Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Before I get to my message for today, I read yesterday that according to a congressional report, the Cowardly Idiots Association (CIA) lies to its own employees.  Of course they had a rational for it, but knowing that, how could anyone truly believe in "Weapons of Mass Destruction".  But it worked - look at the hell it has created.  The triple Ds, Destabilization, Destruction and Death - what the CIA works for.  BACK TO THE MAIN TEXT:

Every time I hear someone say "I don't care if the government listens to my phone calls.  I haven't done anything wrong", I want to grab that person and slap them silly.  That person is expressing total, complete ignorance on how indoctrination, mind control and totalitarian states work.  When I first began to work for  Gamma Supplies, one of the first things I became aware of was my lack of privacy. There was no working lock on my office door and my desk drawers where I kept my files had no locks on them.  Since security in research is next to Godliness, I immediately went to pathological liar Jack Kopac and asked for locks to be installed.  He immediately went into this routine about being a small company, and that locks weren't necessary.  This was from a man who was "leading" a case in a patent infringement lawsuit on which the company's defense would be based on my results in the lab.  I knew he was full of sh.. at the time, but he was my boss.

The lack of locks meant that anything I did was available to anyone who wanted to come into my office.  The only exception was the files I kept in my locked Samsonite briefcase.  The locks on that brief case were minimal and anyone with knowledge  of locks, and/or a set of Samsonite keys could easily open my briefcase.  It turned out, that frequently when I was out of my office in a controlled situation(meeting, visit to another company, etc.) that whenever I came back, I would notice my briefcase had been moved, or something on my desk was just not right.  And on at least one occasion, papers in the briefcase had been deliberately moved.  Jack Kopac and whoever was behind the trial rigging wanted me to know that everything I said and did was being monitored.   I kept asking myself why??? 

It was only later in my life when I started studying mind control, mental torture and stress,  that I learned LACK OF PRIVACY is a key and necessary element in mind control, indoctrination and terrorism(FEAR).   I NOW know why I had no privacy at Gamma Supplies and to this very day, this lack of privacy and confidentiality technique is used against me. 

Let me give you an example of how innocent, personal information conveyed in a phone call can be used against you.   While at RAM, I had need to call a former colleague for some technical information.  During that conversation, my friend asked me about my problems with Gamma Supplies.  I told him I was still being harassed and that I was probably going to have to go to the FBI.  We ended the conversation and I went back to work at my desk.

Within about 3 minutes of that call, my immediate manager came into my office and said he wanted to talk to me in his office.  I went down the hall to his office and he closed his door and started talking about nothing specific. I was beginning wonder why he had called me into his office, when he got to the point.  He said that if I went to the FBI about my problems,  RAM would not be able to allow to continue working there.  In other words, lack of privacy was being used to generate fear by threatening me with unemployment.  This message was delivered immediately after I had talked to my colleague on the phone and I had never mentioned to anyone prior to that about going to the FBI.   The faster illicit information  is used against the victim, the more effective it is.  In this case, if the manager had waited a week and then brought up the subject of the FBI, the terrorizing effect would have been greatly mitigated or non-existent.

The idea of going to the FBI demonstrates how indoctrinated I was in that I believed in the amerikan system.  You now can see in movies like "The Insider" and the current hit movie "Concussion" how business and government work together against the innocent working class victim(s).

Lack of privacy is KEY to keep people in line in a totalitarian state.  Monitoring your phone calls, searching you home, keeping track of what you read in books and on the internet, tracking your movement(cameras) with or without your permission or knowledge in the name of national security is no minor violation of your rights.  It creates insecurity which makes you vulnerable to indoctrination and it generates fear of Big Brother!

FEAR and how it is generated is the topic of my next blog.

NOTE ADDED for all those people I want to slap silly.  I never did anything wrong or KNOWINGLY did anything illegal yet everything I say and do is used against me!!!!!  And for all those Nazi jackasses out there, I know "everything" is a hyperbole.