Thursday, December 29, 2011


Most people are probably shocked when I say I am an enemy of this evil fascist state. The recent rash of stories in the news about child molesters is actually a good way to explain what I mean by that. The child molester is usually a powerful, respected community member with good job and status whom the child looks up to, respects and probably admires. The child molester uses this vast power advantage to take advantage of the child and thus rapes the child. In some cases, the child molester repeats the acts of violence against the child over a period of years. And what does the child do? Nothing! The child lives in fear of the vastly superior power of the molester and frequently the victim feels that he is to blame for what happened to him even though the victim has done nothing wrong.

In time the victim(s) learns to hate the molester and waits and hopes for the day when the truth can be told and the psychopathic child molester can be made to pay for his crimes against humanity. Of course even when the truth becomes known, the child molester has his supporters and many people refuse to believe that the man that they see as a pillar of virtue and integrity in the community could ever commit such atrocities. And the victims who are now adults have trouble convincing people that they are telling the truth and frequently are themselves attacked by the supporters of the child molester. In cases of accusations against Priests, a powerful institution, the Church, supports the child molester and tries to hide the truth from the general public. But to the victim, the child molester is his enemy and the victim seeks justice.

Now in my case, I was repeatedly mentally, psychologically and emotionally raped for years by people with vastly superior power. These psychopaths believed that by demonstrating their vast, ubiquitous power, they could terrorize me into silence just as the molested child remains silence out of fear. But in my case, I was an educated, intelligent adult who had a strong sense of integrity, values and morals. That is a big difference between the child victim of a molester and an adult victim of molesters. And I am sure this came as a great surprise to my molester given the general level of decadence of the amerikan people and given the contempt for working class people that my molesters have. Despite the vast power of the evil fascist state, I was determined to warn the people of the true nature of the ruling elite of this country. And of course, over time I came to hate what these people stand for and they became my enemy.

Given the conditioned, indoctrinated state of most amerikans, this is a shocking statement. And to some neo-Nazis, I am sure their reaction is outrage. But to the victims of the sick, psychopathic rapists, there is a rage, an anger, a frustration that drives victims to have the truth be known. The molesters on the other hand, continue to put on a suit, a name badge and go to work in a government or corporate office, where people treat them as respected members of the community. Most co-workers, family members and friends never know about the sick acts these psychopaths commit. But rest assured, out there somewhere are their victims, waiting for the opportunity to come forward and reveal the truth about these psychopaths and the institutions that support them. Just a the child victims have come forth some twenty, thirty of more years later.

The answer to the question at the top of the page is both 1)are extreme abusers of power, 2)are psychopaths, 3)destroy human life or the quality of life 4)are the personification of evil.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

End of my life that once existed.

Several days before I was to start my new job in Kentucky, I packed all of my belongings into my car. I had to sell my large guitar amplifier and my stereo speakers because I had no room for them. I point that out because the stereo speakers would play a significant role in proving how closely the Nazi Gestapo stalked me at all times.

As I was preparing to leave Scranton, I was closing the trunk to my car when my mother came out to say good-bye. As she approached me I asked her "where is my target rifle that father hid?" My mother started crying and said, "he won't give it to you. I argued with him about it, but he said no."

I didn't want the rifle because I knew the Crazies were still trying to paint me as a violent person and if I didn't have any weapons, I foolishly thought that it would be pretty hard to make that lie stick. I was just testing to see who my parents would support. Just the knowledge that my parents, at least my father, would buy into the Crazies plan made me feel sick. My father who was at home, wouldn't even show his face so I said good-bye to my mother, got in my car and headed for Kentucky. THAT WAS THE LAST TIME I WOULD EVER SEE MY PARENTS AND I ONLY EVER TALKED TO THEM ONE OTHER TIME. My father died about 10 years later and my mother lived another 28 years.

At that point the evil Nazi state and its sick gestapo agents had destroyed EVERYTHING that had existed in my life six years earlier when I took my position with Gamma Supplies. I knew I would never be going back home because no one wants the sick Naze bastards in their life and wherever I go the Nazi scumbags are close behind. And I will never, and I mean never forgive this sick, evil fascist state and the sub-human scum that ordered the destruction of my life. I have often thought about what I would do if I were given gun and put in a room with the man who ordered the destruction of my life. At first I would think that I wouldn't want to lower myself to his or her level and shoot him. But on the second thought, I decided that anyone who destroys human life for fun, money and power, doesn't deserve to live. I would kill him or her just to make sure they never destroyed another human life.

My arrival and introduction to Paducah was ominous. The evening before I arrived in the city, there was a major snow storm that left several inches of snow on the ground. I didn't know it at the time, but in Kentucky, there is basically no snow removal equipment and the snow is left on the roads until mother nature and warmer temperatures remove it. This means that at intersection and stop lights, the snow get packed down, partially melts and then freezes at night into a sheet of ice. As I approached an intersection in early morning, the light turned red. I put my foot on the brake, but instead of stopping, I continued to slid past the light into the intersection. Since I saw a car on my left start to proceed, I started honking my horn frantically to let the driver know I couldn't stop. Apparently the driver decided he could beat me through the intersection and he actually accelerated. Unfortunately, he didn't make it and I hit him broadside. There was no damage to my car, but the other car had some serious damage to the back half. Such was my introduction to Paducah.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Satanic State.

Well, Merry Christmas. If you have read my blog from the beginning you will know that this is not a good time of the year for me. The Crazies find the holiday season a good time to get rid of their enemies - and after years of brutal torture, I am an enemy of the sick fascist state. For years, every Christmas the God Damned sick ruling fascists would make my life hell and try to drive me to committ suicide and get rid of me. I learned that getting rid of your enemies during the holidays is a good thing because most dumb amerikans are too busy spending money and partying to notice anything. The disappearing victim isn't even missed. Now if that isn't ruling fascist contempt for the working class, I don't know what is. And that alone is enough to make me convert to some non-Christian religion so I don't have to deal with Christmas.

Back to my story:

Several days after my conversations with Dr. Skora about the Estron Chemical position, I received a letter from him stating that I would be paid thirty thousand dollars a year plus a bonus which would be given at Dr. Skora's discretion at the end of one year. Then I read the real surprise in the letter; my job title would be "Technical Director"! When I read that, I no longer had any doubts about the government's involvement in the offer.

I accepted Dr. Skora's and the Estron Chemical offer despite the fact that I knew the job was set up by The Crazies. I could not afford another semester of college to get teacher certification, my Social Security benefits were up for review and my situation at my parent's house was intolerable. The "choice" was to accept the job or face the strong possibility of having no income and no future. I did not want that job, but I had to take it. It was a classic "psychological double bind (no win situation) which is believed to be a major contributor to schitzophenic behavior. And I never forgot that my very first day at work at Gamma Supplies, Darth Korey set up a "psychological double bind" for me. That is one of the ways I know what The Crazies intentions were from the very beginning.

A starting date of February 6 was given to me by Dr. Skora over my protests. Since I needed money and wanted to get out of my parent's house immediately, I pressed for an earlier starting date, but Dr. Skora was adamant and insisted on the February 6, 1984 starting date.

On the Thursday prior to my departure for Kentucky, I met again with Dr. Skora. This time he gave me a completely new initial assignment which negated all of the preparatory work done in the intervening weeks. The sudden change in my initial assignment bothered me but I accepted it and continued with my plans to leave for my new job at Estron Chemical.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No taxes increases???????????????

Just a quick note. Noticed that the Greedy Obnoxious People (GOP) want to raise taxes on the middle working class. What happened to their pledge of no taxe increases? I guess that only applies to the ruling fascist elite.

Saw a good suggestion the other day. Apparently the income of the elite 1% is on the average, 36 times the median income of the other 99%(a historical high). The suggestion was to tie any future tax breaks to be designed to keep that ratio at 36 to 1 or less. In other words, the elite can make all the money they want as long as the income of the peons is raised to keep the ratio at 36 to 1. In other words make sure that any increase to the already wealthy does indeed "trickle down". Or a rising tide raises ALL ships. Ingeneous idea.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Invisible Prison

The reason I say I was being forced to take the job is that I had no realistic options. My SS Disability claim was up for review the next month and I knew the government could disallow my claim on the whim of The Crazies. Refusal to allow my claim would result in the loss of my only income, and I knew the government had no qualms about starving me to death. I did not have enough money to complete my second semester for teacher certification, and even if I did decide to continue the college courses, I would still need the disability income until I could get a teaching position in the fall. Thus, the only alternative which offered immediate economic survival was the Kentucky job with Estron Chemical.

The above, coupled with the fact that I never received any correspondence from the countries I had contact with at the UN meant that I had no alternatives. Of course, I didn’t fully appreciated how much the government was censoring my mail. I did contact one country’s UN Mission by phone and they assured me that they had sent an information packet to me with all the necessary papers to travel to their country. Of course, I never received that information. Almost a year later I received more conformation about how much my mail was being censored and how that censorship of my mail played a role in their ultimate roll of getting rid of me by exile.

A couple of years later I learned that the practice of totaling controlling your life and forcing certain courses of action were standard operating procedures by the ruling fascists. A Romanian defector who came to this country was betrayed by the CIA once he was in this country. The defector and victim described the practice this way; “So long as they (The Crazies) consider you a person without choice, they don’t respect you. They have you in their power. They can kill you softly.” That was what the government was doing to me. They were killing me quietly by forcing me to take life coursed that they laid out for me. This was not news to me, but this job situation graphically illustrates how the process works. And when one is aware that he or she is being coerced into a non-desirable course of action, the emotional and psychological stress is enormous.

