Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"O Ye of little faith."

One evening I went out to a lounge that was a bit of a distance from my beach-side residence.  I was hoping that I might be able to have a normal evening out without being hasseled by The Crazies and their followers.  That hope was quickly extinguished when shortly after entering the establishment, I was standing in a crowd of people when I suddenly felt heat in my lower back on the right side.  I quickly turned to see a large man making a hasty retreat through the crowd.  I reached behind me and felt around the area where I had  experienced the sensation of heat.  There I noticed a hole in my pants.  I headed for the restroom, removed my pants and examined the back of them.  There in my white jean type pants was a hole with burn marks around it.  Someone had deliberately burned a hole in my pants with a cigarette.  Back then when people could smoke in lounges and restuarants, walking around with a cigarette in your hand was quit common.  And the fascist state supporters had learned that you can ruin articles of clothing by "accidently" burning holes in them.

This had happened once before when a man "accidently" burned a hole in a expensive sports coat.  After that incident, I learned not to wear anything out that was too expensive.  Since I didn't have many expsive items and I had very little money, protecting what I had was important to me.  And of course, The Crazies and their fascist state worshiping followers knew that and they made efforts to destroy anything I had.  This current pants burning was just another example.

The manner in which the man had exited the scene like a hit-and-run accident didn't leave me many options so I returned to the lounge where I was fortunate enough to find a seat at the bar where I could protect my back.  As I sat there, I noticed a large man across the room standing at a table with a couple of his friends.  I was certain that the man was the one I had seen running away earlier.  I got up from my seat at the bar, walked through the dimly lit area of tables and seating, walked up to the man and confronted him.

The man's reaction to my accusation that he had burned a hole in my pants was "So What?!".  After we exchanged a few more words, I started to turn away to return to the bar.  That is  when this man who stood about 6'2'' and out-weighed me by about 100 lbs, took both fists and hit me as hard as he could on my shoulders.  The strange thing was, I knew he had hit me, but it felt like he hit a wall of air between me and him.  I didn't feel anything except the sensation that a small puff of air had touched me.  I just turned back to the man, looked at him as if to say, "What did you do that for?" and then continued my trip back to the bar.

The man and the women standing next to him just stood there with dumbfounded , blank stares on their faces.  They couldn't understand what had just happened.  I am sure he had expected me to go flying across the tables and the room, and instead I just stood there like nothing had happened.  They and the people around them stood there motionless like they were frozen in time.
Nest post coming SOON!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


While I was in Daytona Beach, I decided to take a course in Law at the local Community College.  Every time I went somewhere that was crowded, there were Neo-Nazis who would kick me in ankles and lower legs, or they would bump hard into me and then disappear into the crowd.  If I did know who did the assault, I couldn't do anything because if an altercation broke out, The Crazies would have the police bring all sorts of charges against me which would confirm their fantasy that I was a violent person.  In fact this insanity on their part to try to paint me as a violent person led to some very interesting happenings.

The first thing the instructor, who was an attorney and a former prosecuting attorney for the state, asked at the beginning of the first class was "Who believes that in the amerikan system of law, you are innocent until proven guilty?"  Every hand in the room went up except mine.  "Well, you are wrong!" He responded.  "If you are arrested, you are guilty and you have to prove your innocence. And Grand Juries are nothing but a rubber stamp for the prosecuting attorneys."  I sat there kind of surprised that anyone in the system would state that truth which is the direct opposite of the mantra that all amerikans are indoctrinated with.  But when forced to face reality, most amerikans can recognize the truth.

The part of the course that I was interested in was the categories of assault and battery.  According to the law, battery is any unwarranted touching of one person by another.  That meant that those Neo-Nazis that were kicking and bumping me were committing battery.  They were breaking the law.  Not that it matters in this fascist state when you are the victim, but the fascist state does like to maintain the appearance that there is law and order in their kingdom.

This knowledge of the law did allow me to spread the word that I would consider bringing battery charges against the fascist lovers if the kicking and bumping didn't stop.  Now I did have friends who knew I was the victim at the hands of  some very sick people, and those friends tried to help when and if they could.  The group from Tennesse that I met at the Castaways was an example.  Whatever the reason, shortly after I made it known that the physical assaults amounted to criminal activity, the kicking and bumping ceased.

