Monday, June 5, 2017

Slavery is not dead.

I finished listening to the audio book "Underground Railroad" which is about slavery and the attempts to escape the bonds of slavery.  I wasn't surprised at how much I identified with the attitudes, habits and beliefs portrayed by the slaves.  Since my involvement in a federal trial years ago and the terrorism that followed, I have considered myself a slave.

I once had a Methodist minister tell me "Your life must be hell; you are in a prison(slave), but you can't see the bars."  The only time I ever felt free, was when I was out of this country.  And I wanted to stay where I was, but I couldn't because of my poor health.  And as it has been said "A poor person is not a free person."

To show you what I mean about how I can identify with the slave mentality, the primary character in the book is Cora, a runaway female slave.  Whenever Cora would think about a situation she was in, or about someone she had know and didn't know their situation, she would always have negative images and outcomes to the situation or person.

I now live in a state where I have been abused so much and been denied so much that I can be doing something as simple as driving down the road, and negative thoughts will flood my mind like someone will run a red light or a stop sign and slam into the side of my car.  I know that is not going to happen, but the thoughts appear as a result of decades of created negative outcomes.  I hate it and I just can't have any compassion for the people who created my world.  The fascist state of amerika has created a new form of slavery.  It is just as barbaric, cruel and inhuman as the form where people are bought and sold - just more "sophisticated".

And I should point out that while I never experienced the physical abuse of a slave but that was primarily because of the way the torture was carried out and that I was always able to avoid situations where physical harm and/or death was planned by my enemies.  Such as the evil machinations of maste' Kopac.

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