Stalin’s daughter when she left the United States to return to Russia in the mid 1980s stated that she HAD NEVER BEEN FREE FOR A MOMENT while in this country. She claimed the CIA (in her statement on TV she initially referred mistakenly to the KGB – an apt comparison) controlled and manipulated everything she did. She even stated that the book she had written had been edited and rewritten by the CIA to make it politically correct. Most brainwashed, indoctrinated amerikans can never understand the significance of her words, but I could only empathize with her.

Some time later, I was having an honest conversation with a church minister when he remarked "Your life must be hell! You are in a prison, but you can't see the bars." It is the best description I've ever heard to describe the life of a political victim in this fascist society.

Monday, December 5, 2011

A new type of prison

Dr. Skora suggested that I go to Calvin City where the plant was located after the New Year Holiday. I would visit the facility, meet the people there and get a quick tour of the area. After I returned from my visit to the Calvin City plant, I would come back to Newark and discuss work projects in more detail. He also suggested the we would then discuss the details of a bonus plan which would be part of my salary. He always talked as if my accepting his position was predetermined and that I had no choice. Again a major consideration in The Crazies picking me for a victim was that I came from a poor family and poor people are slaves - they have no choices.

The first week of January, I took the trip to the Calvin City plant. I flew into Paducah, stayed overnight at a motel and then the next morning I was picked up by the plant manager, Herb. He drove to the plant which was located some twenty five miles away.

The minute I walked into the laboratory located adjacent to the plant, my heart sank. The laboratory consisted on one medium size room in a building which also housed the plant offices. There was an adjacent office for a laboratory worker. Herb's office and a small reception area which served the office for Herb's wife, Marge. The entire building was in poor condition and most of the place did not appear like it had been used in years. The only equipment present in the laboratory was a gas chromatograph and two small balances (scales). All of the items were of 1960 vintage. In fact, the balances were so outdated that I had seen those models in antique shops and I had last used one like them when I was in undergraduate school in 1962! It was hard to hide my disillusionment as I talked to Herb and Marge.

The technical knology of the Hafers was not more up-to-date than the equipment. They had worked at the plant when it had been owned by large corporations and they had stayed on as part owners when the last corporation had pulled out in the nineteen seventies. At that time, Marge and Herb apparently had gone into semi-retirement and they had operated the plant as a mom and pop operation until they ran into financial difficulties. That is when Stanley Skora entered the picture and bought controlling interest. In the years that the plant was a "mom and pop" operation, the plant, laboratory and mom and pop had stagnated.

The level of Marge's and Herb's technical knowledge was exemplified when I questioned them about the one major product they made at the plant. They described the process to me except for the "secret catalyst" used in making the product. From the nature of the process, I concluded that the "secret catalyst" must be what chemists call a "phase transfer agent" and I narrowed the choice from that group of materials down to the two most probable ones. Later, after I began working there, I learned that the "secret catalyst" was indeed one of the two materials that I had surmised. My deduction of the exact catalyst was no stroke of genius but rater it was a conclusion based on common current knowledge. But, because Marge and Herb had been in semi-retirement, they thought their process secret ingredient was state-of-the-art technology.

After a tour of the plant, I returned to my motel room. I sat on the bed and reflected on what I had just seen and started to cry. After surviving eight years of brutal torture, I was being coerced in to taking a job in an antiquated plant and laboratory that involved handling highly toxic chemicals in an unsafe environment. I would also be technically isolated since I would have no professional peers with which to interact. And I would be essentially isolated physically since I would be the only person working in the laboratory.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Swift response to my visits to UN Missions.

Curiously several days after I had visited the U.N. missions, I received an inquiry from a small company in Newark. I quickly responded by sending my resume and a standard cover letter. Within a short period of time, I received a follow-up letter stating that Dr. Stanley Skora, the owner and president of BSB Chemicals would like to interview me at his Newark, NJ office. The rapidity with which Dr. Skora had responded indicated a high degree of interest.

I was always suspicious of any unsolicited job interview, but this opportunity did not seem to fit into the government pattern. I thought the job was located in Newark, NJ which I abhored, but it was very close to New York City and the U.N. I was positive that my going to the U.N. was a problem for the government and that The Crazies would want me far removed from the U.N. and major east coast metropolitan areas. For a moment I had hope that the job opportunity was legitimate and that the government was not going to interfer.

The interview on December 20th was held in Dr. Skora's plant and office located in a warehouse on the waterfront. Upon my arrival, he quickly wisked me into his modest office and commenced the interview. He spent about an hour describing his company, his background and his ideas. All the while he talked he acted as if he had already offered me the position and I had accepted. His presumption of my working for him bothered me greatly. It was if he was saying, "You have no choice but to work for me."

Eventually he got around to asking me the standard interview questions. Then he asked me the question I dreaded; "Why did you leave RAM?" I answered the question as if he had no knowledge of my situation and explained that I didn't like the highyly structured large corporation atmosphere. He sat back in his chair as if he were annoyed and said, "Oh, I thought maybe you had emotional problems or something like that."

I quickly denied his accusation and replied in a firm voice that I just didn't like the beuracracy in RAM and that I had decided to change my career course and try something new. After all, high school teaching was a new career course.

Dr. Skora now became insistent. "Well, I can understand if you had emotional problems. That could happen to anyone. Are you sure you weren't mentally ill?"

When I persisted with my story, Dr. Skora became visibly annoyed and said, "Never mind."

The interesting thing is that he never said he had talked to anyone at RAM and that they said I was mentally ill. And my denying his allegations did not effect his decision to hire me. It was if he was saying that the job was mine and I was suppose to say I suffered from mental illness in order to meet some supposed obligation the government.

I was now fairly certain that my ubiquitous Crazies/Tormentors were involved. But I was still amazed that they would allow me to work and thus get money and to be so near the United Nations. Thus it was only mildly surprising when Dr. Skora informed me that the job was located in a small town in western KENTUCKY. The actual plant location was in a town so small that he referred to the plants location as being in nearby Paducah, KY. It became clear that if the government was going to let me work, it was going to be in some remote location away from the major east coast metropolitan area. And Paducah as I was to learn, is definitly remote.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Search For A Future Continues.

My situation at my parent's house was not much better than my situation at college. Whenever the government would do something to irritate me, such as tampering with my mail, my parents would refuse to discuss it with me. They would only reply that I should take my medication to help with my "mental illness". The situation became so tense that I avoided my parents as much as possible. I just couldn't understand how my parents could sacrifice my life out of fear of the government. To me, there is a point where you say enough is enought no matter who or what the evil is.

My attempts to find another research position was not producing any positive results. I had an interview with B&T Chemicals in September and the interview had gone extremely well. My experience at RAM was exactlly what B&T wanted, my chemical background fit their needs very well and one of the people who was to make the final decision was a University of Florida graduate which meant we had some common acquantences. I couldn't have asked for a better situation. I had left the interview with positive feelings and I was sure I would have received an offer if my situation were normal. Of Course, my situation was anything but normal.

About four weeks passed before I finally received a call from B&T secretary who asked if I was still interested in the position. She said a decision was going to be made the next day and that I was "high on the list". I said I was definitely interested and that I would need a response in quickly. I was then told I would be informed by phone of their decision within a day or two. I hung up the phone thinking that I had been through the same "we'll call you" scenario with RAM about six months earlier. As I expected, I never received a phone call and when I called back several days later, I could not get any kind of definitive answer in regards to the position available.

I never did receice any kind of response from B&T Chemicals. The whole experience had been used to create a lot of anxiety and in the end I was left with no job.

The episode with B&T Chemicals convincedf me that I should look elsewhere for some hope for survival. With the United Nations being only about 100 miles away, I decided to look to foreign countries for help. I drew up a form letter explaining my situation and in late November, I went to New York City to visit the United Nations Missions. Within a few city blocks, there are over a hundred different countries represented.

I concentrated by efforts on smaller, third-world countries which might be able to use my technical and teaching skills in some capacity. I avoided countries which I considered close allies of the U.S. I merely walked into a mission, handed the letter to the representative present and then answered any questions I was asked.

I weas pleasantly surprised at how well I was received at most missions. Many missions expressed regret over my problems with amerikan government, and then they would discuss possible positions that I might fill in their country. Unfortunately, most of the countries I approached had little or no chemical or computer industries, but some still expressed interest in my teaching skills. Several countries promised to reply by mail in a couple of weeks.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Big Nazi amerikan government afraid of one poor individual!!!!

During my classes and during my visit to a local high shcool there were subtle harassing incidences that would have been difficult to prove. However there was one incidence that demonstrated how The Crazies constantly kept track of everything I was doing and how the people around me knew I was a political prisoner and torture victim.

In early November was scheduled for an interview by a faculty member of the education department. The interview was a routine requirement for gaining teacher certification. My interviewer was Dr. Mulika, whom I had never before. For about ten minutes he asked routine questions and everything was going smoothly. Suddenly, in response to an answer I had just given, Dr. Mulika looked directly at me and asked, "I that when you went to work for the government in Washington, DC?" I sat there momentarily stunned. There was no mention of the government or Washington in any of the papers I had given him or the education department. And I never mentioned anything to any of my classmates about the government or Washington. The one exception of course was my Russian friend and I'm sure she wasn't the source. I concluded the comment was designed to trigger off on a tirade which could then be used to disqualify me from teacher certification.

I quickly regained my composure after a period of silence and replied, "I never worked for the government." Mr. Mulika didn't try to explain his commemt. Then the interview went on without further incident. The whole conversation served to let me know that Big Nazi Brother was watching me.

