Monday, March 14, 2016

More than one way for the US to bomb people.

I haven't posted anything for a while, because how can anyone top the circus going on in the country now.  The circus, of course, is the political events/campaigns.  However, the following item about war in the middle east has been completely ignored by the fascist media.

Saudi Arabia, amerika's puppet government in the middle east has been carry out indiscriminate bombing campaigns throughout the region.  Here is what is going on currently as reported by Amnesty International.
"It's the war that no one is talking about. Thousands of civilians have been killed and injured by the Saudi Arabia(/US)-led coalition since the conflict began in Yemen.  Where is Saudi Arabia getting the bombs to do it? One major seller is the U.S. Government.  And now President Obama has authorized the sale of over 18,000 bombs and 1,500 warheads to Saudi Arabia."   Get involved, write to your representatives.

"Saudi Arabia's government has led a devastating campaign of unlawful air strikes and bombardment of civilian targets in the next-door country of Yemen.

Yemen is in a humanitarian crisis, with over 2.5 million displaced, and 82% of the population in need of some form of humanitarian assistance.

While all sides have committed violations, a UN report found that Saudi Arabia-led coalition airstrikes were responsible for most of the civilian deaths in Yemen's conflict.

The Saudi Arabia-led coalition declared the entire city of Sa'da—civilian homes included—a military target, which is in direct violation of international humanitarian law."

Note added:  Calling the elections the "Circus" is not a reflection on the current candidates, but rather a statement about the election process.  I've been calling the elections a Circus that comes to your town ever 1.2 and 4 years ever since I learned amerika is a fascist state some 30 years ago.  The elections are fascist candidate 1 versus fascist candidate 2 - no real choice.