Friday, September 30, 2011

Forced alternatives are not Choices.

I continued to go to school, but I also had a five thousand dollar bill for my forced hospital stay. Not only can you forcibly confine someone to a hospital, but you can also stick them with the bill. This is another advantage over locking up a political prisoner in prison. When a prisoner leaves jail, he is not handed the bill for his confinement. When you lock up a political prisoner by labeling him “mentally ill” you can then stick the victim with the bill if and when he gets released. The ruling fascists know and exploit the fact that poverty is a form of prison. Remember, one of the major reasons I was picked as victim in the sick trial riggning scheme is because I was poor and a poor person is not a free person.

Occasionally I would reflect on how the people at Gamma Supplies had laughed about the pending destruction of my life. Of course, to psychopath Darth Korey, destruction of my life had been his goal and a source of great satisfaction to him. But for the normal amerikans, I kept wondering what was wrong with them that they would find humor in torturing people. The more I thought about it, the more I hated the fascist amerikan system. At one point, Dr. Pascal who I was seeing weekly as part of my release “agreement”, asked me if saw anything good about the amerikan system. I replied that I couldn’t see anything good in it.

I was still trying to figure out how I could survive until the following fall when I would have to spend one semester student teaching at a local high school in order to complete my teacher certification courses. Even if I could manage to pay for the class, I would have to survive until the following fall before I could obtain a full-time teaching position.

It was mid-June when my mother took a call from a Mr. Saunice of BJR Associates. From what my mother was able to tell me, I concluded that BJR Associate was some sort of recruiting firm. My first reaction was that the government was setting me up for more harassment. Then I got a glimmer of hope. Maybe I would be ALLOWED to go back to work and be ALLOWED to have some sort of decent life. “Normal Bias” had taken over. I still don’t understand why I couldn’t get past the indoctrination and propaganda and realize I was dealing with sick, evil people in an evil system. Fortunately a quick assessment of my mental and physical health terminated all optimistic hopes. I decided to wait until later to return Mr. Saunice’s call, if I decided to return the call at all.

The call from Mr. Saunice did serve as an impetus to begin thinking about what I had to do to survive. I really didn’t and still don’t have any desire to live, but I was forced to face the reality that I had to survive. The alternative was to let my life continue to deteriorate. Of course, taking any sort of job to economically survive would at best delay my attempt to become certified to teach high school and take a job in a relative safe environment.

The above dilemma clearly demonstrates why the ruling fascist picked me to be exploited and destroyed. I read in an editorial today that the ruling elite “want middle class amerikans to be ‘dumb and destitute’”. Well, I was dumb; I didn’t know amerikans were tortured to death until it happened to me. And destitute people are easily controlled because destitute people are struggling to survive and must do whatever the sick ruling elite want. My destitute situation is a perfect example of how a poor person can be controlled and manipulated through economics. And of course, I was originally picked to be exploited and imprisoned because I was poor and I had the technical education and knowledge that could be exploited!

Once I really understood the amerikan fascist system, I concluded that the war on the middle class would continue until the ruling elite had turned amerika into a third world "banana republic". A country of haves and have nots. Some amerikans are beginning to see this in the current political/economic state. What most amerikans still do not see is that this is being done with malicious forethought and planning by the ruling elite.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Amerikan People

Did you know that congress is appropriately named? Congress is the definition of a group of BABOONS! Look it up in your dictionary.

Read today that the group of baboons passed funding for the terrorist(oops), I mean intelligence agencies. Of course the billions being spent is kept secrect because it would aid the enemy if the amount were divulged. It is interesting that the group of baboons and the intelligent agencies consider the american people the enemy. I do know that I have always been amazed at the millions of dollars the fascist state spent to destroy my life. It cost a lot of money to pay terrorist agents to follow a person around and monitor everything the victim does.

Along the same lines, it was recently announced that the War Department(until 1947), now the department of defense, is the largest single employer in the US. Combine those dollars spent along with the above unknown dollars spent on "intelligence" and maybe you can begin to see why the US has a budget deficit. Remember, the US spends more on the military than all of the rest of the WORLD combined. But none of this is ever mentioned in the effort to trim the budget.

One of the biggest problems the US faces is how to keep its expanding effort on world conquest and subjugation funded while it faces a shrinking, collapsing economy. The answer is of course, screw the working middle and lower class people. Squeeze more and more out of them while the troops go marching on.

