Monday, March 31, 2014

Inspiration for all torture victims.

IN THE NEWS:  Jeremiah Denton died.  Most have probably never heard of him, but Jeremiah Denton, despite his faults did provide inspiration to political prisoners and torture victims of the fascist state with his book "When Hell Is In Session".  I read it in the early/mid 1980s and found that my response and emotional reactions to torture were normal.  Of course the Cubans confirmed that for me when I was in Cuba.

Denton was part of the amerikan war machine and travelled half way around the world to carry out acts of war against a sovereign nation.  He knew he ran the risk of becoming a POW and a torture victim and I'm sure he had been well schooled in what to expect as a prisoner and that his captures were truly his enemies.  He endure only 7-8 years as a captive, but he always lived with the hope that the amerikan war machine would eventually liberate him and he could go back home and lead a comfortable, good life.  His freedom was not accomplished quit the way I'm sure he imagined it, but he did eventually become free from his captors and he did get to return to amerika and was well compensated by the war machine.   But his book which the fascist media readily published, did tell me what to expect from my captors and torturers and it gave me ideas and techniques as how to fight back effectively.  It is ironic that Denton's biggest achievement was writing a book on how all torture victims could react and fight when dealing with ideologically driven mad men.

My situation differed from Denton's in that I was not part of any war machine, I was in the country where I had been born and raised, and I was not at war with The Crazies or any other element of the fascist state when I became a political prisoner/torture victim.  And I had no reason to suspect I would become a torture victim and of course I had no training in dealing with the situation. Had I known the true nature of the fascist state, I would have fled the scene immediately and sought asylum in another country.  But I was kept a prisoner by years of indoctrination and lies about the amerikan system.  I was kept a prisoner by what psychologists call the Normalcy Bias.  I could not go against 30+ years of indoctrination and mind control.  I could not believe my life could be in jeopardy in such a wonderful system as amerika.  It went against every lie I had been told since the day I was born.  In effect, I was a "voluntary" prisoner.  Of course, being poor contributed greatly to my being a prisoner.
On thing I never mentioned is back in the late 1990s when I had some successful friends who were or had been businessmen or professionals in good paying jobs,  they all said without exception at one time or another that they were glad that they didn't have to start their life in today's society.  They all expressed regret about what amerika had become.  And the regrets they expressed were not the usual BS you read and hear about every day in the fascist media and from politicians.  

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Politically incorrect way to look at things.

A republican senator correctly stated that the median family income(still primarily a man and a woman) has declined by about 8% in the last five years.  The senator could have picked just about any time period in the last thirty years, but he decided on the last 5 years for political expediency. 

Actually the upward redistribution of income really started in the early 80's and has been increasing at an accelerated rate in the past decade with the exception of the year 2007.  The year 2007 is an anomaly because of the collapse of the financial markets and the beginning of the great recession.  There has been and is a huge transfer of wealth to people who own capital and are able to invest in new technologies and a huge loss from the labor force - the working class.  Corporate profits have soared, especially since 2007 while compensation for labor has decreased.  This has resulted in a have and have-not society.

While news reports always concentrate on the top 1-2% of income, they fail to recognize that the top 10% in income represent over 75% of the wealth in this country.  Now maybe it is just me, but if all the income and wealth have been just flowing into the hands of the already wealthy, shouldn't the economy be booming if you believe that cutting taxes of the wealthy is the way to economic recovery and prosperity?  How much of the wealth does the top 1% or even the top 10% need in order to decide to create jobs and get the economic recovery ball rolling???  If you believe that the US economy is consumer spending based, wouldn't tax cuts for the middle and lower classes do more to stimulate the economy?  Those social class actually spend their income and consume goods and product.

Corporate profits have skyrocketed in recent years and yet there is little expansion in the economy.  Corporate profits when they are spent, usually go to create new manufacturing sites in India, China or Mexico.  That is not any help to the amerikan worker.  And when corporations use their buckets of cash to buy another billion dollar corporation, there is usually consolidation and downsizing of the workforce.  The way I look at things, it is easy to see why The Crazies think I am stupid.  I'll bet The Crazies could explain it to me in terms of world conquest and slavery.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Love of destruction of human life and love of money = The Crazies = EVIL

Gloria Steinem's ties to The Crazies is well documented and she has even talked about working for The Crazies in interviews she has given.  How much The Crazies actually contributed to the financing of "Ms" magazine is less clear, but the consensus is that there was money provided to make sure the magazine succeeded.  

I only ever heard Ms. Steinem speak once and it just happened to be an interview held on a TV show many years ago.  It was probably "60 Minutes" or some such show.   During the interview,  the interviewer presented some then recent scientific finding that showed that male babies had shown superior skills compared to females in certain areas and seemed to have some abilities that female babies lacked.  The test were done on young "babies" in an effort to remove all cultural/societal influences.  The announcer then asked Ms. Steinem what she thought of the data.  Her response was that the data should be destroyed and that no one should ever hear about!  The interviewer sat there stunned for a few seconds and then went on to another subject.   Why would The Crazies support such a radical political extreme?   One answer as I demonstrated in the last blog is MONEY!

