Monday, March 28, 2011

"You will always have a job here" - Would the Nazi scumbags lie to you!!!!!!!!

"We cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people that there will be no mercy...where innocent men and women face brutality and death at the hands of their own government. Quote from the amerikan government. Where was this Nazi system when I was being tortured and my life was being destroyed mercilessly. As Christ said "Woe to you hypocrites."

At one point in order to seek some relief from the incessant harassment, I went to the office of then Representative and now Senator Bill Nelson. His response to my request for help was that I "should leave the country." I didn't even bother to waste my energy or breath to ask how that would help my "mental illness". I do have to say that not all congressmen are as worthless pieces of crap like Bill Nelson. As I will point out latter, a couple of Senators did speak with me civilly and honestly although there was little they could do.

In an unrelated news paper article, I read where supreme Nazi wannabe Sarah Palin was in India telling the government there that she wants world peace, but she preferred that India beef up its military and prepare for war with China. Woe to you hypocrites!

Back to my story:
Once in my car, I tried to calm down and figure out what to do. I decided to see my attorney to see what I could do about the rediculous charges on the divorce motion. I drove to his office and fortunately since he was not busy he saw me right away. The attorney said I could fight the charges, but that it would be costly, time consuming and that since Anita and I were going to get a divorce anyway, I should probably just let her win and get the divorce.

I explained to him that I couldn't afford to fight the charges since I had just quit my job. Besides I didn't see why I should have to defend myself against the phony charges. His advice was that I should immediately go back to RAM and try to get my job back. I got in my car and headed back to RAM feeling totally defeated again.

When I arrived back at IBM, I entered the building and headed toward my office. As I headed down the main corridor, I saw Stu peering out of an office across the hall from his office. As I continued down the hall, he shouted out in a hurried manner, "Here he comes!"

As I approached Stu, he yelled, "In here Russ, come in here."

I entered the office to find a man from personnel sitting there and two heavy set men, who from their appearance looked like goons from the mob. I surmised they were from security. For a moment I laughed at the presence of the security men. They were both grossly overweight and looked like men who spent their leisure time bending their elbows at the local bar. Because of the constant threats I had to live with, I kept myself in good physical shape and constantly practiced my martial arts. It briefly passed through my mind how easy it would be to maim or kill both of them, and their presence was more a source of aggravation than intimidation. And I really had no doubt that I could take them both out. I stood there thinking how rediculous it was for them to run the risk of dying for some scumbags who where torturing me. The same Nazi filth that was intent on destroying me on a whim could turn around kill those idiots. I wondered why they couldn't see who the real evil enemy was. But then there is always the power of MONEY and Nazi indoctrination.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Nazis finally force my resignation.

The divorce itself did not worry me. What was bothersome was that now documents were being created so that if I ever did lose control while being tortured and hurt someone, there would be evidence in place to show or tell the press or whoever else might be interested, that I had a history of violent actions. Any violence on my part would just be reported as another mentally ill person committing an act of violence. And the american sheepeople would fall in line and demand more oppression of anyone who acted "differently". And the ruling Nazis would sit around and laugh and the dumb f...... americans. That's the way in works in Naziland.

As I read the divorce papers, I just stood there thinking about the fantasy that was being described. Then I lost complete control. I walked down the halls just looking for someone at which to yell. I found a coworker in his office and I started telling him in an angry voice all that had happened to me. He sat there not knowing what to do. I continued to yell.

"Those sons-of-bitches tried to kill me, and now they are trying to find some way to lock me up, and why? Because I did a job for them, that's why: THE GREAT AMERICAN SYSTEM, do a great job and you'll be rewarded!"

Then without saying anymore, I stormed off into the laboratory. There were a couple of coworkers there and I started yelling some more. After a few minutes there, I headed straight to Stu's office. To my dismay, Stu was not there and in hindsight, "they" had probably planned it that way. I grabbed a piece of paper on his desk and wrote "I resign effective immediately." I went into the secretarial pool, made a couple of copies, and then went back and left the original on Stu's desk. I left my keys on my desk, put on my coat and ran out of the building.

The Nazis had succeeded in forcing me to resign! The only thing left now for them to destroy was my relationship with my family.

Whenever I relate what the sick bastards that run this country did to me, I can't help but say GOD DAMN AMERICA! This american system is so sick it has to be destroyed and it is a promise from God that he will destroy it. I just always wonder if I will live long enough to see it.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

How women, marriage and divorce are used by the ruling elite.

Early in the morning of Sept. 17, 1982 Stu came into my office and told me he had received a call for me on his phone. Stu said he did not know why the person had called, but I assumed it was because I know longer answered my phone. After 5 years of incessant harassing phone calls, the best solution was for me not to answer the phone. In psychological terms I was practicing what is called "avoidance learning" where a person avoids adverse stimuli. In this case the adverse stimuli was the annoying phone calls.

At eleven o'clock, I was in the secretarial office when Stu walked in and quickly grabbed my arm and took me over to Sandy, who was the area secretary.

"Did you take a call for Russ this morning?" Stu asked.

"Yes," she answered. "The gentleman just said he would call back at one."

"What did he want?" I blurted out.

