Friday, June 26, 2009

My boss Don Slewowski was a ten year RAM employee who had worked his way up the
ranks. He had started his career with Exon and came to RAM when the Fitville facility was being built up. Apparently, from the number of ex-Exon employees at RAM, they had raided Exon's technical staff in the late sixties to fill their expanding needs. Don was a very insecure person who always seemed to be on the edge of one disaster after another. Some of the disasters he seemed to create either through his own inadequacies or by design. Somehow I never felt he was sharp enough to be totally responsible for deliberately creating the disasters he would find himself in, but he did know how to take full advantage of the messes when they occurred.

After I had been at RAM for awhile, I found “crisis management” was a favorite game played not only by Don but most of RAM managers. “Crisis management” seemed to be the way managers got a sense of importance and visibility. The project I had been assigned to was a true crisis, and the failure of my area to solve the problem was causing major production problems to the point that the site manager, who would eventually become President Ronald Reagan's science advisor, was having weekly review meetings on the problem. Don loved the exposure, but he was totally unequipped to handle a problem of that magnitude. The crisis problem plus the problems created by my presence made me wonder if Don could take all the pressure.

My other daily contacts at work besides Don consisted primarily of Osama Ikill, my office partner, Klause Closeau, the Senior Scientist working on the problem I had been assigned to and Dick Sawyer, a laboratory technician who was doing a lot of the lab work for Klause.

Osama was an Armenian who had received his education in Lebanon and then came to the United States to attend graduate school at Cal Tech. Osama had many of the characteristics that Buzz had at Gamma Supplies, and Osama really did have that defiant attitude that seemed to characterize Buzz. What was clear was that Buzz was close to Don and a couple of the older employees in my area. For a new relatively new employee, Osama seemed to fit well in the highly political environment that existed at RAM. And being a non-American my tormentors loved using him to terrorize a native borne American – me. As with Buzz and others, to the ruling fascist government, American citizenship is of no value if you are poor.

Klause Closeau and Dick Sawyer were both old-time Ram employees, and they were close personal friends. Together they had taken a research material and made it a practical product for use in RAM's micro-chip manufacturing. In their haste to be successful they had overlooked or hidden some serious problems that the material had, and now that the chemical was in full scale use, the problems were becoming apparent and causing difficulties on the chip manufacturing line. To make matters worse, RAM was unable to manufacture the material in sufficient quantities to keep the chip manufacturing line going. Klause was a very capable chemist and very skillful at dodging the blame for the current predicament. Now I was being placed in the position of solving the problems that Klause, Dick and the rest of the RAM research staff was unable to solve. The problem had grown to such proportions that outside consultants, including Nobel prize winner Paul J. Flory, had been called in for advise. Although Klause resented someone intruding into his territory, I believe he was glad to have some capable help and to have someone else take the heat for a while.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I also had experienced a minor dental problem in August that required treatment by a dentist. I had experienced some sensitivity in a tooth and decided to have it checked out. I checked with the people in the lab and finally Don told me of a clinic near the RAM facility. A quick phone call and the fact that I worked for RAM which had complete dental insurance got me an immediate appointment.

The dentist diagnosed my problem as a hairline crack in a filling and fixing it would be no problem. He started to drill the tooth before putting in a small filling. As he drilled he kept pushing harder and harder against the back of the tooth. He was pushing so hard that I started to reach up with my hand to push him back when he exclaimed, “Oops, I just broke your tooth off. I'm going to have to give you a temporary filling now because a the regular filling is going to take a lot more work and time.” With that he gave me a temporary filling and told me to come back in a couple of weeks for a permanent one. The dentist seemed quite nervous about the whole incident, but I dismissed it at the time as a result of his having made a mistake. Later, I was so sure the whole incident was truly an
accident. I examined the tooth in the mirror and found the entire back half of the tooth had been broken off at the gum line. It was not a minor slip.

I began to express my doubts to my wife. “How can I be sure “they” didn't arrange to have my tooth broken. Their whole intent seems to be to inflict as much pain and frustration on me as they can.

I continued. “And you know how “they” work. The could have had this done to my tooth, or it could have been an accident. I just don't believe it was an accident because the dentist was pushing so hard I was ready to stop him, I said to Anita. I think it was deliberate, but I can't prove it.”

Anita just listened and said nothing.