Immediately upon leaving the interview, I realized that I had no proof that I had been terrorized in the middle of a routine but important interview. I decided to confront Dr. Mulika and find out why he had asked the question about the government. I found him and Dr. Bagford, an instructor in one of my classes in a narrow corridor of offices. I stood in the middle of the corridor so that I could not be ignored and then calmly asked Dr. Mulika why he thought I had worked for the government in Washington, DC. Both men immediately became hostile and Dr. Bagford quickly made reforence to some sort of disability. When I restated my question to Dr. Mulika, he asked me in a threatening voice if there was any moral, physical or mental reason why I shouldn't be certified to teach. He had no intention of answering my question and his sole response was to threaten me. I didn't need any further proof that his comment during the interview had been planned.

I did find it interesting that Dr. Mulika did include "moral" in his question. By using moral as a qualification, he was not qualified for the position he held!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Going Back to School

The first couple of weeks taking classes was truly revitalizing since it was the first time in a year I had normal social activity. But after a couple of weeks the fear of the fascist government was not going to let me recover began to surface. I had learned that whenever I made changes, the fascist seemed to take a couple of weeks to get organized and start their harassment. Apparently the fact that I was becoming a normal functioning member of society again caused the ruling fascists concern because after a few weeks, strange events began occurring.

At first the harassment was subtle such as indication that my mail was being tampered with. I would later get proof and learn of other people who experience mail tampering at the hands of the Nazi amerikan government. Also, coincidences started to occur that would trigger memories of past terrorism. The coincidences also served to raise my level of alertness for future occurrences. Or as psychologists put it, it lowered my level of perception to stimuli. The net result was an increased sensitivity to any government terrorism.

My return to school was enjoyable at first. After a couple of hours in each class, I decided I could pass all of my course if I never went to another class the rest of the semester. In order to make school more challenging, I decided to see if I could the high grade in each class. That would keep me interested in going to classes and it would provide an incentive for learning the material. I was certain that I would have no problems with the classes even when the government terrorism became more severe during the upcoming holidays.

In a strange twist of fate, I discovered that one of my classmates was a language instructor and an immigrant from Russia! I quickly befriended her and she readily agreed to give me Russian lessons for a minimal fee. Since the government terrorism had terrorism had started up again, taking Russian seemed like the prudent thing to do.

My new Russian friend and I held several lengthy conversations in private. She made a couple of comments which I was glad to hear. First, she said she found amerikans amazingly politically niave. To her, it appeared that the amerikan people had no idea what the government was doing. I knew that to be true, but it is less true today, thanks to the internet, than it was in 1983. Second, she said that amerikans were obsessed with money and that they did not know how to enjoy themselves and have fun. I had heard that comment before from other foreign acquaintances . Her third observation did not thrill me. She stated frankly that my only reasonable option was to leave the country as soon as possible. I knew she was right, but I didn’t want to believe her.

The thought of being run out of the country that I was born and raised in by a bunch of sick powerbrokers just did not sit well with me. After all that they had done to me I saw no reason why I should make life easy for them by running. They feared me and the TRUTH. If I ran, they had nothing to fear as I was concerned. Running seemed more of a benefit to the fascist psychopaths that it was to me. I would take precaution and prepare to run, but I would not accept running as my only possible solution! Psychopaths do not want people to know the truth about them and the amerikan government does not want the truth about it known.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

How the fascist system really works

The interesting thing about Ravi being a vice president with a company that was connected to the foundry industry is that he had been unemployed for a long period of time and then secured his current position just prior to testifying for Gamma Supplies in the patent infringement lawsuit. So now you know how the ruling fascists get cooperative witness. You say what they want you to say or you don’t work! Now Ravi was not poor like me. He had worked many years for an oil company and his wife was the daughter of a wealthy Indian family. Her father had been a diplomat for the Indian Government. Thus Ravi had sufficient funds to survive an extended period of unemployment and he could have always fled the country and gone back to India. But unlike me, Ravi had not been brutally tortured and terrorized. Therefore, Ravi was willing to lie for the ruling fascists and give them their court testimony in exchange for a high paying job. The ruling fascists get favorable/friendly testimony through economic EXTORTION! Amerika – what a system!

Since I could not afford to stay in Washington, DC for the remainder of the ACS meeting, I immediately headed back to my parent’s home. I had wanted to stay and attend some of the technical presentation and get up to speed on what was happening in the science and technology worlds, but I had already spent more than I could afford for the two days I was there for interviews.

Shortly after attending the ACS meeting, I resumed classes for teacher cetrification at the local university. If I completed the core education courses and a semester of student teaching, This would take a year, but in the end I would be certified to teach high school chemistry and science and thus I would have some source of income and my years spent becoming a scientists would not have been wasted.

The cost of going back to school was a major obstacle and in an effort to alleviate the financial burden, I obtained a part-time teaching position at a near-by junior college. The position required me to teach several evenings a week and the eleven hundred dollars in income for the two and a half months work mad the job worthwhile. However, when I informed the Social Security office of my plans, I was informed that even though the teaching position was part-time, the income averaged out to be over three hundred dollars a month, and therefore I would no longer be eligible for my Social Security disability payments of six hundred dollars a month. So much for an incentive to find work. As a result, I had to decline the offer to teach.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nazi torture leaves you lifeless.

Later that same day I ran into my old nemisus Ravi Sardess, my original boss at Gamma Supplies. I calmly asked him what he was doing. He went into a perfunctory speech about how he was now a vice president in his new company and how he was making so much money. As he talked, I couldn’t help notice how hollow his words seemed. Ravi himself appeared mechanical and expressionless as if he were dead inside. He was no longer arrogant and he definitely wasn’t mockingly laughing at me as he had done two years earlier at the Atlanta ACS meeting.

“Did you know that they used my wife to spy on me when I was at Gamma Supplies?” I queried.

“No.” Ravi responded softly”

“Well they did. And now I haven’t worked in a year and I don’t know if I’ll ever work again. I was forced to resign from RAM,” I continued in a calm voice.
Ravi sat there with a blank look on his face and then in an effort to break the silence, he blurted out, “Well I’m making more money now that I ever could have made at Gamma Supplies.”

I started to walk away from Ravi. Then I turned to him on last time and said, “the people behind the Gamma Supplies scheme are really sick. I think you know that by now.”

Ravi said nothing, but as I left I had a feeling of satisfaction that he now knew the truth and seemed to realize that despite the difference in our economic and social position, that he was a much a victim of the government terrorism as I was.

The rest of the day it bothered me how lifeless Ravi looked. It was as if he were a man without a soul, and he seemed like he wanted to cry out “Please help me!” His mechanical, expressionless words and his robot-like manner almost frightened me more that the Nazi terrorism did.

Later I would come to truly appreciate Christ’s admonition when he said “Fear not those that can kill you, but rather fear those that steal your soul.” And that is what these ruling elite psychopaths do; they try to steal your soul. They literally beat the life out of you. That is why experts in the field of menticide describe the victims of these sick bastards as having a “living death”. These ruling elite want your soul for their god, Satan.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Trying to move on against impossible odds.

Several weeks passed before I headed to Washington, DC for the ACS meeting and hopefully for interviews for a job. On the first day there I did my best to mix in with the other chemists, but I made sure to avoid all people from RAM. At the end of the day I was surprised to find that I had several interviews scheduled and that some of the interviews were for very desirable jobs. With all the torture and terrorism, I had forgotten that I had a great resume with publications, patents and money making products.

The next day, the interviews would go well until the inevitable question arose as to why I had voluntarily left RAM a year earlier. I left most interviews feeling that in an ordinary situation, I would have easily been the best candidate for the position available. But given the reality of my situation I felt I had little or no chance of getting the job.

I was constantly on the alert for government set-ups and/or harasement, but I detected none. I spoke with several collegues for the Universities of Washington and Florida. The all offered sympathy and well intentioned advise, but none of them could offer anything of substance.

On the last day I attended the meeting, I was jarred back to reality when I ran into Ken Krajca, an old friend from the University of Florida. Ken had been used at a 1981 Atlanta ACS meeting to create some psychological terrorism and I had not had any contact with him since. This time Ken just said "hi", told me he couldn't help me get a job and then walked away. I followed him into the interview room and when he sat down at his table, I reinitiated the conversation. Finally, Ken's guilt over having betrayed a good friend got to him. NOTE: A Nazi psychopath would not have experience such guilt.

Ken said, "I still don't understand why someone just didn't set you down when this thing began and just say "this is the way it is."

"That's just the point, Ken." I replied. These people are sick. They want to torture; they don't want a solution other than my destruction. To do what you suggested would have been rational; these people are not rational. It is almost as if these people take pride in being crazy. That is what I'm trying to tell the world." I wanted to scream that these fascists are not rational because that is the one thing that had frustrated me through all the years. I didn't have any knowledge or understanding of the psychopathic personality at that time and could not understand that destroying rational, moral human beings is the way the psychopath proves to himself that he is superior and not crazy.

"I'm really sorry, but I can't help you." Ken said despondantly.

I knew what Ken was saying was true, but it meant so much to me that a former close freind like Ken would talk honestly with me for just a moment. The ruling fascists had never allowed that in the past. I shook his hand, turned and exited the interview room.

Actually, Ken's reaction is exactly why tyrannical governments destroy all ties of their victim with past friends, co-workers and their family. The don't want normal people feeling guilt over helping destroy the life of an innocent, defenseless victim. The ruling, dictating psychopath doesn't worry about guilt since he or she does not experience guilt - EVER!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Steps to starting anew.