While Ms. Steinem's response didn't have any real significance to me at the time, it represents a standard technique used by The Crazies to promote radical political beliefs.  In my situation, in order to cover up the use of trial rigging and the torture of citizens in their effort to promote economic and political ideology, The Crazies destroyed ALL documents that contradicted their imposed beliefs and then made sure no one would ever hear about what they did to me.   In other words, The Crazies promoted their anti-amerikan practices by destroying all contradicting documents and silencing anyone who dared to speak the truth.  This constitutes a violent, brutal take over of the amerikan society without the amerikan people knowing that it is even happening.  All the amerikan people know is that things are screwed up, but they can't figure out why.  Plus, the average amerikans are provided with convenient scapegoats(remember the Jews?) on which to vent their pent up anger and frustration.
The flooding of the labor market with women workers, along with millions of illegal immigrants(that's another story), has resulted in an overall lowering of income for the average working amerikan while the salaries of CEOs and other executives have soared.  This redistribution of income from the working class to the wealthy has resulted in numerous economic problems for the society.  Technology and globalization have also been a key factors in the redistribution of income and assets, but that is beyond the scope of this blog.

I wrote this blog over a week ago, so it is interesting that I just discovered a newly published book, "Capital in the Twenty-First Century" which provides historical data and supports my views on the inequality in the distribution of income and assets as being the major problem facing this nation.  And this problem is a result of the flaws in the capitalist system and seems irreversible.  More on that in my next blog.

IN THE NEWS:  The Crazies are spying on the Senate oversight intelligence committee which is designed to keep tabs on The Crazies.  It looks like David Wise author of "The Invisible Government" is/was correct about who really runs the country!

IN WAR IS GOOD BUSINESS NEWS:  3/16/14 - "since mid-January, Iraqi security forces had received(from amerika) more than eleven million rounds of ammunition, as well as thousands of machine guns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, and grenades."

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


My third favorite slogan/mantra is EQUAL PAY, which started the demand by women to be paid "the same as men" for doing the same or similar job.  This mantra became popular in the mid to late 70's and when I first heard it I couldn't believe it.  Whoever came up with the chant obviously had little or no knowledge of the capitalist/fascist system - they were only interested in gaining political power.

Any wealthy stock holding elitist, a corporate CEO or a business owner had to be salivating when they heard the demands for equal pay.   If I employ Joe for twenty thousand dollars a year and Mary earns ten thousand dollars a year, I have three options.  Option one is I can give Mary a $10,000 a year raise resulting in Mary and Joe making the same salary,  or option 2 - I can lower Joe's salary $10,000 a year and Mary and Joe are making the same salary or option 3 - I can lower Joe's salary to $12,000 a year and raise Mary's salary to $12,000 a year.

The reason I thought the slogan was stupid is because I knew option 3 would be most likely.  First, Option 1 has a snow balls chance in you know where of ever happening.   Option 2 would be great  for the capitalist system, but the Joes of the fascist state might get very angry. Options 3 gives both parties the same salary for the same job and I the capitalist get to pocket six thousand dollars for doing nothing!! What a concept!!  Initially the two workers cost me 30,000 thousand a year, but after meeting the demands of the feminists, I now only pay out $24,000 a year and Mary is happy because she got a big raise (20%) and now makes the same as Joe.  How could I as an elite fascist not support equal pay?

Now there is still a major problem with this scenario.  Joe is not going to be a happy camper.  But while he is not happy, Joe no longer feels safe in his job, because the work force has just been increased by about 30% by a flood of women into the market place. This is another gain for the ruling elitists.  And secondly, the ruling fascists are not going to reduce Joe's salary in one week, one month or one year.  Just like the fascist took several years to totally destroy my life so that it would look "natural",  the capitalists would reduce Joe's salary over an extended period of time so that it wouldn't be very noticeable and irritating to Joe.

That is what I, the "crazy anti-amerikan, anti-capitalist, mysogonist" thought would happen.  But since we now have history to look back on, lets see what actually happened.  In the decade of the 80's, the average working man's salary decreased at a rate of 1% a year, every year, which gives a compounded decrease of about 9.5% for the decade!  And that trend has continued to present day.  The rate of decrease in men's salary may vary, but the direction has been consistently down.  And the corollary is that women's salary has increased over the same period of time.  That is why the fascist media constantly reminds you that women's salaries are up to X% of men's where X is constantly increasing.  Keep in mind, I'm talking about salaries adjusted for inflation and other factors.  Maybe, just maybe, I wasn't nor am as crazy as some people claim.

And I should point out, that Option 2 became prominent during the economic crash of 2007-2008.  During that period,  men who were working and making $80,000 a year, were fired and their position was relisted in the ads at $45.000 a year and may or may not have been filled by a woman.

In my next blog, I will show how the "equal pay" mantra has helped create probably the biggest problem facing this nation today - income and asset inequality.  The fascist system and media has decided to focus on a secondary problem termed the "deficit" and "no new taxes" problem.

Let me give you a heads up.  Where do you think all that money went?  To charity?!  And why did my nemesis The Crazies finance and promote Gloria Steinem and "Ms" magazine?  The crazies love feminism?  Again, I'm not making these things up - you now have the means to check out the facts.