Saturday, December 25, 2010

Finalizing the destruction.

I was making plans to move out of the house when I encountered new problems. First, I could not reach the prospective buyer of the house. No one answered the phone when I called, and my attorney as usual couldn't provide me with any information. Finally, I was able to get through to the buyer, and he informed me that the closing date would have to be moved back because his attorney had just started a title search, and that procedure could require six to eight weeks. I found that to be a little strange, but I told him that would be fine. Three days later, the buyer called me back and said the title search was complete and the original closing date could be met. I felt relieved but suspicious.

Later that week, Anita came over to the house to sign the separation agreement which was now written the way we wanted it. Anita was already in the house when I arrived home which I found a little surprising since she had given me her set of keys when she had moved out. After we signed the agreement, Anita gave me the third set of keys which I had not known existed. I didn't even ask her why she had a third set of keys, but I wondered if it was the set that the Nazi gestapo agents had used to come and go as they pleased.

With the signing of the separation agreement and the impending sale of the house, our separation was complete. We had been married fifteen years. According to the agreement, after one year of separation a divorce would granted if neither of us objected. Anita and I knew the separation was permanent and that there was no way we could ever get back together.

The closing on the sale of the house took place three days later on May 27, 1982. At the meeting, Anita sat on one side of my attorney and I sat on the other side across the table from the buyers and their attorney. While we were waiting for Anita's attorney to arrive, my attorney and the buyer's attorney were exchanging small talk. Suddenly the buyer's attorney started talking about the title search. In a tone of amazement he said, "I've been doing this for fifteen years and I've never seen a title search go through in less than three weeks. It usually takes six to eight weeks. I just couldn't believe it went through in only three days. It's really unbelievable. I never thought we would be closing today."

Nobody said anything, but Anita and I looked at each other with sad smiles. Such "unbelievable" events were common to us, and we both assumed that my tormentors were responsible. It was just another way of demonstrating their ubiquitous presence in my life.

The closing went smoothly, and after signing a few papers, I(we) no longer owned a house. In order to avoid any future contact with Anita as outlined in the separation agreement, Anita and I with the help of our attorneys split the capital gain from the house in a short private meeting. At that point all of my ties with Anita were broken. It had been almost six years to the day since I had taken the fatal "job" at Gamma Supplies. During that time, the Nazis had spent and unbelievable amount of money and time to destroy my life. But that's what you can do when you have a government funded by big business that has no concept of limitations on spending. No cost is too big to perpetuate to Nazi myths and lies. But then maybe current day events are telling us there is a limit.

Think your "free"?! I just read were an airline pilot posted on YouTube videos about security violations at the San Francisco Airport in the hope that security would be improved. The result. The pilot was fired - no surprise there. But also, the videos were also removed from YouTube. No additional comment from me is needed.

Oh, by the way, MERRY CHRISTMAS! A day that I that I now dread thanks to the ruling Nazis of amerika.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Present Day Happenings

I often am amazed at the ignorance of the amerikan public as demonstrated by what they accept. But today I read an article that shed a new light on why the working class is so masochistic. The author argued that working amerikans exhibit the STOCKHOLM SYNDROME in which the captured and abused identify with the captors and even protect their captors from the law. An economist, Malthus I believe, stated that Marx was wrong in his conclusions about capitalism, because rather than rising up and overthrowing the oppressive ruling elite, the working class would emulate and imitate the ruling elite. And that is exactly what amerikans have done. Rather than being angry about their pain and suffering, amerikans are distracted by excessive consumption while trying to emulate the life styles of the wealthy ruling elite. They identify with their captors. This obsession with consuming is so overwhelming that amerikans run up oppressive amounts of debt which only helps solidify there position as slaves.

And that is exactly what happened to me. I was a captured slave who was abused and then I was suppose to protect my abusive captors from the laws of the land. When I refused to identify with the low life scum, I was brutally tortured in an effort to get rid of me. Because of my strong moral upbringing, my education and intellect and the strong family environment in which I was raised, the Nazis government's plan failed.