Two weeks later, in early September I returned to the dentist to get a permanent filling. I had a noon time appointment in order to avoid missing any work. When I arrived the receptionist informed me there would be a slight delay because the dentist had an emergency. Just as I sat down, out of the dentist's office walked Don Slewowski. He smiled and said, “Hi Russ. I hope you don't mind my using your time, but when I called and found out this time was yours I convinced the dentist to fit me in.”

I was stunned. It was just too much of a coincidence that my boss should have an “emergency” on the same day and time that I had my appointment. And how did he know that the time was reserved for me?

When I went in to the dentist, he was visibly nervous and his hands were shaking. He gave me an examination and then filled the tooth he had broken. The filling was so large that it required a pin to hold it in place.

I was furious. I was convinced my broken tooth had not been an accident or at the very least, things had been orchestrated to make it look like it had not been an accident. When I went home that evening I decided to test Anita. I started by saying “Well the dentist fixed my tooth today and he gave me a complete examination. I'll bet you can never guess who was in the dentist chair when I got there."

Without even pausing, Anita replied. “Don Slewowski”.

“Yes,” I replied. “Some coincidence that he just happen to have an emergency today.”

Anita's response was reassuring because it told me that the coincidences were so obvious that she recognized them as such. After that part of the conversation I went on raving about how sick my tormentors were, and that I couldn't even afford to get sick because I didn't know if I would get proper medical treatment.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fascist american Terrorism Starts Up Again After I Buy A House

The second problem arose at work in mid-August when I started arranging to have my
belongings shipped from Louisville to Fitville. We had decided to purchase the house wehad looked at and a completion date of the first of September had been given to us. By setting in motion the paper work to get our belongings, I thought the shipment could be made with little or no delay. However, the man at RAM shipping started giving me a bad time. He said he had to have two estimates. I told him that I already had an exact weight, the rates were federally regulated and the items were in storage with a carrier and that no other moving company would give me an estimate under those conditions. The man in shipping became adamant and totally unreasonable. He would not ship the items without two estimates. The issue was so ridiculous that I began to wonder if this wasn't some planned frustration like that I had so frequently encountered at Gamma Supplies.

My worst fears were confirmed soon after our house closing on August 30th. I was busily working in the laboratory when an RAM pen I had in my pants pocket began to leak. The ink stained my pants so I went looking around the laboratory for some dry cleaning chemicals. When I couldn't find any, I went into the adjacent laboratory and asked coworker Dick Sawyer to help me locate the chemicals. After some searching, we found what we were looking for and I began to clean my pants. Instead of cleaning though, the chemical spread the ink stain to an even larger spot.

“This doesn't seem to working to well.” I said. “I started with a small spot and now I have a large one."

“It doesn't seem to be doing much good. It looks like you're doing cloth chromatography instead of cleaning it.” Dick agreed.

I worked on the spot a little more and then went back into the other laboratory to continue working at the bench. About five minutes later, my boss, Don Sienkowski, came walking into the lab. I turned and said “hi” and then went back to my work. Don stopped beside me as if he wanted to talk, but I ignored him because I was busy. Finally, Don grabbed me by the arm and insisted I talk with him.

“I see you had some trouble with your pen.” He said.

“Yes,” I replied. “A good old RAM pen leaked all over.”

With that once again I turned back to my work, but Don continued. “I was on a trip in Chicago once and I had this nice white shirt on. A pen I had in my pocket started to leak and created a small black spot. Well, the fellow who was showing me around the lab got some acetone for me to use to remove the spot, but it just spread it out to a bigger one. It was like I did cloth chromatography rather than cleaning it.”

I just stared at Don. His insistence that he tell me the story and his choice of words was too much to be a coincidence. Don looked at me as if to say “do you get the message” and then continued his tour of the laboratory. I was left in a state of fear and anxiety. From that point on, coincidences abounded at RAM.

After that coincidence, I began to wonder about some other things that had occurred. When we had our house closing, I scheduled it at eight thirty on a weekday morning. About three days before the closing, Don came into my office to tell me he had scheduled an important meeting on my research project at exactly the same time my house closing was scheduled. It was a classic “no win”/psychological double bind situation. There was conflict created between attending my house closing and attending an important meeting at work. And, as I was to find out later, there was a general policy in the department not to
schedule any meetings before nine A.M., because many people like myself had flexible
working hours and some people did not show up for work until nine or later. I ended up spending a lot of time and effort to make sure my attorney could close on the house for meso I could attend my critical work meeting. At the time, I considered the whole incident an inconvenience.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Same ol'. Sameol';Just a different cast.

