Monday, July 29, 2013

Another start in a new apartment complex.

I had narrowed my search for a new apartment complex when I happened upon a "For Rent" sign in front of a small apartment complex behind a large shopping mall.  I called the number on the sign and arranged to see the apartment.  It turned out that the place was a small one bedroom apartment with a living room and a small kitchen.  The complex consisted of two parallel buildings each with two stories which housed about a total of twenty apartments.  The complex was on a small back road behind the mall and had no other adjacent buildings.  It was also more centrally located that the apartment from hell and it was two blocks from a grocery store and one block from a mall.  For a person with no car, it was ideal and it was affordable.  What I found interesting about the apartment complex is that I found it purely by chance.

I stayed at the apartment complex from hell for two more weeks until my lease expired and then I moved to my new abode.  My new neighbors were nice and generally quiet.  One guy across the way occasionally would blast some rock music from his upstairs window, but other than that it was quiet.  The woman on my left was elderly an kept to herself since she was hiding from debt collectors and the neighbor on my right I seldom saw.

At first, my stay at my new apartment was rather peaceful, but as usual, the Nazi lovers didn't take long to find me.  Soon, two of my new biggest antagonists were hispanic immigrants that spoke broken english.  One lived in the house behind the apartment complex and loved to brag how he had friends in the CIA.  The other Nazi lover moved into the upstairs apartment above an adjacent apartment.  The latter man made constant threats against me almost from the day he moved in.  I would publish his name, but I never cared enough to bother to find out who he was.

The man who lived upstairs would call me names every chance he could and he would make all sorts of derogatory comments any time he saw.  One of the more interesting things he would do was he would park his car in the parking space that was directly in front of my bedroom window.  My bedroom faced the parking lot and it had one tall window which was so low that you could almost drive a car directly into my bedroom from the parking lot.  Every time he parked, he would pull all the way into the parking space in front of my widow to the point that I could have opened my window and touched his car.  He did this in spite of the fact that there were other parking spaces much closer to the stairs he had to us to reach his apartment.

What is ironic is that one day he started yelling at me claiming I had scratched his car.  I just ignored him as always, but had to laugh a couple of days latter when I saw his car parked across the lot closer to the stairs he used.  Apparently he had been in an accident and the whole front end of his car was badly damaged.  He now had more that a little scratch on his car to worry about!  After that, he no longer parked in front of my window.

The fascist state loves immigrants because many of them are poor and they will do whatever people like The Crazies want done.  Remember, the best way for the people to succeed in a fascist state is to act like or be a fascist.  Read the history of John Walker if you want to see how being a right wing extremest benefits those serving the fascist state.  The fastest route to success in amerika is to say Sieg Heil.

Note added:  The Nazi salute  was a gesture of greeting in Nazi Germany. Usually, the person offering the salute would say "Heil Hitler!" (Hail Hitler!), "Heil, mein F├╝hrer!" (Hail, my leader!), or "Sieg Heil!" (Hail victory!). It was adopted in the 1930s by the Nazi Party to signal obedience......

"The essence of evil is the destruction of human beings.  This includes not only the killing, but the creation of conditions  that materially, emotionally and psychologically diminish people's dignity, happiness and capacity to fulfill basic material needs."   From The Roots of Evil.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Good things even in the apartment complex from hell.

Being told that I was not suitable to live at the apartment complex on Oak Ridge Avenue in Orlando had to be one of the low points in my life.  Here was place that welcomed murders, drug users/dealers, prostitutes and bank robbers and the owners of the complex were saying that I was not good enough to live there!  There is no way to overstate what that says about the amerikan system.

There were a couple of good things that happened during the year that I lived there.  First, I finally got a telephone for the first time in about seven years.  The reason that I got a phone at that point was not because I thought the harassing phone calls would stop, but rather I was able to afford a phone with a good built in answering system and a caller ID.  Since I could let the answering system screen all incoming calls, that meant my enemies could harass the answering machine all they wanted and I would also have a record of where the calls were coming from.

The second positive thing that occurred while I was living in the apartment complex from hell was that I found out that I could win things.  During the one year at that location I won mostly small items like a free dinner at some restaurant or a small gift certificate at some department store.  While that doesn't seem like much to most, to me it meant I could buy some much need clothes(which by the way, The Crazies were still removing items from my apartment) or that I could go out and have a meal at a decent restaurant.  These were big improvements in my life and eventually my winning things would lead to even bigger improvements in my life style.

Of course, I still faced constant harassment in my daily life which was mostly based on the conditioning that I had been subjected to by The Crazies.  While that type of harassment was more subtle than direct confrontation, sometimes the events were very clearly more hostile.  On a couple of occasions when I would be walking through the apartment complex parking lot streets to get to the main street, I would see a car coming in my direction.  As the car got closer, it would accelerate and head directly towards me!  I would have to quickly get off of the street to avoid being hit.  Of course, I didn't know who the driver was, but it was apparent that they knew who I was.

