Sunday, January 29, 2012

All Failures are my fault.

Soon after I began working at Estron, it became clear that most of the manufacturing was copying existing products and selling them for less. After all, the overhead at the Kentucky plant was very low.

Dr. Skora would call me on the phone periodically and give me projects to work on. One project was to test a reaction for making a polyester in the lab. The reaction required very low distillation pressures (under vacuum). I knew it would be difficult to achieve the low pressures needed for the reaction with the equipment I had available. After trying for two days to run the reaction to completion, I found that the only way to get the desired results was to run the reaction at very high temperatures. This of course was totally unacceptable to Dr. Skora because he knew the manufacturing plant could never achieve the temperatures necessary.

When I called Dr. Skora to tell him my results, he was very upset. He told me the plant was going to run the reaction the next day because he had made a commitment to have to product for a customer in a few days. I advised him not to run the reaction because there were problems and that the reaction would be unsuccessful. Dr. Skora ignored my advise and said the plant reaction would go on a scheduled.

The next day the plant started six thousand gallon reaction and I was to follow the progress of the reaction by doing measurements on samples taken periodically. As had happened in my lab. reactions, the process started out fine and then began to level off long before the reaction was completed. The plant couldn't achieve the low pressures needed to get the finished product which is exactly what had happened to me in my laboratory reactions.

Dr. Skora had flown in for the production batch and when the reaction stopped, he accused me of making an error. After repeated tests, he became convinced that the reaction had reached a steady state (or stopped). It was now 10:00 PM and over the next couple of hours, Stanley kept adding ingredients to the reactor to correct the problem. I told that a higher temperature was needed. He ignored my suggestion because the new oil heating system on the reactor was not working correctly and it wasn't possible to get higher reaction temperatures. Finally, at two AM in the morning, Stanley said I could leave, but he wanted me back at seven in the morning to help package the product in drums. Since it was a half hour drive to my apartment, it meant that I would get a maximum of three hours sleep.

The next morning I showed up at the plant and was surprised when Stanley asked, "What are you doing here?" When I told him he had instructed me to be at the plant in the morning, he feigned ignorance.

I spent the rest of the day following Dr. Stanley Skora's directions and generally working in the laboratory to try to find the solution to the question why the reaction had stopped. It seemed clear that a higher reaction temperature was need, but that solution was not desirable because it have meant the Stanley was at fault for using an untested plant reactor. The failure of the reaction due to my incompetence was a much more politically desirable answer.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Invasion of privacy - a stardard fascist practice for many years.

About a week after I had moved into my new apartment, I went down to the complex mail boxes to check for mail. There was the door to my mailbox wide open. Now there could be a lot of explanations for that, but I decided to narrow down the possibilities by goin down to the nearby post office and opening a post office box there. I then had all of my regular deliveries, rerouted to the post office box.

It was shortly after opening the P.O. Box that the government started taunting me with censoring my mail. I regularly received a weekly or biweekly professional publication called "Chemical and Engineering News". However, all of a sudden, I no longer received it. I went to the local library and found that they had the newest edition on their self. This absence of the publication from my mail went on for weeks. Then one day I went to my PO Box and there I found the four latest editions of the publication. This scenario would repeat itself again to make sure I knew the fascist state was tampering with my mail.

Years later I saw a Biography show about the late Stockley Carmichael who was a prominet Black Panther. His widow told the interviewer that the fascist state would tamper with his mail to the point that he became paranoid about it. And I attended a lecture by a close associate of Dr. Martin Luther King who claimed the fascist state repeatedly tampered with Dr. King's mail. Isn't that nice, they harassed him while he was alive and then they "honored" him after he was killed. "Woe to you hypocrites!" - Jesus

The point is that it is a standard fascist state practice to tamper with victim's mail. It does make you paranoid and it creates general havoc in the victim's life. Now days the tampering extends to all forms of electronic communication methods. Of course, if the tampering is done by a non-sanctioned person or group, the media calls it "hacking" or pirating or some other nocuous term. If the fascist state does the tampering, the victims are labelled paranoid or mentally ill.

I also still had the problem of The Crazies coming into my apartment when I was not at home (remember the stolen diaries?!) The would move things around, take items and in general play mind games. Of course if I mentioned this to anyone, they would immediately say, "Can you prove it?" Or "Have you seen them?" The answer obviously was no to both questions. Now this is the year 1984. The entering of you home by The Crazies now is legal since the passage of the Homeland Security act about 9 years ago. Dumb amerikans have no idea that home invasion was a standard Nazi practice in this country for at least the past fifty years.

One of the particular interesting and disturbing things the Crazies would do is the would steal my socks and my underwear! Now the socks part is easy. Imagine how crazy you would sound if you said the fascist state was coming into your home and stealing your socks and underwear. Who hasn't lost a sock in the laundry? And of course that is part of creating uncertainty in the mind. But the UNDERWEAR! Well, it turns out stealing my underware show how sick these people really are.

Again, after years of wondering why the Crazies would target my underware, I learned the answer again while watching a documentary. The documentary was about sickos - stalkers, serial killers and psychopaths. In general, the habits of really sick scum was being expounded upon. And one of the habits by these fine citizens is that they frequently took the UNDERWEAR of their victims! The reason is that your underwear is the closest thing to you and knowing a psycho is taking your underwear creates the greatest psychological terror in the victim!!!!! When I heard that, I sat there feeling so relieved that I finally knew why the sicko fascists had been taking my underwear for so many years.