The thoughts of all the threats against my career and life seemed behind me. My physical health was rapidly improving and getting back to normal. Just the prospect of having a job again helped me forget that the six month hiatus had cost me over four thousand dollars in medical bills alone. I was looking forward to returning to work, but there was still apprehension about going back into the industrial environment.

Chapter IV

My adversaries.................applied the one means that wins the easiest victory
over reason: Terror and force. ADOLF HITLER

I had not told any RAM personnel or any one associated with our move to RAM that I worked ten weeks for CoSteal corporation. To try to explain what had occurred there would have been futile. As we packed for our journey to Fitville, NY, I was making sure there no records or documents that could be associated with CoSteal or Louisville in my possessions. As I was going through my briefcase to make sure there were no papers related to CoSteal, Anita walked into the bedroom.

She asked. “What are you doing?”

I replied. “I'm making sure there are no papers related to CoSteal that I would have to explain. You know that lying on an application is cause for dismissal. And make sure when you are there that you never say anything about Louisville or CoSteal to anyone.”

“Don't worry.” She replied. “I know better than that. Just to be safe, I'd better check my things too.

There were two things I wanted to make sure of before we left for New York. First, I checked to make sure the CoSteal diary was packed with my valuable papers and second, I took another look at the copy of the sworn statement I had. It still read the same and it was nowhere near what I had testified to. Since I wanted to make sure the sworn statement did not leave my sight, I packed it with the diary in my suitcase. The next day we left for Fitville, NY and RAM.

The first few weeks at RAM were normal. I was always on the alert for coincidences, but none occurred and those questionable incidences that did occur could be readily explained away. On one occasion I went to lunch with Don Slewowski, my first level manager and a couple of coworkers. During the meal I talked about the beautiful mountains on the west coast and the enjoyment I received by hiking through the woods. When I returned to my office, my office partner Osama Ikill, who had not been at lunch, started talking about how beautiful he found the mountains on the west coast when he lived out there. I dismissed his comment as being a true coincident.

The first signs of trouble started when I tried to buy a house. We were working with a real estate agent and found a house under construction that we were interested in. The agent suggested we talk with the builder as soon as possible. That evening Anita, the real estate agent and I went to the office of the builder. The agent introduced us.

“Tom, this is Mr. And Mrs. LaBar.”

We shook hands and the Tom the builder said, “Oh, this is the couple from Louisville.”

Anita and I just looked at each other with a shocked look, and then after a period of silence, the real estate agent nervously commented. “No, no! They are from Chicago and Mr. LaBar has just started working for RAM.”

The rest of the meeting went smoothly, but I left feeling “they”had been present and that Tom or the real estate agent knew more about us than I wanted them to know. Tom's comment was just too much of a coincidence.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Beginning of A New Hell

About a week after I received the sworn statement, Cruz Little called me. He repeatedly urged me to sign the sworn statement I had and to send it back to him. I told him I would read it over. There was no way I was going to sign the worthless statement I had. I also knew I had to keep that document as proof of a conspiracy. Since I was at my parents house that was occupied almost 24 hours a day, I put the document in my dresser drawer and tried to forget about it.

I recalled how in Februar my “friend” Cruz Little had sent me a copy of my original Gamma Supplies deposition . In his cover letter for that disposition he urged me to sign the document and return it to him. This was after I had told him my original testimony had been programmed through brainwashing techniques and that I was willing to testify against Gamma Supplies. His letter urging me to sign my Gamma Supplies deposition has since “disappeared” as have many related documents.
I continued to hunt for a job, but my concern that potential positions might be pulled out from under me by my ubiquitous tormentors was increasing. Then in early July, the RAM corporation contacted me as a result of a “situation wanted” advertisement I had placed. I filled out the application form and within a couple of weeks, I had an interview trip.

