Friday, January 25, 2013

The end of my freedom and "escape" from the fascist empire.

The fascist media is currently full of articles about women going into combat.  If amerikan  women were truly interested in equality, they would have been demanding that the number of military women coming home to the US in caskets was the same as the number of military men coming home in caskets.  Getting all of the benefits without the corresponding risk in not equality.  It is the fascist state's attempt at biological social engineering.


After my exit interview I stayed in Cuba until I could decide where I wanted to go.  No matter what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go, I was faced with the reality that years of torture had left me incapable of working which was The Crazies' goal all along.  The Crazies had given their word to me many times to on many things, but the only promise they ever intended to keep was that "I would never work again."  That promise always reminds me of the  Bible's admonition that Satan's empire would deny participation in commerce to anyone or to any group that would not bow down and worship its ways.  I could no longer support myself and all support from friends and family had been destroyed.  Survival on my own was all I had.  Is amerika a great place to live or what?

I finally decided that I may as well go back to Mexico and see if I could possibly survive there.  I wasn't thrilled about going to Mexico because the country is so corrupt and The Crazies could easily find me there, but I didn't have any good options so I told the Cubans that I would go back to Mexico.  A couple of days later, I was given my passport back, an airline ticket to Mexico and I was driven to the Jose Marti airport.  I reluctantly boarded the plane and I was soon on my way back to Mexico.  My extended period of freedom from The Crazies and the fascist empire was over.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Real Traitors to the amerikan people.

"Your war waged  under a fake banner of human rights and democracy is in fact a war against poor people.  You are not only traitors to the Afghan people , but to your own people as well.  YOU STEAL FROM THE POCKETS OF POOR AMERIKANS AND Europeans and wasting billions of dollars on killing and looting in order to safeguard only the interests of a VERY SMALL, ELITE MINORITY."

It might look like I wrote that in response to what the fascist state does to me, but in fact it was written by a prominent Afghan leader.  A leader whom I am sure The Crazies are trying figure out a way to kill him and claim terrorists did it.  That's how the amerikan fascist system works.  Millions of dollars were spent to try to get rid of me in order to safeguard only the interests of a very small, elite minority.  US policies against third world nations are merely a reflection of fascist actions against the working class amerikan people.

Friday, January 11, 2013

What to do after Cuba.

While my stay in Cuba was very pleasant and peaceful, I still needed a decision as to whether I could stay in the country permanently.  Finally, the day came when I had a meeting with those in power.  Their decision was that I could not stay because my poor physical health would not allow me to work and to stay in the country I had to go to work.  The Russians had told the same thing several years earlier.

I had been beaten so badly for so long that my physical health had deteriorated to the point that any type of exertion would cause me to become physically very sick.  It really takes some very sick and I mean mentally really sick people to want to beat someone to death as the scumbag fascists had done to me.  But the fact was that I couldn't work so I wouldn't be able to survive in any country without help and most nations are not wealthy enough to provide that kind of assistance.  The Cubans didn't doubt what had been done to me and they even offered to give me an airline ticket to ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD that I wanted to go to.  Remember, I had purchased a one way ticket to Cuba.  Since I had befriended some people from Argentina, the Cuban officials suggested I might want to move there since I would know someone there.  I considered that, but I didn't know that much about Argentina and I would still be faced with having to work once I got there.  Finally, I told them that I would go back to Mexico.  I was very disappointed that I could not stay in Cuba.

If you ever read The 48 Laws Of Power, you will see that Law 1 is "NEVER OUTSHINE THE MASTER".  I had shown that some very powerful, but not too bright psychopathic fascists are stupid.  I didn't try to make them look stupid and I kept giving clues to Kopac and other people at Gamma Supplies that I knew to a large extent what was going on, but they were so arrogant that they either couldn't conceive of that possibility or they just didn't care.  It was probably both.   It really wasn't hard to show them what they are, but to them it just gave them an excuse to try to torture me to death.  While I didn't die, the brutal beatings did leave me with a lot of physical and mental problems.  As a result, I was left with the fundamental problem of how to survive and that really is what my entire adult life has been about since the fascist state took over my life - survival.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Normal life in Cuba

My time in Cuba was enjoyable after the first week of interviews.  There was no daily harassment, no conditioned terrorism and no threats or suggestions of impending doom.  Everything was normal for the first time in 10 years.   The change in my environment was amazing. - I could watch TV with others, eat meals with other people, and participate in activities like the nightly games of dominoes or cards.  I was living a normal life again.

Watching TV provided a lot of information that I never had access to in the US.  For instance, I learned that Cuban sports teams had come to the US and played US teams in baseball.  The only time I had heard of a Cuban team playing in the US was if the ruling fascists had been able to bribe some "star" into defecting to the US.  There was never any reports of cooperative programs with the US/Cuban teams.  It was surprising to learn that such playing tours had taken place.

Perhaps the most interesting show I saw was about the See ah -- The CIA.   The program was a documentary about how the US through personnel stationed at the US embassy, carried out clandestine operations to undermine and destabilize  Cuban currency.  The program was presented much like the amerikan program "America's Most Wanted".  The Cuban program showed how US embassy workers under the cloak of darkness would make drops of counterfeit Cuban paper currency which would then be picked  up at a later time by Cuban traitors who would then spread the counterfeit money though out the Cuban economy.  The actions of the amerikan saboteurs shown were the actually clandestine films of the money drops taken by the Cuban government.  After identifying the date and place of the money drop, they would then show mug-shot like photos of the american embassy employee who was responsible for the money drop.  While the american embassy employee(read CIA agent) might enjoy diplomatic immunity, I doubt if they were in any hurry to show the faces in Cuban society after their activities and faces had been shown on TV to the Cuban nation.  And I'll bet no one outside of amerikan gestapo agency knew about that show in the US.

The rest of the TV shows were very much like US television.  There were some very popular soap operas that were on most evenings, regular news shows and several different types of talent/musical entertainment shows.  One documentary on apartheid in South Africa which was produced by famous americans showed how blacks in SA were kept in ghettos and kept poor.  The only out of the ghetto for a black man was to join the military or police force and help the government maintain the status quo.  While this film was made and produced by amerikans, I'll guarantee that you never saw or never will see the film in amerika.