Thursday, June 30, 2011

How non-indoctrinated people see amerika.

Since I had no hope of getting a job in the united states, I began writing to foreign countries for a position teaching at a university or working in industry. I had no idea how I would get the money to move to a foreign country, but I knew that if I could get a job, I would find a way to get out of Nazi usa. I wrote to some foreign scientists that I knew and to my surprise, their responses were very sympathetic and supportive. Since these scientists were not a product of the Nazi indoctrination propaganda, none of them questioned that the US government and industry would torture an innocent victim.

The fact that I even got responses surprised me because The Crazies did censor my mail. And my fellow scientists in foreign countries expressed disgust at the actions of the Nazi amerikans. Of course these scientists had known me as a ration, intelligent colleague who was a respected scientist and a decent human being. These foreign scientists did not have the Nazi view that I was some poor, dispensable slave that was to be exploited for their fun and profit and then destroyed. In hindsight, the fact that the Nazis let foreign scientist's mail reach me is not that surprising. After all, what The Crazies wanted most was to get rid of me so I couldn't tell other amerikans how insane they were and if somehow my story did become known, The Crazies now had an established history of my "mental illness" which is known in their jargon as "plausible denial".

Unfortunately when it came to getting a job, all my foreign colleagues could do was offer me leads and give me names and addresses of people who might be in a better position to help me economically. Still, their responses gave me something to hope for, and it let me know that I was not entirely alone in the world.

This brings up a point that I probably can never fully explain. But before I joined Gamma Supplies I was a human being, a husband, with a loving family and a respected scientist and worker. When I joined Gamma Supplies, I suddenly became a despised slave who had no value other than to serve the ruling elite. And the difference was like night and day and honestly, I didn't know how to deal with it and because I didn't have money, I didn't have the resources to deal with it. To the Nazis, I was and still am a slave. And I will hate this system until the day I day for that. It's called righteous anger!!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

The same thing over and over again.

In early March, I sent a copy of the letter that I had sent to all of the U.S. Senators to the Chairman of the Board and the President of RAM. On the top of the letter, I put "For Your Information". I wanted to make sure that The Crazies knew that I was not going to stop fighting no matter what my condition was and I want the elite rulers to know that I was not going to go away and do them a favor. I also knew I had no hope of winning, but at least I could be a thorn in their side. And until the day I die, I intend to be a thorn in the side of the sick bastards that destroyed my life. That's the least I can do.

Finally, on March 23, 1983 I received a response from RAM. I did not open the letter immediately. I knew the letter could only mean trouble so I waited a couple of days before I was prepared to face whatever The Crazies had in store for me. The Mailgram was from an assistant to the President of RAM, and said they had tried unsuccessfully to reach me by phone and that I should call him collect at a number given in the mailgram. I concluded that the letter was legitimate since I was the only person in the house during the day, and I never answered the phone, the only way for RAM to contact me was through some sort of written message.

On March 25, I called the number in the Mailgram. An assistant to the president of RAM informed me that he had been given the responsibility of handling my letter and that it had been decided to treat my letter as an internal RAM "open door policy" matter. He asked me what RAM could do for me and then suggested I might be able to go back to work at another RAM site such as one in Phoenix, AZ. He said he would see if that was possible and that he would call me back the next morning between ten and eleven A.M. He was very exact about when he would call and he repeated it several times. I hung up the phone wondering what The Crazies were up to this time. I couldn't believe that The Crazies would let me go back to work at RAM. I decided to wait and see what RAM's next response would be.

The next day I waited for the phone call that had been promised. Ten o'clock passed and the eleven and no phone call was received. I spent the rest of the day in the house waiting for a call that never materialized. RAM had used my letter as an excuse to irritate me more. They had no intention of addressing my problems. This was the exact same pattern that Gamma Supplies had used after I had left there. Darth Korey had called me and said that he wanted to talk to me about hiring me back and that he would call back to let me know when he could come to Scranton and talk to me. Of course, in that instance too, Darth Corey never called back. The scheme was just another plan by The Crazies to repeat a scenario.

I often wondered why I never left the country early on when I suspected the government's involvement in the torture. But psychologists have a term called the "Normalcy Bias". What the normalcy bias means is that in a crisis or in a disaster, people believe that the situation can't get as bad as they actually do. That is, people view things from a "normal" reference point. For example, many wealthy Jews in Germany never fled the country in the late 30's despite all of the Nazi rhetoric because of the normalcy bias. The couldn't imagine gas chambers and extermination camps. In my case, I couldn't imagine people sick enough and so full of hate that they would want to torture me to death. It just wasn't in the range of a normal persons' thoughts. Which was The Crazies, original premise; no one would believe me because no one in a responsible position would try to torture a victim to death. And by letting people know about The Crazies, I want working amerikans to stretch their view of "normal" in Nazi Amerika.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What really matters to torturers.

