Friday, January 28, 2011

Hope you never run into a psychopath.

I left Stu's office fully aware that it was a matter of time before I lost my job. Asking for my resignation at that point was not a coincidence. I had just lost my wife and my house and now the sick Nazis were after my job. As usual, the timing was meant to generate as much stress as possible. Psychologists have a scale for rating the stressfulness of events which occur in a person's life and the three events which were taking place in my life, loss of wife, house and job, are three of the stressful events that can occur in your life. In fact the three events mentioned are three of the top four stress producing events.

Under a normal situation, a separation from a spouse, the sale of your house and the loss of your job within a short period of time would be enough stress to cause a healthy person serious physical, mental and emotional problems. Now, after six years of mental torture, I was being confronted with this additional stress. Threats which the Nazi had made and had been used for years to terrorize and control me were now materializing. And since it was four years since I had left Gamma Supplies, how could it be related to the outside observer?

I maintained my position that I would not resign and tried to think of some way to preserve my job. Over the 4th of July weekend, I drafted a letter to the U. S. Attorney General which described my situation. I really didn't expect any help since the FBI(Fumbling Bureaucratic idiots)refused to help me earlier, but I wanted to make sure I had covered all possibilities. Somehow in my battered mind, I still separated the government from my problem which I perceived as business related. If I were to receive help, it had to be through an agency as larger as big business. The U. S. government was the only agency that I could think of. Even though years earlier I had argued with a friend that the government had to be behind my problems I still mailed the letter with the hope that reason might prevail and that I might salvage my job.

I returned to work after the July 4th holiday and struggled to do anything. The anger and pain was so great that I struggled to function. I spent a good part of the day wondering how could I ever work again after all of the abuse I had been subjected to.

I watch the movie "The Capture of the Green River Killer" the other night. At the end of the show, the police officer who worked 19 years to capture the killer, interviewed the psychopath. The comments attributed to the psychopath mirrored the attitude of the people who had imprisoned me.
1. He had no remorse. Killing 71 people was his "job".
2. The people he killed were "filth" and deserved to die.
3. He evaded capture for so long because he "fit in" and appeared harmless. He held a steady job for over 30 years, he was married and fit into his community.
4. He enjoyed killing his victims.
5. It was simple to do. In other words he was smarter than everyone else.
6. The killer did not consider himself particularly evil.

These are exactly the characteristics of Darth Korey and the people behind him - psychopaths. As the police officer in the movie told his daughter; hope that your life never crosses the path of such people. It was my misfortune and fate that my life did cross the path of some very sick people. And it all started by answering a want ad for a job!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's left when all the good is gone? Survival.

It has been 12 days since the infamous shooting in Arizona and that means approximately 540 murders and deaths have occurred in the US. How many have you read about or how many victims have you been told about? But almost 2 weeks later, one victim and one shooting dominates the news. Why??????

Which brings me to the role of mental illness. How many of those approximately 500 murders were classified as "mentally ill" by the Nazi state psychiatrists. I doubt if it is more than one or two per cent. Yet the Nazi controlled media has been obsessed with the "mental illness" of the shooter in the infamous shooting. Now you can see why the Nazi state loves to torture its victims and have it labelled as "mental illness". The dumb amerikan public eats that crap right up. Remember, the psychiatric community said that Adolf Eichmann was sane. This is a man who ordered the murder of some 400,000 people, would shoot children in the head for fun and then get upset if brain matter splattered on his precious uniform. I guess Lenin was right! Now you know why I have such contempt for psychiatrists. They are just politcal puppets and there is nothing medical or scientific about them.

On June 15, a little more that two weeks after the separation from my wife and the sale of our house, Stu gave me a review. I had no idea what to expect and had little reaction when Stu gave me a "satisfactory" rating. I knew that was not the end of my problems, and I was not surprised when Stan started discussing a "voluntary mutual separation". He was asking me to resign! I had been so concerned about being fired that I forgot that "they" would drive me out before "they" fired me. Firing me would mean I would be eligible for unemployment compensation. I knew that when I lost my job it would be done under the most adverse conditions possible and being able to collect unemployment would not be one of those conditions. I was furious. After four years of brutal mental torture and abuse at RAM, I was being asked to resign. I told Stu that I would not resign, but he gave me until Friday to reconsider my decision.

