Saturday, April 11, 2015

Experiencing the exhilaration of absolute power and invulnerability.

After I came back from my rest in Cuba, the Nazis and their supports made my life a constant hell.  I had people shooting off guns outside of my apartment at night, I had a neighbor who sat on his porch with a hunting rifle every morning as I went to go pick up a paper or a cold drink.  Gestapo agents raided my apartment and took documents every time I went out somewhere.  And when I did go out where there lots of people, I would be attacked, kicked in the ankles when I walked through a crown, and I was "accidentally" bumped into.  I was never safe no matter where  I went.

Things were so bad, I decided to have one of my conversations with God.  I was standing in the middle of my small apartment when I said, "God, what kind of people would destroy a defenseless, innocent, insignificant person like me?"  Immediately, I got my answer.  Suddenly I had a vision and I was swept up to a bluff on the side of a mountain which overlooked an expansive valley.  Down in the expansive valley below I could see two great armies doing battle.  It was mostly tanks and infantry, but it was ragging battle.

As I looked down on the war going on before me, I was suddenly overwhelmed with the thoughts and feelings that those people in that valley had one and only one purpose in life.  That purpose was to serve me, to do what I wanted and to die for me if that was necessary.  I wasn't just seeing this, I was that person standing there.  I was flooded with this overwhelming feeling of exhilaration of absolute power and invulnerability.   I had never had feelings like that before or since that day.  The indescribable exhilaration was a result of  knowing that other people only had one purpose in life - to serve my wishes and me.

At the same time I had this feeling of total invulnerability, I had this gut, visceral reaction of nausea, and feeling sick.  It was my reaction, not the person standing there, to the insane feelings of power that I was experiencing.

And then,  just as rapidly as I had been taken up to the mountain bluff, I was back standing in my living room.  I now knew what kind of people had ordered the destruction of my life.

You can run into people who think that everyone else on the planet is there to serve them.  You find them on the roads, in your neighborhoods, at work and other everyday places.  Fortunately, these people don't have the power to destroy your life or you.  They may be annoying and on occasion make you feel miserable, but they are seldom if ever a threat to you or your way of life.

The dangerous people with power are out there, but realistically your odds of directly becoming involved with them are low.   What are your odds of running into a serial killer?   Extremely low.  But there are powerful people of extreme wealth who think and feel that they are invulnerable.  And there are also people out there that get their power by association.  These people may not be powerful on their own, but they use their association with powerful organizations to make them invulnerable.  Corporate executives, corporate board members, and members of gestapo type groups like the CIA ("we are not responsible for anything we do") are good examples.   The knowledge that their organization will protect them no matter what they do gives them that euphoria and exhilaration of ultimate power. 

I had the misfortune of getting trapped by one or more of these sickos.  They are what I call fascist system approved "serial killers".  I always remember the admonition the an attorney gave me.  He said he had powerful clients who were not happy unless they were making some one else miserable.  The people who believe that all other people are on earth to serve them and their wishes.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Who is (are) the architech(s) of fascist amerika?!

An article recently appeared in the paper that was written by a Marine captain and who had a platoon under his command in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The captain was not a sniper himself and he admits that he never killed anyone directly but he did order the death of so many people that he stopped counting after a while.  Some of his comments are very revealing as to the type of people and society this country is creating.

The officer found that once killing loses its mystique, it is no longer a tool of last resort.   In fact, he discovered that killing can become banal, trite. Gee, can you think of recent incidences in the local news where that policy seems to be true in amerika?  He also discovered that it no longer bothered him when he ordered killings.  Were the victims "terrorists" or were they just some people out for a walk?  All that mattered is that they were dead.  No one ever talked about "accidental" killings.  One can only imagine the questions and memories such experiences leave in the minds of  the soldiers doing the actual killing.  This picture gives you a pretty good idea why there are so many messed-up veterans walking around in society.

Which brings me back to snipers.  He states "Of course, our snipers became the celebrities of our deployment because they were the best killers."  In order to promote war, why not make snipers celebrities in the fascist society?  All you need to do is write a book, make a movie, have lots of "news" coverage and publicity and voila! you have an instant celebrity,  a fictional version of a rock star.  That is how you make war common place, acceptable and promote the use of guns.  Not that the ruling fascists would plan it that way!  Unfortunately for the ruling fascists, that scheme, like so many of their machinations did not end the way they thought it would.

Anyone promoting war knows that remote killing is the best kind.  Can you think of a better way to destroy human life than by sitting at a desk on a computer and sending a drone possibly thousands of miles away to fire a missile at unsuspecting victims.  Innocent or deserving victims, what does it matter?  Just push the button and then go have a cup of coffee.  Make killing banal, trite, commonplace!

What caught my attention most in the article was the following:  "our deployment in Afghanistan had been exhilarating because we felt invulnerable.  This invulnerability........was the most powerful sensation I'd ever experienced.  I felt favored with the power to do anything.  In my next post I will tell you how I experienced the same sensations, but in an entirely different context.   My experience was to teach me a valuable lesson and it came from God - if you believe in such things.  It answered a question I had been asking since the day I had become a torture victim.  And maybe the Easter season is the right time to share it.