My biggest disappointment throughout this ordeal has been in the people of this country. Although US denizens are thoroughly indoctrinated with the words freedom, justice and democracy, amerikans seem to have no true belief or understanding of those terms. Their actions reflect a people who are enslaved to the pursuit of worldly goods and personal possessions rather than a people who support and believe in some worthy ideals. This total lack of commitment to any higher moral purpose is truly discouraging in the light of problems facing humanity today. It is almost as if they think that by ignoring the problems, they will go away and not interfer with their obsession of collecting goods. This attitude seems at best callous and at the worst, extremely dangerous and near sighted. I actually know people who state, “I feel sorry for my kids, but I should make it before it all goes to hell!”,

I find it ironic that the amerikan people only perceive threats to their freedom as being external. The threat use to be communism, but has become “terrorists (a universal term applicable to anyone), liberals and anyone or any country that will not bow down and worship the fascist ways. Amerikans fail to realize that with the oligarchical corporate system, the average person has little or no freedom and that government works hand and hand with corporate owners and rulers to ensure that the fascist state marches on at the expense of the working people. What happened to me is a classic example of what results when government and business form a cabal to conspire against the interests of the average amerikan worker. Still, the average amerikan clings to some sort of pathetic hope that the tyrants who create their plight will suddenly turn benevolent. This ability to deny reality in order to endure I find interesting and disturbing. It is a real life practice of what George Orwell termed “double think”.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I was still trying to find some way to generate an income so that I could regain my life that the ruling fascists had taken from me. I continued to take classes at the local university in order to get certified to teach at the high school level. The problem was that I was running out of money. My SS disability of about $625 per month didn't go very far in covering my expenses of tuition, books and general living expenses. I also faced the situation of having to wait until the following fall in order to take the student teaching course which was required before I could get a paying teaching job.

Monday, September 12, 2011

On Freedom

I undertook writing my story in this blog for several reasons. First, to tell the truth about how the amerikan fascist system works and to expose the barbaric practices of the United States government against its own citizens. I know that what happened to me reflects a general practice of elitism and contempt against the amerikan worker displayed by the ruling power brokers. Contempt for the working class(described as "peasants" in some corporate documents) is a major characteristic of fascism. I as an individual can only tell the word of the evil practices of these people who rule this empire. I have always felt a deep moral responsibility to warn the people of the world about the evil and dangers of this Fourth Reich.

Of course, my second purpose was to publish a book and generate some income and be free of working class constraints. Of course, I now realize that that was a foolish idea given the fascist control of what gets disseminated for the people to see or hear. I, like any prisoner, dream of being free. It is ironic that in a nation where a major propaganda point is always liberty and freedom, that people can only dream of being free of the oppression and tyranny of the fascist state. I believe Martin Luther King stated it as: "Free at last, free at last. Oh thank God, I'm free at last." I know exactly what those words mean. It literally makes me sick to hear amerikans talk about "freedom". No one and I mean no one other than Christ ever died so that I might be free!

Friday, September 2, 2011

How conditioning effects the victim.

While I was still at my parent’s house, I continued to write my manuscript and I attended education courses at the local university. Pennsylvania has a program where if you had an advanced degree in some other field, you can become certified to teach at the high school level if you take designated core education courses. This program only requires a couple of semesters to complete and then you are qualified to teach in the public school system. I thought if I could get in the public school system, even The Crazies wouldn’t want to expose young people to the truth about the fascist state and thus I would be safe from there terrorism and their attempts to make me look crazy.
A good example of how conditioning works when done as long as it was done to me occurred one evening when I was watching TV. A commercial came on for Bell Telephone; the Reach Out and Touch Someone commercial. At the end of the commercial, there is a picture of a hand holding a phone receiver and the only sound is a dial tone. I was lying on the couch when I glanced down at my rigid body. I was stiff like a board and my arms were straight against my side with my fists clinched. That is what seven years of 24/7/365 harassing phone calls that always ended with a dial tone when I picked it up. And I could no longer stand the sound of phone ringing. That’s what incessant terrorism and conditioning does to a person.
The phone ringing and the dial tone are obvious conditioning stimuli to anyone, even the most ardent fascist lover. But what about all the other less obvious stimuli The Crazies conditioned me to? The more subtle ones that a Nazi lover could interject in what would appear to be a normal conversation to an uninformed observer. The conditioned response of the victim would make the Nazi victim look and act crazy. Then the ruling fascists could then tell the victim that he is crazy.
So does the ringing phone and dial tone still have an effect on me? The answer is no, but for reasons you might not consider. First, modern electronics allows me to screen my calls and answer them with an answering service. But most important is the sound of the stimulus is different. First, the conditioning was done with the old bell and clapper ring. Today’s phones use electronic rings which are totally different in sound. And again because of advances in electronics, the dial tone sound is different. Therefore it has no effect on me. However, there have been one or two occasions where I have been walking down a street and an old fashion phone with the old clapper sound will ring and it does cause me to react slightly.