Sunday, May 31, 2009

Illness Problems Get Worse

My attempt to find another job came to a complete halt. In early April, after several delays, I went on an interview trip to and east coast company. I was so run down that I had difficulty staying awake during the interview. Obviously I did not get the job and that experience told me I should cancel all other job hunting efforts until I regained my health. Thus I terminated all efforts to find a job and concentrated on regaining my strength and my health.

By the end of April I was feeling better, but I was still having difficulty swallowing. The doctor decided to run some more tests. A couple of days later I returned to his office for the test results. The doctor appeared anxious. He told me to sit down and then asked me, “Are you very religious? Do you have a minister or someone you can talk to?”

I just sat there wondering what was wrong.

He continued! “There seems to be a spot on your x-ray at the base of your esophagus. We are not sure what it is. It appears to be some sort of growth.”

I sat there stunned. After all I had been through now I was being hit with this. We talked about what the x-ray showed and the doctor was not very encouraging. Ironically, the doctor himself had had throat cancer and was very knowledgeable on the subject. From his experience and based on the location of the growth, he concluded there was a 90% chance the lump was malignant. The doctor also suggested that I talk with someone for both my medical problems and for my Gamma Supplies problems which I had mentioned to him. He then scheduled me for some more tests to determine if the lump was cancerous or benign. It would take a week to have the test run and to get the results.

Later that week I was Paul Dujour a Ph. D. Clinical psychologist, and I began to relate my Gamma Supplies story to him. I was relieved when he didn't doubt me and he was willing to try to help me. Since I was in a very anxious state because of my medical problems, he suggested that I see a psychiatrist who could prescribe medication to help me calm down.

The next day I was Dr. Mengele, a psychiatrist, for a short visit and suffered a severe anxiety attack when he refused to believe anything I told him. He concluded I was totally crazy and then prescribed medication for me. The medication did help me calm down, but the visit to Dr. Mengele put Ralph Dujour and my family doctor, both whom believed me in the middle between Dr. Mengele and them. Paul was a professional colleague of Dr. Mengele and he had to listen to and respect the opinions of Dr. Mengele. However, Paul continued to believe me and support me in subsequent discussions.

What bothered me about Dr. Mengele was not his opinion of me as a person, but rather his opinion supported the government/big business plan to make me look mentally ill. I could not let that happen. Later I was to find out that Dr. Mengele was head of the Psychiatric Department at East Scranton General Hospital and I learned that his staff had a very low opinion of him. As a Dr. Menegele colleague psychiatrist said to me on a later occasion, “Dr. Mengele is on the wrong side of the desk!” What I later found out about Dr. Mengele and many people, but not all in the psychiatric profession IN THE US, is that Dr. Menegele placed a premium on serving the political system and on acquiring power.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fascist Slave State

I'm going to repeat part of what I publisheed before, because it is the essence of how the american fascist state destroys countless lives. In the american fascist slave system, life has no value. Only money has value so destroying lives to increase corporate profit is as american as baseball, hot dogs and apple pie.

I said, “Why do people do things like this? It is so senseless and costly.”

“Let me tell you something,” he replied. “ I have clients who take action against other people, and I advise them that it's not in their best interest. It is not good for their health, it is not good for their business, but they insist on going through with it. These people just aren't happy unless they are making someone else's life miserable.”

I knew what he was saying was true because my attorney in Wisconsin had told me
the same thing in different words.


“I don't know what to tell you”, Leonard replied. “The best I can do is offer you a couple of my Valium.”

I thanked him but said “no”.

On with the story:

At the end of each day, I would go back to the motel and collapse. I felt guilty about not being able to spend more time with Anita, and after two days of interviews, I decided to take the vacation I needed. The next two days we spent visiting Disneyland, San Diego and Mexico.

It was in San Diego that an incident occurred that should have tipped me off to how serious my problems were. I was driving in downtown San Diego on a clear, bright
sunny day at about two in the afternoon. Traffic was moderate and there were no traffic problems. When all of a sudden, someone hits my rental car from behind! I got out of the car and exchanged information with a middle aged man neatly dressed in a dark suit. He couldn't offer me any reason as to why he had hit me and after agreeing that the damage to my rental car was minor, we went on our way. Ordinarily this wouldn't have been much of a problem except I was about 3,000 mile from “home”, and the car was a rental. As I drove off, I kept wondering how he could have hit me under such ideal driving conditions(remember this was BEFORE cell phones and Ipods).

Many years later I read John Marks' book on the CIA and mind control. In there he points out that American government gestapo type agents will deliberately cause minor traffic accidents in order to keep their victims stressed. One CIA agent related that running into the back of the victim's car is a common technique that they use to harass the person. Thus, from what happened that day, and from the dark blue suit the man was wearing, it is very possible that my “accident” was caused by a government gestapo agent in order to cause me more stress. And it definitely did cause me stress.

I did get to spend some time at the beach in the sun and that seemed to arrest my again deteriorating health. At the end of the week we left Anaheim with little accomplished and I was feeling tired.