The RAM corporation offered a lot of advantages. First, it was big and if there was anywhere that I could hide, RAM was the place. Second, RAM was unique in that it supposedly offered lifetime job security. Since my career had been so damaged, and the Gamma Supplies threats against my working again were still on my mind, job security was an attractive feature. Thus, RAM became the job I really wanted. For several weeks I walked a tight rope by delaying accepting an offer I had just received from another company while I pushed for an offer from RAM. And I was also buying time to improve my health and increase my stamina which was at about 85% from my recent illnesses. Finally in mid-July, RAM gave me a verbal offer which I readily accepted. Since I was eager to get back to work because I needed the money, I agreed to start work the following week. Thus, by the end of July, I ended almost six months of unemployment. It is interesting that when I offered Gamma Supplies the consulting offer, I estimated that I would need about six months to recover from the hellish mental beatings I had been subjected to.

Friday, June 5, 2009


The results of my laboratory tests finally came back and they were negative. Although the cancer scare was greatly reduced, the test were repeated at another hospital and the results were again negative. That meant the only health concern remaining was the problem I was having swallowing. In late May, I saw a throat specialist who cauterized my throat. After the severe pain caused by the cauterizing process mitigated, there was a marked improvement in my throat and my overall health. By June I was back on the tennis courts and was back looking for a job. I was also four thousand dollars poorer.

I began searching the want ads in June and soon had several leads toward a new job. One position I was interested in was with the General Energy Company. I went to Massachusetts for an interview and it went very well. A couple of weeks later I was invited back for a follow-up interview. Everything was going well until I had a meeting with the research director who gave me a very difficult time. He aggressively attacked to the point of being ridiculous, and he constantly put me on the defensive. The hostile nature of his interrogation made me suspicious. I left his office feeling I had handled his aggressive questions well, but I knew his hostile attitude toward me was not my imagination when Dr.Dan Wolf, who was acting as my host for the visit, apologized to me for the director's hostile behavior. I still felt the interview had gone well and I left fully expecting a job offer.

A week went by and I did not hear anything from General Energy. I became suspicious and anxious. I phoned Dr. Wolf's office, but I could not get a definite answer or a date when I would be told of their decision. I was just left hanging. Finally, I called Roger Cardell who worked for a recruiting agency. Since Roger had been helping me get some other leads I discussed the General Energy situation with him. He said he would make some inquires and find out what was going on. After a couple more weeks of getting the run same run around that I had been getting, Roger threw up his hands and said, “I don't know what is going on up there, but something funny is going on.” It was good to hear him confirm my suspicions. There could have been many reasons for my situation with General Energy, but I couldn't help but think that “they” were somehow involved. Finally, I did receive a letter from General Energy that stated that they did not have any positions at the present time.

In addition to writing for jobs, I also wrote to the Professional Relations Staff at the American Chemical Society and described what had happened at Gamma Supplies. Their response was that they sympathized with me, but there was nothing they could do to help me. They made a few suggestions on how I could improve my resume, but they gave me no advice on my problem with Gamma Supplies. I was disappointed because I thought the American Chemical Society might be one organization with enough muscle to help me.

In late June I unexpectedly received an official copy of my sworn statement for editing and signing from my attorney Leonard Smart. With a sense of satisfaction, I went to my bedroom and started reading. There is no way I could have expected what I saw. The statement was a string of meaningless, rambling words as if they had been said by someone totally crazy. I sat there stunned! I knew what I had told Cruz Little and what I had in my hands was not the same thing! I didn't know what to do and I was confused and scared. I kept thinking who has the power to alter legal documents. And now it seemed clear why Cruz Little had not been interested in what I was telling him about the illegalities that went on at Gamma Supplies. He was an integral part of the trial rigging! No wonder the judge
had ruled that Better Supplies must use outside legal council. Better Supplies staff lawyers would never have sold the company out.

Cruz Little also would have been a good source for how Darth Korey had received his information on the importance of the free formaldehyde and other inside information about the “Rapid Set” formulation. If Bruce Tittel had not been his source he was a good bet. It also helped explain why Darth Korey and Cruz Little would always have private conversations from which I was always excluded whenever we got together for legal proceedings.

THINK ABOUT IT! You have a federal judge making rediculous rulings in favor of one side of a lawsuit. You have the opposing lawyer helping the other side and you have critical testimony from a "programed" witness. Who could and would undermine the american judicial system to that extent to increase the wealth of a few select people???? WHO WOULD HAVE SUCH CONTEMPT AND DISDAIN FOR THE AMERICAN SYSTEM???