Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How the Neo-Nazi system works; Why the hatred?

To quickly finish up the "spy" story at the Castaways in Daytona Beach; late in the evening a couple of the women asked if I would walk up the beach with them to their hotel.  I was ready to leave and thought it would be an opportunity to talk without all the loud noise and the neonazi goons hanging around.

As we walked up the beach that was well lit by the lights of the hotels and condominiums that lined the beach, we all noticed that about twenty yards behind us there were two men who had been in the Castaways following us.  A short distant later, we passed another man standing on the shore that after we passed him, he joined the two men behind us.  The women became nervous and asked if there was any danger of our being attacked.  I told them that because the beach was so well lit and that there were other people walking on the beach, an attack by the neo-nazis at that time was not likely.  Soon we arrived at their hotel, the ladies said good-night and I called a taxi since I was not about to walk back to my place alone.

If a person is followed incessantly by another person or persons, it is called stalking.  If a non-amerikan follows americans in a foreign country it is labeled terrorism or some other criminal name.  If the fascist state stalks a US citizen, it is called NATIONAL SECURITY.   You can commit any crime and no one cares as long as you label it "National Security".  The label "National Security" gives a person or group of people unlimited power which means they can be as corrupt, perverted, insane as they want to be.  The Crazies had and have unlimited power, i.e., they can do really sick things just for fun and label it "National Security".

So now you can see how the neo-nazi system works, but that still doesn't answer the question, "why are ordinary amerikans so ready and eager to hate?"  To understand that, you need to know 1) how the fascist state rules, and 2) the difference between what amerikans are taught to believe their lives should be and the reality of what their lives really are.  Many amerikans live in frustration and despair.  It doesn't take much to turn that frustration into hatred toward some person, group or some country.  Hitler found that with a little manipulation he could turn a nation against one religious group. - I suggest you read Hitler's Willing Executioners:  Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust .  American rulers do the same as Hitler did and I will expound upon in my next post.

Monday, March 18, 2013

How the NeoNazis work.

The first thing that comes to mind about my gun toting neighbors in Daytona Beach is how did they know who I was and why would they hate me?  It is easiest to understand if you look at the US in terms of David Wise's Invisible Government, which he claims is the actual working government in this country.  Mr. Wise describes this Invisible Government as a loose association of nefarious characters.  A series of events that occurred in Daytona Beach demonstrates how this network functions.

Shortly after I moved to Daytona Beach I began going to a lounge called the "Castaways" which was located in one of the beach hotels.  I would hop on a trolley and take it south down the beach as far as it went and then I would take a short walk to the Castaways.  I would go there just to talk to people and listen to the music.  One particular Friday evening I went to the Castaways and was sitting at a railing which separated the dance area from the seating area when I notice a table of 5 or 6 woman.  They seemed to be tourists which meant to me that I could interact with them without the fear of fascist interference.  I danced with a couple of the women, chatted with them and eventually they invited me to join them at their table.  I spent the evening talking with them about regular things like where they were from and what they did for a living and had an enjoyable time.  When time approached for me to catch the last trolley heading back north up the beach, I got up from the table, thanked them for a nice evening and headed for the door.  As I was starting to leave, the spokesman for the group said they would be there the next night (Saturday) and she invited me to join them if I didn't have any plans.  I just responded that I would consider it and then left.  As I left, it hit me how strange it was that someone who didn't know anything about me would think I might have plans!  Here I was, a political prisoner and torture victim who knew no one in Daytona Beach and who had neighbors who were threatening to shoot me, and because those women knew none of that, they thought I might have plans for the following night.  To me, it was hilarious!

The next evening I went back to the Castaways.  As I walked in, the people from the previous evening saw me and waived to me, but as I walked over to their table, I could sense that something was wrong.  I went to sit down in a vacant chair when several of the people shouted "no, no".  "Sit over there, next to Julie."  I got up and went over to the empty chair next to Julie.  As soon as I sat down, Julie turned to me and started talking.

"After you left last night, two men came over and threatened us for associating with you.  The said you were a SPY!  We didn't believe them, but who are they?"

I explained as best I could why the men had threatened them, but that I didn't know who they were.  The reason the women wanted me to sit next to Julie is that her fiance back in Tennessee was an attorney and their biggest concern was that the neo-Nazi scumbags might follow them back to their home town.  Otherwise I was welcome to stay at their table and enjoy the evening with them.

I had not told anyone since arriving in Daytona Beach that I had been in Cuba, or that I was a political prisoner/torture victim, or that I was an enemy of The Crazies.  Yet their were people following me and they knew who I was.  That is how the neo-Nazi "invisible government" operates.  They are cowardly filth that represents Nazi evil in this country.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Reality vs what amerikans believe.

I was going to post some about why my neighbors in Dayton Beach were so willing to hate someone they had never met and didn't know but then I can across this article today which really explains most things about amerika.  It has to do with ignorance, indoctrination and dealing with reality.

Poll after poll and survey after survey has shown that 9 out of 10 amerikans believe they are more intelligent than the average amerikan.  Now if you don't understand the absurdity of that statement, then I'm sure you fit right in with the findings in this video.  Even if you understand the statistical impossibility of the above statement, I guarantee that you fit right in with the findings on the following video. The producers of this video gives permission for anyone to use it.  This is truly revealing about what a fantasy world amerikans live in.

Remember when I was in Cuba and Mexico I related the Hispanic media's coverage of an international event involving the US that was taking place at that time.  When I arrived back in the US, I thought I had landed in an alternative universe because the fascist state media was reporting on the same event except that the fascist state version was completely opposite of what the Hispanic countries were reporting.  And because I had seen the on location videos from both perspectives, it was easy to see how the fascist state reports had been edited and modified to give a totally wrong impression.  

The Hispanic TV videos showed massive crowds estimated at one million people protesting in the streets against US actions.  There were numerous videos over a couple of days to support the strong anti-amerikan position.  However, the US media showed one or two videos of small groups of people supporting the US position and edited those videos in an effort to claim massive support among the Hispanic people.  And of course, the amerikans only saw that view and ate up so they could justify the US blowing up another country.  So it is really no surprise that amerikans have such a distorted view of reality.