"He just said he would call back at one. Just be by your phone," she instructed.

By now I knew I was being set up for something, but I didn't know what. I spent the rest of the morning wondering what could possibly happen. I decided I was not going along with the plan and I just wouldn't answer the phone. Around noon I went to lunch by myself as usual, and at about one o'clock I headed back to my office. As I approached the door, I heard the phone ringing. I intended to let the phone ring, but as I entered the office there was a co-worker answering the phone. "They" had made sure that someone was there to answer the phone. The co-worker took the message and then while still holding the phone he said to me, "There is a gentleman in the lobby waiting for you."

Without saying anything I headed down the maze of hallways the lead to the lobby. When I sung open the doors to the lobby I was shocked to see the same co-worker who had just answered the phone! He must have hung up the phone the second I left and then raced by another route to the lobby just to create confusion and anxiety. Now I was really wondering what was going to happen. I looked at the receptionist and said, "There is suppose to be a man here to see me."

"There is no one here. Maybe he is in the lobby of the 320 building." she answered.

With that she called the other building, located the man and explained to him that I was in the adjacent building.

"He will be right over." she told me.

"Did he say what he wanted?" I asked excitedly.

"No." She replied. "He just said he would be right over."

I sat down and waited about five minutes. All the while I kept wondering if "they" had just orchestrated all of this to make me think something bad was going to happen or if they were actually going to do something offensive. Finally, a plainly dressed man entered the building. He walked over to me and asked me my name. When I told him, he reached in his pocket and pulled out some papers and said, "I have this summons for you." Then he handed them to me.

"What is this for?" I asked.

"I don't know. I just deliver them, but I think your wife is filing for divorce," he said. Then he turned and left.

Divorce, I thought! I opened the papers and read "Motion for Judgment of Divorce on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment."

I exploded. I went back to my office yelling at anyone I passed in the hall or at anyone who could hear me.

When I got back to my office I tried to calm down and read the complaint. I wondered how Anita could file for divorce on those grounds after I had saved her life and after we had worked so hard to on the separation agreement. I knew that "they" had put her up to it, but I couldn't see how a case could be made for divorce on "cruel and inhuman treatment." I had bent over backwards to treat Anita as well as I could under the conditions with which we had to live.

As I read the complaint, rage burned throughout me. I stated that "on numerous occassions,(sic) I struck the plaintiff on and about her person, leaving the plaintiff with bruises and contusions, and threatened the life of the plantiff by attempting to strangle the plaintiff with his bare hands." The only time I ever "hit" Anita was many years previously when we had taken Karate together and would practice "fighting" together. And she did complain about the bruises she would get in Karate class, but that was from fighting with other students in the class. Other than that, Anita never experienced any bruises or contusions. And I had never threatened her life. In fact, I had made every effort to protect her from the machinations of sick Nazi scum. But I was dealing with the fantasy that the my sub-human scumbags captors were trying to create on paper.

Another clause in the complaints stated that I had locked her in the bedroom. Now as anyone should know, bedroom doors lock from the inside, not the outside so it is impossible to lock someone IN the bedroom. And our house was typical when it came to bedroom locks. The statement that I had locked her in the bedroom demonstrated that the charges were fictitious, but my Nazi tormentors knew that I wasn't about to try to challenge the charges knowing that they were pulling the strings.

As I read the document, I realized again that "they" were trying to establish a paper trail and a case to make me look like a violent person, and at the same time "they" were trying to make me violent with their lies. It was a typical Nazi "no win" situation.

But, the next time you read how someone went "crazy" and shot up some place and the people in it, maybe you won't be gullible about the Nazi media propaganda that is put out about the person. With things that are going on in this country today on a large scale, it is important that you know how the Nazis work and manipulate the system to create their fantasy world. That is one of the major reasons I'm telling you what the sick bastards did to me.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Why September 17??????????

The neoNazis always picked dates that had some significance to reach the maximum in their terrorism. For example, I've documented how they loved to use the Christmas holidays for the zenith of their torture efforts. Now it is easy to understand that the use of those dates reflected their contempt and hatred of the Christian religion. And their repeated use of July 4th was an expression of their contempt for freedom and liberty. But why September 17?

It was only by accident that I came upon the significance of that date. It turns out that September 17, 1787 is the date of the signing of the US Constitution! Now I don't believe my tormentors where smart enough or aware enough to plan the use of that time period to get rid of me. But I do believe it is an unconscientious expression of their contempt and hatred of the US Constitution and the laws and principles that it represents. My torturers represent all that is evil in humans and they are the antithesis of anything that is good and decent. Therefore their use of the date of the signing of the US Constitution to get rid of me is a perfect example of their unmitigated hatred for anything good. After all, it has been reported that a recent president stated that the Constitution is "just a piece of paper". When you have a ruling elite that believes the Constitution is just a piece of paper, you have rule by men and not by law and that always leads to tyranny. And that is what is wrong with america today.

So you think you know your government?!

Friday, March 4, 2011

So you think you know this government????