When I wasn't working on my manuscript, I found some relaxation by going trout fishing. I would usual go in the early evening and not return back to my parents house until after dark. This kept the time I spent with my parents to a minimum. And when I was fishing, I could be at peace with the world and free from the society that I hated. However, eventually I had to return to the real world.

The use of pitting family members against each other in order to achieve fascist goals did not surprise me that much. I had read reports where the FBI frequently did this to get convictions. It was almost five years later when I was in Cuba that I saw a television documentary that showed how the South African government pitted black family members against each other in order to keep the blacks of that nation enslaved and impoverished. Apparently the division and destruction of the family is a standard tool used by oppresive capitalist nations. Interestingly, the documentary I saw was produced and narrated by amerikans, but I have never seen it nor seen any reference to it in this country. It hits too close to home.

After I had filed bankruptcy and had my car temporarily repossed, I decided that I could not wait another year to get a teaching position. I decided to try to find another job in the chemical industry. I rejoined the American Chemical Society (ACS), placed a "situation wanted" advertisement in the society's professional publication. I then made plans to attend the nation meeting at the end of August in, of all places, Washington, DC.

I also returned the call to Mr. Saunice who had called me a month earlier. Mr. Saunice represented an employment agency as I had suspected. He felt that I didn't have much of a chance of finding a job, but that there was no harm in trying. He then gave me the name of a personnel manager at the Air Products Corporation which had its headquaters withing reasonable driving distance of where I was located. I agreed that it was probably a good idea to talk to a corporate personnel manager in order to get some idea of how I was going to be received by industry. It would also serve as a rehearsal for interviews I might have at the upcoming ACS meeting.

A couple of days later, I drove to Air Products to talk to the personnel manager. I didn't know what to expect, but I was presently surprised when the man listened intently for a couple of hours. He asked probing questions and appeared to accept what I was telling him. Of course, my story may have been an eduction for him too. He finally recommended that I answer questions at the ACS meeting as honestly as possible, but that I should not dwell on the past and be as brief as possible. He concluded that I would have difficulty finding another job, but he felt that my situation was not impossible.

I left the meeting with the personnel manager feeling somewhat relieved. First, and most important, there was no clue of government intervention or ochestration during our conversation. There was none of the usual double talk or coincideces that had been used to terrorize me for so long. That was the most encouraging aspect of our conversation. I hoped for a moment anyway that maybe I could start over and begin a new life. I didn't see how that was possible given the extremely sick, evil nature of the people who had destroyed my life, but it was the only hope I had at the moment. And that was enough to keep me going.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Get it in writing and make lots of copies"

on writing everything down and getting the events which had transpired into a clear, concise, legible form. Thus my only motivation in my life was to prevent the government from hiding their sick, evil insidious actions.

This is how how the fascist system works. As Dr. William Sargant points out in his enlightening book, “Battle For The Mind,” John Wesley’s enormous success as a preacher was based on an intuitive understanding of the central nervous system. He would open his sermon with a long detailed description of the torments to which, unless they underwent conversion, his audience would undoubtedly be condemned for eternity. Then, when terror and agonizing sense of guilt had brought his listeners to the verge of a complete cerebral breakdown, he would change his tone and promise salvation to those who believed and repented. By this kind of preaching, Wesley converted thousands of men, women and children. Intense, prolonged fear broke them down and produced a state of greatly intensified suggestibility.

In the political arena, the effectiveness of political propaganda depends on the methods employed, not upon the doctrine taught. These doctrines may be true or false, wholesome or pernicious – it makes little difference. If the indoctrination is given in the right way at the proper stage of nervous exhaustion, it will work. Under favorable conditions, practically everybody can be converted to practically anything(no taxes, war is peace – yes, Ronald Reagan actually used that Orwellian phrase).

We possess detailed descriptions of the methods used by the amerikan secret police in dealing with political prisoners. From the moment the victim is singled out, the victim is subjected systematically to many kinds of physical and psychological stress. At all times the prisoner is kept in a state of suspense, uncertainty and acute apprehension. Day after day the victim is harassed and questioned by people who do their best to frighten, confuse and bewilder him. After a few weeks or months of such treatment, his brain goes on strike and he confesses to whatever it is that his captors want. In my case, I signed a court document to be used in court. Then, if he is to converted rather that killed, he is offered comfort of hope. IF he will but accept the true faith, he can be saved.

My writing had been going well, and I was averaging about ten pages a day despite some days on intense physical pain. My determination to get the demented acts of the government in writing was so obsessive that nothing could stop me. By late June, I had completed about two hundred hand-written pages which I took to a local secretarial service for typing. At that point I began to believe I could actually get the manuscript completed. However I had no illusions about getting the manuscript published.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Forced alternatives are not Choices.

I continued to go to school, but I also had a five thousand dollar bill for my forced hospital stay. Not only can you forcibly confine someone to a hospital, but you can also stick them with the bill. This is another advantage over locking up a political prisoner in prison. When a prisoner leaves jail, he is not handed the bill for his confinement. When you lock up a political prisoner by labeling him “mentally ill” you can then stick the victim with the bill if and when he gets released. The ruling fascists know and exploit the fact that poverty is a form of prison. Remember, one of the major reasons I was picked as victim in the sick trial riggning scheme is because I was poor and a poor person is not a free person.

Occasionally I would reflect on how the people at Gamma Supplies had laughed about the pending destruction of my life. Of course, to psychopath Darth Korey, destruction of my life had been his goal and a source of great satisfaction to him. But for the normal amerikans, I kept wondering what was wrong with them that they would find humor in torturing people. The more I thought about it, the more I hated the fascist amerikan system. At one point, Dr. Pascal who I was seeing weekly as part of my release “agreement”, asked me if saw anything good about the amerikan system. I replied that I couldn’t see anything good in it.

I was still trying to figure out how I could survive until the following fall when I would have to spend one semester student teaching at a local high school in order to complete my teacher certification courses. Even if I could manage to pay for the class, I would have to survive until the following fall before I could obtain a full-time teaching position.

It was mid-June when my mother took a call from a Mr. Saunice of BJR Associates. From what my mother was able to tell me, I concluded that BJR Associate was some sort of recruiting firm. My first reaction was that the government was setting me up for more harassment. Then I got a glimmer of hope. Maybe I would be ALLOWED to go back to work and be ALLOWED to have some sort of decent life. “Normal Bias” had taken over. I still don’t understand why I couldn’t get past the indoctrination and propaganda and realize I was dealing with sick, evil people in an evil system. Fortunately a quick assessment of my mental and physical health terminated all optimistic hopes. I decided to wait until later to return Mr. Saunice’s call, if I decided to return the call at all.

The call from Mr. Saunice did serve as an impetus to begin thinking about what I had to do to survive. I really didn’t and still don’t have any desire to live, but I was forced to face the reality that I had to survive. The alternative was to let my life continue to deteriorate. Of course, taking any sort of job to economically survive would at best delay my attempt to become certified to teach high school and take a job in a relative safe environment.

The above dilemma clearly demonstrates why the ruling fascist picked me to be exploited and destroyed. I read in an editorial today that the ruling elite “want middle class amerikans to be ‘dumb and destitute’”. Well, I was dumb; I didn’t know amerikans were tortured to death until it happened to me. And destitute people are easily controlled because destitute people are struggling to survive and must do whatever the sick ruling elite want. My destitute situation is a perfect example of how a poor person can be controlled and manipulated through economics. And of course, I was originally picked to be exploited and imprisoned because I was poor and I had the technical education and knowledge that could be exploited!

Once I really understood the amerikan fascist system, I concluded that the war on the middle class would continue until the ruling elite had turned amerika into a third world "banana republic". A country of haves and have nots. Some amerikans are beginning to see this in the current political/economic state. What most amerikans still do not see is that this is being done with malicious forethought and planning by the ruling elite.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Amerikan People

Did you know that congress is appropriately named? Congress is the definition of a group of BABOONS! Look it up in your dictionary.

Read today that the group of baboons passed funding for the terrorist(oops), I mean intelligence agencies. Of course the billions being spent is kept secrect because it would aid the enemy if the amount were divulged. It is interesting that the group of baboons and the intelligent agencies consider the american people the enemy. I do know that I have always been amazed at the millions of dollars the fascist state spent to destroy my life. It cost a lot of money to pay terrorist agents to follow a person around and monitor everything the victim does.

Along the same lines, it was recently announced that the War Department(until 1947), now the department of defense, is the largest single employer in the US. Combine those dollars spent along with the above unknown dollars spent on "intelligence" and maybe you can begin to see why the US has a budget deficit. Remember, the US spends more on the military than all of the rest of the WORLD combined. But none of this is ever mentioned in the effort to trim the budget.

One of the biggest problems the US faces is how to keep its expanding effort on world conquest and subjugation funded while it faces a shrinking, collapsing economy. The answer is of course, screw the working middle and lower class people. Squeeze more and more out of them while the troops go marching on.

