Monday, July 25, 2011

Mockery In The Hearing Room

I’m currently reading two books on psychopaths/sociopaths. And they confirm what I concluded from my experiences at the hands of The Crazies. First, psycho/sociopaths never have remorse, never have guilt and never do anything wrong. It is always some other persons fault. The trial rigging scheme was not stupid and poorly carried out. It was my fault that things went wrong. And I’ve been told that the people who were responsible and involved in the destruction of my life have no remorse. They didn’t do anything wrong. To quote one book, “a refusal to see the results of one’s bad behavior as having anything to do with oneself – ‘consistent irresponsibility’ in the language of the American Psychiatric Association – is the cornerstone of the antisocial personality diagnosis. I already knew that.

What surprised me was that I was also told that The Crazies destroyed me because they were envious and jealous of me. That seemed ridiculous to me at first since I was a nobody and The Crazies had wealth and power. However it turns out that the psycho/sociopaths seek to destroy out of envy the character structure of a person with conscience. Thus persons of strong character are often targeted by sociopaths. I was a person of integrity, honesty and moral character – things that psychopaths hate in other people. It destroys their illusion that they are superior because they lack a conscience and to prove it, they seek to destroy these people of character. This is Darth Korey exactly and it fits The Crazies who supported him. And it explains why The Crazies constantly tried to drag me down to their level and force me into situations where I was tempted to commit base acts. It was to confirm their belief that there was nothing wrong with THEM and that all people were really like them. Fortunately, 96% of all people are not like them – that 96% has a conscience. But that still leaves about 16 million disturbed, very dangerous people in the amerikan society. And many of them are in positions of power and influence.

The Public Defender sat there in shock. After a period of silence he quickly explained that I had not spoken on his recommendation and that given the negative verdict, I should be allowed to speak. With that, the Review Officer reopened the hearing. I made a few comments relating to my relationship with RAM and then the proceedings broke down into a general discussion in which Mr. Theil and Dr. Mengele said and used anything they could think of as an argument to keep me confined. Somehow Dr. Mengele forgot to mention that I had spoken with the Russian. But at one point Dr. Mengele asked my mother if she had ever heard me make any threats. My mother in her naive honesty stated that one evening six or eight weeks earlier I had stormed up the stairs to my bedroom and exclaimed that the executives of RAM should be killed. That event probably occurred after they never called me back with a job offer and did express my sentiments at that time. Then Mr. Theil produced the letter I had written to the Attorney General some eleven months earlier that referred to the Edward Mann incident. The Review Officer quickly accepted the letter as evidence. I and the Public Defender sat there in disbelief as the proceedings broke down into a lynch mob. Finally when all had quieted down, the Review Officer announced the same verdict. I was to remained locked up for at least another 10 days.

As I left the hearing room the Public Defender mentioned something about an appeal and then wandered off down the hallway with a bewildered look on his face. I truly believe that was the first time he had seen the Nazi amerikan state in action against one of its political prisoners.

What all this really amounts to is that the fascist amerikan state will not allow any view expressed that is contrary to their propaganda. I'm sure the fascist state regularly rigs federal trials for the benefit of select elite individual but very few working class people never even consider that or have any idea how it is done because they are constantly bombarded with propaganda to make them believe in the "justice system".

WHAT PROPAGANDA!? Well, look at all of the cop/legal shows on TV. On those shows the "bad guy" is always caught and the legal system works and prevails. On those TV shows, how many times have you seen a rigged trial where some psychopath walk away free and clear with money in his pockets. It doesn't happen ON TV. And whether you want to believe it or not, your view of the amerikan system is based mostly on what you see and hear in the media (corporate/state controlled). When I was in Cuba, the media there reflected the Cuban governments view of the world. They all do it, but it is still propaganda and indoctrination and not the real world.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How fascists deal with reality and justice.

I knew my fate had already been determined, but the whole affair was so ludicrous I decided I was going to fight. Since I had been informed that my “trial” would be on the fifth day of my confinement, I had plenty of time to prepare for the kangaroo court I was to face.

By constantly badgering the hospital staff and calling my attorney, I learned that nothing that had transpired more than 30 days prior to the complaint could be used against me. I quickly summoned my personal papers from my parent’s house and gleefully found that my last phone conversation with anyone at RAM had been over thirty days prior to the complaint. So even if I had said something that someone interpreted as threatening towards RAM, which I hadn’t, it could not be legally used to keep me confined. With that knowledge I decided I would quietly go along with the game and wait for my hearing.

