Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Big Brother is Watching and it is not your friend.

While I faced some harassment at my new apartment, one of the most annoying things was the incessant, annoying phone calls.  Even though I had an answering machine and caller ID, I kept getting numerous calls where the calling party would let the answering machine run for a while in silence and then hang up.  And coincidentally, the calling party always called from "Out Of Area" on my caller ID.  This was the early days of caller ID.

Finally, I got the phone company to put a tap on my phone.  They said it would be for 15 days and that it would start beginning about an hour after the call was completed.  For the next 15 days, my phone was almost completely silent.  Remember, I lived in isolation which meant very few people would be calling me and I believe I received one call during that period from "Out of Area".  On the 15th day, the phone company called me to tell me that they found nothing unusual and they would be terminating the phone tap.  Within 2 hours of the phone company calling me, the "Out of Area" phone calls commenced again with the same regularity that had occurred before the phone tap.

The sudden cessation and then the sudden restart of the harassing calls was just The Crazies way of saying that they watched and listened to everything I said and did. This didn't surprise me and I was expecting the result I obtained, but it did demonstrate how completely The Crazies controlled everything in my life.

I tried in vain to warn people what was happening and how the fascist state wanted to totally control and imprison all amerikans, but to indoctrinated people, I was the enemy.  Now I read and see documentaries about how people are detained at airports, arrested and/or interrogated by police at their homes or schools because of some email they sent, some item they posted on Facebook or something they tweeted.  A seventh grader was called out of class and interrogated by the FBI and NSA because of an innocuous statement he made on Facebook.  In some ways I'm so glad to see it because it drives me up the wall every time I hear someone say, "I don't care what they do, I don't have anything to hide."  I just want to grab people like that and shake some sense into them.  THE FASCIST RULERS DON'T CARE!  If you are not wealthy, you are insignificant and The Crazies can destroy you and your life just for the fun of wielding power.  THEY DON'T CARE if you have something to hide or if something you did was "wrong".

There are software and programs out there now that can scan randomly emails, tweets and social network postings almost instantaneously.  That is what Edward Snowden was trying to tell people.  Big Brother is watching.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Art Imitates Life


1)James "Whitey Bulger, Jr. is a former organized crime figure from south Boston.  Often depicted as a Robin Hood style social criminal dedicated to protecting the neighborhood and its residents, Bulger was convicted on numerous criminal and murder charges last week.  Of course Bulger's real fame stems from the fact that he was an informant for the FBI which allowed him to murder at least 19 people as the bureau ignored his criminal activities.  One reporter reported that at least 100 peoples' lives were shattered as the FBI sat around and did nothing.  Actually, Bulger's reported love of murder probably endeared him to the FBI agents.

 If you saw the movie "The Departed", then you probably recognize that Jack Nicholson's role as an informant/crime boss was based on Whitey Bulger.  In the movie, Nicholson's character gets killed but in real life the FBI allowed Bulger to live the good life ($800,000 found at his residence) free for some 20 years after he was first indicted.

2) Currently their is a movie out titled "2 Guns".  The premise of this movie is that two federal agents from different agencies team up to rob a bank.  A major problem occurs when the robbers learn that 43.125 million dollars stolen from the bank belongs to the CIA, which got the money from a protection racket where the CIA skimmed off drug dealers money in return for safe passage of the drugs.  Now I along with many other knowledgeable people know that the CIA raises money with gun running and drug smuggling activities and it has been reported in the Congressional records!  I always look at the CIA as the fascist states' organized crime department.  They commit crimes in the name of "National Security" and being in the CIA is like having a "get of jail free" card.

A side note:  Currently, there are three main sources for illegal opium: Burma, Afghanistan, and Colombia. Opium and heroin are ideal trade products–they are in great demand and are very profitable to produce.  In 2010 groups in Afghanistan produced 90 percent of the world's illicit opium.  The interesting thing here is that before the US along with the CIA invaded Afghanistan, the country produced about 20 percent of the world's illegal opium (read heroin).  Think there is any correlation there?! But the US is suppose to be the good guys. RIGHT?!

3) Of course, the only movie which you are told is based on real events is "ARGO".  Even in that movie at the beginning, it is pointed out that the events depicted were the result of an amerikan imposition and support of a vicious dictator - The Shah of Iran.

IN THE NEWS:  The Republican National Committee, responding to plans by two television programs about Hillary Rodham Clinton, approved a resolution Friday to block CNN and NBC from hosting GOP presidential primary debates.

The unanimous vote affirmed RNC Chairman Reince Priebus's threat against the networks if they went ahead with programs about Clinton, a possible Democratic presidential contender. Priebus said CNN has "an obvious bias."

Now if the Democratic National Committee blocks all Fox networks from Democratic Presidential primary debates, between the two parties the people of amerika will be spared exposure to a lot of political poison. The above could be really good news.

Can anyone say censorship!


Friday, August 9, 2013

We will destroy anyone to hide the truth!