My biggest disappointment throughout this ordeal has been in the people of this country. Although US denizens are thoroughly indoctrinated with the words freedom, justice and democracy, amerikans seem to have no true belief or understanding of those terms. Their actions reflect a people who are enslaved to the pursuit of worldly goods and personal possessions rather than a people who support and believe in some worthy ideals. This total lack of commitment to any higher moral purpose is truly discouraging in the light of problems facing humanity today. It is almost as if they think that by ignoring the problems, they will go away and not interfer with their obsession of collecting goods. This attitude seems at best callous and at the worst, extremely dangerous and near sighted. I actually know people who state, “I feel sorry for my kids, but I should make it before it all goes to hell!”,

I find it ironic that the amerikan people only perceive threats to their freedom as being external. The threat use to be communism, but has become “terrorists (a universal term applicable to anyone), liberals and anyone or any country that will not bow down and worship the fascist ways. Amerikans fail to realize that with the oligarchical corporate system, the average person has little or no freedom and that government works hand and hand with corporate owners and rulers to ensure that the fascist state marches on at the expense of the working people. What happened to me is a classic example of what results when government and business form a cabal to conspire against the interests of the average amerikan worker. Still, the average amerikan clings to some sort of pathetic hope that the tyrants who create their plight will suddenly turn benevolent. This ability to deny reality in order to endure I find interesting and disturbing. It is a real life practice of what George Orwell termed “double think”.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I was still trying to find some way to generate an income so that I could regain my life that the ruling fascists had taken from me. I continued to take classes at the local university in order to get certified to teach at the high school level. The problem was that I was running out of money. My SS disability of about $625 per month didn't go very far in covering my expenses of tuition, books and general living expenses. I also faced the situation of having to wait until the following fall in order to take the student teaching course which was required before I could get a paying teaching job.

Monday, September 12, 2011

On Freedom

I undertook writing my story in this blog for several reasons. First, to tell the truth about how the amerikan fascist system works and to expose the barbaric practices of the United States government against its own citizens. I know that what happened to me reflects a general practice of elitism and contempt against the amerikan worker displayed by the ruling power brokers. Contempt for the working class(described as "peasants" in some corporate documents) is a major characteristic of fascism. I as an individual can only tell the word of the evil practices of these people who rule this empire. I have always felt a deep moral responsibility to warn the people of the world about the evil and dangers of this Fourth Reich.

Of course, my second purpose was to publish a book and generate some income and be free of working class constraints. Of course, I now realize that that was a foolish idea given the fascist control of what gets disseminated for the people to see or hear. I, like any prisoner, dream of being free. It is ironic that in a nation where a major propaganda point is always liberty and freedom, that people can only dream of being free of the oppression and tyranny of the fascist state. I believe Martin Luther King stated it as: "Free at last, free at last. Oh thank God, I'm free at last." I know exactly what those words mean. It literally makes me sick to hear amerikans talk about "freedom". No one and I mean no one other than Christ ever died so that I might be free!

Friday, September 2, 2011

How conditioning effects the victim.

While I was still at my parent’s house, I continued to write my manuscript and I attended education courses at the local university. Pennsylvania has a program where if you had an advanced degree in some other field, you can become certified to teach at the high school level if you take designated core education courses. This program only requires a couple of semesters to complete and then you are qualified to teach in the public school system. I thought if I could get in the public school system, even The Crazies wouldn’t want to expose young people to the truth about the fascist state and thus I would be safe from there terrorism and their attempts to make me look crazy.
A good example of how conditioning works when done as long as it was done to me occurred one evening when I was watching TV. A commercial came on for Bell Telephone; the Reach Out and Touch Someone commercial. At the end of the commercial, there is a picture of a hand holding a phone receiver and the only sound is a dial tone. I was lying on the couch when I glanced down at my rigid body. I was stiff like a board and my arms were straight against my side with my fists clinched. That is what seven years of 24/7/365 harassing phone calls that always ended with a dial tone when I picked it up. And I could no longer stand the sound of phone ringing. That’s what incessant terrorism and conditioning does to a person.
The phone ringing and the dial tone are obvious conditioning stimuli to anyone, even the most ardent fascist lover. But what about all the other less obvious stimuli The Crazies conditioned me to? The more subtle ones that a Nazi lover could interject in what would appear to be a normal conversation to an uninformed observer. The conditioned response of the victim would make the Nazi victim look and act crazy. Then the ruling fascists could then tell the victim that he is crazy.
So does the ringing phone and dial tone still have an effect on me? The answer is no, but for reasons you might not consider. First, modern electronics allows me to screen my calls and answer them with an answering service. But most important is the sound of the stimulus is different. First, the conditioning was done with the old bell and clapper ring. Today’s phones use electronic rings which are totally different in sound. And again because of advances in electronics, the dial tone sound is different. Therefore it has no effect on me. However, there have been one or two occasions where I have been walking down a street and an old fashion phone with the old clapper sound will ring and it does cause me to react slightly.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Make up a Mental Illness and get in the Psychiatric Bible

From the news: The CIA is trying to prevent a book written by a former FBI agent about 9/11 from being published. If you want to be published, you have to tell the fascist version of events.

I was reading about a book by David Rosenhan titled “On Being Sane In Insane Places”. Eight normal people went to hospitals in five different states and told the on duty psychiatrist a story with one lie in it. Everything else they said was the truth. All eight were immediately diagnosed as insane and admitted into the hospitals. Of the eight, one was diagnosed as manic-depressive and SEVEN were diagnosed as SCHIZOPHRENIC. The average stay was 19 days and one person was kept confined for two months. All were given powerful antipsychotic drugs. Remember, these victims were all normal people! And they only way they could get released from the hospital was to first admit that they were insane and then pretend to get better. Just saying that you were doing better was not good enough to get released. The victims first had to say that they were mentally ill. If you go way back in my blog, you will find that is exactly what I had to do. This is how psychiatrists cover their butts from damaging lawsuits. All nice and tidy – and twisted. And once these people were labeled mentally ill, they were stuck with the label.

You can see why the fascist state likes to use “mental illness” to eliminate any threat to their Nazi empire. Psychiatrists give a blank check to the ruling fascists to do whatever they want to their victims. The field of psychiatry in this fascist state, as it was in Nazi Germany(psychiatrists were the largest group represented in the Nazi party), is out of control. Unfortunately the only vocal critics of psychiatry now come from Scientology which has its own integrity issues.

And of course, psycho/sociopathic behavior was voted down as a mental illness by psychiatrists even though scientific evidences show that psychopaths have abnormal brains.

It is also likely that the pharmaceutical industry is always pushing for new mental illnesses so that more drugs can be sold. I'm sure there have been drugs developed for which there was no illness and then the psychiatrists came up with a new mental illness classification in order to use the drug. This latter part is conjecture on my part, but probably true.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

How the inability to feel right from wrong affects insane decisions.

IN THE NEWS: The CIA is setting up domestic spying and terrorism through local police departments. REALLY! You could have knocked over with a feather on that one! Fascism is built on powerful myths and images. One of the biggest myths(actually a law) in this country is that the CIA does not do domestic spying.

The way works in this fascist state is as David Wise illustrates in his book "The Invisible Government" is that the gestapo agencies form a loose association of people with a common interest and then proceed to create havoc on the country in order to achieve their usually demented goals. "Charlie Wilson's War" is a great example of how the invisible government works. That little demented scheme eventually lead to 911 which most fascists consider a good thing since it gave them a blank check to further enslave the amerikan people. Remember the infamous phrase after 911, "I just won the trifecta" uttered by the then president. Did you notice no one ever asked him what he meant by that?

BACK TO MY STORY about the "Invisible Government".

It was on the same university campus that I was told my parents had lied to me and conspired against me. I was walking across the campus one afternoon when I heard someone shout "Hi Russ". I looked up to see a cousin who explained that he was now employed by the university as a maintenance worker.

"How are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm doing OK considering the circumstances." I replied.

"Yeah I know what you mean. Your parents were over at my parent's house last Saturday night and you mother was telling us ALL ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS WITH THE GOVERNMENT."

I stood there silent for a moment thinking to myself "You're not suppose to tell me that!!!" I then mumbled something about it was tough, but there was nothing I could do about it. I then went on my way.

I was upset about what he had said because I already knew my parent had betrayed me and by having proof of that fact, it just gave The Crazies another reason to keep on trying to destroy me.

And like any psycho/sociopath, any excuse for their destructive actions will do. And to The Crazies, their excuse was that they had to beat me into silence. As the Bible puts it, Satan's evil empire will force everyone to bow down and worship its ways. And it will spill the blood of and persecute many innocent people. And someone who knows the truth about the ruling fascists has to be silenced. So any old excuse will do.

There is no way to explain what it does to a person from a close family, to have your parents help low-life scumbags in their attempt to destroy you. It is something you never get over and the pain lives with you everyday. And I'm sure that pain lived with them everyday of their lives too. And if someone can't understand that(and the psycho/sociopathic scum can't because they are incapable of love) they can GO TO HELL!

And if The Crazies want to tell you they love their country, I suggest you read "In My Hands" the story of the capture of Adolf Eichmann. You can see what his "love" of Nazi Germany amounted to when he didn't have the POWER of the German Empire behind him.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How do you remove psychopaths from your life when they are part of the government/corporate system?

Psychopathy is a personality disorder signified by a pattern of lying, exploitiveness, heedlessness, arrogance, sexual promiscuity, low self-control, and lack of empathy and remorse. Those who are affected may appear normal thus increasing their ability to effectively prey on others.
People severely affected with psychopathy have a false belief in their own superiority, a sense of entitlement and a complete disregard for social norms. They therefore leave a long trail of victims and survivors over the course of living their lives. Their victims include strangers, friends, lovers, co-workers and family members.

Unable to love, feel remorse or show any trace of guilt, they survive by charming, conning and manipulating others. Because they are impulsive and do things that hurt other people, psychopathic individuals are also called "antisocial" by mental health professionals.

What causes psychopathy?
Genes play a significant role in the cause of psychopathy. However socialization and other environmental factors interact with genetics, so genes are probably not the only determinant.

Psychopathy is very costly to society. The disorder is responsible for much human suffering. The disordered person, his/her family and nearly everyone he/she contacts is affected.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Why I know amerika is a fascist state.