More evidence of the standard practices of this corrupt system was revealed in the past couple of weeks by Wiki leaks. The treasure hunting crew of the Odyssey was as one company member described it, "thrown under the bus" by the amerikan government. It seems that the Spanish government wanted the estimated 500 million dollars of gold and silver the Odyssey had discovered off the coast of Spain. Because of Wikileaks, we now know that the Nazi government was giving the government of Spain secret documents in order to aid Spain's case in court. And why would the Nazi government do this to a small US company. Because some member of the wealthy, ruling class wanted a valuable painting that Spain owned. And I'm sure that the unidentified wealthy person is a major political contributor to probably both political parties. Again, ruin working amerikan lives for the benefit of the wealthy ruling elite. And as I stated over and over again, there are many stories like mine and the Odyssey's that the amerikan people never hear about.

And on the history channel last night, they pointed out that the amerikan space program and technology is really a continuation and an extension of the Nazi Germany rocket and weapons programs. And if the amerikan government did that with technology, isn't it reasonable to suspect that the current political/economic system is an extension to the Nazi Germany system?

Let me give you an example a little closer to home. Remember Patty Hearst? She was captured by the SLA, tortured and brainwashed and then shown robbing a bank with a M-1 carbin. She had aligned herself with her captors. After serving two years in prison, her sentence was commuted by President Carter and later she was given a full presidential pardon by Bill Clinton. Of course the press made sure that no one believed her story and then she was convicted of bank robbery. What the media never publicized was the years later a Gestapo agency (FBI) had her lecture their agents to tell them how the SLA had converted her. This was the same FBI that testified in court that they didn't believe her story. And why did the FBI want to know about the SLA mind control techniques? The same reason the US government wanted to know about German Nazi techniques. So that they could use those mind control/torture techniques on amerikan citizens, like me. People they wanted to use and then convert into mindless zombies shouting Nazi slogans. Folks WAKE UP - that is amerika.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Evil Amerikan Nazis Can Never Hate Enough

I had tried many times to get Anita to admit that she had conspired against me, but she always maintained the Nazi line and denied it. After all, I was suppose to be mentally ill and not a torture victim. Now her own guilt and grief had caused her to confess. The admission didn't startle me because it was so obvious that she had conspired against me that her self admission was no real revelation. Only really sick twisted minds would think that I didn't know what was being done. But then that is what I'm dealing with, sick twisted minds.

I knew that Anita, like I, had always hoped that "they" would become satisfied with all the pain and suffering "they" had inflicted on me and at some point "they" would allow my life to return to normal. Now Anita was realizing that my ordeal would take its toll on her life too, and the impending divorce was a traumatic event which showed Anita how sick the ruling Nazis really are. Neither of us at that time realized that the obsessive evil that drove my tormentors could never be satisfied. It is the same evil obsession that would never have allowed Hitler to kill enough Jews. There is no satisfying the evil that drives such psychopaths. Can a serial killer ever kill enough people?

At the end of April, Anita moved into her own apartment. She too all of the items agreed to on the agreement and most of the items I was suppose to keep. I had agreed to give them to her even though the official agreement specified that I should keep certain item, because I knew I had no future and therefore I had no need for the items. The separation agreement had not been finalized and signed, and the closing on the house was not scheduled until the end of May, but Anita left anyway. We continued to try to get the separation finalized, but my attorney kept refusing to write the support agreement the way we wanted it. Both of us were getting furious over out inability to get a finalized agreement because of my attorney's failure to comply with our wishes. The attorney expressed no objections to our conditions. He would listen to what I told him, write it down and then when we received a copy of the agreement, it would contain something different. At one point Anita angrily said, "Why doesn't he write this clause the way we want it so we can get this over?!"

I responded, "You know why. 'They' are just frustrating me, and you happen to be part of it this time."

Anita knew what I said was true and she just got a depressing look that I had worn so many times.