The first day when we arrived back at my parents place I was feeling tired and feverish. That afternoon I decided I should see a doctor again. I made an appointment for two days hence and then went to bed for some much needed rest. I slept for almost two days and was too weak to get out of bed. Because I was so weak, I called the doctor who knew me and he prescribed some new, more powerful antibiotics over the phone and then made a new appointment to see me a few days latter. When I finally got enough strength to get out of bed, I could barely walk and Anita had to help me down the stairs.

For the next two months I fought the throat and viral infections with little success. The doctor could do little more that give me antibiotics and vitamin shots and tell me to get plenty of rest. Then after the throat infection had seemed to clear up, I developed bronchitis. With all of the stress and anxiety,, my body had lost its ability to defend itself from disease. As the doctor put it, "the virus seems like it has attacked your entire body."

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


After my resignation at Costeal, Anita and I drove back to Pennsylvania. We arrived
at my parents house on Saturday March 11, and the night there. The next day we
immediately left for the American Chemical Society meeting in Anaheim, California. The flight was comfortable and I got some much needed rest, but my health still was not very good. I was beginning to wonder about the wisdom of searching for another job right away and as I sat on the plane, I thought more and more about using the trip for a vacation. The reason I had decided to take Anita with me was because I thought she could use a break and a little vacation would do her good too.

The weather in Anaheim was excellent and unseasonably warm. I attended the ACS
meeting and related my tale to several friends I met there while Anita enjoyed the sun at the beach. Interestingly, I didn't get any funny talk from my friends and while they all expressed sympathy, none of the could offer and real solution to my problem. And most important was that none of them questioned what had happened to me.

I also attended the Employment Clearing House and had several interviews with
prospective employers. I did not try to hide anything and tried to relate my experience as best I could in a half hour interview. One sympathetic interviewer suggested I write to the Professional Relations Staff at the American Chemical Society. I thanked him for his help.

The interviews were hard on my throat because they usually required about twenty minutes of talking. It seemed like I was on a steady diet of throat lozenges and antibiotics.

I found it interesting that no one doubted what I told them. That meant that Darth Korey was absolutely wrong that no one would believe me and I already knew I could prove what I was saying. On reflection, that meant Darth Korey was TOTALLY out of touch with reality. That is INSANITY! Psychopathic behavior at one time was called “moral insanity” and my experience at the ACS meeting made me realize that was definitely dealing with dangerously insane captors.

People frequently would ask "why would they do that"? And the answer is because they could! There was nothing to stop these people from government/big business. And ultimately that is what POWER is. Power is the ability to be as STUPID, as INSANE as you want to be. If a person without power does something stupid or insane, they will have to face the consequences eventually. If you have power, that is not true. In fact, when someone with power does something stupid, other people pay the consequences. And you see people everyday in politics and business do really stupid and insane things and you ask yourselves, "why did they do that"? The answer is because they have power.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Never Trust A Lawyer!!!!!

I left the building alone and I constantly looked over both shoulders as I walked to my car parked in the parking garage. Before I started the engine I checked under the hood for explosives and looked around the rest of the car. I still feared for my life, but more than that, I feared the unexpected. I never knew what was going to happen next.

After the sworn statement I kept in constant contact with Cruz Little by phone. Usually I would call him in the evening after some incident had happened at work which had ininfuriated me. I had told him only a portion of what I knew in the sworn statement and each time I called him I told him a little more in an attempt to raise his interest. However it seemed no matter how damaging the information was toward Gamma Supplies, Cruz Little seemed uninterested and unimpressed. At first I attributed this to the fact that Judge Myron Gordon's ruling which had the trial in limbo, had negated my testimony. But I was convinced that the judge's ruling was ridiculous and would be overturned by the Appeals Court and my testimony would be important. For some reason which I did not understand at that time, Cruz Little did not share my enthusiasm.

At one point I told him how Jordan kept the “Rapid Set” price artificially low so the profit margin would not be too great. This created the illusion that Delta Oil could not afford the licensing agreement that Better Supplies was offering. This was a critical point in the argumentthat the patents were monopolistic. Bruce Tittle was unimpressed with the information.

Anita said very little about what was going on and remained distant from the problem. I thought this was best for her own safety and I felt it was my battle and I didn't want to involve any more people that necessary. Her major immediate concern was about my physical health and she was still constantly concerned about my well-being.

My physical condition had seemed to stabilize, but my overall health still was not good. As long as I kept taking the antibiotics, my condition did not worsen. At least my health was good enough to permit me to drive back to Scranton, Pennsylvania.

On March 10, 1978 I formally resigned from Costeal. I gave my deteriorating health and other “personal” problems as the reason for leaving. While I was discussing my reasons leaving my boss, who was sitting there with his immediate supervisor, interrupted me and in a laughing sarcastic tone said, “Well, I hope it's not serious”. My appearance and the difficulty I had in speaking was enough to tell him it was serious and since he probably already knew about my physical condition, I took his remark to be malicious in nature.