While I was staying at my parents house, I began writing a manuscript for two reasons. First, The Crazies had made every effort to destroy anything that would support what I claimed. They stole three diaries from my possession, they stole business cards and documents relating to people like the psychiatrists I was forced to see so that I couldn't recall their names and addresses, they doctored my medical records at RAM to which I was legally entitled to have, and of course they brutally tortured me in order to destroy my mind. The manuscript would give names, dates and facts. There would be a record.

Second, I initially naively believed I could sell the book and generate some income. Of course, the Nazis control the publishing and distribution of any printed material so the publication of the book was never accomplished although a Canadian firm at one point in time did say they would publish it but that it would take 2-3 years for that to happen since they were a small firm. The manuscript was copyrighted in Canada.

But while I was writing the book, a very interesting thing happened. I was at a point where I wanted to discuss the real state of amerika - a Nazi state. But I knew if I hoped to sell the book, conditioned amerikans would reject anything that would refer to amerika as a Nazi state. I considered using fascist state, but that term also was way too negative. I sat at the table alone in the house trying to think of a nice euphemistic term that people might accept. After a period of time I just couldn't come up with a term. I decided to take a break. I put the manuscript away and decided to take a ride over to the local university. Remember, I was alone and nobody knew what I was writing about that particular morning and nobody knew I was going to the University.

I drove to the university, parked the car and walked across the campus to the library. I walked into the library and for some unknown reason, I went all the way to the back of the building. There, on a pedestal I saw one of those gigantic, fifty pound dictionaries. Since the dictionary was split open, I walked over to it and glanced at the page to which it was opened. As I glanced at the page, I noticed one word had been highlighted in yellow. That word?! OLIGARCHY - the word I had been searching for. I quickly leafed through numerous other pages in the dictionary, but oligarchy was the only word I could find in the whole dictionary that was highlighted. I was truly stunned.

For those that don't know, the definition of OLIGARCHY is "a form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique; government by the few." Fascism is a form of an oligarchy. Amerika is a fascist state. And that is the verdict of a power far greater than me. And I will not even discuss the matter with anyone who wants to argue the point. The odds of my having found that word that way is greater that the national debt.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It Happens All the time in fascist amerika - you usually don't hear about it.

Former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld does not have immunity from torture lawsuits according to a federal appeals court, leaving at least one former Bush administration official on the hook for policies developed under the guise of the “war on terror.”

Rumsfeld is being sued by two employees of Shield Group Security. The plaintiffs, Nathan Vance and Nathan Ertel claim they were imprisoned in Iraq without charge and tortured by the U.S. military after they alleged their company was paying off local officials for contracts.

After their release without charge in 2006 the men sued, claiming their detention and torture violated their constitutional rights. Rumsfeld was named a defendant for “his role in creating and carrying out policies that caused plaintiffs’ alleged torture.”

Rumsfeld moved to dismiss the suit, but a federal district judge denied that motion citing the Fifth Amendment’s substantive due process clause. That decision was upheld in a 2-1 vote by a panel of federal judges. According to the majority “plaintiffs have alleged in sufficient detail facts supporting Secretary Rumsfeld’s personal responsibility for the alleged torture.”

More importantly though, the majority held that Rumsfeld is not entitled to qualified immunity. To make such a finding the court had to conclude that Rumsfeld’s belief that the alleged detention and torture was constitutional was unreasonable.

Underlying this story is the fact that these men are not enemy combatants plucked from the theater of war. These are US citizens, private contractors who blew the whistle on corruption. And in response they were detained without charge and tortured.

Back to my torture story:
Finally on May 27, 1983 I was released from a mental hospital for the third time in five years. My parents picked me up and drove me to their house. We spoke very little and I could feel the despair and desperation my parents must have been experiencing. My mother went into a lecture on how I should keep taking my medication because I was much better as long as I treated my "mental illness". I sat there in total amazement that my parents only hope lie in my acceptance of the "mental illness" story. As for me, I felt I had no hope, but I still had plans on fighting on.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

On Mental Illness

While confined to the hospital, I was given a series of intelligence and psychological tests over a period of three days. At first I thought about just doing the tests in a perfunctory manner, but soon my inner drive to excel overcame me and I found myself fighting the deadening effects of the drugs just to do well. The results of the tests were a little unexpected given my condition, but I was even more surprised that I was told the results. First, my intelligence test showed that I had recovered at least most of my mental ability and I demonstrated a “superior intelligence”. The real surprise was in the results of the psychological tests. These tests showed that I was perfectly “normal” and the only idiosyncrasy I had was a tendency toward a paranoid personality. That is far from being a “paranoid schizophrenic” and given the fact that I had been subjected to seven years of mental torture and terrorism, I could only assume that one might exhibit some paranoid tendencies.

What amazed me was that I was told the results since the tests were far more analytical and semi quantitative compared to the subjective opinions of the psychiatrists. These results greatly conflicted with the psychiatrist’s mantra that I was mentally ill. It was almost as if there was an admission that my confinement was because I am a political prisoner. If that was the case, it was a major improvement for me.

In general, I found most patients in mental hospitals were there for substance abuse. Either they were “addicted” to alcohol or drugs. These people made up about seventy percent of the patients. Another twenty five percent were there because they had suffered abuse at work or at home or had some overwhelming social or economic problem. Those people were understandably depressed and a workable solution to their problem would have been much more beneficial than the ubiquitous drugs the psychiatrists handed out like candy. It seemed in all of the above cases, the patient’s problem ultimately stemmed from abuse which was either economic, physical or psychological. The abuse almost always was inflicted by a parent, a close relative, a spouse or a close authority figure(boss). As I reflected back to the other two times I had been confined, the same pattern emerged. I concluded the “mental illness” was more of a social disease than one with biological causes. Only about five percent of the patients seemed to have some genetically/biologically caused mental problem. When I explored this thesis with the hospital psychologists, I found most of them held a similar view. Mental hospitals appear to be the socially accepted place to put people who are no longer able to defend themselves from the barbaric results of pursuing the “American Dream”. The mental wards are a working class rehab center for those who can’t afford a fancy named facility.

"....the phenomenon of conscience is overwhelmingly powerful, persistent and prosocial. Unless under the spell of a psychotic delusion, extreme rage, inescapable deprevation, drugs, or a destructive authority figure, a person who is conscience-bound do not - in some cases cannot - kill, or rape in cold blood, TORTURE ANOTHER PERSON, steal someone's life savings, trick someone into a loveless relationship as sport, or willfully abandon his own child." But people who have no conscience, a psycho/sociopath, will and does.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The fight continues.

At first I rebelled against the continued confinement and considered a hunger strike as a form of protest. When I refused to eat I was informed I would be fed intravenously to keep me alive, Since I was sure they could do that, I decided to cooperate to see if I could get out at the end of the ten days.

I was given heavy doses of lithobid(for bipolar!) and a tranquilizer in an attempt to "cure" me. As usual, I had adverse reactions to the drugs and the dosage was eventually was reduced. I felt thankful that I was so sensitive to these toxic drugs that I couldn't be kept on high levels to produce the doped up, drugged state that the keepers of mental hospitals love to maintain. Psychiatrists seem to feel comfortable with people walking around in a zombie-like state. To them, what I call the zombie state is usually referred to by the psychiatrists as an improved mental states. Fortunately I was able to avoid that condition.

I also refused to see my parents and sister when they wanted to visit me, but eventually I acquiesced and consented to speak to them. In our first face to face encounter since the hearing little was said. We sat there on a couch looking at each other when my sister started crying and in a pleading tone said, "Damn it Russell, you have to stop writing those letters!" What she was asking me to do was stop my campaign against the fascist state and their use of torture against citizens. I am sure she naively believed that if I was just docile and obedient, The Crazies would leave me alone. I had tried that line of reasoning in the past and I knew it was a waste of time trying to explain the fallacies in her thinking. You cannot appease psychopathic/sociopathic terrorists. And since everything in my life had already been destroyed I had absolutely no interest in appeasing the insane scum that had created my condition. Little else was said during that meeting and when my parents and sister finally left, I wished they had never come. I knew beyond doubt now that the battle was mine and mine alone to fight. And I would fight!!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mockery In The Hearing Room

I’m currently reading two books on psychopaths/sociopaths. And they confirm what I concluded from my experiences at the hands of The Crazies. First, psycho/sociopaths never have remorse, never have guilt and never do anything wrong. It is always some other persons fault. The trial rigging scheme was not stupid and poorly carried out. It was my fault that things went wrong. And I’ve been told that the people who were responsible and involved in the destruction of my life have no remorse. They didn’t do anything wrong. To quote one book, “a refusal to see the results of one’s bad behavior as having anything to do with oneself – ‘consistent irresponsibility’ in the language of the American Psychiatric Association – is the cornerstone of the antisocial personality diagnosis. I already knew that.

What surprised me was that I was also told that The Crazies destroyed me because they were envious and jealous of me. That seemed ridiculous to me at first since I was a nobody and The Crazies had wealth and power. However it turns out that the psycho/sociopaths seek to destroy out of envy the character structure of a person with conscience. Thus persons of strong character are often targeted by sociopaths. I was a person of integrity, honesty and moral character – things that psychopaths hate in other people. It destroys their illusion that they are superior because they lack a conscience and to prove it, they seek to destroy these people of character. This is Darth Korey exactly and it fits The Crazies who supported him. And it explains why The Crazies constantly tried to drag me down to their level and force me into situations where I was tempted to commit base acts. It was to confirm their belief that there was nothing wrong with THEM and that all people were really like them. Fortunately, 96% of all people are not like them – that 96% has a conscience. But that still leaves about 16 million disturbed, very dangerous people in the amerikan society. And many of them are in positions of power and influence.