In the interim, I had daily meetings with hospital psychologists and psychiatrists. On the third day, I met with my old nemesis, and chief administrator of the mental health ward, Dr. Mengele. This is the psychiatrist whose colleagues stated that Dr. Mengele was on the wrong side of the desk! He asked me if I knew why I was being confined and then went into a speech about how I was paranoid. I sat there quietly listening to his bullshit for as long as I could and when he finally finished his little rehearsed tirade I said point blank “The Russians don’t think I’m paranoid.”
Dr. Mengele sat there stunned and didn’t move a muscle for about thirty seconds. Then in a tone of amazement he asked, “You have spoken with the Russians?!”
“Yes, and they didn't seem to think there was anything wrong with me. In fact, they were very helpful.” I calmly replied.

The usually loquacious Dr. Mengele was at a complete loss for words. He merely motioned for me to leave his office. I got up and exited while Dr. Mengele sat there with a blank look on his face.

The Crazies whole plan relied on my hearing only one thing; I was mentally ill. No contrary view was allowed and to have a third party refute their mantra was a devastating blow to their charade. And it made scumbags like Dr. Mengele look exactly like the base psychopath he is. But it really made him look bad to know I had some sort of proof that he was a lying Nazi scumbag.

I decided to use a Public Defender at my hearing and I knew what the outcome was going to be no matter what anyone said. The day of my hearing, the Public Defender showed up at the Mental Health Ward about 15 minutes before the scheduled hearing. After listening to my proposed defense, he said he would let me speak for myself. With that brief conversation, we headed into the hearing room.

When I entered the hearing room I was surprised to see in addition to the Review Officer, Dr. Mengele, Mr. Theil were two men dressed in the traditional RAM grey pin-stripped suits and my mother and sister. Since I purposely had not told my mother or sister when my hearing was scheduled, I was annoyed by their presence. The conservatively dressed men turned out to be an in house lawyer and an external council for RAM. They were dismissed from the hearing because OFFICIALLY RAM had no stake in the hearing. The it is a minor legal point, the complaint had been signed by Mr. Theil who was acting on his own behalf and not as a representative of RAM. Apparently the ruling powers at RAM had overlooked that fact or they just wanted their interest in my fate to be known.

The hearing started with Mr. Theil presenting what he had stated on his written complaint. His charges were quickly dismissed because the alleged threats had allegedly taken place during a phone conversation with an unidentified third party and the supposed conversation had transpired more than thirty day prior to his filing the complaint. His evaluation of my mental state was negated by his own admission that he was not qualified to make such a judgement.

Next, Dr. Mengele presented his findings. He stated I was paranoid and in need of treatment, but he not conclude that I had made any threats to anyone or that I was a threat to myself. He forgot to include that he was a lying piece of Nazi crap(see the movie "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest" to see a reenactment of Dr. Mengele. At that point it became my turn to speak. As I started to speak, the Public Defender interjected and requested an opportunity to speak to me outside of the hearing room. His request was granted.

We went into the hallway and the Public Defender grabbed me by my arm, turned me toward him and exclaimed "Don't say anything. We won!"

I looked at him in disbelief because I knew I would not be released no matter what the legal arguments were. I was a political prisoner - a threat to the lies of fascist state. I HAD NO RIGHTS! So I calmly said, "What do you mean?"

"They didn't prove anything. There is no evidence that you are violent or a threat to anyone so they can't keep you." Dr. Mengele even testified that he didn't consider you dangerous," he excitedly exclaimed.

I knew what he said was true, but I also knew I was confined because I was a political prisoner. However, I agreed with my attorney to say nothing. As we headed back into the hearing room I was thinking "boy is he(the Public Defender)in for a surprise. He doesn't know what amerika is all about."

Once back inside the hearing room the Public Defender told the Review Officer that I had decided not to testify. With that statement the Review Officer said, "It is the finding of this hearing that Russell is a threat to himself and others and he should be confined for treatment for ten additional days."

Monday, July 18, 2011

How The System really works.

After the policeman conferred, they agreed that I could call an attorney. I called an old former friend and explained my situation. After a lengthy discussion he said I should just go along with the police to the hospital where a doctor would have to examine me before I could be confined. I agreed hung up the phone and told the officers I was ready to go. I also felt the advise I had been given was worth what I paid for it. Nothing!