On a move that surprised me, Stu wrote the offer for voluntary separation on the performance review sheet. It was unusual for such things to be put in writing. Perhaps the most amusing comment I ever heard while employed at RAM came when Stu told that RAM couldn't fire me "out of good conscience." I have never fully understood what he meant by that, but maybe RAM was trying to tell me that they weren't the cause of my problems. But I already knew that. The sick bastards behind the trial rigging at Gamma Supplies were ultimately the cause of my problems.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ruling Nazis response to death.

I have often mentioned that the only thing that makes the ruling elite respond is a threat to their own physical well-being. This past week the media has been obsessed with the ATTEMPTED murder of 1 person in Arizona. Well actually there were 5 or 6 people involved but according to the Nazi state, only one person mattered, a congresswoman. Now on the average there are 46 murders EVERY DAY in Nazi land, but most of them are lucky if they even get mentioned in the media. But this one ATTEMPTED murder is still on the front page of the newspapers almost one week later. Even the president had to make an appearance to lend to the importance of the ATTEMPTED murder of one of the powerful elite. I'll say it again, the only thing that will make the ruling elite respond is a threat to their own well-being. It is just a fact.

I guess the ruling elite have Lenin's view of life: "Lenine said “One death is a tragedy, 100,000 deaths is statistics”. If humans could feel pain for that many deaths, the emotions would be such that we would die… That would explain why one death is a tragedy to the ruling elite while they love to slaughter thousands of people.

Back to the Nazi destruction of my life which is actually important to me despite the ruling Nazis' view.

The new owners of my former house had given me permission to stay in the house until after the Memorial Day weekend. The additional time gave me time to move into my apartment. That weekend I rented a truck and moved what was left of my belongings into an apartment. I took two full days to move the items because I was suffering from a bad cold, was very weak and could only carry a few boxes before I needed to rest. The studio apartment was rather stark, but it was all I could find and I was surprised to find my monthly rent on that small apartment was more per month than what mortgage had been on a spacious house. On May 30th I completed moving out of my former house.

I was now totally alone, and my physical health was deteriorating because of all of the stress I was under. It seemed as though as soon as I physically exerted myself, I would come down with a fever, sore throat and a cough. I couldn't get enough rest. In addition from being ostracized from society, I was now also physically isolated. One of the reasons I had clung so desperately to my wife was that she was the only real human contact I had. Now even that relationship was gone. The isolation seemed to make my health problems more noticeable.

I returned to work after the Memorial Day holiday with the single thought of holding onto my job regardless of the conditions. I was physically exhausted and my day consisted of going to work and then coming home and going to bed. That was the only was I could get enough rest to get up the next day to go to work again. At work I tried to desperately to concentrate on what I was suppose to be doing, but it was almost an impossible task. I hurt so much inside and physically that there was no way possible for me to do my job.

When I go back over what the sick Nazi bastards did to me it brings joy to me to know that God will destroy this Nazi state and forever eliminate the ruling psychopaths! Praise God!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Truth about Nazi amerika's justice system.

The next day I purchased a newspaper and read about the entire Edward Thomas Mann incident. According to the report, Ed Mann had worked for thirteen years for a corporation and had "voluntarily resigned" in 1979(remember,I had "voluntarily resigned" from Gamma Supplies.. The report said only that "Mann had some kind of grievance or legal action involving workmen's compensation with the company. As I read the account of the events, I could only imagine what had been done to him in the three years since he had resigned in 1979. I concluded that I was not the only one who had been denied all their so-called "rights" in this country. It was about three years before the Nazi terrorism had made Mann snap. That was about the same period of time before my first suicide attempt. I began to wonder how common of a practice it was for this Nazi state to drive insane people who wanted to be free and actually believed in the amerikan system of justice. Amerika no longer looked to me as the indoctrinated belief of the country of the "free and brave" and a "great democratic society."