The Public Defender sat there in shock. After a period of silence he quickly explained that I had not spoken on his recommendation and that given the negative verdict, I should be allowed to speak. With that, the Review Officer reopened the hearing. I made a few comments relating to my relationship with RAM and then the proceedings broke down into a general discussion in which Mr. Theil and Dr. Mengele said and used anything they could think of as an argument to keep me confined. Somehow Dr. Mengele forgot to mention that I had spoken with the Russian. But at one point Dr. Mengele asked my mother if she had ever heard me make any threats. My mother in her naive honesty stated that one evening six or eight weeks earlier I had stormed up the stairs to my bedroom and exclaimed that the executives of RAM should be killed. That event probably occurred after they never called me back with a job offer and did express my sentiments at that time. Then Mr. Theil produced the letter I had written to the Attorney General some eleven months earlier that referred to the Edward Mann incident. The Review Officer quickly accepted the letter as evidence. I and the Public Defender sat there in disbelief as the proceedings broke down into a lynch mob. Finally when all had quieted down, the Review Officer announced the same verdict. I was to remained locked up for at least another 10 days.

As I left the hearing room the Public Defender mentioned something about an appeal and then wandered off down the hallway with a bewildered look on his face. I truly believe that was the first time he had seen the Nazi amerikan state in action against one of its political prisoners.

What all this really amounts to is that the fascist amerikan state will not allow any view expressed that is contrary to their propaganda. I'm sure the fascist state regularly rigs federal trials for the benefit of select elite individual but very few working class people never even consider that or have any idea how it is done because they are constantly bombarded with propaganda to make them believe in the "justice system".

WHAT PROPAGANDA!? Well, look at all of the cop/legal shows on TV. On those shows the "bad guy" is always caught and the legal system works and prevails. On those TV shows, how many times have you seen a rigged trial where some psychopath walk away free and clear with money in his pockets. It doesn't happen ON TV. And whether you want to believe it or not, your view of the amerikan system is based mostly on what you see and hear in the media (corporate/state controlled). When I was in Cuba, the media there reflected the Cuban governments view of the world. They all do it, but it is still propaganda and indoctrination and not the real world.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How fascists deal with reality and justice.

I knew my fate had already been determined, but the whole affair was so ludicrous I decided I was going to fight. Since I had been informed that my “trial” would be on the fifth day of my confinement, I had plenty of time to prepare for the kangaroo court I was to face.

By constantly badgering the hospital staff and calling my attorney, I learned that nothing that had transpired more than 30 days prior to the complaint could be used against me. I quickly summoned my personal papers from my parent’s house and gleefully found that my last phone conversation with anyone at RAM had been over thirty days prior to the complaint. So even if I had said something that someone interpreted as threatening towards RAM, which I hadn’t, it could not be legally used to keep me confined. With that knowledge I decided I would quietly go along with the game and wait for my hearing.

In the interim, I had daily meetings with hospital psychologists and psychiatrists. On the third day, I met with my old nemesis, and chief administrator of the mental health ward, Dr. Mengele. This is the psychiatrist whose colleagues stated that Dr. Mengele was on the wrong side of the desk! He asked me if I knew why I was being confined and then went into a speech about how I was paranoid. I sat there quietly listening to his bullshit for as long as I could and when he finally finished his little rehearsed tirade I said point blank “The Russians don’t think I’m paranoid.”
Dr. Mengele sat there stunned and didn’t move a muscle for about thirty seconds. Then in a tone of amazement he asked, “You have spoken with the Russians?!”
“Yes, and they didn't seem to think there was anything wrong with me. In fact, they were very helpful.” I calmly replied.

The usually loquacious Dr. Mengele was at a complete loss for words. He merely motioned for me to leave his office. I got up and exited while Dr. Mengele sat there with a blank look on his face.

The Crazies whole plan relied on my hearing only one thing; I was mentally ill. No contrary view was allowed and to have a third party refute their mantra was a devastating blow to their charade. And it made scumbags like Dr. Mengele look exactly like the base psychopath he is. But it really made him look bad to know I had some sort of proof that he was a lying Nazi scumbag.

I decided to use a Public Defender at my hearing and I knew what the outcome was going to be no matter what anyone said. The day of my hearing, the Public Defender showed up at the Mental Health Ward about 15 minutes before the scheduled hearing. After listening to my proposed defense, he said he would let me speak for myself. With that brief conversation, we headed into the hearing room.

When I entered the hearing room I was surprised to see in addition to the Review Officer, Dr. Mengele, Mr. Theil were two men dressed in the traditional RAM grey pin-stripped suits and my mother and sister. Since I purposely had not told my mother or sister when my hearing was scheduled, I was annoyed by their presence. The conservatively dressed men turned out to be an in house lawyer and an external council for RAM. They were dismissed from the hearing because OFFICIALLY RAM had no stake in the hearing. The it is a minor legal point, the complaint had been signed by Mr. Theil who was acting on his own behalf and not as a representative of RAM. Apparently the ruling powers at RAM had overlooked that fact or they just wanted their interest in my fate to be known.

The hearing started with Mr. Theil presenting what he had stated on his written complaint. His charges were quickly dismissed because the alleged threats had allegedly taken place during a phone conversation with an unidentified third party and the supposed conversation had transpired more than thirty day prior to his filing the complaint. His evaluation of my mental state was negated by his own admission that he was not qualified to make such a judgement.

Next, Dr. Mengele presented his findings. He stated I was paranoid and in need of treatment, but he not conclude that I had made any threats to anyone or that I was a threat to myself. He forgot to include that he was a lying piece of Nazi crap(see the movie "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest" to see a reenactment of Dr. Mengele. At that point it became my turn to speak. As I started to speak, the Public Defender interjected and requested an opportunity to speak to me outside of the hearing room. His request was granted.

We went into the hallway and the Public Defender grabbed me by my arm, turned me toward him and exclaimed "Don't say anything. We won!"

I looked at him in disbelief because I knew I would not be released no matter what the legal arguments were. I was a political prisoner - a threat to the lies of fascist state. I HAD NO RIGHTS! So I calmly said, "What do you mean?"

"They didn't prove anything. There is no evidence that you are violent or a threat to anyone so they can't keep you." Dr. Mengele even testified that he didn't consider you dangerous," he excitedly exclaimed.

I knew what he said was true, but I also knew I was confined because I was a political prisoner. However, I agreed with my attorney to say nothing. As we headed back into the hearing room I was thinking "boy is he(the Public Defender)in for a surprise. He doesn't know what amerika is all about."

Once back inside the hearing room the Public Defender told the Review Officer that I had decided not to testify. With that statement the Review Officer said, "It is the finding of this hearing that Russell is a threat to himself and others and he should be confined for treatment for ten additional days."

Monday, July 18, 2011

How The System really works.

After the policeman conferred, they agreed that I could call an attorney. I called an old former friend and explained my situation. After a lengthy discussion he said I should just go along with the police to the hospital where a doctor would have to examine me before I could be confined. I agreed hung up the phone and told the officers I was ready to go. I also felt the advise I had been given was worth what I paid for it. Nothing!

When I arrived at the hospital, I was escorted to a waiting room in the emergency ward. The policemen left and two hospital security guards relieved them. There I sat uncomfortably waiting to be examined by a doctor. After a few minutes, a man walked in, asked me my name and then stuck a thermometer in my mouth. He stood there for a minute, took the thermometer out of my mouth, glanced at it and then walked out of the room. Then a nurse came in and told me the security guards would escort me to the sixth floor mental health ward. I asked the nurse when I would get to see the doctor as I was legally suppose to be examined before I was confined to the mental health ward. The nurse calmly said that the man who took my temperature was the examining doctor and that I was now admitted to the mental health ward. Once again I impressed by the amerikan legal system and the way it was used to lock up anyone at will if the government decided that's what it wanted. All of my conditioned, indoctrinated beliefs about amerika and it's (in)justice system were now totally disitigrated. I quietly went with the security guards were I was put behind locked doors.

After a night in an isolated room under constant observation, I awoke to the fact that I had been tried, convicted and sentenced to an institution and now my battle was to free myself from the incarceration. I quickly learned that I could be detained up to five days just on the basis of William R. Theil's complaint regardless of the validity of the charges. However, by the fifth day I had the "right" to a hearing where my fate would be determined. I could now really understand why fascist tyrannical governments like the US used "mental illness" as a method of confining political prisoners in preference to the cumbersome criminal system. By using the charges of "mental illness" the government avoids the charade of a public trial and all of the other judicial procedures involved in criminal proceedings that are so important to the average, indoctrinated amerikan denizen. The "mental illness" system by-passes all of that nonsense and provides a quick, direct route to confinement.

This quicky conviction system also puts the psychiatrist in the position of being a super cop. All a psychiatrist has to do is say someone should be confined and it is done. And most psychiatrists that I had the displeasure of knowing operated as wards of the state just like the psychiatrist did in the book "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets' Nest." I really urge everyone to read the book or see the movie to see how psychiatrist really work and how they operate within the fascist system. I've been there and I know what I went through and most of the psychiatrists I meet were exactly like the character in the book and movie. And of course, they all say, "We just want to help you."

Somewhere along the way, I will describe who is confined to and what really goes on in mental health wards.

