Monday, October 29, 2012

Fascist tyranny at work.

A couple of days after I had obtained my tickets to see Stansfield Turner, I was returning home late around 11:30 PM.  As I drove toward my apartment, I saw a police car sitting in front of my place.  Since I knew I had done nothing wrong or illegal, the appearance of the police had to mean that The Crazies, like congressman Emerson, were at work.  I pulled up next to the patrol car and asked the officers what they wanted.  They asked me my name, and when I told them, the said they had orders to take me to Farmington, MO approximately ninety miles away to be examined by the psychiatric staff there.  With that, I was whisked off to the police station where I was held until the following morning.

The next morning, I was placed in handcuffs, leg irons and shackled.  When I asked why I was being taken to Farmington and who had filed the complaint, I was just to that they had orders to take me there to be examined.  Interestingly, I was placed in the passenger side front seat of the cop car.  The driver got in the car along with another police officer who sat directly behind me in the rear seat.  The police officers first apologized for keeping in chains and went on to explained that the unusual seating arrangement in the car was because there was concern that unknown freedom fighters might ambush the car and try to free me on the way to Farmington.  Why the police thought freedom fighters would try to free a "crazy' person was never explained to me.

When I got to the mental hospital in Farmington,  I was processed and put in a room behind locked doors.  There I would remain for the next 7 days.  I was to learn that in Missouri a person can be confined for up to 7 days before a hearing is required.  Prior to the hearing, the victim, BY LAW is to be given a copy of the complaint filed against him.  This complaint contains the charges and the person or persons filing the complaint.  Supposedly this allows the victim to defend himself at the hearing.

On about the third or fourth day, I was informed my hearing would be later that morning.  Around 10 AM I walked into a large conference room where I was seated at a table with about 6 other people who I assumed were staff members at the hospital.  At that hearing I was told that I was being confined because it was believed that I was going to "assassinate Stansfield Turner".  I really wasn't given an opportunity to refute the bogus charges and when I asked who had filed the charges, I was ignored. Then, when I asked for a copy of the complaint filed against as required by law, I was told I wouldn't get one.  The hearing concluded with the result that I would be held for several more days.  ISN'T THE OPPRESSIVE, FASCIST SYSTEM AMAZING!  Now you can see why the neoNazis avoid the legal system in favor of the mental/psychiatric system.  And most amerikans have no idea that this type of tyranny goes on all the time in the Fascist State.

As soon as you tell people that amerika is a fascist state, the automatic, conditioned response is that it is a "democracy".  Not that most amerikans are ignorant, but Hitler and Mussolini and their parties were ELECTED to office. Surprise!

In the next blog I will detail the outcome of this injustice and how I was able to finally get a copy of the court documents which were were used to lock me up. These are the same court records which BY LAW I was suppose to get before my "hearing".  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Former head of The Crazies comes to town.

My only escape from the right-wing red necked local population in Rolla was to wander around on the U. of MO, Rolla campus.  There I could find some signs of civilization.  On one of my visits, I ran across a poster advertising a coming event: a presentation by former CIA Director Stansfield Turner.  Mr. Turner was CIA director under President Carter and was coming to the heart of Naziland to deliver a speech.  The poster said that there was no charge to attend the talk, but that you needed to have tickets which could be obtained on campus the following day.  Free and CIA was enough incentive to want to make me attend.

The next day around 10:00 AM I went to the office where the tickets could be obtained.  When I asked the woman at the desk for a pair (2) of tickets, I was told that the tickets wouldn't be available until the next day.  I  said "OK" and left the office.  On the way off campus, I checked the poster again to make sure I hadn't gotten the wrong date.  The date given on the poster was the day's date.  You will see later why I am making a point of this.

The next morning around the same time as the previous day, I went to the office and asked for a pair (2) of tickets for the Stansfield Turner talk.  Again I was told that the tickets were not available and that I would have to come back later in the day.  I said "OK" and then said I would return late in the afternoon to see if I could obtain some tickets then.  The woman at the desk said she thought they would have them for sure by then.

Around 4 PM that day, I return to the university campus and headed to the office where the tickets could be obtained.  This time I was given two tickets to the talk that was to be presented about a week later.  As I left the campus I had the feeling I was being followed, but then I frequently got that sensation because I usually was being followed.  As the old saying goes, just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean that there really aren't people out to get you.