I continued to follow the news for any more information about Ed Mann, but he and his history just disappeared as if he never existed. Thoughts of "1984" and the way people were written out of existence flashed through my mind. To this day, I do not know what ever happened to Ed Mann or why he went berserk on that particular day. I am sure the official version is that he suffered from "mental illness".

One interesting point about the incident is that before Mr. Mann surrendered to the police, he was holed up in a corporate office. His only request before he surrendered is that he be allowed to shot up a picture on the office wall depicting an amerikan court room scene. Mr. Mann was expressing his rage toward the so-called Nazi justice system.

Any working class person who has had an experience with the Nazi court system will know that justice in amerika is a f...... JOKE. I don't know how many people have told me horror stories about the amerikan court/justice system while trying to obtain justice. Just this week I read where 41 death row inmates in Texas have been exonerated from the crimes of which they were convicted with the use of new technology. The latest victim had served 30 years in prison! And I'll guarantee you that the people who framed the victim and destroyed his life have no remorse and will tell you it is his fault that he got convicted. And I say may those perpetrators of the injustice rot in hell for their Nazi practices and beliefs. And I have no remorse about that!

Only once in my entire life have I read an accurate description of the Nazi justice system. Former columnist Jack Anderson once wrote in an editorial that anyone who believed that the court system existed to dispense justice is either naive or an idiot. He went on to say that the amerikan justice system's soul purpose was to enforce and impose the will and wishes of the ruling elite. I couldn't say it better myself.

I do know that from the very beginning of my ordeal, one of the Nazi's goals was to deny me all justice. And of course the main purpose of the Nazi plan in which I unknowingly had become involved was to impose the wishes of the ruling elite through corruption of the court system.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm Not The Only Nazi Victim

After the meeting, Anita and I walked to the parking lot together. We talked briefly, but I don't think either of us said what was really on our minds. I kept wondering how taking a job six year earlier could result in the destruction of everything in my life. There just didn't seem to be any sane reason for it yet it was happening. And that really is the key. The Nazis believed if what they did was so insane, that no one would ever believe me. The Jews had the same problem in Nazi Germany. The rest of the world couldn't believe that the original Nazis could be so insane as to attempt to exterminate all Jews. It is really strange that people who believe they are so superior to everyone else that they can do insane things and no one will believe it.

Anita tried to be nice, but every time she started to say something she started to cry. It seemed as though we both wished there were some way to get rid of the evil Nazi force that permeated our lives. We wanted to live like normal human beings again, but as long as they ruled our lives, there was nothing we could do.

In the weeks that followed, my mental state continued to deteriorate, and I began to wonder where all of this was going to end. I couldn't take being beaten indefinitely without exploding and doing something irrational. I was becoming increasingly violent. I knew that they had to know that I was becoming increasingly violent and that I might hurt or kill a fellow employee in a fit of rage. Of course, that is a common planned scenario that the Nazis frequently carry out. I kept wondering what could happen. Then, on May 28, 1982 I got my answer. It was late in the afternoon when over the PA system can the announcement.

"A former RAM employee has just crashed his car in the lobby of our Bethesda, Maryland office and he has shot and killed several employees."

I got up from my desk and walked out into the hallway so I could hear better. As I walked down the hall, I glanced at several co-workers who had congregated in the hallway to hear the announcement better. As I looked at them, they glanced back at me and then quickly starred at the floor as the announcement was repeated. No one had to say anything; the guilt on their faces said it all.

I could only guess what had happened to the man who did the shooting, but based on my experience I could understand why someone would do what had just been done. At least now I knew how far the Nazis would go to get rid of a political prisoner. I was not surprised because if my life meant so little to them, and since there was no sane, rational reason for what "they" had done to me, the life of other workers had no meaning either to the ruling elite Nazis.