Thursday, September 26, 2013

Stanford Prison Experiment

Did you ever hear of the famous "Stanford Prison Experiment"?  It was a psychology experiment that went out of control and was stopped only after an outsider saw how distorted things had gotten.  It helps explain the evil that allowed The Crazies to take an innocent person and turn them into a torture victim and an enemy of the Nazi state.

 Phil Zimbardo who carried out the original Stanford experiment commented in a recent book that aberrant, illegal or immoral behavior by individuals are typically labeled as misdeeds of a few bad apples.  The implication is that the illegal, insane acts are a rare exception that the "good apples" don't approve.  The elite rulers want to single out an event as being an isolated incident that takes away any blame from the rulers at the top.  Rather that blaming a few bad apples, a system analysis focuses on the apple barrel makers or the power structure that allowed the misdeeds to happen and continue unabated.  That is to say, there are no outsiders as there was in the Stanford Prison Experiment to say the events taking place are out of control and should be stopped.  The barrel makers are rotten, not just the apples.

Seven social processes grease the slippery slope of evil:

     1) Mindlessly taking the first step - like taking a innocent victim and setting him up as a witness.
     2) Dehumanization of others - that was obvious in my case.
     3)  De-individualization of self (anonymity)
     4) Diffusion of personal responsibility  (The Crazies kept their identity hidden(anonymity) and deny any responsibility)
     5) Blind obedience to authority (This is a well studied phenomenon - see Stanley Milgram)
     6) Uncritical conformity to the group's norm (nationalism)
     7) Passive tolerance of EVIL, through inaction or indifference.

There you have how an innocent good worker could end up being a torture victim and political prisoner.  The apple barrel maker, the amerikan system, is corrupt and broken.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Destruction followed by Profit

In The News:   The CIA is now gun running/providing arms for the "rebels" in Syria.  Now you can bet your last dollar that the CIA helped instigate the uprising/civil war in Syria which follows the standard fascist state script of destruction(fun) followed by profit.  Of course, those guns are being manufactured and sold by some gun companies for profit in addition to the CIA skimming off money.

This continual state of war in the Middle East should not surprise anyone.  As I tried to inform amerikans about 12 years ago, the fascist state had a plan, a Pentagon Paper that I believe was called "Big Bang" which called for the US to militarily take over control of the Middle East.  A TV station actually aired a Pentagon documentary on the plan.  Now if Syria falls and creates a puppet government, the US will have taken over, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and some smaller countries.  The only major state left standing will be Iran which is the continued target of war chants by the right wing elements of the fascist state.  The public campaign against Iran has subsided while Syria has taken center stage.  Not that all of this Middle East turmoil is planned.  Of course not.

Back to my story:  I continued to win things, but I was not always able to take advantage of everything I had won. For example, I won a trip for two to London.  Since The Crazies kept me isolated through threats and harassment, I didn't know of anyone that I could take with me.  Fortunately, the people running the contest made a small technical error which allowed me to take a cash settlement in lieu of the trip.  The result was that I didn't go to London, but eventually I did get fifteen hundred dollars in cash.

As a result of all of my winnings which included several cash prizes, I was able to buy a old, used(previously owned to by politically correct), car.  I had won enough money to buy a car for some time, but I kept putting the purchase off until I felt that I could pay for all of the repairs that would be a  result of the sabotage that The Crazies would do.   I point this out because it demonstrates how I had to always take into account all of the different scenarios that The Crazies might carry out against me whenever I did something.  I could never take anything for granted and I always had to prepare for the unexpected.

With the purchase of the car, I had to buy insurance.  Even though I hadn't owned a car for several years, I still had a spotless driving record and I didn't expect any problems getting insurance.  WRONG - read the last sentence of the proceeding paragraph.  I went to State Farm and submitted an application.  A few days went by and I didn't hear from them so I gave them a call.  The requested some additional information and then said they would get back to me in a day or two.  Several more days went by and I called their office again.  This time I was told they need more information about my health.  I gave them the information and went back to waiting.  After waiting a total of about two weeks, I went to an All-State office, gave them my information and the next day I had car insurance from All-State.