Besides the psychological terror created, it also created an economic hardship replaceing all of the stolen clothes since they did steal items other than socks and underwear. Well there you have another fine example of your tax dollars at work.

And remember that stereo box. That box played a big role in establishing breaking and entering! Stay tuned.

Friday, January 13, 2012

War in Iraq Winds Down, War on Political Prisoners Escalates.

It seems The Crazies have decided to destroy the only personal relationship I currently had. And of course, they used this past Holiday season to do it. Now this is why I call them stupid. By destroying that relationship, I now have more time to do blogs and internet postings. That is totally counter to what they want. That is STUPID!!!

Back to Estron Chemical. It didn't take long to learn that I didn't have the best equipment for getting the job done. But one of the biggest detriments was that I just had no motivation or drive to do a good job for another corporation/business and help Dr. Skora get richer. In the end I knew I would be driven out and left with nothing as had been the case in the last two positions. The Crazies always seemed to get their jollies out of exploiting people, especially me. I guess that is capitalism.

The other detriment to doing a good job was my poor physical health. I was constantly battleing bronchitis and there were periods where I would go to work in the morning, leave late in the afternoon, go home exhausted, get a blanket and fall asleep on the couch. Around 8 or 9 PM, I would get up, sometimes eat and then go to bed and sleep until morning when the whole routine would be repeated. It was the only way I could get enough rest to be able to go to work. And I was only 41 years old. Also all the while I was trying to get healthy, the fascist state was still terrorizing me and making my life more difficult(just like destroying a relationship as they just did). I will elaborate latter on the ways the fascist state would harass me.

I had mentioned that when I moved to Paducah, I didn't take my stereo speakers with me. Naturally when I found an apartment there, I went out and bought a pair of speakers. After hooking the speakers up to my stereo system, I threw the empty container box into the apartment complex dumpster. Nothing unusual there. But this was 1984, and the speaker box was quite large. It was probably 3 feet high by 5 feet long by 1 foot wide. Without getting too far ahead in my story, that exact same box will show up again in my life some three months later!

Of course, I didn't get a phone since I was still getting harassing phone calls up until the day I left my parent's place. I didn't want to be constantly woken up from my desperately needed sleep.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Freedom and Amerika

To strip man of his freedom is not to believe in man. The evil fascist state does not believe in man. Man’s freedom frightens the ruling elite. Imprisoned as much by their ambition to conquer, as by their terror, the ruling fascists define their own freedom in relation to the lack of freedom in others. They feel free only because and when other people are not free. The happiness of others prevents them from being happy themselves. Every free man is his adversary, every independent thought renders him impotent.

Does there exist a nobler inspiration than the desire to be free? It is by his freedom that a man knows himself, by his sovereignty over his own life that a man measures himself. To violate that freedom, is to deny man the right to live his life, to take responsibility for himself with dignity.

If you go back and read my earliest posts, you will find I repeated talked about Jack Kopac's extreme arrogance and pathological lying (only his friends call him Jack, not Jordan). These two characteristics alone are major signs of psychopathic behavior. I did not know about psychopaths and psychopathic behavior at that time, but I did sense the strong presence of evil. Now that I have studied psychopathic behavior, I can say that out of all of the people I have known in my life, Jack Kopac scores higher than anyone I have ever rated on the Bob Hare's scale of psychopathic behavior. And if I know Jack and he sees this, he will laugh and brag about how he scored so high. If you want to know more about psychopathic behavior and how common it is in the workplace and in relationships, I suggest you start with the book, "The Sociopath Next Door."

And psychopaths do very well professionally in this society. That is because the american system is very corrupt and psychopaths excel in a lawless environment.

Back to my story in my next post.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Crime and psychopathic behavior does pay!!!!

Due to current events in my life, it is time to reveal the psychopath Darth Korey. His real name is Jack Jordan Kopac and he was the General Manager at Gamma Supplies (Delta Oil, later Delta Resins) in the late 1970s. The company was bought out and the name changed again in 1987. Jack has sure padded his resume in the intervening years.

Pertinent Info: Jordan Kopac, League Consultant (262) 210-2223;

Now Back to my job at Estron Chemical. My first surprise at my first day of work there is that the laboratory had no heat. Marge who worked mostly in an adjoining office had heat in her office, and when she came into the lab to run the gas chromatograph, she had a small space heater beside her to keep her warm. The rest of the lab had no heat.

This was the beginning of February in an area near Paducah, KY. A search of the internet gives the average high temperature to be 47 degrees and an average low of 28 degrees. Because of the brutal torture I had endured, my physical health was still not good and I was constantly fighting chronic bronchitis. Thus the working conditions were not conducive to good health. As could be expected, soon after my starting work there, my health deteriorated drastically.

I also found out that the area where the plant was located had quit a reputation. When I told people where I worked, they warned me about the chemical pollution in the area. I was told to buy an old clunker car to drive to work because after a period of time, the chemicals would cause the paint on the car to corrode. My response was "Well if the air does that to the paint on your car, imagine what it does to your lungs!" Again, it was not a good for someone in poor health who was fighting bronchitis.

If you drove east of where the chemical plants were located, you would see the mountain sides covered with DEAD pine trees. My theory was that the winds out of the west carried the pollutants from the plants to the tree covered mountains to the east. Of course, no one ever discussed the dead trees and no one ever investigated what was killing the trees. Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil.