Monday, March 30, 2009

Gamma Supplies Make My Last Days Hell

With my rejection of the Tenneland offer and Gammma Supplies' rejection of the consulting contract, I considered myself at war with whomever had set me up as a witness in the law-suit. I spent time at home documenting as much as possible what had happened during the previous seventeen months at Gamma Supplies, and I spent most of my time at work getting ready to leave. I had handed in my letter of resignation in the first week of December and my last day of work was to be December 14, 1977. I dreaded each and every day of those two weeks because Gamma Supplies' plan seemed to be to create as much anger, anxiety, paranoia and fear as possible. Every action done by people at Gamma Supplies was designed to keep my emotions running out of control.

Almost daily, Darth or someone else would do something to make me angry. The
actions ranged from minor comments made by Jay and Carl concerning my status at Gamma Supplies to more serious actions like those of Jeff Teller. Jeff had been out of work for a couple of days with a virus and when he came back to work he said the doctor had told him a serious illness had been going around that affected the throat and respiratory system and that it was important to get antibiotics immediately to prevent serious complications. I told him good luck and to be sure to stay far away from me because I didn't need to get sick.

The next day Jeff came into my office and started coughing. I asked him to leave, but he just stood there and coughed more in my direction. I was furious and yelled at him to get out of my office, but he ignored me. I didn't know what to do. I felt like hitting him, but since I couldn't do that, I pushed my way past him and rushed out of my office. Jeff followed in close pursuit, coughing all the time! Finally, I lost him but the situation was absurd beyond description. Here was an ill man deliberately coughing on me apparently in the hope that I would catch the virus. With the extreme stress I was under, catching such a virus could have serious consequences.

With all of the other excitement going on, I had forgotten to notify Costeal that I would accept their offer. I was not really looking forward to working at Costeal, but the job helped solve two major problems. First, Costeal would move my belongings by the end of the month. That meant I could close on the sale of the house by the end of December. Second, Costeal was located in Louisville, the home of the Better Supplies' attorneys. That meant I would be near someone I thought I could count on being an ally against whoever was behind the Gamma Supplies' scheme. The sooner I got a statement in writing, the sooner I would feel better. I made a call to Cruz Little, but he refused my call since I was still a Gamma Supplies employee. Idecided I would contact him after I left Delta Oil and was living in Louisville.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Psychopaths LOVE WAR and TERRORISM!

Last night I watched an hour long special on Bernie Madoff. Several of the interviewed people used the word "sociopath" to describe Madoff. However, if you read the description I gave below, maybe the correct term would be psychopath. He was very organized, charming and had a very normal looking life for a wealthy person. He also had no concern for his victims. The unusual thing about Bernie Madoff is that his victims were wealthy people who were duped. This is part of the reason his actions are so news worthy. If the victims had been poor working people, the news media would probably have ignored the story.

However, as in my dealings with psychopaths, Bernie Madoff left a lot of damaged lives behind.

I went back to my office and called Dan Gane. I had always considered Don to
be one of the more reasonable, rational people I had met while I was at Gamma Supplies and I was hoping he might be able to have reason prevail. I explained in my excited state the offer I had made to Gamma Supplies and the stated reason for their rejection. I toldhim I was interested in peacefully settling this matter, and I would go on my way and Gamma Supplies would not have to worry about me in the future. Dan said he would convey my message, but he didn't think it would do any good.

By now my emotions were running out of control. I was furious that “they” had
rejected my offer and preferred war, and at the same time I was scared because I
knew “they” could not just leave me alone. In rejecting my offer for the consulting
contract, “they” were declaring all out war, and at the same time they had totally
eliminated any attempt to go the Tenneland. I left work hurriedly and went
home to talk to Anita.

I had been keeping Anita informed of what was going on at Gamma Supplies, but she very little help in terms of advice on what to do. My emotions were so out of control that I would shout at her instead of rationally discussing the issues. As I talked to her the one thing that became clear was that she didn't want me to take the Tenneland job. It was also evident that my fear was becoming contagious and
she was beginning to react to situations in a scared manner. Soon I was trying to
calm her and trying to alleviate her fear that “they” might try to block the sale of the house. When I saw how frightened she was becoming, I decided to try to keep things more to myself. That was particularly difficult because of the hyper state that I was in.