After I returned to Orlando, my new friend in south Florida suddenly was contacted by another company in her area that said they were interested in hiring her.  She was already in a good paying position, but the position the new company was offering paid considerably more so she decided to go interview for the job.  Every thing went well in her interview and the company expressed interest in hiring her.  As best as I can remember, the new company invited her back for a second interview to discuss the specifics of the position.  The second interview was held on a Friday and the hiring company said they wanted to hire her and made a specific offer.  They said they would give her the offer in writing the following Monday, but encouraged her to hand in a letter of resignation immediately so that she could start her new position with them as soon as possible.  My friend left the meeting believing she had a better job and would be leaving her present company soon.  What she didn't do was hand in a letter of resignation as she had been told to do.

The following Monday or Tuesday, my friend got a phone call from the hiring company saying that on further consideration, the had decided not to give her the job!  She told me that the reason the company gave for not hiring her involved something that they had discussed during her interview and the company had said that everything was fine.  In other words, the company had pulled the rug out from under her.

Now consider:  the company had contacted her unsolicited; she had two interviews with all the people who were making the hiring decision, they gave her a verbal offer to be followed with a written offer, and they encouraged her to resign from her present job immediately.  If that wasn't a Crazies' set up, then the Pope isn't Catholic!

If she had followed the above advice, the woman at best would have been in a very tenuous, difficult position and at worst, unemployed.  The fascist state does understand that working class people are slaves and destroying the lives of working class people is just another useful tool in furthering the cause of fascism. And in this case, the message was clear - don't help a fascist state victim.

After that incident and others at her work place, things became very strained between us and eventually we lost contact with each other.

So that is why I never saw my parents again.  The Crazies would destroy anyone who tried to help me and I had already seen the extreme strain and pain The Crazies had caused my parents when I last saw them.  In addition to The Crazies becoming involved everywhere I went, there is an extremely evil force that gives power to The Crazies.  I don't care what your religious beliefs are, life is a battle between good and evil and The Crazies and people like them represent the dark side of life - and no one needs that in their life.  But I can't live in a total vacuum, so I have to have some people around me.  I stayed away from my family to protect them from the God Damn evil that this fascist state and The Crazies represent.  That was the best I could do.

Monday, August 5, 2013

"The Creation of Conditions" ...... the basis of Fascist evil.

One on the interesting things that I learned about my fascist loving Hispanic immigrant was that he was also a stalker.  Sometimes when he was yelling at me, belittling me, he would tell me things about myself such as where I went and what I did.  He would make comments about my sissy bag (my gym bag) and where I went with it and what I did.  When I asked him how he knew that I went to the local 'Y' to workout at the gym when I was carrying my gym bag, he did not respond.  There were other incidences like that and every time I asked him how he knew what I did or was doing, he would not answer me.  Obviously, he or someone else was stalking me.  I knew The Crazies were stalking me, but I is discomforting to learn some insignificant neighbor is stalking you.  But in fascist america, it is patridiotic(sic) to harassing a victim.  And of course in today's fascist police state of spying on everyone, the above seems rather trite and routine.

I have been asked many times why I never went back to see my parents.  The last time I ever saw them was in the spring of 1983.  When I left then, my relationship with them was very strained.  But an incident which occurred when I was living in Orlando demonstrates how the fascist state Crazies operate and why I never went back.

While I was living in my new apartment complex, some evenings I would walk about a mile and a half to central Orlando and go to a large country lounge.  There I would listen to the music and dance and then walk home.  As a side note, one night on the way home I had to walk through a "bad" area of town and was attacked by three youths who wanted my money.  I successfully fought off the three large youths AND I DIDN'T HAVE TO SHOOT ANYONE IN THE PROCESS.  Moral of the story - if you're young and know what you are doing, you don't need a gun and you don't need to kill anyone.

Anyway, one evening while at the Sullivan's Trailway Lounge, I met a business woman who was in town on business with some of her friends.  I spent the evening with the group and then went home.  Subsequently when she had to come to Orlando on business, she would call me (I had a phone!) and I would meet her for dining and dancing.  Finally, she invited me down to south Florida for a week.  While I was there, I attended a professional meeting and a couple of business meetings with her.

 Since  she was the chief financial officer for a company in south Florida, I got to attend a professional meeting for business financial accountants managers and thus I was able to mix and talk with professional accountants at the social hour.  During that time I was able to talk to an account who did the finances for several health care companies.  I took the opportunity to ask this man, "Who has the best health insurance in terms of coverage and cost."  The guy said that was an easy question.  He responded,  "The health plan that Congress has is by far the best" and of course, we pay for it.  Now this is the same Congress that doesn't want amerikan workers to have health care.  Can anyone say FASCISM!!!

The important thing is that this woman gave me the opportunity to interact and be with other professional people.  Since I was suppose to be the typical crazy loner who lived in isolation, this was not acceptable to The Crazies and they would put a stop to it.  In the next post I will tell you what they did to stop the relationship and that will explain why I never saw her or my parents again.

NOTE:  I saw a documentary the other night on the five mafia mobs in New York City.  They described the head of one of the families as having "an IQ of a moth but brutal".  Immediately I thought "That's The Crazies".  They succeed because they are barbaric and brutal, but they like to  think it is because they are smart.  Their whole plan to get my testimony was done by brute force and extortion and a person with the IQ of a moth could have seen through their schemes.  If you understand that you comprehend why the world is so screwed up,

PS - Bet you didn't see on amerikan TV or internet where Russia and China are holding joint military maneuvers.  DID YOU?  And since the military operations include naval maneuvers,  I don't think they are doing it because they are concerned about Al Qaeda.