In the next blog, I'll describe two assault incidences that demonstrates how some force greater that man was protecting from the sick plans of The Crazies.  Of course any interference in The Crazies plans to get rid of me only infuriates them more because it deflates their delusion that they are god.  Reality always causes great consternation for The Crazies when it clashes with their delusions.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Like most amerikans, I am angry over the explosions in Boston, but for completely different reasons.  I get so angry when I think about the millions of dollars and all the man-hours that have been spent destroying my life while the jackasses like The Crazies ignore people who are a real threat.  It is easy to destroy a poor victim who you set up and terrorized.  But to go out and find people who are twisted just like The Crazies takes hard work, intelligence an diligence.  Why should these powerful people do that when you can take innocent hard working people and turn them into victims.  That is much easier to do that then actual protect the fascist state.  That is why amerikans should really be angry; not at the people who did the bombings, but at the people like The Crazies and the FBI who let it happen because they were to busy creating and harassing victims!!!!!! 

Remember, the CIA created Bin Laden and then they became "heroes" for hunting him down and destroying him.  J Robert Oppenheimer learned that during the Manhattan Project it was better to offer up victims to The Crazies, at that time the Military Intelligence,  than to let them disrupt the program be suspecting key personnel working on important aspects of building the bomb.  As long as the Crazies had victims, they were happy.  And of course it was the Crazies in Oppenheimer's time that actually brought in the scientists/spies to work on the project.  They created the enemies then just like they do today.

And who is going to be the beneficiaries of the bombings?  Why The Crazies, the FBI and other gestapo like groups who will want more money, more power and more personnel to protect amerikans from "dangerous thoughts" - oops, I mean protect amerikans from terrorists.  And the cycle goes on and on.

The bottom line is The Crazies don't know who the real threats are and they don't care.  They just want victims to destroy.  And people like The Crazies will never, never make you safe.  If fact, the more you know about them, the more insecure you will feel.

Friday, April 12, 2013


For over 30 years since I became a political prisoner, The Crazies have routinely searched my residence and removed documents, personal items and other effects.  This they do for the fascist state to make sure working amerikans have pure fascist thoughts.

When I tell amerikans that they have No Rights but only privileges granted by the ruling fascists and that those privileges can be revoked any any time for any reason, they look at me like I'm "crazy".  This is because most amerikans 1) don't know what is in the constitution and 2) they don't know what the fascist state actually does.  For example, the constitution states "The right of people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated".   Yet NO ONE ever did anything about the constant violations of my so-called rights when The Crazies constantly invaded my privacy.  And remember, there were even witnesses to the unreasonable searches of my residences.  So much for the constitution in the amerikan fascist state.

It seems the only time amerikans know what is in the constitution is when they want their guns.  Then many of the gun lovers know all about the second amendment and about what it might or might not say on the issue of gun ownership.  But then guns are BIG BUSINESS on an international scale.  And no, a gun is not going to keep you secure in your house against The Crazies.  That is why I frequently call amerikans "STUPID".  There are times I just want to grab them and shake some sense into their heads.  OOPS, I better watch out, or the fascist state will start trying again to claiming I am a violent person.

Most amerikans are just plain stupid when it comes to what they believe and what is reality.  "That's all I'm saying".  My apologies to a professional writer for plagiarizing that last sentence.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Destroy all records and thoughts except those approved by the fascist state.

During the day, I spent my time going to the Daytona Beach Public Library where I would sit at on of three primitive computers that ran on DOS and I would use a word processing program to type a record of events in my life.  At the end of each typing session, I would save my work on a floppy disk and take it back to my apartment where I would lock it a small closet.  This was a regular routine for me.

Now to show you what The Crazies priorities are, I can tell that they came into my apartment sometime when I wasn't there and removed the floppy disks from my possession just like they had stolen all of my previous diaries.  When they stole my diaries, I rationalized that they where making sure that there was no record of how they had destroyed my career and thus made sure that there was no basis for any lawsuit.  But the stealing of the floppy disks meant that these lowlifes did want anyone to know what they did and do and how they generally operate.

