

The interesting thing is that there are other people who experienced the same sharp pain to the head and approached me about it.  I never said anything to them to lead them on.  They asked me about the pain they would experience in the back of their head when they had certain thoughts about what to believe or not to believe.  There was even an instance when a twelve year old boy said something that was politically incorrect and he immediately shouted "ouch" and grabbed the back of his head - seriously.

So why me?  I don't know but I do know that whoever originally set me up as a witness and viciously attacked me is so evil that the matter of which is good and which is evil is a no-brainer.

In my next post I'll discuss the two types of people who I met in Tampa and the interesting fates of the fascist state worshipers.

Points to Ponder:
I have often wondered why there is such an obsession in this society with zombies and the walking dead.  Maybe its an allegory.  So many amerikans seem dead inside to the point that the only thing that gives them life is attacking and destroying people who are alive.  Just a thought.