Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Make up a Mental Illness and get in the Psychiatric Bible

From the news: The CIA is trying to prevent a book written by a former FBI agent about 9/11 from being published. If you want to be published, you have to tell the fascist version of events.

I was reading about a book by David Rosenhan titled “On Being Sane In Insane Places”. Eight normal people went to hospitals in five different states and told the on duty psychiatrist a story with one lie in it. Everything else they said was the truth. All eight were immediately diagnosed as insane and admitted into the hospitals. Of the eight, one was diagnosed as manic-depressive and SEVEN were diagnosed as SCHIZOPHRENIC. The average stay was 19 days and one person was kept confined for two months. All were given powerful antipsychotic drugs. Remember, these victims were all normal people! And they only way they could get released from the hospital was to first admit that they were insane and then pretend to get better. Just saying that you were doing better was not good enough to get released. The victims first had to say that they were mentally ill. If you go way back in my blog, you will find that is exactly what I had to do. This is how psychiatrists cover their butts from damaging lawsuits. All nice and tidy – and twisted. And once these people were labeled mentally ill, they were stuck with the label.

You can see why the fascist state likes to use “mental illness” to eliminate any threat to their Nazi empire. Psychiatrists give a blank check to the ruling fascists to do whatever they want to their victims. The field of psychiatry in this fascist state, as it was in Nazi Germany(psychiatrists were the largest group represented in the Nazi party), is out of control. Unfortunately the only vocal critics of psychiatry now come from Scientology which has its own integrity issues.

And of course, psycho/sociopathic behavior was voted down as a mental illness by psychiatrists even though scientific evidences show that psychopaths have abnormal brains.

It is also likely that the pharmaceutical industry is always pushing for new mental illnesses so that more drugs can be sold. I'm sure there have been drugs developed for which there was no illness and then the psychiatrists came up with a new mental illness classification in order to use the drug. This latter part is conjecture on my part, but probably true.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

How the inability to feel right from wrong affects insane decisions.

IN THE NEWS: The CIA is setting up domestic spying and terrorism through local police departments. REALLY! You could have knocked over with a feather on that one! Fascism is built on powerful myths and images. One of the biggest myths(actually a law) in this country is that the CIA does not do domestic spying.

The way works in this fascist state is as David Wise illustrates in his book "The Invisible Government" is that the gestapo agencies form a loose association of people with a common interest and then proceed to create havoc on the country in order to achieve their usually demented goals. "Charlie Wilson's War" is a great example of how the invisible government works. That little demented scheme eventually lead to 911 which most fascists consider a good thing since it gave them a blank check to further enslave the amerikan people. Remember the infamous phrase after 911, "I just won the trifecta" uttered by the then president. Did you notice no one ever asked him what he meant by that?

BACK TO MY STORY about the "Invisible Government".

It was on the same university campus that I was told my parents had lied to me and conspired against me. I was walking across the campus one afternoon when I heard someone shout "Hi Russ". I looked up to see a cousin who explained that he was now employed by the university as a maintenance worker.

"How are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm doing OK considering the circumstances." I replied.

"Yeah I know what you mean. Your parents were over at my parent's house last Saturday night and you mother was telling us ALL ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS WITH THE GOVERNMENT."

I stood there silent for a moment thinking to myself "You're not suppose to tell me that!!!" I then mumbled something about it was tough, but there was nothing I could do about it. I then went on my way.

I was upset about what he had said because I already knew my parent had betrayed me and by having proof of that fact, it just gave The Crazies another reason to keep on trying to destroy me.

And like any psycho/sociopath, any excuse for their destructive actions will do. And to The Crazies, their excuse was that they had to beat me into silence. As the Bible puts it, Satan's evil empire will force everyone to bow down and worship its ways. And it will spill the blood of and persecute many innocent people. And someone who knows the truth about the ruling fascists has to be silenced. So any old excuse will do.

There is no way to explain what it does to a person from a close family, to have your parents help low-life scumbags in their attempt to destroy you. It is something you never get over and the pain lives with you everyday. And I'm sure that pain lived with them everyday of their lives too. And if someone can't understand that(and the psycho/sociopathic scum can't because they are incapable of love) they can GO TO HELL!

And if The Crazies want to tell you they love their country, I suggest you read "In My Hands" the story of the capture of Adolf Eichmann. You can see what his "love" of Nazi Germany amounted to when he didn't have the POWER of the German Empire behind him.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How do you remove psychopaths from your life when they are part of the government/corporate system?