When I arrived at the hospital, I was escorted to a waiting room in the emergency ward. The policemen left and two hospital security guards relieved them. There I sat uncomfortably waiting to be examined by a doctor. After a few minutes, a man walked in, asked me my name and then stuck a thermometer in my mouth. He stood there for a minute, took the thermometer out of my mouth, glanced at it and then walked out of the room. Then a nurse came in and told me the security guards would escort me to the sixth floor mental health ward. I asked the nurse when I would get to see the doctor as I was legally suppose to be examined before I was confined to the mental health ward. The nurse calmly said that the man who took my temperature was the examining doctor and that I was now admitted to the mental health ward. Once again I impressed by the amerikan legal system and the way it was used to lock up anyone at will if the government decided that's what it wanted. All of my conditioned, indoctrinated beliefs about amerika and it's (in)justice system were now totally disitigrated. I quietly went with the security guards were I was put behind locked doors.

After a night in an isolated room under constant observation, I awoke to the fact that I had been tried, convicted and sentenced to an institution and now my battle was to free myself from the incarceration. I quickly learned that I could be detained up to five days just on the basis of William R. Theil's complaint regardless of the validity of the charges. However, by the fifth day I had the "right" to a hearing where my fate would be determined. I could now really understand why fascist tyrannical governments like the US used "mental illness" as a method of confining political prisoners in preference to the cumbersome criminal system. By using the charges of "mental illness" the government avoids the charade of a public trial and all of the other judicial procedures involved in criminal proceedings that are so important to the average, indoctrinated amerikan denizen. The "mental illness" system by-passes all of that nonsense and provides a quick, direct route to confinement.

This quicky conviction system also puts the psychiatrist in the position of being a super cop. All a psychiatrist has to do is say someone should be confined and it is done. And most psychiatrists that I had the displeasure of knowing operated as wards of the state just like the psychiatrist did in the book "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets' Nest." I really urge everyone to read the book or see the movie to see how psychiatrist really work and how they operate within the fascist system. I've been there and I know what I went through and most of the psychiatrists I meet were exactly like the character in the book and movie. And of course, they all say, "We just want to help you."

Somewhere along the way, I will describe who is confined to and what really goes on in mental health wards.

I also just read a brief on a new book which has the premise that many CEOs and other executives and some psychiatrist which serve the fascist system have become psychopaths that are obsessed with being successful. I'm going to read the book and I have stated many times that to be really successful in this fascist system, you need to exhibit psychopathic behavior. This behavior has been euphemistically called "running things like a business" - it is a real big catch phrase now for governments. What it really means is to hell with the amerikan people and more power to the elitists.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The war that will never end in my lifetime.

I never did learn and still don't know who the person or persons were that I "inflicted or attempted to inflict bodily harm." Of course reality has no place in fascist amerika(proof that amerika is fascist is coming soon). In this country, The Crazies just say and do whatever they want and that becomes the official "reality".
I went on to the second page of the complaint. This part was hand written and signed by William R. Theil. It read:
" I am employed by RAM in a site security manager. It was my duty to deliver a separation allowance check to Russell on 5/12. At that time I noticed he was very depressed, confused and apprehensive. I was informed by a family member that Russell was seen placing a gun in the trunk of his car on 5/9 and I should be cautious. This caused concern since Russell made threatening phone calls to RAM (his former employer) and made reference to a letter to the president, said he visions and saw RAMer's at the end of his rifle. I feel Russell should be examined as he may be a threat to others in his present mental state."

Interestingly, there was no copy of the letter, there was no colloborating signatures or statements and I may have been depressed. After all, I had been brutally tortured for over 6 years, my marriage had been destroyed and I had been driven out of RAM. What I don't understand is why RAM representatives weren't concerned about that when I was employed by them. I surely wasn't confused because I knew the scumbag's visit was not to just give me a check and I was apprehensive of the motive of someone from RAM's goon squad showing up at my parent's house. The real purpose obviously was to force me to get psychiatric treatment.