It is interesting to note, that while I struggled while I was in Louisville, people seemed to go out of their way to treat my wife well. The Realtor that was showing us housing, took Anita skiing, and helped her find a sales job at a local clothing store. Of course Anita spent her weekly check buying clothes for herself. And if we did anything where Costeal people were present, they were overly friendly and helpful to her. The contrast in treatment from how I was treated to how Costeal was being treated baffled me.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Truth About My Situation as a Slave

My sworn statement started with Mr. Little making a summary statement about how this
meeting had come about and the conditions under which the statement was being given. The two major stipulations were that I would not violate any contractual agreements I had with Gamma Supplies and that the information would be held in confidence and would not be disclosed to anyone else, including Better Supplies personnel. Other than for confidentiality reasons, I really don't know why I agreed to the latter point. That was a HUGH mistake.

In addition to Mr. Little, his partner, Barry Champs, my attorney, Leonard G. Smart and a Notary Public was present. Because of my high state of anxiety, I rambled on for almost three hours. However, I did manage to make four major points. First, Gamma Supplies was being backed by someone in their legal battle with Better Supplies. Tenneland definitely had some interest. Second, my testimony had been programed through mind control (brainwashing) techniques and then I was driven from the company and threatened. Third, Darth Korey had definitely perjured himself during his deposition. And fourth, my deposition, as is, could not be used in a court of law because I had not signed it and I had not waived my right to sign it.

Cruz Little and his partner asked a few questions to keep me on track, but said little of any value to me. During my statement I constantly needed to drink water to sooth my sore throat. My nervousness and state of anxiety were readily apparent. I was surprised after the sworn statement at Cruz Little's apparent lack of interest in what I had told him. Instead he questioned me off the record on why I had not accepted the Tenneland job offer. His lack of concern about the substance of what I had said concerned me and I definitely did not get the feeling that he was going to be any help.

After I completed my deposition I continued to relate to Cruz Little and Barry Champs other incidences that had happened at Gamma Supplies. I related the early attempts to get me to commit sexual indescretions and pointed out that at the time I considered the possibility that such an act might be used for psychological blackmail latter down the road. It had just seemed to me from my initial read of Darth Korey that psychological blackmail would be just the type of thing he and his unidentified partners would do. To my surprise, Cruz Little's reaction was one of astonishment! His jaw just about dropped to the floor and he exclaimed, “YOU KNEW THAT?!”

His remark took me off guard and I responded, “Of course, it seemed obvious to me.” What I couldn't understand was his reaction to what I was telling him. It scared me. I should point out the several years latter, the movie The Firm(1993) the sex act pyschological blackmail was used by a criminal element against the victim(Tom Cruise).

After the sworn statement and talking with Cruz Little I felt relief and took the occasion to chat with my new lawyer, Leonard Smart.

I said, “Why do people do things like this? It is so senseless and costly.”

“Let me tell you something,” he replied. “ I have clients who take action against other people, and I advise them that it's not in their best interest. It is not good for their health, it is not good for their business, but they insist on going through with it. These people just aren't happy unless they are making someone else's life miserable.”

I knew what he was saying was true because my attorney in Wisconsin had told me
the same thing in different words.

“But what can I do? They will destroy me. They are creating a lie(mental illness) at my expense and they are going to live and die by that lie”.

“I don't know what to tell you”, Barry replied. “The best I can do is offer you a couple of my Valium.”

I thanked him but said “no."

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The real state of torture in america.

Now that the extreme right wing element is no longer in office in Washington, people are now beginning to discuss the use of torture by the american government. The only reason the average american knows about torture now is because 1) the use became widespread and with rendition, international, 2) technology such as the internet makes it harder to keep it hidden and 3) it involved non-american victims so foreign media picked up on it. The truth is, torture of american citizens has been going on for at least 50 years. There are even several documented cases of it. For the most part, the victims of american government/industry torture are individuals whom the media ignores. Thus it is kept hidden from the american public. In america, no publicity means no torture! That is not true, but that is what the public believes.

Back to my story:

I was becoming suspicious of everyone. I was making plans to attend the American
Chemical Society meeting in Anaheim, CA and I was not trying to be very secretive about it. If “they” were going to flaunt the fact that they knew everything I did, why try to hide anything. I was also interacting with one employment agency and their representative said they had an opening in Los Angeles. I told the rep. That I was going out there in a few weeks and maybe I could talk to the company while I was out there. She said she would check and get back to me. She never did call me back, and I became suspicious and carefully wrote it in my diary. The job opening in Los Angeles coming to my attention exactly when I was planning to go there seemed like too much of a coincidence to me. I wonder if someone could have put her up to it.

The longer I was at Costeal, the more it seemed that my real purpose in Louisville was to make a sworn statement for the Better Supplies' attorneys. I kept calling Cruz Little and told him of the events at Costeal and how important it was that I get something in writing. He seemed to be dragging his feet, but finally we agreed that I could make a sworn statement on Wednesday, February 15, 1978in his office building. I had hired Mr. Leonard G. Smart to act as my attorney, at Cruz Little's recommendation and per my friend Chet's instructions. I arrived at Cruz Little's law firm office in an anxious state and I had trouble speaking because of my reoccurring throat problems. I had tried to keep this appointment secret for my own safety, but a couple of days prior to the sworn statement Cruz Little called me at work to remind me of the date. His blatant disregard for my safety annoyed me.