Thursday, May 23, 2013

Another attempt to start over.

After the horrors of Daytona Beach, I was glad to leave the place.  I packed my two suitcases and with the aid of a friend and a car, I moved to Orlando.  Orlando in general was a more mature, family friendly city compared to Daytona Beach.  The Disney influence on the city was evident in many ways.  One thing in particular that I learned to appreciate was the planning that went into the expansion and development of the area.  Most new developments in the city were well thought out and designed with the people in mind.  The rapid growth which was evident everywhere was well controlled and designed.

Housing was more expensive compared to what I had been paying, and as a result I had to move into an much larger apartment complex in the south part of Orlando.  The location gave me access to a major east west highway and two north/south streets.  This meant I could get around the city fairly easily on the bus system which ran frequently and regularly through my area.  While not ideal, the apartment complex I choose seemed to be well situated.

As usual, my first week in my new apartment was quit normal, but it didn't take long for The Crazies and their Nazi supporters to find ways to harass me and try to make my life miserable.  Still, the overall move to Orlando was a positive one.

More on life in Orlando in a couple of weeks.

Friday, May 17, 2013

There were other negatives besides Nazi terrorism.

After about one year in Daytona Beach, I got the opportunity to move to Orlando with the help of a friend.
Beside the constant harassment and terrorism that I experienced in Dayton Beach, there were some real negatives about living there.  In the spring, there was an influx of tourists for events like the Dayton 500.  Although the race track was about 10 miles inland, almost all of the accommodations were on the beach side where I was living.  That meant that traffic became horrendous.

That event was followed by Bike Week and thousands of Harley Davidson's.  The event was centered around Main St. on the beach side and that was about four blocks from where I lived. You can't imagine what fun it is to have the streets packed every day with rowdy, drunk bikers.  And it literally gets tiring waking up at three AM to the roar of a parade of Harleys.   Also every morning I had to clean up the beer cans strewn all over the area around my apartment.

Interestingly, one day while walking along Main St. during bike week,  I spotted a man who I knew was an undercover cop.  Don't ask how I knew that.  Anyway, when he saw me, he looked like he had seen a ghost, and took off as fast as he could.  I could only surmise that he was afraid that I would rat him out and his life wouldn't have been worth a nickle among those bikers if they knew.  He was just like The Crazies; The Crazies are only brave when no one knows what they are doing.  And of course, the undercover cop was paranoid just like The Crazies.

And a couple of weeks after the roar of motorbikes abated, there was Spring Break!  Every evening during Spring Break, the main road on the beach side was impassable due to marauding college aged students that filled the streets.  Even though I knew my way around the back-roads,  getting around for those couple of weeks became a real chore.  But college students did graduate from liter the front yard with beer cans, to littering with whiskey bottles.  And there was the occasional drunk sleeping in the front yard in the morning.

And then there were the drugs!  One club to the north that I visited a couple of times was a haven for drug dealing.  I knew several people who would sit in the place looking all down, tired and barely moved or talked.  Then after being there for about an hour, the would go out to the parking lot and when they came back in about fifteen minutes later, they couldn't stop dancing and talking. They were full of energy! You had to be blind not to see the behavioral change which made me wonder what the two local cops were doing who  frequented the place.  I even stumbled on a money drop one evening.  The owner of the club eventually closed the place and I heard he closed it because he couldn't keep the drugs out of his club.

All of the above made moving to Orlando seem like a good idea and I jumped at the opportunity.

Next: from little beach town to the big tourist city.

Monday, May 6, 2013

"If they persecuted Me they will persecute you"

From a secular perspective, it is easy to see what drives The Crazies.  Just recently in the news, it was reported that the CIA gave ten million dollars a month to Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan to buy political support in that country.  That should raise a multitude of questions: a) where does the money come from (drug and gun running?) b) who authorized the payments c) is this official US policy or d) is this an "Invisible Government" policy, and so on - but the media ignores the obvious.  The point is that if people can do this to countries, imagine what they do to individuals.

Also in the news was an article that William Koch, one of the infamous and extremely wealthy Koch brothers, paid over thirteen thousand dollars for a bottle of wine.  And he just didn't buy one bottle at that price, but rather he bought 24 bottles of the wine.  Now he can waste his money however he likes, but do you think a man like that would tolerate anyone who didn't do exactly as he wanted.  I'm sure he would crush any poor person who interfered with his power trips.  Hence just from these two news stories, you can see that if you are unfortunate enough to run into some nefarious scheme by people like the above and you have any moral convictions, you can kiss your life good-bye.