But what was most revealing was that my pathetic parents were helping the fascist filth lock me up. It is true that I did put a 22 calibre target rifle in my trunk. In fact I had purposely done that to see how closely The Crazies were monitoring my actions. I had gone to a local junk yard and did some target practice, nothing more. But it shows you how STUPID THE CRAZIES ARE. I was not about to kill anyone. I was much more of a threat to The Crazies being out and telling people the truth about Nazi America. If I killed someone, a couple of people would be dead and I would be eliminated. Nothing would have been accomplished. I wanted these God Damn Nazi bastards to pay every day I was alive by letting people know what sick scum runs this country. This blog is an example of my intent. The Crazies took all meaning from my life so fighting fascism became the purpose of my life. I still can't believe they as so stupid as not to understand that. The ruling fascist just don't care; that is why 9/11 happened. You have to make them care!

It was now obvious that the purpose of Mr. Theil's visit two day earlier had been planned to give him an excuse to file the complaint so I could be locked up(again) and be forced to receive "treatment". I knew the lies in the complaint were designed to infuriate me. Then I glanced at my parents. They were both sitting there fully dressed with blank stares on their pale faces. They had been in bed when I came home and hour earlier and now they were waiting for me when I came down the stairs. They knew the police were coming that night.

I could see the scenario The Crazies had planned. I am awakened in the middle of the night by the police; then I am handed a fallacious complaint in front of my parents who appeared to have been forewarned. In my highly emotional state I assume I was expected to fly into a fit of rage, yell and accuse my parents of betraying me. The whole thing would have further served to document my paranoia and "mental illness". Instead, I turned to the officers and said, "I'd like to call my attorney."

Later there is absolute proof that my parents knew the government was behind all of my problems. This whole above scenario is why I never wanted to head back to my parent's place. I knew The Crazies would destroy that relationship too as they had destroyed everything else in my life. Apparently The Crazy fascists only know how to destroy. Take a look at Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanastan, and Lybia. Destroy, destroy, destroy. Any old excuse will do.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Family Betrayal

My days were filled with rage and anger. I was now receiving Social Security Disability for "mental illness", but I was still heavily in debt. As a side note, if you want to see what Psychiatry is really all about, read the book(Steig Larsson, who is a fellow anti-Nazi) or watch the movie "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest".
I was considering filing bankruptcy when I received money from an unexpected source. On the afternoon of May 12, I was watching TV at my sister's house when my mother came to the door. She greeted me by saying two men from RAM were waiting to see me at her house which was just a short distance across the yard. Since I had not had any communication with anyone from RAM since the infamous no return call over a month ago, my first question was "What do they want?"
"They said they just wanted to talk to you". My mother replied.
"OK" I said, and I closed the door.
I had no idea why two men from RAM would come to Scranton to talk to me, but I knew it could only mean trouble for me so I went back to watching TV and just ignored the whole situation. A few minutes later the phone rang and I knew it would be my mother. I answered it.
"The men from RAM are waiting. They say they have a check for you", my mother said in a pleading voice.
I couldn't explain to my mother that two men from IBM did not come all the way to Scranton just to give me a check. After all, they could have sent it certified mail with signature required if they were concerned about my getting it. So I said "I'll be right over" and then hung up. I went back to watch TV.
Pretty soon my father came over to my sister's house and pounded on the door. "Now get over here and talk to those men. They have a check for you." My father shouted angrily.
Now my parents were niave, 8th grade educated people who were classic examples of people from Stanley Millgram's studies on "Obedience To Authority". If somebody from a large corporation like RAM or someone from the government told them to betray Christ, they would do it. They just didn't know any better. And my parents could never understand the sinister methods the ruling fascists use. I also knew I could never win an argument with my father because he had no idea about torture and terrorism and I would end up sounding irrational and it would have caused more bad feelings. I decided to go face the RAM representatives.
I slowly walked across the lawn adjoining my sister's and parent's house to face the situation. The first thing I noticed was that the men were not the slick looking, well-dressed sales type from RAM, but rather they were large, motely dressed with crude appearances. To me, they looked like "hit men" and I would later refer to them as being from RAM's goon squad. (Notice that there were two of them - remember, two lying Nazi scumbags trump the truth of one honest person). The first man introduced himself as Mr. Theil from the RAM site where I had worked, and the other man as Mr. McKee from the RAM headquarters in Amok, NJ.
Mr. Theil explained that RAM had sent me my severance pay immediately after I had left the company. But since the checks had never been cashed, they decided to reissue the check. I concluded that Mr. Theil was telling the truth since I had burned all correspondance from RAM. Mr. Theil then handed me a severance check plus a refund check for a stock fund I had maintained while employed by RAM. I made sure the entire conversation went on in front of my parents, who were standing on a near-by porch. I didn't want to be misquoted in the future.
Finally Mr. Theil asked if there was anything RAM could do for me. With the presentation of the checks, I lapsed into one of my moments of weakness. I decided them RAM was trying to help me! Of course, that is common with torture victims - the victim lets their guard down when even the slightest act of kindness is shown towards them. I motioned for Mr. Theil and Mr. McKee to walk towards my sister's house away from my parents.
Mr. Theil repeated his offer. "Are you sure there isn't anything we can do for you."
"No," I responded. "Just leave me alone."
Then Mr. Theil went into a speech on how he felt I should seek professional help. The suggestion infuriated me after all the hell I had gone through with psychiatrists while I was at RAM. (Again I suggest you should watch the movie "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest" for a realistic view of psychiatry). I politely told the two men to leave. Both men returned to their car, said good-bye to my parents and left. I felt a sense of relief with their intimidating, terrorizing presence gone.

