Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"UNBROKEN" - My present day world - GOOD vs EVIL

The book or the movie "UNBROKEN" describes my present situation in what can best be described as the classic battle of good vs evil.  The crazy Nazis always have some people(the commandants)  who are constantly trying to make my life (the prisoner) unbearable in order to silence and defeat me.  While I may not be overly "good", my enemies are so atrociously evil that the situation of good vs evil in my situation is a no-brainer.

And as always, God's guiding hand is there to show me the truth.  I was channel surfing Sunday morning when I came upon a sermon.  Two lines sum up the sermon and really stood out.  First, "The devil is the oppressor"  and second, "The devil will try to wear you down until you give up".  38 years of Nazi terrorism should qualify as trying to "wear you down".

Now, proof that there is an evil force (Satan) which supports the fascists.  During the height of the Nazi torture and terrorism,  I suddenly began to get a sharp shooting pain on the back right(no pun intended) side of my head.  I soon notice that the pain was associated with certain thoughts.  If I had a politically incorrect thought or if I had some hopeful thought of ever having a decent life, I would immediately get this sharp shooting pain.  I started to view the pain as "instant thought control".  A politically incorrect thought resulted in the pain!  It didn't matter if my thoughts were correct or true, I would get the pain if the thought was politically incorrect.  I was if some external evil force was trying to force me to believe or accept Nazi lies.

Now before you start thinking, this boy has been out in the sun to long, let me tell you how strong and sharp the pain is.  I was visiting a house and was talking and joking around with a 12 year old boy.  As part of his playing around, he made a very politically incorrect statement.  IMMEDIATELY, he shouted OUCH and grabbed the back of his head with his right hand.  He had been zapped and it was painful enough to a child to make him cry out in pain.

Was it just me?!  No,  I had a good friend and one day I was angry at her for something she had done to irritate me.  We were alone in the car with the radio on when I asked her why she had done the irritating act.  She responded "I WAS TOLD IF I DIDN'T DO WHAT I WAS TOLD TO DO, THEY(the ubiquitous they) WOULD DESTROY HER TOO.  What's interesting about that is that the fascists view workers as slaves who if they don't do what they are told to do, they destroy your life.  It is James "Whitey" Bulger running the country.  That is the exact mentally that I experience when I had the vision after I asked God  what kind to people do the things that were being done to me to destroy my life. - NO MORALITY!   What is the US response to any third world country that doesn't obey amerika.  The bomb it into oblivion.  Any wonder why the world is in such a sad state.  But I digress.

I was very close to that person and much latter when we were talking about my situation, she asked me "Do you cause the pain in the back of my head?" and she put her right hand to the back of her head.  I just shook my head and said "no".  But she had been experiencing thought control by some evil source.  We didn't discuss it anymore because it is so bizarre that you sound crazy discussing it.
But subsequently to that, other people asked me about the pain in the back of their head.  One woman called it the "ouchees".

So why would some evil force be attacking people with me as the focal point.  It seems reasonable that satan was protecting his great empire by attacking a person who knew the truth.  Christ did say that satan is the god of this world and the Bible say he is the ruler of nations.

Besides, who would believe me?  According to the fascists, I was crazy.  And when someone supports a victim who is suppose to be crazy, the fascists label that person crazy too - a historical fact based on other victims

More to come in the future.  It is getting interesting and down to the nitty-gritty of good vs evil and what do you worship and obey!!!