That weekend was fairly normal and I was beginning to think about returning to Paducah, KY since it had been about nine months since I had left there and I figured by now the drug dealers probably would have forgotten about me.  I knew I couldn't stay in Rolla and I didn't have many alternatives.  Because of my poor physical health  I really wanted to move to a warm climate but I didn't have any specific destination in mind.  Any hope that I had would get blown away a couple of days later when the police showed up at my place.  Of course they showed up in the middle of the night like they always do in totalitarian states.  

More on my continuing fight for freedom in my next post.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The CIA comes to Rolla

The same day I posted the previous blog about lying and the sad state of affairs of amerikan politics, I ran across a new book titled: "How Do You Kill 11 Million People".    Succinctly, the author's conclusion was two words - YOU LIE.  Of course the 11 million people were the victims of the Nazi concentration camps.  Maybe some of you are thinking, I thought it was 6 million.  The 6 million refers to the Jews who were killed.  Another 5 million non-Jews were also executed.  Of those 5 million, many belonged to religions that did not believe in worshiping the state.  In all fascist states, worship of the country is demanded.  But some remember the Biblical warning:  "anyone who worships the beast and its image, will drink of the wine of the wrath of God".  And in another Biblical verse it states that politicians, military leaders, and the powerful (wealthy) will seek to hide behind rocks(boulders) to escape the wrath of God.  Now many in amerika think that is a bunch of nonsense, but I have some very good reasons to differ with them.

At the same time as my last post I came across this comment on an editorial page.  "The current penchant of our leaders to twist, alter and malign facts is disturbing trend.  Lies are the essence of a totalitarian society.   The truth is the bane of a society that controls rather than represents its people."

Since the fascist state decided to use the local police to harass me, and as you soon learn, to terrorize me, I'd like to quote the famous trial attorney Gerry Spence about the function of the Law.  "Even the law is not designed to deliver Justice.  Instead law becomes the means by which THOSE IN POWER, JUSTLY OR UNJUSTLY RETAIN POWER.  Law will nearly always dignify past evil as precedent rather than create justice by changing an unjust law."

There is a lot to digest in this short post so I will continue my story of persecution in amerika in the next post.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Corrupt politician's role in persecution of innocent victims.

The current political races is a sad commentary on the state of affairs in amerika.  One presidential candidate and his running mate seem to lie about every thing.  They must believe the only way to win the election is to avoid telling the truth.  This is the example Hitler set - tell a lie often enough and people will eventually accept it as the truth.  It seems in present day amerika, the more you lie, the more you are rewarded by the system.  A truly sad state of affairs, but I am not surprised.  In my ordeal, The Crazies, starting with Gamma Supplies found that lying to me was a game.  They seemed to get a big laugh out of telling me or agreeing to something and then after I had fulfilled my obligation, they did the opposite of what they had said they would do.  I always compared it to Lucy in the comic strip Peanuts, where she promises she won't pull the football away when Linus tries to kick it, but she always does to her amusement.  That was The Crazies lying to me. I must live in a different world than that of the power brokers in this country.  I prefer God's way.

Speaking of lying fascists, Back To My Story:

The use of the local police to harass me didn't particularly surprise me, yet it was unusual for The Crazies to corrupt the system at such a local level.  What I didn't know at the time, was that low-life representative Bill Emerson had sent a letter to the local police chief which said I was a "dangerous person" and that the police should keep a close watch on me.  Scumbag Emerson included a letter that the CIA had sent to him along with his letter.  The letter didn't contain any threats or implied acts of violence.  In fact, the letter expressed my satisfaction with an event and stated I was happy about the state of affairs.  Apparently, former congressman Emerson believed it was thoughts and an expression of reality that made a person dangerous.

This is how the fascist state creates a phony history about someone.  Every time The Crazies would have me label as "dangerous" in the past, it left a paper trail of the bogus charges.  But each subsequent effort to lock me up because someone accused me of being dangerous was based on the previous allegations WHICH HAD BEEN SHOW TO FALSE!  Regardless of the outcome, the paper trail of previous accusations remained in records of some sort.   And if The Crazies did eventually terrorize me, torture me or even attack me and I injured or killed someone, the fascist media who spew forth all the reports that the system knew all along that I was dangerous and nothing was done about it.  THAT PEOPLE IS ONE OF THE WAYS NAZI AMERIKA WORKS TO GET RID OF INNOCENT VICTIMS WHO KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT THE RULING FASCISTS.

If it hadn't been for the subsequent court records that The Crazies tried to keep me from getting, I would never had know that scumbag Emerson was telling the local police that I was a "dangerous person".  This of course congressman Emerson did while he was pretending to be helping with my problems of harassment and terrorism.  I think most people can understand why I shed no tears when I heard of his untimely death.