Psychopathy is a personality disorder signified by a pattern of lying, exploitiveness, heedlessness, arrogance, sexual promiscuity, low self-control, and lack of empathy and remorse. Those who are affected may appear normal thus increasing their ability to effectively prey on others.
People severely affected with psychopathy have a false belief in their own superiority, a sense of entitlement and a complete disregard for social norms. They therefore leave a long trail of victims and survivors over the course of living their lives. Their victims include strangers, friends, lovers, co-workers and family members.

Unable to love, feel remorse or show any trace of guilt, they survive by charming, conning and manipulating others. Because they are impulsive and do things that hurt other people, psychopathic individuals are also called "antisocial" by mental health professionals.

What causes psychopathy?
Genes play a significant role in the cause of psychopathy. However socialization and other environmental factors interact with genetics, so genes are probably not the only determinant.

Psychopathy is very costly to society. The disorder is responsible for much human suffering. The disordered person, his/her family and nearly everyone he/she contacts is affected.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Why I know amerika is a fascist state.

While I was staying at my parents house, I began writing a manuscript for two reasons. First, The Crazies had made every effort to destroy anything that would support what I claimed. They stole three diaries from my possession, they stole business cards and documents relating to people like the psychiatrists I was forced to see so that I couldn't recall their names and addresses, they doctored my medical records at RAM to which I was legally entitled to have, and of course they brutally tortured me in order to destroy my mind. The manuscript would give names, dates and facts. There would be a record.

Second, I initially naively believed I could sell the book and generate some income. Of course, the Nazis control the publishing and distribution of any printed material so the publication of the book was never accomplished although a Canadian firm at one point in time did say they would publish it but that it would take 2-3 years for that to happen since they were a small firm. The manuscript was copyrighted in Canada.

But while I was writing the book, a very interesting thing happened. I was at a point where I wanted to discuss the real state of amerika - a Nazi state. But I knew if I hoped to sell the book, conditioned amerikans would reject anything that would refer to amerika as a Nazi state. I considered using fascist state, but that term also was way too negative. I sat at the table alone in the house trying to think of a nice euphemistic term that people might accept. After a period of time I just couldn't come up with a term. I decided to take a break. I put the manuscript away and decided to take a ride over to the local university. Remember, I was alone and nobody knew what I was writing about that particular morning and nobody knew I was going to the University.

I drove to the university, parked the car and walked across the campus to the library. I walked into the library and for some unknown reason, I went all the way to the back of the building. There, on a pedestal I saw one of those gigantic, fifty pound dictionaries. Since the dictionary was split open, I walked over to it and glanced at the page to which it was opened. As I glanced at the page, I noticed one word had been highlighted in yellow. That word?! OLIGARCHY - the word I had been searching for. I quickly leafed through numerous other pages in the dictionary, but oligarchy was the only word I could find in the whole dictionary that was highlighted. I was truly stunned.

For those that don't know, the definition of OLIGARCHY is "a form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique; government by the few." Fascism is a form of an oligarchy. Amerika is a fascist state. And that is the verdict of a power far greater than me. And I will not even discuss the matter with anyone who wants to argue the point. The odds of my having found that word that way is greater that the national debt.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It Happens All the time in fascist amerika - you usually don't hear about it.

Former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld does not have immunity from torture lawsuits according to a federal appeals court, leaving at least one former Bush administration official on the hook for policies developed under the guise of the “war on terror.”

Rumsfeld is being sued by two employees of Shield Group Security. The plaintiffs, Nathan Vance and Nathan Ertel claim they were imprisoned in Iraq without charge and tortured by the U.S. military after they alleged their company was paying off local officials for contracts.

After their release without charge in 2006 the men sued, claiming their detention and torture violated their constitutional rights. Rumsfeld was named a defendant for “his role in creating and carrying out policies that caused plaintiffs’ alleged torture.”

Rumsfeld moved to dismiss the suit, but a federal district judge denied that motion citing the Fifth Amendment’s substantive due process clause. That decision was upheld in a 2-1 vote by a panel of federal judges. According to the majority “plaintiffs have alleged in sufficient detail facts supporting Secretary Rumsfeld’s personal responsibility for the alleged torture.”

More importantly though, the majority held that Rumsfeld is not entitled to qualified immunity. To make such a finding the court had to conclude that Rumsfeld’s belief that the alleged detention and torture was constitutional was unreasonable.

Underlying this story is the fact that these men are not enemy combatants plucked from the theater of war. These are US citizens, private contractors who blew the whistle on corruption. And in response they were detained without charge and tortured.

