Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Amerika the most barbaric of nations.

In a recent Sunday editorial in the Tampa Bay Times, someone finally said what I have known for years.  Amerika is one of the most barbaric, if not the most barbaric nation on earth.  Amerika tortures and kills its civilians, razes small countries, tortures foreign citizens, and randomly bombs civilians in the name of stopping "terrorism".  You bomb civilians to terrorize the population; after all isn't that what terrorists do?

I have frequently said that in addition to the CIA's insane drive to get rid of me, they were using me to spread their terrorism to the rest of the US population by showing workers what would happen to them if they weren't good slaves.  And the  workers knew and know this.  That is why they would give me words of support, like "kick 'em in the balls for us"!  And complete strangers would come up to me and want to shake my hand or pat me on the back for fighting the barbaric terrorists.  Unfortunately, now that I'm old and have been beaten so badly for so many years, I haven't been able to really keep up the battle against the amerikan Nazis.

I ran into an amerikan Nazi member today and she just smirked at me like an German Nazi party member probably smirked at surviving members of a Jewish family after they had shipped of a family member to the concentration camps.  After all, party members get rewarded and they believe nothing can ever happen to them or Nazi amerka. 

What has happened to create Nazi amerika.  Historians are still debating and writing about how Nazi Germany occurred.  But you can get a good view of the creation of Nazi amerika in a DVD titled, "Requiem for the American Dream".  The documentary has it right(pardon the pun).

I mentioned earlier that I am now old and have been beaten for almost 40 years.  I'll bet the evil, hubris CIA said when they originally set me up as a witness for them in that trial, just as they said  the President 15 years ago in regards to getting rid of AL-Qaeda.  "IT WILL BE A SLAM DUNK."  I WONDER IF 15 YEARS WILL BECOME FORTY?  Never underestimate the stupidity of arrogance!!!!

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