My father quickly pointed out how foolishly I had acted and his comment quickly brought me back to reality.

"Damn it pop! They didn't drive all the way up here just to give me a check. You just don't know how they operate."

I felt frustrated at both of my parents insistence that the IBM representatives visit was purely a congenial business call. I knew better and I was angry that I had fallen into that line of thought for those few minutes when I talked honestly with them.

I kept waiting for something to happen, but the next day was uneventful. However, the following evening I learned the real purpose behind the unexpected visit by the RAM gestapo agents. It was Saturday and I made my usual visit to the Holiday Inn for a drink and some conversation. As usual, I was not feeling well so I headed back home about eleven PM and went directly to bed. I was sound asleep when my mother, who had been in bed when I came home, called me from downstairs.

"There is someone down here to see you," she called.

I glanced at the clock and saw it was midnight. I stumbled around to find some clothes to put on. I wondered who would want to see me in the middle of the night. I hurriedly went down the stairs and was promptly greed by two police officers. Since I knew I hadn't done anything wrong, I was a little confused."

"Are you Russell ......?", The larger of the two policemen asked.

"Yes." I replied. "What do you want?"

"We have a complaint filed against you by a Mr. Theil of RAM. We have to take you over to the local hospital and have a doctor examine your."

The one officer was holding a paper in his hand.

"May I see that?" I asked.

He handed me the complaint. I read the complaint in total amazement. The first page had several standard paragraphs typed. A box had been checked next to the one which read:

Russell ..... "Clear and present danger to others shall be shown by establishing that within the past 30 days the person has inflicted or attempted to inflict serious bodily harm on another and that there is reasonable probability that such conduct will be repeated. A clear and present danger of harm to others may be demonstrated by proof that the person had made threat of harm and has committed acts in the furtherance of the threat to commit harm.


There are practical reasons for locking someone up in the middle of the night. For the most part, the system is shut down so nobody is available to stop what is going on and once you are locked up, it becomes the victims burden to prove their innocence and to free himself. In fascist amerika, you are guilty until proven innocent and I even took a law course where that was the first thing the instructor stated. He wanted to correct the indoctrinated misconception that most amerikans have. Once you are locked up, you have to prove you are innocent - not the reverse!!!!

This is where the fascist states' attempts to get rid of me really starts to get interesting. Stay tuned and please watch or read "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets' Nest." It is how fascists really work and how they get rid of people who know the TRUTH! Steig Larsson passionately opposed the fascists in his country.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Amerika Today, July 4th

Here are two quotes that I believe truly reflect Nazi amerika and much of the rest of the world today.

"All three negative utopias make it appear that it is possible to dehumanize man completely, and life will go on. One might doubt the correctness of this assumption and think that while it might be possible to destroy the human core of man, one would also in doing this destroy the future of mankind. Such men would be so truly inhumane and lacking in vitality that they would destroy each other.... it would mean a world of madmen and hence not a viable world."

"And it seems to me perfectly in the cards that there will be within the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude and producing......a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, mind control or mind controll enhanced by pharmacological methods(drugs)."
The original statement used the word brainwashing instead of mind control. I substituted mind control because brainwashing has a fantasy connotation associated with it.