It also amazed me how little The Crazies cared about a force opposing them, but if you turn to the Bible, it was the powerbrokers of Christ's day(The Roman Empire) that killed Christ and He said “If they persecute me, they will persecute you.”  It is also written in the Bible that when God reveals himself, the powerbrokers and worshipers of the state will curse and blasphemy God because they don’t want to hear the truth.  So why should I be surprised at the actions of The Crazies who follow a dark force.
I haven’t talked much about religion in my experiences and I don’t intend to.  I believe religion and politics should be separate since they are of two different worlds.  Christ said my world is not of this world.  But I have reached a few conclusions that are based on my experiences.

My experiences are much like those in the movie Star Wars.  The is a "force" which continually aided me and prevented The Crazies from having success.  At the same their is also a very "dark force"  which serves the interest of the empire or state just as it did in Star Wars.  Christianity labels it these forces God and Satan.   I could give pretty conclusive proof of this dark force and as Darth Vader constantly warned Luke Skywalker, "don't underestimate the power of the dark side."  There is no doubt in my mind that The Crazies serve the interest of the dark side. 

What The Crazies really wanted was to force me to bow down and worship them and their fascist state.  And in the Bible, what did Satan want?  He wanted Christ to bow down and worship him.  Although most people are never put in a position as I was put in where the choice becomes so clear, life is a battle between good and evil and you need to learn how to tell the difference - and that is not always easy. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Another potential altercation.

A couple of weeks after the attack in the bar, I was standing on my porch/deck and enjoying the afternoon sun.  My enjoyment was quickly interrupted by my rifle loving neighbor who came out of his apartment and started yelling obscenities at me.  I made a couple of comments back at him and he became even more agitated.  He suddenly started making a mad dash toward me, yelling and waving his fists all the way.  I stood there and decided I had endured enough threats and harassment.  I decide I was going to hurt him badly – enough was enough.

As he approached the stairs, I could see the rage in his face.  The porch was very small and it was only a couple of steps up.  I stood planning what I was going to do to him as he started to charge up the steps.  Before I could do anything, a total and complete calm and peace came over me.  There is no way to describe it.  I didn’t feel and anger or any fear even though this guy was charging at me.  There was just an indescribable complete peace.  Suddenly my hostile neighbor was in my face yelling at me like a drill sergeant in the face of a new recruit.  It was then that I could smell the overwhelming stench of alcohol.  I calmly turned away and walked inside and closed the door beside me.

Again some force stopped an altercation in which I would have been charged with some crime or crimes, and The Crazies would have had their proof that I was a violent, dangerous person that needed to be locked me up.  And again there was a force greater than man saying The Crazies are the violent, crazy people.

In my next post coming soon, I’ll give further insight on previously described events and what it means to all people.  By the way, my antagonistic neighbor was permanently removed from life about a week later.   I won’t describe how that happened other than to say that he was gone and I had nothing to do with it.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

No Harm, No Foul and Power Is ........

I returned to my seat at the bar.  Apparently other people had seen what had happened because as soon as I sat down, the bartender came running over.

"Man, you were really cool.  I'd like to buy you a drink."

"No thanks," I replied.  "I think I will finish my club soda and then go.  Thanks anyway."

I turned back to where I could see the crowd.  From across the room, I could see my antagonist rushing my way.  Apparently he had time to realize that he hadn't done any harm to me and he was furious.  As he was rushing toward me, thoughts were running through my head about what I was going to do.  It was sort of like the fight scenes that they show in slow motion in the new Sherlock Holmes movies.  Just as I thought I was going to have to do something, two big bouncers stepped in front of the charging man and escorted him out of the place.

I sat at the bar for a period of time and then cautiously exited the place and returned to my residence.  As soon as I got inside, I ripped off my shirt, ran into the bathroom and looked in the mirror.  I looked and looked for any marks or any redness, but there was nothing!  It was like nothing had happened!

The next morning it looked again in the mirror.  Surely I thought there must be some bruises.  But again there was nothing.  It was if the man had never touched me.  I stood there amazed and surprised, but at the same time I wasn't really surprised. 

The Crazies desperately wanted to paint me as a violent person, and if I had gotten into any fight, no matter what the outcome, I would have been charged with all sorts or crimes, declared violent and locked up.  Period.  Any altercation would have been used to cause me more problems; that is how the fascist state and The Crazies work.  And there was some force greater than man that was not going to let that happen.  It was if some force greater than man was telling The Crazies that they were the violent, sick people. 

In my next post, I'll show you this type of scenario where the roles are reversed.  It is even more amazing!!!!!  And it really shows why I know The Crazies and their supporters are wrong, wrong, wrong.  But remember, power is the ability to be as crazy, stupid and wrong as you want to be.