I had my car insurance, but I had to see what State Farm was going to tell me as to why they were still waiting on my application.  Finally, when I called them and asked them what the delay was, they asked me if I had any "mental illness" problems.  A couple of days after that call, I got a letter telling me that I had been refused insurance by State Farm.  State Farm could have just denied my insurance right away, but instead they drug it out and kept leading me on and kept demanding useless additional information.  The interesting thing here is that if I had waited any longer to get insurance from another company, I would have had to put on any subsequent application that I had been refused insurance by another company.  And, State Farm is the only company to refuse me car insurance in  over 50 years of driving.

Hitler had support from many fascist loving corporations.  Any ruler has to have corporate support because money is needed to win elections.  Look at the amerikan system.  And if you look carefully a what corporations say and do, you can identify neo-Nazi loving businesses.  State Farm is just one of them and I'm not saying that just based on the one above incident.  Based on what I have observed, I could name at least a half-a-dozen other major corporation with extreme right-wing politics.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Living as a prisoner in the fascist state.

I was living with constant harassment and trying to live on about $700.00 A MONTH which was less than what I made in A WEEK when I left RAM.  I also had no assets as compared to the assets of two cars, a house, stocks and savings that I had when I was driven out of RAM.

 Total destruction is the SOP of the fascist state whether it is the destruction of an individual or a country.  On a large scale you can see this policy as it was carried out in Iraq.  The total destruction of the infrastructure of the country which was followed by control and continued pumping of the oil from that country.  In my case, the total destruction of my life was followed by the us of my technical documents in a court of law which helped enable Gamma Supplies win their lawsuit. The procedure is the same: destruction followed by exploitation of the destroyed victims.

All of the destruction is done in the name of some greater good such as "national security" or some other BS excuse.  The rest of the world is finally seeing through the fascist state desire to be world ruler/dictator which I believe is why the fascist state is encounter so little support in its desire to level another country(Syria),  The rest of the world is wising up.

Internally, the problem with Syria is that the fascists destroy for fun and profit.  First, from what I've seen on TV the infrastructure in Syria is in pretty bad shape.  That means there is little fun to be gained gained from bombing a country already in ruin.  What's the fun in it? And second, as far as I know, Syria doesn't have a lot of oil or any other asset that the fascist state really wants so where is the profit?  War in Syria is a hard sell - no fun or profit in it!  Setting up another puppet government, a democracy of course, seems to be the only thing to be gained.

Back to my story:

The good thing about my life in Orlando is that I began to supplement my meager income by winning things.  I won cash, trips, dinners, tickets to concerts and furniture.  It was rather hilarious when I won a complete dining room, living room and bedroom set.  Each set of furniture was very nice, of excellent quality and was worth about $3,500 for each room.  Since my apartment only had a small cooking area with a room dividing bar, it was obvious that the dining room set with a large table, 4 regular chairs, two captain chairs and a large china cabinet was not going to fit in my apartment.  Thus I ended up selling the dining room set in one day.

The bedroom set which included a large four poster king sized bed likewise was not going to fit in my small two room apartment.  That item a gave to a friend who had partnered with me in participation in the contest.

The living room set by Broyhill I kept because it would fit in my one large room.  It went will with my new TV/entertainment center which I had also won.

The critical thing about winning items was that it was something that The Crazies could not really control in a negative way.  I didn't have to be in a work environment, I didn't have to interact with other people that could harass me and I could do it pretty much anonymously. It was the ideal way for me to create income without having to interact with other people in the fascist state.

While winning items may have made me appear a bit as a loner, it did not allow The Crazies the opportunity to continue to harass and terrorize me if I tried to earn an income in a work environment.  In other words, by earning an income free from Nazi state control, The Crazies could not terrorize me and say I was insane.  Or the way I like to put it, the truly insane(The Crazies) could not say a sane victim was crazy.