What I found most interesting from books on the subject of menticide and torture is the profile of the people who committ such atrocities. These people have strong psychopathic/sociopathic personalities and tend to have deep psychiatric problems. They seem to be striving for immortality by depriving other people happiness and a full life. This power over other people gives them a sense of invincibility and thus raises them momentarily over what they consider their mere mortal victims. I should note that several books note that torture is a "religious" experience to many tortures, especially those in groups. And in a way, they are serving their god - Satan.

While I found the psychiatric profile of my tormentors interesting, I did not find it very encouraging because it implied that nothing would ever change these people. Besides, I had seven years of real life experience to verify that my tormentors had no interest in being normal human beings.

I continued to write letters to any group and anyone whom I thought might be able to help me. I really wasn't sure at that point what could be done, but it seemed important to me that first, somebody cared and second, that the amerikan people knew what this nation really stood for and what this amerikan system was doing to its own citizents. It was as if I was search for some hope not just for myself, but for the whole human race. At the same time, I wanted to make sure that "they" knew I was not going to stop fighting no matter what my condition was.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Prisons for Political Prisoners

I came to realize that I was now in a prison. It was an economic prison, but none the less, it was a very real prison. I had no contact with anyone except my parents, I had no money to do anything and no one, other than the Nazi rulers cared if I was dead or alive. And of course, they preferred the former. The most discouraging thing was that no one cared that I had been tortured for what was now almost seven years. Many years later, I met this asshole "business man" who would say "nobody cares" whenever I tried to talk about the torture. Whenever he would say that, I wanted to take a baseball bat and smash his f...... head in. The idea that a low-life like him could express his views because he had money caused me to get extremely angry.

If I would stop to think for a moment about what had transpired I would break down and cry. I realized that what had been done to me was as barbaric as things that are done in times of war. The only thing that I hadn't been denied was food and shelter which are the basic necessities of life. Still, I was now a prisoner and I was dependent on my parents for those necessities. I referred to my situation as being in a minimum security prison.

I wanted to know more about the type of people who committ such atrocities so I went to the local University's library and began reading two books. One was Jeremiah Denton's book "When Hell Was In Session" and the other was "The Rape of the Mind" by Joost A. Meerloo. Ther former tome related Jeremiah Denton's ordeal as a prisoner of war and how he survived. Although Jeremiah Denton's experienced far more physical torture than I did, the end result of physical and mental torture are very similar. I found it somewhat ironic that Denton had endured his torture defending a a political system that practiced a form of torture which Joost Merlow termed a thousand times worse. And in 2003-2004 a study at UCLA confirmed that mental torture caused as much pain to the victim as physical torture. In other words, the sophisticated Nazi amerikan torture techniques that they use on citizens are vicious.

Meerloo's book describes in detail the type of abuse that I had been subjected to and he goes on to discuss how people try to defend themselves against psychological torture. I was surprised to learn that I had developed very similar tactics to protect myself from the Nazi attacks and that my reactions to stimuli and my resuling condition were quite typical.

Next, I talk about what the experts say about The Crazies who do such things.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Stupidity rampant

Monday, June 13, 2011
Stupidity rampant

Most people who read and hear about Rep. Weiner immediately ask, "How could he do something SO STUPID like that?" I've asked myself that question a million times about my torturers and trial riggers. How could anyone be SO STUPID as to concoct a plan to rig a federal trial the way my captors did? In Rep. Weiner's case the victim of his stupidity is himself and he doesn't have enough power to hide it from the public. In my case, the victim is an innocent nobody and the perpetrators have the power to keep their stupidity hidden from the public. And to this day I cannot comprehend anyone being that insane. Which by the way was their plan for their "defense". No one would believe the victim - no one could be that insane.

It is like a drunk driver running a red light. If he slams into another car, innocent victims pay the price for the drunk drivers stupidity and usually for some reason the drunk driver always seems to walk away from the accident with no injury. Occasionally, the drunk driver runs off the road, hits a tree and injures him or herself. This latter scenario is the analogy to the Weiner case; the former scenario is my case.

Back to my story: For about a month I did little but sleep and take walks. I seemed to be getting better, but I really had no way to tell for sure. My parents talked very little to me and I would generally respond to any suggestions they made with anger. Deep down I was very angery at my parents for not helping before I had gotten to such a pathetic state and I truly resented what I considered their token help now. And it seemed that as I slowly regained my faculties, my anger increased.