The Crazies also systematically destroyed any records like business cards, phone numbers and addresses so that no one in the future could hunt down all of the NeoNazi sympathizers that helped destroy my life.  It shows that they learned from the original Nazi state where after its defeat, good people went looking for the Nazi sympathizers and hunted some of them down for justice.

The fascist system could have cared less that my neighborhood seemed full of gun toting loonies.  All the system cared about was hiding the truth and preserving fascist myths.  Latter I'll relate another example of how the fascist system's only goal seems to be to hide reality from the amerikan people.

I just read where President Obama wants to invest a hundred million dollars in research on the brain.  Now I am sure there are good reasons for doing that type of research.  There are lots of mental disorders which are not understood. Sicknesses like psychopathic behavior and Alzheimer's disease need to be studied, but think what people like The Crazies will do with such knowledge.  The Crazies have already spent probably billions on learning how to destroy the mind and how to mentally torture people.  What if they learned how to totally control people and their thoughts through some knowledge found in research on the brain.  After all, The Crazies ultimate goal is to destroy all thoughts other than those approved by the fascist state.  That is why they went to such extreme costly measure to try to keep my story hidden.   The battle for control of the mind is the real war being carried out by the fascist state.  THE MIND IS THE ULTIMATE BATTLEFIELD in amerika.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hatred as a cornerstone.

As I stated in my last post, many amerikans hate out of frustration and anger.  People are constantly told how great they have it and they constantly see on TV, "families" living in beautiful  homes and living a lavish life style.  When was the last time you saw a TV show where people lived in a dump (Sanford and Son?).  Of course the working class amerikan's real life is much different and full of problems and frustration.  This leads to frustration and a need to blame someone for their sad reality.  And the fascist state is more than ready to serve up victims to hate.  Amerikans hate based on race, gender, ethnicity, religion, social group, country of origin and many other reasons.  Whoever or whatever the target is, amerikans hate.  Gerry Spence in his book "From Freedom to Slavery, the Rebirth of Tyranny in America" was much more diplomatic in stating this hatred syndrome.  As he put it, if you stand for something, someone or some group will oppose you - sometimes violently.

A cornerstone of the fascist state is hatred.  Hate this country or that, or this leader or another.  There is always someone or something to hate so the fascist state can justify its wars.  Most amerikans are just to plain ignorant to know the that The Crazies and the fascist state carry out hate programs almost exactly like Orwell described in his totalitarian state in "1984".  In Orwell's novel, the totalitarian state would broadcast on monitors, minutes of  hate which was used to justify the destruction of some country or foreign leader. in some far off place.  While the amerikan state does not use monitors, they do use the media, including both print and audio/visual. It is called the NEWS.  And amerikans are constantly bombarded with hate campaigns in the guise of news.  Don't believe me?!

In the late 1980's someone pointed out such a campaign was being conducted by the President and The Crazies. This lead to a Congressional investigation which eventually forced President Ronald Reagan to go on national TV and admit to the people that indeed he had misled the amerikan people in a "misinformation" campaign. I  am not going to go into how this hate campaign was conducted or carried out through the media, but the purpose of the hate campaign was to keep the amerikan people in a state of war mentality.  And in more recent history, remember the "weapons of mass destruction".   No one cares now; the oil is flowing, but at the time amerikans hated those Arabs/Muslims.  And these campaigns go on everyday if you know what to look for.  But no one can tell indoctrinated people that they are being manipulated through hatred to serve the purposes of the elite few.  Amerikans are too smart for that!

One of the things that struck me from day one at Gamma Supplies where my ordeal began, was this aura of hatred and evil that I could sense.  I could see how events were being carried out to generate hatred towards me, but it just didn't make any sense to me because at that time I was an indoctrinated amerikan and also a victim of what psychologists call the "Normalcy Bias".  Sane rational people don't deliberately go around creating hatred toward an individual ----unless you plan to destroy him.  Latter when I read and learned about The Crazies' techniques, I learned that is exactly what they do.  It is SOP for them.  And it is SOP for the fascist state in their control of the ignorant mass.

So there you have.  A secret network of Crazies who use and manipulate hatred in people to do the work of Satan, evil or whatever you want to call it.  But it is there for all to see if you open your eyes and mind.  And I'll bet no one reading this remembers Reagan telling people he helped carry out a "misinformation" AGAINST the amerikan people.