At work suddenly everyone started talking about marriage. One co-worker even made the remark that "if you don't watch it, wives can drive you crazy". All of the remarks would have seemed normal if it weren't for the timing of happening at the time of my divorce. And, it was exactly the tormenting pattern that the Nazis had established. "They" would create an undesirable action or event in my life and then have the people around me at work make references about it. The Nazis love to mock their victims and laugh at them. It is some sort of sickness with them. It goes back to the root problem that they just can't hate enough. But of course, it all looked normal, and anyone would say I was nuts to think someone would do such things. The separation from my wife was very painful, and any suggestion to marriage, divorce and/or separation caused me more pain.

In hindsight, one of the clauses in the agreement that the attorney refused to write the way we wanted it, was the support clause. I wanted a stipulation that if my income fell to a certain level, I would not have to pay Anita any support. In other words, the alimony part of the agreement was graduated. The attorney kept trying to write it as a fixed amount. I wanted the clause in there because I didn't want to be responsible for alimony when I had no income. I knew the loss of my job was immanent. If there was a fixed amount I had to pay regardless of my income, then the Nazis could have my ex-wife come after me for failure to pay and I would have ended up being persecuted for that. And the sick bastards out to destroy me wanted me "gone", one way or another.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


In late March, RAM sent me to the American Chemical Society meeting in Las Vegas. I had no idea why I was allowed to go this time other than the trip made the previous offers look legitimate for various trips which never occurred. I decided to go just to get away from everything for a while and try to enjoy some time alone. Since it was evident that my career as a chemist was over, I didn't attend a single technical presentation at the conference and I avoided talking to all colleagues and acquaintances that were there. Instead I spent the days getting much need rest and randomly walking through the casinos. I tried to keep my behavior patterns as random as possible so that "they" couldn't orchestrate any forms of harassment. There was a sense of FREEDOM that I so desired and needed. However, my own mental anguish and torment, as a result of years of abuse really prevented me from having any fun.

I was in a constant state of rage and I was experiencing physical pain from severe shooting flashes of sharp pain in my head. The shooting pains in my head, caused by extreme, excessive mental abuse had been with me for almost a year and the thought of having to endure another day with that pain caused me even more mental anguish. The week in Las Vegas did prove to me that now even without the external stimulus, I would have a long road to get back to a stable, sound condition. Destroy life throught mental torture and terrroism of innocent victims is a common practice by this sick Nazi government. In John Mark's book he relates a case were a military man was used for a Nazi experiment against his will and then he was threatened with "we will terrorize you to a permanent state of insanity" if the man considered telling anyone what had been done to him. Because this man was in the military at the time of his ordeal, there were records of what had been done to him and eventually someone took up his case and he was given compensation for the loss of some twenty plus years of his life where he "wandered about aimlessly". Just another defenseless Nazi victim brutally destroyed through mental torture and terrorism.

I retuned home after a week at the conference and resumed working on the separation agreement with Anita. The process was painful for both of us because neither one of us wanted the divorce. But we couldn't stay together and have the sick Nazis constantly using Anita to make my life hell. It was especially trying for Anita because I believe she always felt our marriage would survive. After all, she too naively believed all the Nazi lies I had been told.

It was late April when a truly surprising event occurred. Anita and I were driving along and were discussing some items in the separation agreement. I was talking as usual.

"It is really amazing that "they" are willing to inflict so much pain and suffering on so many people just to destroy my life. All they know how to do is destroy."

Anita started sobbing. Then she said the words I had wanted to hear from her for so many years. "How can I ever remarry? LOOK AT WHAT "THEY" MADE ME DO TO YOU."

Reread that last sentence. Anita was stating that the sick amerikan Nazi system destroys innocent human life by using marriage and family as a primary tool. Think about that the next time some conservative amerikan Nazi bastards starts shouting about "family values".

What I'm trying to point out and to get people to understand is that I am not a single isolated incident. Destroy human life for fun and profit is a standard amerikan Nazi value. Look at Iraq. How many lives were destroyed, how much pain and suffering was inflicted on innocent people just to destroy one man(Saddam Hussein)?