Back to my torture story:
Finally on May 27, 1983 I was released from a mental hospital for the third time in five years. My parents picked me up and drove me to their house. We spoke very little and I could feel the despair and desperation my parents must have been experiencing. My mother went into a lecture on how I should keep taking my medication because I was much better as long as I treated my "mental illness". I sat there in total amazement that my parents only hope lie in my acceptance of the "mental illness" story. As for me, I felt I had no hope, but I still had plans on fighting on.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

On Mental Illness

While confined to the hospital, I was given a series of intelligence and psychological tests over a period of three days. At first I thought about just doing the tests in a perfunctory manner, but soon my inner drive to excel overcame me and I found myself fighting the deadening effects of the drugs just to do well. The results of the tests were a little unexpected given my condition, but I was even more surprised that I was told the results. First, my intelligence test showed that I had recovered at least most of my mental ability and I demonstrated a “superior intelligence”. The real surprise was in the results of the psychological tests. These tests showed that I was perfectly “normal” and the only idiosyncrasy I had was a tendency toward a paranoid personality. That is far from being a “paranoid schizophrenic” and given the fact that I had been subjected to seven years of mental torture and terrorism, I could only assume that one might exhibit some paranoid tendencies.

What amazed me was that I was told the results since the tests were far more analytical and semi quantitative compared to the subjective opinions of the psychiatrists. These results greatly conflicted with the psychiatrist’s mantra that I was mentally ill. It was almost as if there was an admission that my confinement was because I am a political prisoner. If that was the case, it was a major improvement for me.

In general, I found most patients in mental hospitals were there for substance abuse. Either they were “addicted” to alcohol or drugs. These people made up about seventy percent of the patients. Another twenty five percent were there because they had suffered abuse at work or at home or had some overwhelming social or economic problem. Those people were understandably depressed and a workable solution to their problem would have been much more beneficial than the ubiquitous drugs the psychiatrists handed out like candy. It seemed in all of the above cases, the patient’s problem ultimately stemmed from abuse which was either economic, physical or psychological. The abuse almost always was inflicted by a parent, a close relative, a spouse or a close authority figure(boss). As I reflected back to the other two times I had been confined, the same pattern emerged. I concluded the “mental illness” was more of a social disease than one with biological causes. Only about five percent of the patients seemed to have some genetically/biologically caused mental problem. When I explored this thesis with the hospital psychologists, I found most of them held a similar view. Mental hospitals appear to be the socially accepted place to put people who are no longer able to defend themselves from the barbaric results of pursuing the “American Dream”. The mental wards are a working class rehab center for those who can’t afford a fancy named facility.

"....the phenomenon of conscience is overwhelmingly powerful, persistent and prosocial. Unless under the spell of a psychotic delusion, extreme rage, inescapable deprevation, drugs, or a destructive authority figure, a person who is conscience-bound do not - in some cases cannot - kill, or rape in cold blood, TORTURE ANOTHER PERSON, steal someone's life savings, trick someone into a loveless relationship as sport, or willfully abandon his own child." But people who have no conscience, a psycho/sociopath, will and does.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The fight continues.

At first I rebelled against the continued confinement and considered a hunger strike as a form of protest. When I refused to eat I was informed I would be fed intravenously to keep me alive, Since I was sure they could do that, I decided to cooperate to see if I could get out at the end of the ten days.

I was given heavy doses of lithobid(for bipolar!) and a tranquilizer in an attempt to "cure" me. As usual, I had adverse reactions to the drugs and the dosage was eventually was reduced. I felt thankful that I was so sensitive to these toxic drugs that I couldn't be kept on high levels to produce the doped up, drugged state that the keepers of mental hospitals love to maintain. Psychiatrists seem to feel comfortable with people walking around in a zombie-like state. To them, what I call the zombie state is usually referred to by the psychiatrists as an improved mental states. Fortunately I was able to avoid that condition.

I also refused to see my parents and sister when they wanted to visit me, but eventually I acquiesced and consented to speak to them. In our first face to face encounter since the hearing little was said. We sat there on a couch looking at each other when my sister started crying and in a pleading tone said, "Damn it Russell, you have to stop writing those letters!" What she was asking me to do was stop my campaign against the fascist state and their use of torture against citizens. I am sure she naively believed that if I was just docile and obedient, The Crazies would leave me alone. I had tried that line of reasoning in the past and I knew it was a waste of time trying to explain the fallacies in her thinking. You cannot appease psychopathic/sociopathic terrorists. And since everything in my life had already been destroyed I had absolutely no interest in appeasing the insane scum that had created my condition. Little else was said during that meeting and when my parents and sister finally left, I wished they had never come. I knew beyond doubt now that the battle was mine and mine alone to fight. And I would fight!!!!