Wednesday, February 15, 2017


A woman in Missouri(notice that it is not a man - lust for power corrupts ALL) has been charged with murder for allegedly driving an employee to suicide.  Notice in my previous post that I mentioned that the destruction of my life had been used to show all workers around me what would happen if they weren't good slaves.  So it doesn't surprise me if workplace abuse has become more prevalent.  Of course, the politically incorrect act of "sexual harassment" is always reported by the media.  Sexual harassment is just one of many examples of the abuse of power in the workplace.

Now if a psychopath(s) with enough power wanted to murder someone by driving them to suicide, they could do it and then they could say the death was a result of "mental illness".  That would be the very clever and demonic use of power over a person in the workplace.  And if that employee happened to be a witness in a trial, after his or her death, his statements, documents and other official papers signed by the now dead employee could be used in the courts of law as their testimony in lieu of the that person testifying.  Of course, it would take really sick, twisted people to create such a scenario - but then this is amerika.

But what happens if the victim survives?!  The psychopaths would have to make sure that the victim never told people what had really happened.  Only "ALTERNATIVE FACTS" would be allowed. Why?  Because the power brokers would look corrupt, demented and morally bankrupt if the truth be told.  And that wouldn't fit their image that they wanted people to believe in. 

As a victim with no power, I can't prevent amerika from sliding further into the abyss, but I can tell people that there is something way more important and powerful to believe in than nation.  And I have the advantage of speaking from experience.

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