Friday, March 20, 2015

Fascist golden rule: Love your sniper, hate your neighbor.

I mentioned in my previous post that Jeffery Wigand had to move about regularly and also had to hire a bodyguard for his protection.  Jeffery was in his early fifties when the fascist state decided to destroy him.  Since he had been successful in his career, Jeffery had some financial resource that allowed him to protect himself by doing things like hiring a bodyguard.

In my case, I was only a few years into my career and since I had come from a poor background, I had almost no financial reserves.  I have always believed that  my financial status was a major factor in picking me for the industrial position which eventually lead to the total destruction of my life.  Despite my lack of funds, I still had to move frequently as did Jeffery Wigand did and although I didn't have the money to hire bodyguards, friends and acquaintances would frequently protect me and there were even occasions they would form a human shield around me when I was in particularly vulnerable situation.  There actions tell you that some Americans do know right from wrong and can tell the difference between good and evil.

But in todays atmosphere of love your amerikan sniper hero, bodyguards and human shields are of little value against the evil empires machinations.  And if you don't think the fascist state wouldn't use snipers against the civilian population, I suggest you "Google" Ruby Ridge.  Here is a brief description of events:  "These military-style rules varied from the FBI's standard deadly force policy. Some snipers later described them as a "green light" to "shoot on sight. ..... Before the negotiators arrived at the cabin, FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi, from a position over 200 yards north and above the Weaver cabin,  shot and wounded Randy Weaver in the back with the bullet exiting his right armpit, while he was lifting the latch on the shed to visit the body of his dead son. (The sniper testified at the later trial that he had put his crosshairs on Weaver's spine, but Weaver moved at the last second.) Then, as Weaver, his 16-year-old daughter Sara, and Harris ran back toward the house, Horiuchi fired a second bullet, killing Vicki Weaver, and wounded Harris in the chest. Vicki Weaver was standing behind the door through which Harris was entering the house, holding their 10-month-old baby Elisheba in her arms." 
Sniper Lon Horiuchi was latter promoted for his fine efforts.   The above is another fine example of  Stanley Milgram's "Obedience To Authority" in action.   You are all just subjects(chattel if you will) to the whims of the ruling elite fascists.

I had intended for a couple of weeks to comment on amerikas new found love affair of snipers and how it is another sign of amerikas values going down the toilet of evil, but I thought I would wait until some of the emotions had died down.  Then, this weekend a more fair and balanced view of a sniper appeared in the paper.  I will comment on that item in my next blog.