That evening I called Paul Jones and informed him that I thought it best that I didn't accept the Tenneland offer. He said he was sorry to hear that and then hung up. Immediately upon hanging up, the phone rang. I answered and there was just a dial tone. I hung up. About thirty seconds later the phone rang again. I answered again and again there was just a dial tone. I hung up and turned to Anita and said, “It is just like at work. It's them”.

Just then the phone rang again so I motioned to Anita to answer it. She slowly picked up the phone and got the same response that I had gotten – a dial tone. She just looked at me with a terrified look on her face and hung up the phone. From that point on, I became terrified of the telephone.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My problems become the nations problems

From today's news:

For the American public, AIG now stands for "arrogance, incompetence and greed," said Rep. Paul Hodes, D-N.H.

Greed, arrogance and incompetence(ignorance) by others are the elements that led to the destruction of my life. When just one person is involved in their schemes the perpetrators have enough power to hide their crimes. Despite the wide-spread effects of Enron's actions, they succeeded in hiding their crimes for years.

It is only when the psychopathic crimes involve and affect so many americans that it can't be hidden any longer(the collapse of Enron and the collapse of the financial markets) do americans wake up and demand something be done.

america is a broken system and the powerbrokers and politicians of this country have broken it! For me personally it cost me everything in my life.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Psychopathic Criminal Mindset in america

The next day I went into Darth's office and inquired about the consulting
contract for six months.

Darth was blunt. “They said no! They consider it blackmail”. Then he
paused. “Not that we've done anything wrong. Besides, no one will ever
believe you. You can't prove anything.”

I was stunned. Here is Darth giving me the Richard Nixon “I'm no crook”
defense. Then I regained my composure and replied, “I'm sorry to hear that.
I really wanted a peaceful solution. You have a real problem here.”

I left Darth's office feeling more anxious than ever. Not only had “they”
taken a hard-line position, but “they” also considered me a real threat. The
whole situation seemed surreal. Here I was trying to save my career and my
life and those sick bastards considered me a blackmailer.
I now realize that people with their criminal mentality always look at other people in the same low-life mode. Psychologist call it “paranoid projection” which basically means if you see yourself as a scumbag, then all other people must be scumbags. You project your view of yourself onto others. And “they”, if they were in my position, would blackmail the other party. Also, since they believed that “I couldn't prove anything” and I knew I could, I began to worry about my physical well-being.

The problem with dealing with psychopathic criminals is that they can never understand nor do the care to understand that a normal, well-adjusted, mentally healthy person does not want to associate with them. A person of integrity would not knowingly associate with a serial killer. In my case, these psychopathic criminals had trapped me in their scheme and now I was their prisoner who wanted to escape from their grasp.

Since the people I was dealing with were obviously mentally unstable, I want to discuss the psychopath/sociopath personality. One major point made in dealing with the psychopath is, and I quote from an on line source:

Many psychopaths - not all, but many - are extreme narcissists. If you
hurt their ego, their reaction is visceral and extreme.”

“The difference between a psychopath and a sociopath is somewhat blurred,
least according to the fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of
Mental Disorders (DSM). The DSM-IV lists both definitions together under the
heading of Antisocial Personalities because they share some common traits. Many
see the term sociopathy, psychopathy and antisocial personality disorder (APD)
interchangeably. Professionals not only dispute whether there is a difference
between a sociopath and psychopath, but among those that believe there is a
difference, there is dispute over what those differences are.

Even those professionals that identify a difference note that traits of the
psychopath and sociopath are largely similar. Both the psychopath and sociopaths have a complete disregard for the feelings and rights of others.

Both the psychopath and sociopath fail to feel remorse or guilt (we've done nothing wrong). They appear to lack a conscience and are completely self-serving.THEY ROUTINELY DISREGARD RULES, SOCIAL MORES AND LAWS,UNMINDFUL OF PUTTING THEMSELVES AND OTHERS AT RISK.

A sociopath is more likely to spontaneously act out in inappropriate ways
without thinking through the consequences.

Conversely, some argue that the psychopath tends to be extremely organized,
secretive and manipulative. The outer personality is often charismatic and
charming, hiding the real person beneath. Though psychopaths do not feel for
others, they can mimic behaviors that make them appear normal. Upon
meeting, one would have more of a tendency to trust a psychopath than a sociopath.