And all of the above resulted in one more attempt by The Crazies to get me locked up because I was going to commit an act of violence.  The Crazies knew I was not going to commit any violence, but the charges, which resulted in the court records,  would be brought against me one more time as you will see in my next couple of blogs.

If you want to see how the ruling oligarchy works, you might find it interesting that when congressman Emerson died, out of his whole congressional district, the only person they could find to replace him was his WIFE.  Talk about keeping power in the family!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nowhere to go, nothing to do

I now knew the CIA was well aware of who I was.  At what point they jumped into an active role in destroying my life I will never know, but I tend to suspect that their entry may have been very early.  Regardless, their presence showed why no one was in a hurry to help me and it also could explained the intense evil presence that entered my life when I joined Gamma Supplies some 10 years earlier.  If you ever wanted to find the face of evil, Langley, VA would be a good place to start.

The harassment by tampering with my car continued.  In the summer of 1987 I drove to the Jefferson City area to see someone that I knew there.  After several hours of driving in the hot MO sun with my air conditioner running, the car started spitting water out of the AC blower vents.  I quickly got out of the car and did a cursory check under the hood, but I didn't see anything wrong.  I drove around the rest of the day and all the way back to Rolla without any AC.  When I got back to Rolla and had time to allow the engine to cool down, I did a more thorough inspection under the hood.  There I discovered that someone had twisted the drain hose that allows the condensed water to escape from the AC unit and then the culprit(s)  had shoved the hose up between two engine parts.  This prevented the water from escaping and eventually, the water in the drain pan had built up and was being blown back into the passenger compartment of the car.   Such was a typical day of being constantly harassed and terrorized.

I finally became so annoyed with The Crazies coming into my apartment and destroying my personal property that I decided to file a report with the local police.  I knew it wouldn't do any good, but it would stop Nazi apologists from asking me if I had ever reported the thefts.  Not surprisingly, the day after I filed a report with the police, I discovered that every time I went some place in my car, I would quickly have a cop car following me, and they would stay on my tail until I parked my car somewhere or I finally drove back to my apartment.  As always as soon as I tried to use the fascist system to protect myself, I, the victim would become the suspected criminal.

Something to consider:
"If anyone worships the beast and its image(the flag?) ....... he also will drink the wine of God’s wrath, poured full strength into the cup of his anger." - The Bible

Monday, October 1, 2012


A few days after I received my "no files" letter from the CIA, I received a letter from Senator Thomas Eagleton.  Included with his short note was a full two page letter that the CIA had sent in response to his request about files on me.  The letter described me  and numerous activities, actions and general descriptions of things that I had done.  As I read the letter, I couldn't help but wonder how some bureaucrat sitting in an office some twelve hundred miles away in Langley, VA knew all these things about me off the top of his head.  The people that work in the CIA must be some sort of super-natural geniuses to be able to describe an insignificant citizen off the top of their head with no files!!!  Of course the letter concluded that I must be deranged and that the CIA had no files on me.

In an incident I will describe latter, in addition to having no files on me, the CIA was able to pull a letter I had written out of thin air(or some place else!) and send it to a local congressman.  The only way I was able to find out about that action was I was finally able to get a copy of some court records in Rolla.  There in those records was a copy of the letter that the CIA had sent to congressman Bill Emerson (fortunately deceased).  As a result of his untimely death, I can mention his name without the usual retaliation.  Those court records are the documents that recently disappeared from my home in an attempt to hide the identity of other guilty conspirators.

Winter was approaching and with the cold weather, I experienced a serious deterioration of my health.  For about the next four months, I engaged in a continuous battle with bronchitis.  My health was so affected that I was not able to do much of anything.  I would have coughing spells that continued to the point that I would almost pass out and on a couple of occasions, I spit up small amounts of blood.  So if you don't believe that severe prolonged stress and mental torture don't effect your health you need to readjust your thinking.  Of course The Crazies found my illness as a possible way to permanently get rid of me.

 The harassment continued whenever I did try to go out and items in my apartment continued to disappear.  A new twist on the home invasions started around this time.  Now when I would take an item out of a dresser drawer or a closet, I would find the item had been damaged.  The underwear(again) looked like some one had taken a sharp rake and run it over the items causing tears in the material.  Of course a fascist lover could explain away the rips by saying they happened in the washing machine.  Plausible denial is always a primary tool of The Crazies.

Tampering with my car became so bad that I had to park my car at night right next to my bedroom window. The damage could have been done at any place when I was away from my parked car, but I couldn't watch it all of the time.