Monday, August 24, 2015

How the fascist hide "grey areas"

Jack Kopac had a right hand man named Gary Lukacek(phonetic spelling since all of my records have been destroyed, stolen, altered or lost).  Gary was a spoiled rich kid whose father was an executive with a local foundry company.  He is the person who tried zealously to lure me to the Hatch Cover bar and restaurant where Kopac had two thugs waiting for me.  Fortunately I refused to go along with the scheme.

Gary is also the person that was one of the people who tried to get me to go to an after work party where the psychos had arranged for me to "meet" some hookers.  1) I had no interest in the hookers since I was married and 2) at that point I knew I had been had and didn't trust Kopac and the company at all.   Had I gone to the party and had an affair as the Nazis had planned, I would have later been blackmailed and terrorized for my indiscretion.  This type of scenario is vividly portrayed in the film "The Firm" starring Tom Cruise.

In fact, if you want to know the type of people and the situation I was dealing with, The Firm accurately potrays both the type of people and the techniques that these low-life scum use to destroy people.  Unfortunately, in real life the outcome for the victim is not near as rosy as the Hollywood version.  For a realistic ending watch the movie "Kill The Messenger" which is based on a real life victim.

Someone once asked Walter Cronkite what his secret to success was.  He replied that he always avoided grey areas.  Sound advice, but the crazies realize that moral, intelligent people will try to avoid grey areas IF they can recognize them.  As a result, the crazies use deception(satan - the great deceiver) to hide their true intent and the grey areas.

I took what I thought was a black and white situation when I took a job that could utilize my talents and abilities.  However in the first two weeks on the job,  I was immediately put in a psychological double bind, told the company was involved in a lawsuit and that I was to be the key person in creating a technical base for their defense, and lastly but most important, that the not-so-honorable Judge Myron Gordon already had made what I considered a highly questionable ruling in the case.  That ruling, based on my limited knowledge of patent law really made me suspicious about the trial.  At the time I rationalized that Gamma Supplies had really been "lucky" to win such a concession by the judge.   It turned out that the ruling was critical to the rigging of the trial.

So in a matter of weeks, I went from a black and white situation to what I thought was a grey situation to which was really a very dark, evil situation.

Two other people worth mentioning are Fazohla(Fuzzy) Yazdani and Dave Horstman.  Fuzzy shows why immigration is so important to the ruling fascists.  Fuzzy was an immigrant from Iran who uttered the infamous words, "americans have too much freedom".  I wish Fuzzy could have seen the rest of my life and what a slave state amerika really is. 

But people like Fuzzy and another immigrant Garo Agopian are critical to the ruling fascists because these immigrants are happy to destroy amerikan  citizens lives for a few dollars thrown their way by the ruling fascists.  That is why current crop of fascist politians talk about, but nevcr do anything to close the flood gates of immigrants into the country and protect amerikan born citizens and their jobs.  It is a very important issue to amerikan born citizens.

Garo was an Armenian immigrant who worked for another company.  He had fled his homeland because the Armenian people were on the losing end of a power struggle.  Rather than fight for his people he fled to the US where he could become a destroyer of amerikan lives.  He was filled with hate which other people did not see.  For his efforts to help the Nazis, he was rewarded with a highly coveted west coast position.  He, like Fuzzy, thought amerikans had too much freedom and that they should serve the fascist state.

I promise I will address in the next post or two,  the proof of an evil force which protects his fascist empire and other governments.

Sunday, August 9, 2015



US Is an Oligarchy Not a Democracy, says Scientific Study

Jimmy Carter in a recent interview says that the US is no longer a democracy, it is an oligarchy!

I mention these two recent news articles because it will help me demonstrate the difference between a good force (God) and an evil force(Satan) that is at war in amerika today.  If you have been following my blog, you will remember how I related that while I was writing my manuscript I wanted a word to describe the amerikan system.  I first called it a Nazi state, and then toned it down to a more correct fascist state.  But I knew that neither description would help sell books which was my original intention.  I needed a less offensive, milder but accurate term to describe the current fascist system, but I just couldn't come up with the right word.
At that time I was writing the manuscript in seclusion at my parent's home and was alone when I came to the above impasse.   I put my papers safely away and then drove about 5 miles to the local State University.  There I wondered into the library to look at the latest technical publications.  For some reason that day, as I walked through the building, I went down a long aisle which ended at a stand that had a dictionary on it.  This was one of those dictionaries that takes two men to lift!  I walked over to the stand, and looked at the pages to which the dictionary had been left open.  As I stared at the page, ONE WORD was highlighted in bright yellow.  That word was the word I had been seeking; OLIGARCHY.  That word some 35 years later is now being used to describe the amerikan fascist state.
What is important, is that this is how God can work in your life.  There is coercion, no punishment, no pain, he guides you and shows you the truth.  God reveals to you his ways and you always have a choice, which is why people with the best intentions don't always do the right thing.  Statistically, the probability of what happened in the above paragraph is zero.  Since it did happen, some will argue that the probability is not zero, but what happened above was not random.  My actions were guided by intervention by a divine benevolent power.  And every step of the way in my battle with the Nazis, God showed me the truth so that their machination would not be successful.
Now, how does evil work?  First, evil appeals to and operates through people who want POWER, people who want to control and manipulate other people.  Now who doesn't want wealth and power?  The real question is what will you do to get it.  Most of the time the choices are clear - will you kill, sell drugs, or poison the environment for profit?  Other time because we do not live in a perfect world, the choices are more blurred;  this gives rise to the popular "it's all relative" morality.  There are always people who will always choose to support Satan's ways.
What are Satan's ways?  The ways of the world, political correctness, and the subjugation of people to serve his ways.  In my next blog I will give you proof that an evil force exits and how the Nazis continue to attack me in my present situation.  What is interesting now, is that I no longer have to hide the names of my Nazi nemeses since there are no other issues at stake other than inflicting pain on me and silencing me.

At the time of the original Nazi attacks to set me up as a witness and then destroy my life, there was no internet, no social media and no way to get instant feedback.  If there had been, as soon as I learned I had been hired to be a technical witness and learned of the highly suspicious ruling(s) made by the not-so-honorable  federal judge Myron Gordon, I would have been on the internet looking for other signs of corruption in the judge's record.  And I would have been on social media looking for other people that Jack Kopac had screwed in the work/business environment.  But the internet did not exist at that time.  Even today it would be difficult since items are censored on the internet, which means the records of someone like judge Myron Gordon would probably be highly sanitized.
By the way, did you notice what happened to Donald Trump as soon as he spoke out and said politically incorrect things?  HE GOT FIRED!  Of course, Mr. Trump could continue to speak out because he is independently wealth - he doesn't need a job.  Now if you need work in the fascist empire are you really free to speak out  and then loose your job?  Isn't the new slavery great?!
PS: Go on YouTube and search for "Human Resources: Social Engineering"  or "Propaganda/Social Engineering" to see how the amerikan system really operates or go to the fascist bible "Mein Kampf" and read the section on Propaganda.