It is hard to explain to people, but when you are a political prisoner and an enemy of The Crazies, people just know who you are - you don't have to tell them.  I expected to have enemies.  Worshiping the fascist state is the predominant religion in amerika.  And I represented an attack on their god for those who worshiped the state.  What really surprised me was that occasionally I would be somewhere and a complete stranger would come up to me and extend their hand to me.  I would shake their hand and then say "Do I know you?"

"No"  would be the answer and they would continue, "But everyone knows who you are and I just wanted to shake your hand."

Those positive occasions helped me to truly understand one of the slogans of Amnesty International which is "You are never alone."

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What the fascist state truly values.

The apartment complex I was living at is a large complex of multiple units and had by my guess about 1,000 units.  It had the usual requisite swimming pool and laundry facilities.  A pass through the parking lots showed that most cars there were compacts to mid-sized cars and were on the average about 3-10 years old.  By all external appearances this was a lower to middle class complex.

My first clue that all was not well in paradise was when I went up to the pool and noticed that all the pay phones (yes this is still the late 1980s) had been removed from the adjacent locker room facility.  I learned that the phones had been removed because prostitutes had been using them to conduct business! My second surprise occurred one morning when I went out to get the morning paper and saw that the passenger side windows had been broken on all of the cars parked in front of my apartment building.  For once, I was thankful that I did not have a car.

During the one year I lived at that complex, there were two murders, one by stabbing and one by drug overdose, drug sales and two residents were arrested for robbing a bank.  And this was at an apartment complex that was about two blocks from the high school.  Obviously I started looking for a new residence to move to when my one year lease expired.

I also learned that the business which owned the apartment complex(wish I could remember the name), had some sort of arrangement with the government that allowed bus loads of young people to reside in some of the apartments during the summer.  I don't know anything about the program, but I am sure the business owners made money off of that deal.

With all of the above going on, you can imagine my surprise when I received in the mail a notice that the apartment complex would not renew my lease for the coming year!  No specific reason was given for not renewing my lease, but the letter stated that management thought I should find another place to live.   This complex welcomed murders, drug dealers, prostitutes, and bank robbers, but I, a person who was not politically correct, was not welcomed!!!  That is a true reflection of what the fascist state values.

I read in the book Democracy For The Few that inmates in prison could get in fights, be involved in prison killings and could use drugs and they would not be put in solitary confinement, but if the got caught reading a book on Karl Marx or socialism, it meant instant isolation in solitary.  Again, a reflection on what the system really values.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fascist terrorism more important than drug dealers

during my first year in my new apartment complex in Orlando, a lot of events happened which demonstrate what is really important to amerikans.  The first thing I will address is drug use.

I still didn't have a car which meant I had to walk to get most places or ride the bus.  I use to grocery shop at a nearby Winn Dixie.  To get there, I had to cut through an adjoining apartment complex, walk by a local high school, and then turn down a street for about another block.  It was probably less that a half mile one way.

One afternoon while walking past the high school I looked down at the ground, and there lying on the grass was a small clear plastic baggie with a small, round white hard crystalline object in it.  I picked it up, and quickly went back to my apartment to examine the object.  While I had never used drugs, from what I had heard from people who I knew used drugs, from what I had seen in TV documentaries on drugs and from what I had read about the drug wars, I recognized that the baggie I had found contained crack cocaine!  My first thought was to call the police, show them the evidence and show them where I had found it and let them know that drugs were probably being sold/used at the local high school.

Then I began to think about The Crazies.  If I did what any responsible citizen would have done and reported it to the police, The Crazies would have gotten involved,would tell the local police how crazy I was and then have them charge me with drug possession.  The Crazies would not have cared if the local high school students were using hard drugs.  Since the students attended a public high school, they were most likely the sons and daughters of working and lower class parents.  The Crazies wouldn't have given a damn about them, but they would have loved to find any phony excuse to lock me up again and for an extended period.  In other words, to The Crazies, silencing a person who speaks the truth about the fascist system was far more important than stopping drug use at a high school.  That is the way it is.  Being poor and politically incorrect is the most serious of crimes in america.

So what did I do with the drug evidence?  I flushed the crack cocaine down the toilet and forgot about the whole incident.

And if you think The Crazies wouldn't do what I just said, I can tell you that they did alter police reports about an accident where I was hit from behind while I was driving in Daytona. They altered police reports, created  confusion about what had happened and generated a lot of stress for me.  I didn't relate that incident because I had been driving a borrowed car and how I got to use the car is a long story.  Fortunately the owner of the car had good insurance and after the accident initially caused me a lot of problems and a failed lawsuit against me, the problem eventually disappeared.

Silencing the truth is more important to the Crazies than anything else. More evidence of that in my next post.