I also just read a brief on a new book which has the premise that many CEOs and other executives and some psychiatrist which serve the fascist system have become psychopaths that are obsessed with being successful. I'm going to read the book and I have stated many times that to be really successful in this fascist system, you need to exhibit psychopathic behavior. This behavior has been euphemistically called "running things like a business" - it is a real big catch phrase now for governments. What it really means is to hell with the amerikan people and more power to the elitists.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The war that will never end in my lifetime.

I never did learn and still don't know who the person or persons were that I "inflicted or attempted to inflict bodily harm." Of course reality has no place in fascist amerika(proof that amerika is fascist is coming soon). In this country, The Crazies just say and do whatever they want and that becomes the official "reality".
I went on to the second page of the complaint. This part was hand written and signed by William R. Theil. It read:
" I am employed by RAM in a site security manager. It was my duty to deliver a separation allowance check to Russell on 5/12. At that time I noticed he was very depressed, confused and apprehensive. I was informed by a family member that Russell was seen placing a gun in the trunk of his car on 5/9 and I should be cautious. This caused concern since Russell made threatening phone calls to RAM (his former employer) and made reference to a letter to the president, said he visions and saw RAMer's at the end of his rifle. I feel Russell should be examined as he may be a threat to others in his present mental state."

Interestingly, there was no copy of the letter, there was no colloborating signatures or statements and I may have been depressed. After all, I had been brutally tortured for over 6 years, my marriage had been destroyed and I had been driven out of RAM. What I don't understand is why RAM representatives weren't concerned about that when I was employed by them. I surely wasn't confused because I knew the scumbag's visit was not to just give me a check and I was apprehensive of the motive of someone from RAM's goon squad showing up at my parent's house. The real purpose obviously was to force me to get psychiatric treatment.

But what was most revealing was that my pathetic parents were helping the fascist filth lock me up. It is true that I did put a 22 calibre target rifle in my trunk. In fact I had purposely done that to see how closely The Crazies were monitoring my actions. I had gone to a local junk yard and did some target practice, nothing more. But it shows you how STUPID THE CRAZIES ARE. I was not about to kill anyone. I was much more of a threat to The Crazies being out and telling people the truth about Nazi America. If I killed someone, a couple of people would be dead and I would be eliminated. Nothing would have been accomplished. I wanted these God Damn Nazi bastards to pay every day I was alive by letting people know what sick scum runs this country. This blog is an example of my intent. The Crazies took all meaning from my life so fighting fascism became the purpose of my life. I still can't believe they as so stupid as not to understand that. The ruling fascist just don't care; that is why 9/11 happened. You have to make them care!

It was now obvious that the purpose of Mr. Theil's visit two day earlier had been planned to give him an excuse to file the complaint so I could be locked up(again) and be forced to receive "treatment". I knew the lies in the complaint were designed to infuriate me. Then I glanced at my parents. They were both sitting there fully dressed with blank stares on their pale faces. They had been in bed when I came home and hour earlier and now they were waiting for me when I came down the stairs. They knew the police were coming that night.

I could see the scenario The Crazies had planned. I am awakened in the middle of the night by the police; then I am handed a fallacious complaint in front of my parents who appeared to have been forewarned. In my highly emotional state I assume I was expected to fly into a fit of rage, yell and accuse my parents of betraying me. The whole thing would have further served to document my paranoia and "mental illness". Instead, I turned to the officers and said, "I'd like to call my attorney."

Later there is absolute proof that my parents knew the government was behind all of my problems. This whole above scenario is why I never wanted to head back to my parent's place. I knew The Crazies would destroy that relationship too as they had destroyed everything else in my life. Apparently The Crazy fascists only know how to destroy. Take a look at Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanastan, and Lybia. Destroy, destroy, destroy. Any old excuse will do.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Family Betrayal

My days were filled with rage and anger. I was now receiving Social Security Disability for "mental illness", but I was still heavily in debt. As a side note, if you want to see what Psychiatry is really all about, read the book(Steig Larsson, who is a fellow anti-Nazi) or watch the movie "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest".
I was considering filing bankruptcy when I received money from an unexpected source. On the afternoon of May 12, I was watching TV at my sister's house when my mother came to the door. She greeted me by saying two men from RAM were waiting to see me at her house which was just a short distance across the yard. Since I had not had any communication with anyone from RAM since the infamous no return call over a month ago, my first question was "What do they want?"
"They said they just wanted to talk to you". My mother replied.
"OK" I said, and I closed the door.
I had no idea why two men from RAM would come to Scranton to talk to me, but I knew it could only mean trouble for me so I went back to watching TV and just ignored the whole situation. A few minutes later the phone rang and I knew it would be my mother. I answered it.
"The men from RAM are waiting. They say they have a check for you", my mother said in a pleading voice.
I couldn't explain to my mother that two men from IBM did not come all the way to Scranton just to give me a check. After all, they could have sent it certified mail with signature required if they were concerned about my getting it. So I said "I'll be right over" and then hung up. I went back to watch TV.
Pretty soon my father came over to my sister's house and pounded on the door. "Now get over here and talk to those men. They have a check for you." My father shouted angrily.
Now my parents were niave, 8th grade educated people who were classic examples of people from Stanley Millgram's studies on "Obedience To Authority". If somebody from a large corporation like RAM or someone from the government told them to betray Christ, they would do it. They just didn't know any better. And my parents could never understand the sinister methods the ruling fascists use. I also knew I could never win an argument with my father because he had no idea about torture and terrorism and I would end up sounding irrational and it would have caused more bad feelings. I decided to go face the RAM representatives.
I slowly walked across the lawn adjoining my sister's and parent's house to face the situation. The first thing I noticed was that the men were not the slick looking, well-dressed sales type from RAM, but rather they were large, motely dressed with crude appearances. To me, they looked like "hit men" and I would later refer to them as being from RAM's goon squad. (Notice that there were two of them - remember, two lying Nazi scumbags trump the truth of one honest person). The first man introduced himself as Mr. Theil from the RAM site where I had worked, and the other man as Mr. McKee from the RAM headquarters in Amok, NJ.
Mr. Theil explained that RAM had sent me my severance pay immediately after I had left the company. But since the checks had never been cashed, they decided to reissue the check. I concluded that Mr. Theil was telling the truth since I had burned all correspondance from RAM. Mr. Theil then handed me a severance check plus a refund check for a stock fund I had maintained while employed by RAM. I made sure the entire conversation went on in front of my parents, who were standing on a near-by porch. I didn't want to be misquoted in the future.
Finally Mr. Theil asked if there was anything RAM could do for me. With the presentation of the checks, I lapsed into one of my moments of weakness. I decided them RAM was trying to help me! Of course, that is common with torture victims - the victim lets their guard down when even the slightest act of kindness is shown towards them. I motioned for Mr. Theil and Mr. McKee to walk towards my sister's house away from my parents.
Mr. Theil repeated his offer. "Are you sure there isn't anything we can do for you."
"No," I responded. "Just leave me alone."
Then Mr. Theil went into a speech on how he felt I should seek professional help. The suggestion infuriated me after all the hell I had gone through with psychiatrists while I was at RAM. (Again I suggest you should watch the movie "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest" for a realistic view of psychiatry). I politely told the two men to leave. Both men returned to their car, said good-bye to my parents and left. I felt a sense of relief with their intimidating, terrorizing presence gone.

My father quickly pointed out how foolishly I had acted and his comment quickly brought me back to reality.

"Damn it pop! They didn't drive all the way up here just to give me a check. You just don't know how they operate."

I felt frustrated at both of my parents insistence that the IBM representatives visit was purely a congenial business call. I knew better and I was angry that I had fallen into that line of thought for those few minutes when I talked honestly with them.

I kept waiting for something to happen, but the next day was uneventful. However, the following evening I learned the real purpose behind the unexpected visit by the RAM gestapo agents. It was Saturday and I made my usual visit to the Holiday Inn for a drink and some conversation. As usual, I was not feeling well so I headed back home about eleven PM and went directly to bed. I was sound asleep when my mother, who had been in bed when I came home, called me from downstairs.

"There is someone down here to see you," she called.

I glanced at the clock and saw it was midnight. I stumbled around to find some clothes to put on. I wondered who would want to see me in the middle of the night. I hurriedly went down the stairs and was promptly greed by two police officers. Since I knew I hadn't done anything wrong, I was a little confused."

"Are you Russell ......?", The larger of the two policemen asked.

"Yes." I replied. "What do you want?"

"We have a complaint filed against you by a Mr. Theil of RAM. We have to take you over to the local hospital and have a doctor examine your."

The one officer was holding a paper in his hand.

"May I see that?" I asked.

He handed me the complaint. I read the complaint in total amazement. The first page had several standard paragraphs typed. A box had been checked next to the one which read:

Russell ..... "Clear and present danger to others shall be shown by establishing that within the past 30 days the person has inflicted or attempted to inflict serious bodily harm on another and that there is reasonable probability that such conduct will be repeated. A clear and present danger of harm to others may be demonstrated by proof that the person had made threat of harm and has committed acts in the furtherance of the threat to commit harm.


There are practical reasons for locking someone up in the middle of the night. For the most part, the system is shut down so nobody is available to stop what is going on and once you are locked up, it becomes the victims burden to prove their innocence and to free himself. In fascist amerika, you are guilty until proven innocent and I even took a law course where that was the first thing the instructor stated. He wanted to correct the indoctrinated misconception that most amerikans have. Once you are locked up, you have to prove you are innocent - not the reverse!!!!

This is where the fascist states' attempts to get rid of me really starts to get interesting. Stay tuned and please watch or read "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets' Nest." It is how fascists really work and how they get rid of people who know the TRUTH! Steig Larsson passionately opposed the fascists in his country.