Because of the organized personality of the psychopath, he or she might have a
tendency to be better educated than the average sociopath. While psychopaths can
fly under the radar of society, many maintaining families and steady work, a
sociopath more often lacks the skills and drive for mimicking normal behavior,
making 'seemingly healthy' relationships and a stable home less likely. From a
criminal standpoint, a psychopath's crimes are well planned out. For this reason, psychopaths are harder to catch than sociopaths as the sociopath is more apt to leave ample evidence in his or her explosions of violence.” *

*Quoted from

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How Slavery works in America

I turned toward Arnold Cline who sat there expressionless and waited for him to
say something. He finally sensed the uneasiness and said there was no further
business and dismissed the meeting.

What bothered me most was Bill James' comment which had been directed
towards me. His comment plus my knowledge about Ravi's unemployed status(a year later) made me feel very uneasy even though I had another job. Both my career and my life had been threatened and I was becoming more and more anxious about my future.

My trip that Saturday to Tenneland in Plains, TX did not go well. I met with Tony Jolson,the sales manger for the region along with the research manager from Texarkana, Arkansas laboratory, and the Plains plant manager. The day was full of coincidences which I tried to ignore. At one point as we were getting into the car to drive to the plant, Gordon Simms mentioned what a bright sunny day it was and how he couldn't stand cloudy weather. I took the remark to be directed to me because I had frequently made my views known on how I felt about cloudy, Seattle type weather. When I chose to ignore his remark, Gordon grabbed me by the sleeve, jerked my arm and then repeated the remark with a smile. Finally, I nodded and said I agreed.

At noon we stopped to have lunch at a small restaurant. During lunch we were
discussing company policy when I thought it would be a good time to show that I was willing to cooperate. In a friendly tone of voice I said, “I suppose if I had to give testimony in the litigation I'm involved in with Gamma Supplies, I would be given time off.” The response from the research manager was totally unexpected. He took the comment as a threat and immediately he retaliated. He started telling me about how they had hired someone just like me and then three months later, they fired him. He left no doubt that I should not feel secure just because I was going to get an offer. He was so angry that I didn't even try to explain my comment. If everyone was that touchy about my testifying in the future, things could never work out. After that incident, the interview went down hill.

By the end of the day, the research manager would not even shake my hand
good-bye. I left Plains wondering if the research manager even knew in depth
what was going on. I felt I was being forced on him and he greatly resented it. It
was a bad situation for everyone involved.

That Sunday evening, I got a call from Gordon Simms who told me everyone was
impressed with me and that they wanted to make me an offer! He then told me the
salary, the other conditions of employment and closed by saying that he wouldn't
bother to send me the offer in writing unless I accepted the offer. I told him I would like a few days to think about it before I made a final decision.

The strange thing about the Tenneland deal was that everyone else acted
ignorant about what was happening. Arnold Cline and Darth had to be well aware
of my dealings with Tenneland, and although none of us ever said so directly, we would talk about the situation indirectly. It was as if none of these negotiations were going on, but at the same time everyone concerned knew they were taking place. It was a very tense, strange and stressful situation.

The next couple of days I spent evaluating the situation and analyzing the
possibilities. I had forced Tenneland to give me an offer, but the situation had not turned out well. The man who would be my immediate supervisor was hostile towards me,and if I went there, there were no guarantees that things would be any different from the happenings at Gammma Supplies. And, I still would not have any job security. The Costeal offer was not very attractive and I couldn't really be sure what the situation would be like there. I finally decided I was under a lot of stress and that the best situation for me would be to take six months, get my sanity back and take some time to look for a job I really wanted. I needed some income to take six months to look for a new job.

After some consideration, I decided to offer Gamma Supplies a consulting contract for only one thousand dollars a month which was less than half of my normal salary. My consulting efforts would be direct them in how to develop a “Ice Box” system. In my free time, I would relax and look for another position. This situation would have allowed me to have minimum contact with the people at Gamma Supplies which would negate the incessant mind games they were playing.

Since I wanted to make sure there was nothing illegal about my offer, I discussed the terms with my neighbor who I retained as my attorney. He gave his OK and the next day I presented my offer to Darth. Darth replied that he would consider my offer and discuss it with “them” and get back to me. I left his office
feeling I had found a suitable solution for all. In hindsight, Gamma Supplies could have just offered me six thousand dollars severance pay and my departure could have gone smoothly. However, "they" did not want anything to go well or smoothly for me since I was just a lowly slave to them.

