Monday, February 23, 2015

Amerikans view reflected in the lives of two men.

It is interesting how amerikans and the fascist state view two different men.  Everyone is now familiar with Chris Kyle the sniper.  A movie about his life is out and all the fascist media want you to believe he is a hero for killing 160 people(a last count, the number keeps growing) and in the process "saved" some amerikan lives.

On the other hand, Jeffery Wigand(What, you never heard of him?) is labeled a "whistleblower" and an undesirable amerikan.  He actually was a man of considerable achievement and also had served in the military.  He was also a man of conscience and integrity who was forced to testify against the tobacco industry.   His exposure of the crimes committed by the tobacco industry against the amerikan people ultimately resulted in vast campaigns to warn people about the hazards and health dangers that result from smoking.  What he did, literally SAVED THE LIVES OF MILLIONS OF AMERICANS and he didn't have to kill anybody to do it.  Yet he was and probably still is considered some sort of traitor and undesirable.

Wigand's decision to become a whistleblower came at great cost to his personal life and even brought risks to his personal safety. Under enormous pressure and stress, Wigand turned to drinking heavily. His drinking problem became so severe that he stole a bottle of liquor from a convenience store, got into a drunken physical confrontation with his wife and eventually filed for divorce. The tobacco industry then unleashed a ruthless smear campaign against Wigand that publicized – and greatly exaggerated – such incidents to paint him as a raging alcoholic, wife-beater and pathological liar. Wigand's home and his lawyers' offices were broken into and robbed of personal documents, and he received several death threats that forced him to abandon his home and live secretly in various hotels with a full-time bodyguard.

And where was agencies like the FBI while all of above was going on.  Well they were saying he was the dangerous person and unstable and that no one was trying to harm him.  Remember, what I said, never trust or believe in the amerikan system!  Rule number one!  Wigand's story only became known because there were people with power who wanted the truth about smoking and using tobacco products to be known.

What was done to Wigand is very similar to what happened to me except in my case, dumb, scared amerikans didn't care about the corruption of the federal and state court systems.  Now days, those same dumb, scared amerikans are wondering what is wrong with the fascist injustice(sic) system.

The difference between the two men above demonstrates how distorted and perverted the amerikan system is.  Money and world conquest is all that matters in the amerikan fascist system.