Let me skip ahead a few years. I was living in Orlando, FL in 1993 and had become well known for having survived the Nazi torture and attacks for so long. Usually people in my situation end up either dead, in prison or in exile. Somehow I had survived and people knew I was a political prisoner - believe me, the word gets around.

I routinely went to the local Jai Alai Fronton to socialize and bet on the simulcast horse races. On the afternoon of February 28, 1993 following the initial attack by Nazi gestapo forces on the Branch Davidian compound, I went to the Jai Alai Fronton as usual. As I approached the table where I usually sat, I was greeted by 8 people who immediately shouted out. "Russ, what will to government do in Waco?"

"Oh, that's easy." I responded without hesitation. "They will kill them. They will kill them all!"

That was the end of the conversation. The people knew that I knew what I was talking about and they knew I knew this government.

Fast forward to April 19, 1993. Most people now know about the massacre at Waco, TX. In all, 75 died (50 adults and 25 children under the age of 15, two pregnant women and 24 British nationals) and nine survived the fire on April 19. On February 28 five had been killed in the initial ATF raid and buried on the grounds, and one was killed(presumably unarmed) by the fascist state after the initial raid while returning to Mt. Carmel. Now I was wrong; a few did survive(probably to the dismay of the fascist state) - never to heard from again and despite all of the "news" coverage and videos that were taken of the event, nobody really knows what happened. Isn't that strange?

Back to my story:

The next day returned to work and was immediately chided by Stu for not calling in sick and for missing two days of work. I just ignored him and went back to my office. I really didn't care about anything anymore, and I had given up all hope of any rational reasoning concerning my situation. The harassing incidents immediately stated up, and I continued to hang on to my job.

Finally on September 17, 1982, almost exactly one year to the day of my previous resignation, a totally infuriating incident occurred. Now, this incident would have occurred have occurred on September 18th if that date had not been a Saturday. As part of the government's conditioning program, the government had a propensity to repeat situation over and over again at exactly the same time of year(remember the use of Christmas) in order to create the maximum conditioned response. This gives you an idea of the attention to detail the government gestapo agents use in order to terrorize people.

More about the end of my working in the next post.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What to do after everything had been destroyed.

Things returned to normal for a few days, and the respite gave me some time time to try to objectively analyze my situation. The first things I realized was that my mind was so messed up that I had doubts that I would be able to function in a normal manner again. Second, I concluded that no matter what I was told, I would lose my job, and I should start addressing that situation immediately. I knew that I could always be forced to resign. If I resigned in a moment of anger, I would not be eligible for unemployment, and it could then be said that my "mental illness" caused my resignation. Above all else I decided I must not resign and that I must be fired.

Slowly the pressure at work began to increase until finally on August 23rd, I just did not show up for work. Since I did not have a phone in my apartment for obvious reasons, I did not call in sick, and my manager could not call me. Instead of going to work, I drove to my parent's place to talk to them. I spent two days there and tried to talk to my mother about the situation when I said, "even Anita broke down and admitted she had conspired against me."

My mother looked startled, then hurriedly said, "I always said getting rid of her was a good thing for you." Then she got up from the table and ran out of the room as fast as an elderly woman could run.

I sat there in disbelief. My own mother did not want to hear proof that I had been and was being tortured. I was truly alone. The story that I was mentally ill was the only story the government would allow at any cost. Now they were not just trying to cover up federal trial rigging, but they were hiding the fact that they tortured innocent US citizens. And this was 20 years prior to the justifying torture to "fight terrorism." As I have said many times, these psychopaths torture because they love to torture and there is nothing to stop them. I was truly living the life of "Winston Smith", the main character in George Orwell's 1984. I concluded my parents could offer me no assistance, and I headed back to home and my job at RAM.

When I got back to my apartment, I found a note that had been slid under my door. It was from Stu who wanted me to call him immediately. I ignored the note and decided he could wait until I was ready to see him.

The next day I rested and then around three o'clock I drove to the hospital where Anita was working and waited in the parking lot. I had not seen Anita in almost two months and I wanted to talk to her. Somehow I hoped that the hate and anger that had been generated by this whole affair had subsided, and I foolishly thought that maybe we could talk about things. Anita came out of the building and started toward her car. I stayed in my car because I did not want to frighten her. I rolled down my window and gently said "hi".

She looked at me and in a frightened voice said "What do you want?"

"I just wanted to talk to you." I calmly replied.

"Go away or I'll call the cops," she said in a panicky voice.

"What do you mean?!" I asked incredulously. "I just want to talk to you."

Anita turned around and went back into the building. A few minutes later she emerged with another woman. Then she approached the car. "Just leave me alone." She shouted.

"What do you mean leave you alone? Do you think you can ruin my entire life and just walk away from it?" I snapped back angrily.

I remained seated in the car with the door closed because I didn't want the Nazis to put anyone up to claiming that I had physically threatened her. The woman took Anita by the arm and lead her back to the hospital. I left feeling very angry. After that incident I was only to see Anita one more time in my life.

Given what is happening around the world I sometimes wonder what it will take to wake up the american people and cause them to throw off of their backs the oppressive fascist state? And believe, if american people do try to free themselves, the Nazis will kill people just is happening in other countries. Remember Kent State and Waco, Texas?!!!