That night I called Gordon Simms at Tenneland and told him I could not accept his offer. He said he was disappointed and repeatedly asked why I was rejecting the offer. I told him I had decided to accept another offer.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Slave State threatens career - Bad Slave!

The Wednesday prior to my trip to Tenneland started out as a typical day
until about ten in the morning when I received a call from Dan Gane.

Dan: “I just received your letter today. What the hell were you trying to do by writing something like that?”

Just from the fact that Don swore to me told me he was in an agitated state and his and his tone of voice conveyed anger.

I replied. “Dan, I'm on my way out of here and I just wanted to get my views on
things down in writing. I told you back in January I had some different points of
view than Darth on “Ice Box” and they might come up in the future. I just wanted
you to know what they are.”

“Well the next time you want me to know something like that, just tell me; don't
put it in writing! Who else saw the memo?” Dan questioned angrily?

“Just Darth”, I answered. “I'll give him a copy today.”

Dan said very little else and closed the conversation, but from his tone of voice and manner, I knew my letter was potentially highly damaging to the Gamma Supplies' cause. I then went into Darth's office and left a copy of the letter on his desk.

Late that afternoon, I decided I wanted to talk to Arnold Cline. I went to his
office and found it empty but there prominently laying in the middle of his desk was
my letter. Now I knew for sure that Arnold Cline would be aware of what I had
written. Since Arnold was not in his office, I thought maybe I should wait a day or two before I spoke with him.

The Thursday prior to my visit to Tenneland, I was summoned along with
managers to Arnold Cline's office where Darth informed our management group
that there would be new improved medical coverage for managers. Darth then went
on to explain that there would be some other new programs in the future, and they
would be patterned after programs being carried out at DuPont. Remember that Gamma Supplies was suppose to be this little unsophisticated company and since Darth had
always professed to be anti big business, I jumped at the opportunity to intercede.

“Just because DuPont does it, does that mean it's good?” I asked.

Darth turned red, glared at me, stood up with his fists clinched. For a moment I thought we were going to come to blows. Then he regained his composure and said directly to me, “DuPont has a good reputation and their programs are sound.” He sat back down and there was a period of silence.

Then Bill James, who was sitting across from me blurted out, “Yeah, and maybe somebody is facing early retirement!”

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My War Efforts Begin In Earnest

At Gamma Supplies l I continued to be harassed on almost a daily basis. This did not make any sense to me since I was making every effort to find a peaceful solution that everyone could live with. At one point Ralph Sampson gave me a copy of an article about respect for your boss. Again it was an implied suggestion without actually saying anything that my rough treatment was because I had no respect for my bosses. I was so angry that I couldn't talk to him, but I wanted to ask him WHY WOULD ANYONE RESPECT PSYCHOPATHIC CRIMINALS?!. Fear them maybe; Respect them - NEVER!

The article created guilt feeling on my part as if I deserved the terrorism. Again, I was to learn later that generating guilt in the victim is a key element of of mental torture. On of the first things any interrogator does is try to make a captured enemy combatant feel guilty about the “crimes” he has committed. In my case, any guilt I may have felt was drowned out by the anger and resentment the article generated.

On the Thanksgiving weekend while my wife was at work, I typed a letter to
Gamma Supplies's attorney, Dan Gane. In the letter I stated my positions on several legal matters concerning Gamma Supplies in relation to Better Supplies. In particular, I pointed out areas where I could not support Gamma Supplies' position in any further legal questions that might arise from continued litigation against Better Supplies. I wanted to make sure as long as Gamma Supplies and friends were trying to destroy me and my career, I wanted to make my positions clear if they wanted to use me as a witness in the future. The only way I knew to do that was to put my position on sensitive matters in writing. I sent the letter to Dan and a copy to Darth. No one knew I had typed and mailed the letter. For once, I knew “they” would be surprised.

The effort to drive me out of Gamma Supplies continued to work and the effort was being escalated. If I had any doubts as to how far Gamma Supplies and the backers of the plan would go to protect their scheme, they were removed when Darth walked up to me one day in the outer business office and calmly said, “You wouldn't be a martyr, would you?”

I was taken totally off guard by his comment and mumbled back something like “I really don't know. I guess I don't see what I have to be a martyr about.”

Darth just glared at me and then walked off. It didn't really strike me at first, but after I went back to my office, I sat down and realized that Darth had just threatened my life! At first I didn't want to believe it so I took out my dictionary and looked up “martyr”. There in black and white was the definition of “martyr” as “someone who dies rather that give up his beliefs”. If Darth was asking me if I was willing to die in a fight against Gamma Supplies demented scheme and the destruction of my career, I knew the answer was “yes”.

The pressures at work were not always so direct, and I was constantly subjected
to subtle forms of harassment. George T. Cline suddenly started showing up in the
laboratory and spending a lot of time talking with Jeff Teller. The implication obviously was that Jeff had been selected to replace me. What that really meant was that after I was gone, there would be Buzz and Jeff in the lab. A two man lab.

On one occasion George T. Cline unexpectedly came into my office and started talking to me. I wanted to call him a senile S.O.B., but my fear of retaliation prevented me from expressing my contempt for the man. The conversation was trite and he spent most of the time talking about raising his beagle and how much he cared about them. I sat there wondering why he wasted my time telling me about his dogs. After he finished, I got and walked into the laboratory where I was greeted by a large wall poster hanging over Jeff's desk of beagle puppies. The conversation had been set up as George T. Cline's last dig at me and a coincident had been used as
had been done frequently at Gamma Supplies to carry it off.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Where to turn?

My job hunting efforts also had produced a positive response from the Costeal Corporation in Louisville. They invited me to visit their technical center the week of the Thanksgiving Day holiday so I knew I would have the results of that interview prior to my Plains,TX trip.

My time at work was spent doing very little, and for the most part I spent my time preparing for my upcoming interviews and trying to negotiate some reasonable separation from Gamma Supplies. I felt no dedication to Gamma Supplies and on one occasion I left work about three in the afternoon. On my way home, I decided to stop at Club Tennis for some exercise to relieve the stress I was under. I was shocked to walk into the exercise room and find Buzz there exercising. The reason for my shock was that Buzz had always maintained that he exercised exclusively with Jeff and John in the morning and that he had to come to work early and leave early because he had to babysit in the afternoon while his wife worked. I had always considered Buzz's unusual work hours another pain in the side, but when I had tried to get him to change them, Carl interceded and backed Buzz. Now I had proof that none of his stories were probably true. When Buzz saw me, he looked surprised and then ran for the door and left the establishment.

I was in a largely confused state as a result of all the deceit that had gone on, but I still needed to know who was behind the whole plan so I decided to try to get Darth to talk. I remembered the words of a journalist who had been take captive. She said when you are in trouble, play to the prejudices of your captors. Since Darth was such an egomaniac, I decided to play to his ego. I arranged to have a conversation with Darth concerning what had gone on while I was employed at
Gamma Supplies.

I said, “Darth, it really was quite a plan you had. How did you ever sell it?”

Darth laughed and replied. “Russ, you give me too much credit. You don't
really think I planned all of this by myself. Do you?”

I waited for Darth to go on and tell me who was responsible, but he abruptly
stopped and went on to a new subject. I was unable to get him to respond further on
who was behind the terrorism. At least I knew that “they” were not just my imagin-
ation. “They” were real people, but I still didn't know their identity.

I made my interview trip to Costeal as planned and everything went well. The
Vice President of R & D told me they would be giving me an offer. Still, I was
suspicious if for no other reason than I was now suspicious of everything. There
was also some anxiety about the move to Louisville because the city was the home
of the firm representing Better Supplies in their legal battle with Gamma Supplies. I always felt if worse came to worse, I could tell my story to the Better Supplies legal staff. Somebody had to interested in what was going on.

I returned home and told Anita about the job and expressed my fears and
concerns that “they” might interfere. Any doubt that my activities were going un-
observed were erased when I got a call from Tenneland the following night
and Gordon Simms asked me if I still planned to make my interview trip in light of
recent job offers. Since I hadn't mentioned Costeal or any other job to him, I could
only assume he meant the Costeal job. I assured him I was still going to go to
Plains, but his inquiry left no doubt in my mind that “they” knew everything I was
doing. As a result of being under constant observation, I became paranoid in most
everything I did, and I even checked the phones and the house for “bugs”, but I
found none.