Finally, in early March, I took the offensive again. I typed a form letter which briefly described my ordeal and sent it to almost all of the u. s. senators and approximately fifty representatives. I also began corresponding with so called radical political groups such as the Posse Commitatus. This was the beginning of what I consider my political education and my total alienation from the amerikan political/economic system. I also began writing my account of events which had transpired so there would be some written record of how badly I had been tortured under the guise of "mental illness". And I still had the hope of exposing the sadistic crimes of the capitalist system and the amerikan government

Friday, June 3, 2011

Comments from victims of psychopaths.

I heard a commentator on TV today in reference to the Jaycee Dugard case, who was the victim of the psychopath referred to in my previous post, that "this case will change the system. Everyone will want to make sure this doesn't happen again." No kidding. In my case the psychopaths were doing it for profit and fun and they were part of the ruling fascist elite. Therefore they could hide their criminal activity and make sure that no one ever tried to "change the system". Class warfare! Fascists against a working class slave.

Dugard, the victim said she hated every second of the 18 years she was a prisoner. Imagine being a prisoner for life, as I am. I hate every second of it. And remember how I said the psychos like to sit around and laugh at and about their victims. Here is what Dugard said: Dugard told the grand jury that after she was stunned, she came to in the on the floor of a car where she heard a man laughing as he said, "I can't believe we got away with it."

And the Dugard, the victim also had this to say: "I asked God, "What did I do wrong? Why am I being punished? How could anyone with a heart or a conscience.........." I use to ask the same thing until I studied psychopathic behavior and learned that I hadn't done anything wrong other than cross the path of some very sick people. And notice that the victim assumes the psychopath has a conscience.

But, in Nazi amerika, if you are part of the ruling elite fascist system, your psychopathic behavior is protected because the amerikan people might want to "change the system" if they knew the truth.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fascism and Class Warfare

As I stated, I began working part-time at the age of 12 and worked part-time all during my high school years. I worked and paid for my undergraduate and graduate education myself and earned a Ph.D. For someone from my economic background to earn a Ph.D. was not common and from a report I read yesterday, it is even becoming rarer as aid to lower economic class people becomes less and less. I then established a reputation of being an excellent employee and a productive worker with several employees. Then all of a sudden The Crazies decide I am not fit to work because I do not want to be part of there sick criminal activity. That makes me very angry!

In life there is always a possibility that you will cross paths with a psychopath. Victims of serial killers just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. And that I can accept: I ran into some really sick people. What I cannot accept is the fascist amerikan system that supported and gave recognition to the works of these twisted minds. Such egregious evil cannot be tolerated which is why God will destroy this system. Such evil cannot be allowed to exist indefinitely.

Amerika is a fascist system. Stick around and I will unequivocally prove it to you. The Crazies viewed me as a slave in a have and have not system. I can't even begin to imagine the shock the elite fascists must have felt when a poor working slave had the audacity to make a decision about what the slave believed was right or wrong. It was the same as a soldier who is ordered to gun down unarmed women and children. If the soldier exercises moral judgment and refuses to follow orders, he probably is shot or given an assignment where he will be killed. A worker does not have a choice in a fascist system.

From the very beginning The Crazies knew I had to work and they knew the way to destroy me was to prevent me from working. And remember, the promise of being able to work was always the carrot that was used to keep me hoping for a positive outcome. At Gamma Supplies I was told if I did something for the foundry industry(help win the lawsuit) I would always have a job. And at Ram I was told that if I established a history of "mental illness" that I would always have a job at RAM. Of course neither was true. The only reason preventing me from working wasn't done outright is that the amerikan people were not yet ready to accept a fascist slave state so the "mental illness" scenario was created. Today the acceptance of the fascist slave state is much closer. Destroy the unions, import cheap labor, export jobs, create unemployment and remove all support(social programs) and people will have to what they are told or perish. That is the situation I was put in. Hopefully there are some freedom fighters left in amerika.

And I repeat, God will not allow such an evil system to exist for long.

In my next post I will show how I tried to make lemonade from a lemon.

HERE IS AN EXAMPLE FROM TODAY'S NEWS THAT DEMONSTRATES HOW YOUR LIFE CAN CROSS PATHS WITH A PSYCHOPATH. YOU JUST DON'T EXPECT THE NAZI STATE TO SUPPORT THEM!!!!!PLACERVILLE, Calif. (AP) — A serial sex offender was ordered Thursday to spend the rest of his life in prison after the California woman he kidnapped, raped and held captive for 18 years said he and his wife had stolen her life. Victim Jaycee Dugard was 11 when she was abducted by Phillip and Nancy Garrido as her stepfather watched her walk toward a school bus. She gave birth to two daughters fathered by Garrido while he held her in a secret backyard compound.

The defendants, both wearing orange jumpsuits, made no eye contact with anyone in the courtroom and kept their heads down as Dugard's mother, Terry Probyn, read her daughter's statement at the hearing. Dugard, now 31, was not present in court.